Nicholas News June 7, 2024

I’m so happy that summer is finally here.  I love roaming my yard, checking out the flowers and the squirrels (they drive me crazy), laying lazily in the shade and enjoying all the sounds of summer.  I thought it would never come this year!

If you’re looking for a new home to enjoy this summer, we have some gorgeous properties available with everything from swimming pools, sandy beach, water views, covered verandahs and privacy galore!  For every Jack there’s a Jill (and I say,) and a house on the hill.

We’re excited about our new Global Luxury Listing at 15 Redwood Lane S at Cartier’s Point just one minute from the Westfield Ferry Landing at Harding’s Point.  This beauty has it all!  Fine sandy beach, privacy galore, stunning home, inviting guest house and the most beautiful sunset views you’ll ever see, all on 1.2 private acres!  My new friend Ruby lives here, and I told her it was like winning the lotto getting to live in this glorious place.  She is so very well behaved and cute as a button.  I offered swimming lessons, but she already knows how to swim!  MLS#NB101368, Offered at $1,250,000.

Hope you have a great weekend, see lots of blue sky & sunshine and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal


Nicholas News May 17th, 2024

Finally, some great warm weather for me to enjoy the great outdoors!  Gotta tell ya,  I’m loving it.  I’m in out all day long, usually out by 7am.  Mama had a hard time getting me in at 9pm last night as I enjoyed my final few moments of warm fresh air.

We have an exciting new listing at 11 Pleasant Avenue in Quispamsis.  MLS#NB099207.   Offered at $599,000.  What a great place for children, grandchildren, adults and us four-legged furry friends.  With 1.37 acres, all fenced, in the back, two ponds and a back yard cabin, let the good times roll!  The house has 3 bedrooms on the main level including the master suite.  There are 2 1/2 baths, finished basement (pool table included), 2 ductless heat pumps & best of all a whole house automatic generator.  No fear of power outage here.  This is my pick of the week!

Looking forward to a relaxing Victoria Day Weekend as are we all.  I expect we’ll fire up the barbeque on the deck for the first time this year.  Nothing beats a good BBQ.  We have our patio furniture out, the umbrella is up, the propane is topped up and I’d say we’re ready to roll.  We even have the start of our deck plants out.  I love laying on the deck with Mama, Papa and friends, just laying around listening to them talk and laugh while I breathe the fresh clean air off the golf course.

Have a great weekend and I talk with you soon.

Your pal,



Nicholas News May 10, 2022

I’m so happy to feel like spring is finally here!  With the warmer days and sunshine, I’ve been spending more time in my yard, just taking it all in.  Our spring shrubs are blooming and it’s sooooo pretty!

I’ve been working with a new client, Ruby Lebel.  Ruby is looking for a big, private yard in Rothesay, Quispamsis or Millidgeville where she’ll have lots of room to run and play.  Would be nice if it’s fenced but she can do that if she needs to.  At seven months old, let me tell you, she’s a handful.  Mama says, she’s really cute.  Not as cute as me, right, Mama?  Her Mama and Papa want a well-built ranch style home or at least have a nice-sized master bedroom suite on the main level.  They want a private yard and would really enjoy a fireplace.  If you know of anyone with something like this, please give us a call.

Mama’s cousin Rene Collins is one of several artists from Atlantic Canada, presenting her oil paintings at the 35th Annual, RNS Art Show, this Friday night May 10th and Saturday May 11th.  She’s a very talented artist, if I do say so myself.  Her feature work, at the show (seen here below) is called, “Feels Like Home”.  Rene looks forward to welcoming you at the show.  I just love Rene’s wonderful husband, Stan.  He always makes such a fuss over me.  It’s a real treat when Rene and Stan come to visit!  See you at the show!

Below is the oil painting by Rene Collins, that Mama commissioned of my brother Buddy and I, out on the side lawn.  We just love this painting and every time we walk by it reminds us of our dear, gentle, loving Buddy.  It’s called “Welcome To My World”.  Rene, we love it!

You pal,


Nicholas News April 12, 2024

Well, I survived the full eclipse!  Wow, it was so weird getting dark so early.  It was very still, and the temperature dropped quickly for a short time.  I didn’t know what to think.  Personally, I’m glad it’s over, us four-legged friends really aren’t into it.  But lots of the two-legged friends were hoop-la over it.

Well, I had good luck finding a new home for my furry friend, George Nadeau.  A large yard is really important to him, and I found him a whopper in Quispamsis, that’s over 3/4 of an acre with large shade trees, perfect for summer.  He’s over the moon and can’t wait to move into his new home with his family.  It won’t be long now, George.  Paws crossed and hoping!   It’s a quiet, family friendly, neighbourhood for morning walks and evening strolls.  There are nice trails close by as well as a sandy beach for summer swimming and best of all, his new home comes with beach rights, so nobody will be kicking George off his beach!  Way to go buddy.  I offered to give swimming lessons to the young fella, but he quickly told me that he’s an excellent swimmer which his Mama & Papa confirmed.  This is the perfect house for him with a cozy heat pump for winter with air conditioning for summer.  Congratulations George, I wish you many years of happy romps in your big yard!

We have an exciting new listing this week at 3771 Route 845 in Kingston, just four minutes from the gas/convenience store and Macdonald’s Consolidated School and five minutes from the beloved Kingston Farmer’s Market.  This home is right on the water at Kingston Creek with direct access to the St John River.  It has its own boat loading ramp and deep water mooring close to shore.  Let the summer fun begin for our four-legged and two-legged friends with power boating, water skiing, sailing, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, swimming bon fires, and fishing!  Plus, skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling and hockey in winter.  Nothing beats living on the water!  This place is perfect as your new home or year-round vacation cottage.  It has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms plus eat-in kitchen, lovely sun/family room and three ductless heat pumps.  MLS#NB907439 Offered at $649,000.  Let me know if you’d like to have a look.  I’m happy to show it.

Hope you have a nice week and are enjoying the blue sky and warm sunshine as much as I am!

Your pal,



Nicholas News April 5th, 2024

Well, this week was a shocker, with 6″ of wet snow in our yard!  Where did that come from?  I thought winter was over, but Mama kept saying “we’re going to get one more storm”.  How does she know these things?   I went out to do my business and check my yard for squirrels (a favourite pastime) and low and behold everything was white and it was still coming down hard.  I love the snow!  I like to run in it, roll in it and even eat it.  Yum, yum.  Mama says it won’t last long and already this morning I could see that it’s melting quickly.  It won’t melt quick enough for my two-legged friends and family.

I’ve been busy lately finding a new home for George, a golden doodle moving to our area.  He’s a feisty fella, just four years old and full of spunk and vinegar!   And Mama says, “he’s really cute & friendly”.   George is looking for a large yard to play (most important), a quiet neighbourhood, and nice places close by to walk and to swim.  I told him, I don’t swim in the river until July, as my silky coat doesn’t work so well with the cold water.  But he tells me that his coat is thick and warm, and he has no problem jumping in in May!  You go for it George!  I’ll cheer you on from the shore.  His Mama and Papa would like a medium sized house with a fireplace or wood stove, hardwood floors, a ductless heat pump, good sized kitchen and three to four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.   They’re looking between Millidgeville and the Valley so if you know of a good place, let me know.  I’ll take George over for a look.

Our big wreath at the front door is up again for Spring and Summer.  What a job!  I was on squirrel patrol while Mama and Michelle got out the big ladder and started up and down with the flowers.  Takes them hours!!!  But I love it when it’s done.  Up for another season.

Have a great weekend.  If it rains, I hope you have Netflix, Crave, etc.! 🙂 better days are coming soon!

Your pal,


Nicholas News March 29, 2024

Rain, rain go away, Mister Nicholas wants to play!  Where is the sunshine?  I’m starting to feel waterlogged!  Even when it’s not raining, it’s overcast.  I’m looking for a bright blue sky!!!  Everyone is talking about it, everywhere you go.  We’ve had such irregular seasons lately, with rain most of last summer, rain all winter and now so much rain this spring.   I can tell you that I’m sick to death of it but that’s enough of my weather ranting for one day.

Really looking forward to this Easter weekend (and the illusive Easter Bunny).  We’re supposed to have blue skies for Easter Sunday which means I’ll be going for a nice walk up the Renshaw hill hoping to spot my friend Duffy Black out playing in his yard.  Duffy is on the invisible fence like me, so we have a great time romping around his yard.  This dude has one awesome load of balls (our favourite thing).  He has every colour and size I can imagine.  Some bounce, some squeak and one even lights up in the dark!!!  Duffy is a border collie, so he’s all about chasing balls as am I.  I’m not as fast as Duffy now, since I turned 12 on Christmas Day, so Mama throws a far ball for Duffy and a closer ball for me (gives me a fighting chance).  We’ll also be roasting our traditional Butterball turkey, which I just love.  My vet says that turkey is the number one best food I can eat, so bring it on Mama!  Papa will enjoy it too with all the fixin’s, cranberry sauce, stuffing, veggies, etc.  Mama says she’s even going to make her grandmother’s recipe for sponge cake with almond frosting.  You go girl!

This is a lovely weekend to relax and take a deep breath, before we get ready for a busy spring.  First thing we start with is cleaning up our yard.  I’m a big help, as I’m on squirrel patrol as the family rakes, trims and collects stray twigs and fallen branches.  I don’t want those pesky, yappy squirrels near my Mama, and they know it.  They stay up the trees, yapping away at me.  I’m like, “yeah, come down here and say that!”.

It’s always a busy season for Mama in real estate as people get the bug to move.  Some want to go bigger, some smaller, some want two-story, and some want one.  It’s a time of year when families think about getting a waterfront cottage or home, thinking ahead to the fun they could have this summer.

Wishing you a lovely, relaxing, peaceful Easter weekend.  Talk soon.


Your Pal


Nicholas News March 8th, 2024

Well, it’s that time of year, that we all dread!  We’re losing an hour’s sleep again!!!  Nice to get the extra hour of daylight, but if they’d just leave the clocks alone, we’d have the hour anyway.  Everyone is complaining and has complained for many years, but the politicians are not listening.  Did you see ‘Live At 5’ this week?  No one wants it!  The public do not want it, and the furry friends do not want it either!  I should start a petition.  Alberta was so smart, they never bought into the whole fiasco.   Furry friends don’t let them fool you, supper time to us is 5 o’clock, so, let your Mama or Papa know you want to eat at 4 o’clock!

We’re getting ready for St Patrick’s Day.  I’ve got my scarf out as well as my St. Pat’s garden- flag and Mama has a big green shamrock to hang on our front door.  She’s put some nicknacks out she brought home from Ireland last summer.  Her little treasures.  I’ll post some pics next week.  Oh yeah, we’re Irish here.  Mama has a bit on both sides of her family; O’Regan on her father’s and Delaney on her mother’s.  That’s where she gets her gift of the gab as they say.

This little guy just looks like our dear cousin Lucas!

We’ll be hosting an open house on St Patrick’s Day at 133 Westmount Drive from 2-4pm.  So, get your green on and stop in for a peak!

This baby fawn was peaking in the kitchen window!

Custom home on 2.65 private acres.

With awesome river view!

We’ve been spoiled with a very mild winter but got a taste of reality last night.  Bundle up warm (I’ve got my heaviest fur-lined coat out) and we’ll talk next week.

Your pal,





Nicholas News Feb 16th, 2024

Have you seen the latest?  Amal & George Clooney just adopted a furry friend.  An adorable St Bernard puppy, named Nelson!  He’s gorgeous and he’s huge!!!  The couple were seen walking the streets in the South of France and apparently, young Nelson got tired, so they carried him!  This couple are known to be avid animal lovers which shows in the pic because young Nelson would not be easy to carry.  Looks like the fella already weighs about 35-40 pounds and he’s just a baby!  He’s going to be a bruiser!  All I can say Nelson, is you really won the lotto with this couple!  Wishing you a long and happy life!

Mark the date!  Our next open house is February 25th at 133 Westmount Drive in Millidgeville, 2-4pm.   3726 Square feet with main floor master, huge kitchen & tons of storage space.  Anyone who appreciates quality and prefers privacy will love this property on 2.69 mature acres.  MLS#NB095222, offered at the reduced price of $977,000.  Your host is Greg O’Brien, and he can be reached at 506-343-5123.

Are you considering a move?  Give Mama a call to find out all the ins and outs of selling your home, it’s value on the current market and all your options.  She has helped thousands of sellers and buyers achieve their dreams and she’s happy to help you!  And of course, if you have furry friends in your family, I’m here to look out for their best interests, every step of the way.  Mama and I work as a team.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Stay warm, it’s chilly out there.  Time to get out your heaviest coat!

Your pal,



Nicholas News Jan 26, 2024

Flat coat retriever featured in Chanel Paris Runway show!  What???  I just couldn’t believe my eyes!  There was the Chanel Paris Runway Show online and low and behold the model was walking the runway with a dog!  Not just any dog, but a flat coat retriever just exactly like me!  Who knew?   The guy could be my twin.   Mama says she’s never heard of a dog walking in a fashion show.  The big fella’s name is Kuskus and he’s shown below walking with his owner, model, Charlotte Casiraghi.  she’s the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monoco, granddaughter of Grace Kelly. This is just too awesome!!!  Chanel says the cutest accessory this year is women’s best friend.  Ooh la la!  Thanks, Chanel, for recognizing us furry friends. Not sure what the guests would think is most beautiful, the clothes, the model or the dog :-).  My vote is for the dog but then again, I may be prejudice.  You go Kuskus, cause you really rock!


Our luxury listing at 133 Westmount Drive in Millidgeville has a new price of $997,000!  MLS#095222.  With top-quality renovations to this property, inside and out, this is the best value Mama has ever seen in her career!   On 2.69 private acres at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, nature enthusiasts will love the country feel of this locale within the city.  From the meandering deer to red fox with huge pluming tail, yellow finch to blue jays, the rare pileated woodpeckers & more, this is an animal lovers/bird watchers dream locale.  For anyone working at UNB or the Saint John Regional Hospital, the property is just 5 minutes door to door.  Like to stop home for lunch, no problem!    Mama and her colleague, Greg O’Brien are hosting an open house here this Sunday from 2-4pm.  Hope to see you there!


I’ve been advertising my blog in the TJ (Telegraph Journal) which goes across the province.  Did you notice that Mama has me sporting my red and black Canadiana jacket for winter in my ad?


Hope you have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing you at our open house.

Your pal,



Nicholas News January 5th 2024!

It’s a new year!  Time to address a new house or location?  Maybe this is the year for a vacation home!  With a shortage of available housing, buyers need to act quickly to acquire the home of their dreams.

I had a quiet relaxing holiday season and a wonderful Christmas with family (lots of turkey, my favourite part), 6 new bouncy balls of every colour under my tree and a few treats.  I love it when friends come to visit, they always make such a fuss over me (can never get too much of that).  We’re all adjusting to our first artificial tree.  It is beautiful to look at, it’s the fresh fir smell we’re missing.  Friends brought Mama some fir scents to hang in the tree which helped a lot, and we made a couple of large fir, pine and cedar arrangements, placed close to the tree to help.  Even though it’s 9′ tall, the fake tree is not as wide as a real tree, so we cut back on the number of ornaments, just hanging our favourites.  It turned out pretty cool.  We do like the fact that needles are not falling all over the floor, it doesn’t need water, light colour can be changed with a flick of a switch, and we could put it up early and leave it up late!!!  We   I spent most of the holiday laying under the new tree.  I have to say, “I do love it”.


I had a great New Years Eve as it was the first time in Mama & Papa’s 39 years together, since they met, that they spent it at home with me.  Before Covid they use to travel to different places taking in some spectacular galas, but not this year!  I thought it was awesome.  Mama made a special time of it, getting out the good china, setting the dining room table, candlelight, nice music and preparing a seafood feast.  We all got dressed up and I wore a sparkling gold bow.  Mama says it was very romantic.  I say, “good seafood, glad you’re home”!

We have an exciting new waterfront listing at 2162 Waterside Drive, on 7.4 private acres on Washademaok Lake.  This year- round home or vacation retreat is 1 1/2 stories with 3 bedrooms (master on the main floor) and 1 1/2 baths.  The great room boasts 16′ ceilings, hardwood floors, cozy wood stove and two full walls of windows overlooking the lake.  The ductless heat pump provides economical heat in winter and refreshing cool in summer.  Personally, I love the huge wrap-around deck.  What a great place to hang out in summer.  There is always something exciting going on at the lake, rather is skating (this property has its own pond) or snowmobiling in winter or swimming, fishing and boating in summer.  For us four-legged friends, there is nothing more exciting than seeing and chasing that illusive squirrel!!!  MLS#NB094574 Offered at $699,000.

Hope you stay warm and cozy this week, great weather for skating.  Maybe catch some of the after Christmas sales at the pet shop!  Paws crossed and hoping.

Talk soon, your pal,




Nicholas News, December 17, 2023

While I’m patiently waiting for Santa Paws, Mama has been busy getting ready for the big day!  Our house is all decorated inside and out, the tree is up, presents are bought, and she has started wrapping.  She picked up the Butterball turkey and all the fixin’s  yesterday so we’re on the home stretch.  I love Christmas!  I’ve been laying under the tree since it went up a week ago.  I love the lights, the ornaments and everything about it.  I’ll get my fair share of turkey at the Christmas dinner, which will be a real treat.  I’ve been a very good boy all year so I’m hoping Santa Paws doesn’t miss my house.  I’m asking for a bouncy ball and Bone Marrow treats but there is usually a surprise under the tree too.  Mama has been talking about getting a cat (I hope that is not the surprise this year!).   I put my own personal little tree up the 1st of December.  All my ornaments are animals; dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, raccoons, squirrels, etc.

Sales have been rapid with buyers either wanting in for Christmas (16 Gorman St NB091859 & 185 Gondola Blvd. NB092935) or in just after the New Year (our new listing at 58 Maliseet Drive NB094254)!

We are happy to have sold our 3-acre lot at the end of Manners Sutton Drive with panoramic view of the river.  MLS#NB032593ffered at $550,000.  A beautiful new custom home will be going up soon!  Congratulations to the happy buyers and sellers.

We have a significant price drop at the home of my friends Spirit & Special.  They just dropped their price from $1,125,000 to $997,000.  This is a fabulous custom home build with nothing but the best on 2.69 private acres with a river view!  Part of the yard is fenced for furry friends with direct access out of the family room.  There is a beautiful in ground pool and cozy fireplace in the kitchen!  I urge you to ask your Mama & Papa to take a look.  MLS#NB085179, Offered now at $997,000.

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas Season and all the best throughout 2024!  Talk with you soon in the New Year!  Don’t eat too much turkey, but if you do, then enjoy!

Your Pal,



Nicholas News December 1st, 2023

Well Christmas is just around the corner, but you’d never know it with the warm weather we had today.  Love it!  I really enjoyed being out in my yard today and visits from my neighbours, the twins, Bentley & Mister Darcy, (standard poodles).  This has been the coldest fall I can remember, with snow that has stayed!!!  Mama has been a busy bee and has 90% of her Christmas shopping done!  She’s talking about doing some special Christmas baking too (hoping that happens as Papa and I will be right there ready for the taste test).

She’s been busy with real estate too!  We have an accepted offer on 185 Gondola Blvd. with a very quick closing.  Buyers are so excited to be in for Christmas with their family.

185 Gondola is under contract.

We have an exciting new listing at 58 Maliseet Drive with beach rights on the Kennebecasis River, oversized lot, well-kept home, huge kitchen & master, main floor bedroom, large deck & three garden sheds.  MLS#NB094254   Offered at $499,900.

Hope you have a great weekend, and this fine weather keeps us!

Talk soon,

Your pal,



Nicholas News November 10th, 2023

Saturday marks the day of Remembrance when we show honour and respect to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we, and future generations can enjoy our freedom.  Don’t forget to wear your poppy and give a moment of silence tomorrow morning at 11am for all those who lost their lives in the war to ensure our freedom.  Lest We Forget.  And let us hope and pray in this unsure world of today that we never see a world war again.

I’m looking forward to the weekend as there are plans for my Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelly to come over Sunday and help us get our property ready for winter.  I just love it when they come over, two of my very favourite people.  Uncle Tom will ask me how’s the big dog doing, and Aunt Shelley will laugh and start rubbing my ears.  I roam the property overseeing everything and keeping a close eye out for those blasted squirrels.

Mama will be having another open house at 3218 Rothesay Road, not this Sunday but next, November 19th from 2-4 pm.  This Rothesay home next to the Common has a fantastic location and the perfect set up for home office for the professional.  The office is located over the garage with its own interior staircase and extra insulation for sound privacy so that you can work away in peace and quiet while your family goes about their daily lives undeterred.  I love the huge yard at 2.8 private acres and the invisible fence is already in place for us furry friends to keep us off the road.  MLS#NB091506   Offered at $899,000.

Hope you have a nice weekend.  It’s getting chilly but get out there because, I hate to say it, it’s going to get worse!

Talk soon, your pal,


Nicholas News November 2nd, 2023

I love getting the extra hour sleep when we set the clocks back, but oh, I hate the darkness at 5 o’clock!!!  Way too early.  Makes our days so very short.  I have to get my walk in before supper which isn’t always easy if Mama is having a busy day.

Wow, I can’t believe how cold it got and how quickly it happened!!!  Last Saturday it was 20C and then last night -7C.  I felt really bad for the kids out trick or treating in that cold.  We had a decent turn out considering the weather.  Some of them had two jackets on, one on top of the other!  I was dressed as a unicorn and met each child at the door.  We gave out chips and a large bag of candy that Papa personally packed.  He loves packing the Halloween bag (doesn’t think we notice that he’s eating candy as he’s packing).  Lots of fun.

We’re hosting an open house this coming Sunday at 138 Gondola Boulevard in Quispamsis.  This four-bedroom/2-bathroom homes is perfect for a family or good if you want to rent out the basement or have an air B&B.  The walkout basement has its own separate front entrance and vestibule so ideal for these situations.   The half-acre plus corner lot is large, good for children and furry friends to run and play.  This home is just up the street from the Qplex for loads of family fun with the rink and the pool plus the dog park is right across the street!  I have many great memories from that dog park!  Your Host; Cody Hicks 506-721-9433.  MLS#NB902935.   Offered at $389,000.

Hope you have a great weekend, and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,


Nicholas News October 27, 2023

Getting ready for a Spooktacular Howloween!  Our pumpkins are out (but the faces aren’t cut yet) and I have my costume.  This year I’m going as a unicorn!  I think it looks stupid, but Mama says it’s cute.  I don’t argue with Mama.  We get about 35 kids to the house.  Papa and I will be at the front door to greet them and Papa will give out loads of treats.  He loves it.  I like seeing all the kids and they seem to like seeing me too.  I never bark at them, just stare at the funny costumes and go over for an ear rub if they are dog friendly.  It’s important to always ask first as I’d never want to scare them.

Mama is hosting a Global Luxury Open House this Sunday from 2-4 at 133 Westmount Drive in Millidgeville, the home of my friends Spirit and Special.  We’re really excited, as Mama was requesting work on the driveway, and it’s been all refinished.  Looks great!   I love the large 2.69 private acres, pool for summer swimming, partially fenced yard, kitchen fireplace where I could curl up for a good nap and main floor master suite so I wouldn’t have stairs to climb when Mama and Papa go to bed.  This house has so many features and has been so well restored.  No corners cut here.  You’ll go a long way to find a house of this quality in our area!  Hope you can drop in for a visit!  MLS#NB085179.  Offered at $1,125,000

The days are continuing to get shorter, and we know what’s just around the corner!  Daylight Savings!  Drives me crazy.  Bad enough it’s dark now by 6:45 but soon we’ll be turning those clocks back and then it will be dark at 5:30.  I really wish they would stop that rule, I don’t know a soul who wants it!

Hope you’ve been enjoying these warm days lately (best we’ve had all year).  Wishing you a good weekend and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,


Nicholas News October 13th, 2023

Really enjoying this glorious autumn, making up for a lousy wet summer!  I love the abundance of colour on the trees, the warm sunny days and the cool nights (better for sleeping).

Mama’s getting ready for a Global Luxury Open House at 3218 Rothesay Road, right in the heart of Rothesay, steps from the Common.  One of the best features of this property is the professional office with total sound privacy for those who work from home.  It’s a nice size and is tucked up over the attached garage with its own staircase near the back entrance away from interruptions and noise of the family.  I love the two fireplaces, one wood burning and one electric.  I like the sound of the crackle of burning wood, makes me feel cozy on cool nights.  Furry friends will enjoy the huge 2.8-acre yard with massive century trees.  Just looks like a park.  The house has 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms plus 2 powder rooms.  Join Mama next Sunday October 22nd from 2-4pm for a tour.  MLS#091506   Check out the new price being offered at $899,000.

Getting dark earlier now!!!  I used to love my after-dinner walks but by the time Mama has dinner finished it’s too late to head out, so we have to go early.  And it’s just going to get worse!  Won’t be long now until we change the clocks.  I hate the dreaded time change!!!!  When we fall-back it’s basically dark at 5 o’clock.

Have a good week and I’ll be talking with you soon!

Your pal,



Nicholas News October 6th, 2023

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, hoping and paws crossed that I’ll get a bit of turkey this Sunday!  Chances are good.  We’re all prepped for another storm, but weather is supposed to clear by Sunday and that’s the day Mama’s cooking our Butterball turkey!  She’ll put it in at midnight on Saturday night and let it cook slowly, simmering in its own herb seasoned juices all night.  When I wake up Sunday morning, I’ll smell the sweet fragrance of turkey all through the house.  I love it!

We very excited to announce our newest Global Luxury listing; 868 Fundy Drive on 137 private acres on beautiful Campobello Island.  This magnificent 8714 sq foot home is nothing short of glorious with its contemporary architecture, gleaming marble floors, 10-foot to 19-foot ceilings, numerous decks and three fireplaces.  What seems to be exciting Mama so much is the fact that three different species of whales frolic right out in front of the house!  You can watch them from your windows, the decks or venture the short distance to the shore.  How magical is that?  Mama’s hoping that she sees them while she’s showing the house, she’ll be over the moon.  She has seen videos taken from the family rooms deck, by the owners, of these exciting events.  This property is perfect for nature enthusiasts who would enjoy watching whales breach and eagles sour right in their own back yard.  I’m hoping I can go see them too!  I’ve never seen a real whale before.  Just maybe, as the company mascot, I’ll get a visit to Campobello oasis.  Personally, I love the main floor living, the decks and the three cozy fireplaces.  Let’s not forget the huge yard with acres and acres, where I could run and play. Bet there’s lots of squirrels (I love chasing squirrels). A guy could get comfortable here very easily! 🙂  It’s two hours from the Saint John Harbour Bridge to the house and ten minutes from the FDR Bridge in Lubec, Maine.  If you think it’s too much to take on, on your own, then go in on it with a few friends.  Thinking of the ultimate Maritime kitchen party with a fresh seafood feast!  There’s plenty of room for everyone!   MLS#NB902056    Offered at $3.995M USD and $5.4M CDN.


I’ve got my entrance all set for autumn with lots of colourful mums in yellow, russet, and magenta.   Mama does all the work and I do the supervising. ha ha  Plus I’m on squirrel patrol.

I believe we’re going to have a quiet weekend.  TG cause Mama’s been working insane hours and I’ve been keeping her company in the office til the wee hours as she tweaks the details and the pictures of our listings.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  We have so much to be thankful for in this beautiful country.

Your pal,


Nicholas News October 1st, 2023

Not one but two Global Luxury Open Houses this Sunday, Oct. 1st.  Mama and Charlie are busy this weekend!  It’s been a while since we’ve had open houses as we found our way through the pandemic.  We’re excited to be hosting them again!  Welcome!

3218 Rothesay Road is a stunning historic property in the heart of Rothesay right next to Rothesay Common.  It has 2.8 acres with glorious century trees and a 4500 sq’ five- bedroom home with three full bathrooms and two powder rooms (one for guests and one for family).  The expansive great room spans the entire width of the house and features an attractive wood-burning fireplace.  The kitchen/family room is open concept and revamped last year.  There is a home theater and wonderful home office for the professional.  Offered at $899,000.

3218 Rothesay Road

133 Westmount Drive is located in Millidgeville on 2.7 private acres.  This wonderful home has been totally renovated from top to bottom, as well as the in-ground pool.  The heart of the home is the huge kitchen with massive fireplace and wonderful view up the river to Rothesay.  The impressive master bedroom suite is located on the main level and the family room can be used as a second master suite with ensuite bath.  For car collectors, or other toys, (think motorcycles, boats, SeaDoos, snowmobiles, etc.) there is an oversized 2-car attached garage plus a huge built-in 2500 sq’ heated garage in the basement!  Offered at $1,125,000

133 Westmount Drive

We were so thankful to have Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley come this morning to help me and Mama trim back our vines and trim our shrubs.  They were a great help and we finished up in no time!  I supervised the operation and was on squirrel patrol, getting some nice ear-rubs as Aunt Shelley passed by me.  I never pass up a nice ear rub.!

Hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous autumn sunshine!

You pal,


Nicholas New September 15th, 2023

Button down the hatches as we wait with bated breath for the landing of Hurricane Lee!  Really hoping it’s not as bad as they are predicting!  We’ve cleared off our deck and patio, so nothing here to blow around.  With this gorgeous clear blue sky today, you’d never guess what’s coming around the corner.  TG for technology that’s able to give us ample warning to get ready and be prepared.  The city of Saint John has set out a “Shelter-In-Place” order trying to protect citizens from flying debris of the high winds.  Keep in mind, when this order is out, it’s against the law to go out and about, so if you’re driving a car and get in an accident or your car is hit by flying debris, you’re not covered by insurance.    We’re really hoping there is not too much damage to homes, properties and trees and everyone stays safe.  Terrible time of year for this to be happening as far as the trees go.  With a full head of green leaves, they catch the full force of the wind and with record high amounts of rain this summer, the roots are practically living in mud and can uproot easily.

This weekend we’ll be hunkered down but next Sunday, the 24th Mama is hosting an open house at 133 Westmount Drive, just off Kennebecasis Drive.  MLS# NB085179.  We invite you to join us to view this impeccable home in mint condition with the latest in amenities plus water view and inground pool.  Whole home renovation, inside and out plus total rehaul of the heated pool! (not much I enjoy more than a heated pool).  The house consists of main floor living with living room, dining room, huge kitchen with inviting fireplace, family room, full bath plus powder room, master bedroom suite with walk-in closet and 5-piece ensuite bath, laundry room and mud room all on the first floor.  Two additional bedrooms, library, walk-in linen closet, walk-in cedar closet and full 4-piece bathroom upstairs.  Heated floors in the 3 main floor bathrooms.  Economical ducted heat pumps provide cozy heat and refreshing air conditioning.  Offered at $1,125,000.  Hope to see you there.

Let’s get through the weekend and we’ll chat next week.  Be sure to keep all your furry four-legged friends indoors and sheltered!

Your pal,



Nicholas News September 8, 2023

Hate to see the end of summer, especially when we saw very few warm days of sunshine this year.  Hard on everyone even us four-legged furry friends!  Not many beach days, hikes, visits to the lake and even difficult to get our daily walks in.  I personally hate the rain!  Mama has a very hard time to get me to go out in it.  When I have to, I step about one foot off the concrete garage floor, do my thing and then run in the house!  The only thing worse than rain is high winds, thunder and the dreaded lighting!  Terrifies me.  I stick very close to Mama (right up against her leg as she walks, if she goes around the kitchen island, then so do I!  We’re supposed to get blasted tonight starting about 10pm.  We’ll turn our TV up extra loud so that I don’t hear it so much and get a good action-packed movie going.

We’re keeping a close eye on those bank rates for our clients.  Difficult for people to get used to the recent hikes without threats of another jump.  TD they’re holding off this time.  Mama recommends to lock-in for as long as you can!!!  No one knows what’s going to happen.

The flowers on the deck really took a beating this year with all the rain but our pots at the front entrance are hanging in there just fine.  The big roof over the entrance keeps them protected but also means that Mama and I have to water them by hand.  I’m always by her side when she works around the plants at the front door.  I’m on squirrel patrol as I don’t want any of those pesky critters near my Mama!


We had a lovely scenic drive yesterday across the Deer Island Ferry to Deer Island.  It was a bit foggy so we couldn’t see as far in the distance as we’d like but the water was very calm.  I love winding around the islands.

Our majestic heritage home at 3218 Rothesay Road has been reduced to $899,000.  MLS#NB091506. Awesome price for an awesome property with its new stylish kitchen, plenty of room for entertaining in-style and everyday creature comforts for your family!  I love the huge yard; wrap-around verandah, mature trees and the Invisible Fence system is already built-in for your furry friend!

So happy that the current hurricane is once again bypassing New Brunswick!  We really do live in God’s country.  TG we have Nova Scotia acting as a buffer between us and the Atlantic Ocean.

Hope you have a great weekend, talk soon.

Your pal,


Nicholas News September 1st, 2023

Hello Weekend!  TGIF.  Are you all set for the long weekend?  This may be the first long weekend this year with sunshine!!!  Seems we’ve had rain for all the others.  We’re planning a barbeque, picnic on the beach, scenic drive across a few ferries, friends over for a drink on the deck as we sit around our new firepit, etc.  Just some real R & R as we enjoy the last lazy days of summer!  I love the new fire pit, but Mama says to be careful, don’t sit too close.  It is warm and cozy though.  We haven’t used our deck this year nearly as much as we usually would, seems it rained most weekends (many weekdays too).  I’ve never seen a thing like it!  We have had a few dinners on the deck, and they were lovely with a refreshing breeze blowing through my fur.  Mama, has it designed in what she calls, Bohemian-style with lots of bright colours on a beige and ivory background and colourful flowers everywhere.

We just today, received an accepted offer on one of Charlie’s building lots for sale.  Charlie is the listing agent and Mama is the selling agent.  Great teamwork, keep it up!

Everyone has different plans for the weekend!  Enjoy!  I’ll be thinking of ya.

PS- this paw print in the sand is my actual paw print.  Mama took this pic of it at New River Beach.

Your pal,


Nicholas News August 26, 2023

Button down the hatches in preparation for upcoming Hurricane Franklin.  Suppose to skim our coastal shores along the Bay of Fundy mid-week, hitting Nova Scotia more directly.  I don’t even like the rain or windy days, out alone a hurricane.  TG I’ve got a big roof over my front door so I can sneak outside without getting wet.  I know I’m a woos but Mama says that’s okay.

We’ve had a very substantial price drop on our stunning private island listing, Robertson’s Point, Manners Sutton Road, MLS#NB048874.  It just dropped in price from $2,995,000 to $1,995,000.  That’s a million-dollar reduction!  Fantastic price for this 9.36-acre private island.  Rare causeway access and deep-water mooring with groomed trails and breathtaking sunset view.  Call for more details and your private viewing.


I’m staying in high and dry today but tomorrow Mama and I go to Hampton to show a high-end waterfront property there.  As I like to say before I walk my ramp into the back of my SUV, “Road Trip!”

Have a great week and talk soon.

Your pal,





Nicolas News August 19, 2023

Another super busy week!  As soon as Mama got home from holiday, she hit the ground running!  I’ve been staying right by her side, rather it’s off showing houses and land or late nights on the computer.  We’ve had out of town buyers fly in to view properties, we pick them up at the Hilton Hotel and away we go, we’ve been part of a bidding war (which we won), got all conditions met on a new sale, and listed a 9-unit apartment building.  Whew!  Good thing she came home refreshed and rearing to go.

We’re excited about the 9-unit apartment building because the quality, finish and restoration is not something we usually see in this city.  Owned by an architect with extensive historic knowledge this building has been lovingly cared for and restored by him for the past 25 years.  66 Sydney Street contains a total of nine apartments, five 1-Bedroom and four 2-Bedroom.  The millwork, plaster cornices & medallions & antique light fixtures are all intact.  The electric entrance is upgraded to 400-amp breaker and the roofing has a 50-year warranty.  And that’s just the start.  Check out the details on this web site.

Corner of 66 Sydney Street and 157,159 & 161 Princess Street.

Congratulation to our out-of-town buyers, Ivan and Tatiana, who are excited to be moving to Winnfield Hills with their young family!  They put their best foot forward and won the recent bidding war.  This is a lovely couple with a beautiful family who will be an asset to our community!  Congratulations!  We wish you many years of happy memories in your new home!

Hope you have a great weekend.  As long as the rain hold off I’m having a barbeque!

Talk soon, your pal,



Nicholas News Aug 11/23

Hope you had a great New Brunswick Day Weekend!  The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm, great beach weather (nice change after all the rain this summer).  You haven’t heard from me for a little while as Mama was away in Europe with her friend Heather and I’m not comfortable using the computer without her. 🙂   I’m so happy she’s back home and so is Papa.  Lisa came to stay with us for a nice visit while Mama was away, and we really enjoyed it.  She was experimenting with some new dishes that we just loved.  We had some great day trips to St. Martins for lobster rolls and New River Beach for ice cream.  Lisa took a picture of my paw print in the sand (see my signature below). Mama totally missed the strawberry season which was short this year with all the rain.  Our gardens went nuts while she was away, and she couldn’t believe it!!!


She hit the ground running asa she got home with out-of-town buyers flying in from Ontario that day after she landed.  She picked them up at the Hilton and away they went on home tour.  Two days later she was in a bidding war on a prestigious property for another couple in the valley and hasn’t stopped since.

The market is still short on listings, especially high-end or properties in mint condition.  We’re fortunate that we have some to offer and appreciate the interest we have.

I was scared early this morning with the thunder and lightning!  Mama got up early with me so that I wouldn’t be alone.  As soon as I see her face and hear her soothing voice, I feel better.  She’s showing a gorgeous property today in this pouring rain, but she says that it’s a good way to show buyers that there are no leaks or water issues!  The proof is in the pudding.  Personally, I hate the rain and will barely sneak out today for a few minutes under the canopy of the roof over our front entrance.  Then back into my cozy house.

Hope you have a great weekend and continue to enjoy the summer.  I think I’m having a barbeque on Saturday with friends.

Talk soon,

Your pal


Nicholas News June 29, 2023

My friends Spirit and Special have their pool open now for the summer.  I’m thinking it’s still too cold for me to take a dip but those two girls have the right coat for it.  Chesapeake Bay Retrievers can take a lot of cold and not blink an eye. You go girls!  Call me when the pool temperature goes above 20C :-).  133 Westmount Drive, MLS#NB085179, Price has been lowered to $1,025,000.

Can you believe it?  It’s still raining!!!  And cold!  I’ve never seen a summer like this and Mama says she hasn’t either.  We’re afraid our flowers are going to mildew out on the deck for lack of sun.  The warm weather has got to come one of these days soon.  I want to get to the beach for a swim.  Paws crossed and hoping!

Did you see our exciting new luxury listing?  421 Kennebecasis Drive stretches all the way from RKYC Look out to Tucker Beach Road!  14.82 Acres with1700 feet of prime street frontage and 835 feet of waterfrontage in the heart of Millidgeville. Deep water mooring means you can keep a boat right out front or keep it at the neighbouring yacht club, your choice.  With majestic mature trees and the most beautiful meadow I’ve ever seen this is prime development property or perfect for a private estate.  The property is 100% private with the Kennebecasis River on one side, Rockwood Park on the other and surrounded by Tucker Park.  Feels like you’re out in the country but you’re actually just minutes from UNB, Regional Hospital, RKYC and all levels of both English and Francophone schools.  I have to say, I absolutely love it, love, love it!  MLS#088572 Offered at $3,260,000.


I’m heading down to the Algonquin Resort for Canada Day weekend.  They are so very welcoming there with us four-legged furry friends.  I just went for the first time Victoria Day weekend and I loved it!  We had a comfortable room with a view of the bay, great food and great place to walk down there.  I saw lots of other furry friends too.  St Andrews here I come!

Wishing you all a very Happy Canada Day as we all get out there and celebrate our Great Nation!  What are you doing this Canada Day?  I’ll be wearing my Canada flag scarf!

Your pal,



Nicholas News June 9th, 2023

I don’t remember a June this cold or wet!!!  And neither can Mama or Papa.  Our lilacs have been in bud for a month but still not open.  The only good thing I can think of is that the June bugs are not out yet.  Mama hates those things and it’s my job to catch them and keep them away from her!  Don’t worry Mama, I’m on it!

Rain, rain go away little Nicholas wants to play!  I hate getting my beautiful coat wet and just sneak out quickly between showers when I have to.  I did get a little visit with my neighbour Rex Purdy (miniature black poodle) yesterday.  Rex and I  usually watch other through the cedar hedge as we’re both on the invisible fence but yesterday my Mama and his Mama had a back yard catch up and visit so I was allowed to go through the hedge.  Rex was just wild, he’s only two years old and high energy.  He was so happy to have my visit that he started running circles around me as fast as he could go!  We all had a good laugh, he was just wired.  I used to be like that but now at eleven I’ve slowed down and leave the crazy stuff to the young fellas.

Mama finished her outdoor flower pots today and I was right there by her side, always on the lookout to protect Mama from those blasted squirrels (I don’t like them near her).  We did something a little different this year, we planted all the flower pots in white only!  Mama thought the bright white colour would look great on dark days and show up our colourful wreath even more and I agree.

Our new listing at 46 Willow Avenue, Rothesay is sold!  Congratulations to our happy sellers and ecstatic buyers (who are avid golfers).  This lovely home is a five minute walk to Riverside Golf and Country Club.  MLS#NB086511 NB    Offered at $750,000.

46 Willow Ave is SOLD!

We’re excited about our new ranch listing at 21 Fox Point Drive in Drury Cove.  This 1896 sq’ ranch has a finished walkout basement bringing the total square footage to 3744.  It features 9′ ceiling on both levels with 10′ in the great room and master bedroom.  This home is open concept, with custom quartz kitchen, covered deck and patio, inviting master suite with sitting area, deck access, walk-in closet and large five-piece ensuite.  It has five bedrooms in total and three full baths.  Currently one of the bedrooms is used as a home gym and another is used as a home office, the choice is yours.  MLS#NB087455.  Offered at $725,000.


Get ready to button down the hatches with upcoming rain and high winds.  We’re ready here!

Your pal,



Nicholas News May 18th, 2023

Hoping we get some good weather for the Victoria Day Weekend!  I’m pumped and ready.  At the moment it’s not looking good for Sunday but that can change in a heartbeat here in NB!  We’re all set to plant our vegetable garden in our planters on the deck but it’s too early yet with frost warnings all week!   Couldn’t believe how cold it was Wednesday night!!!  And this is the middle of May.  Our clients with swimming pools may be late getting them open this year but… when they do, let the fun begin!

Speaking of pools and fun (I really enjoy swimming) our listing at 133 Westmount Drive, MLS #NB082345 owned by my good friends Special and Spirit has been reduced by $75,000 and is now offered at $1,175,000.  This is one amazing property with 2.69 private acres in Millidgeville at the end of a cul de sac.  Lots of room to run and play.  The house is mint and 100% renovated inside and out to the highest quality standards with things important to us canines such as heated ceramic floors, cosy fireplace and master on the main floor (important to us older dogs).  But my favourite thing is that it has a wonderful in-ground pool!  It’s been totally revamped too, including new concrete surround, fencing, new heat pump, and solid cover (for safety for us puppies and children, you can actually walk on it).  This is Puppy Paradise!!!

We can vouch for the neighbourhood of our new listing at 46 Willow Avenue as it right on the corner of Renshaw Road, just up the street from us.  MLS #NB086511 offered at $750,000.  This 4 bedroom/2 1/2 bath executive has been meticulously maintained and updated with a stunning open concept granite kitchen, large dining room and family room with window seat and wood-burning fireplace.  It has a perfectly flat yard and is totally private in the back, great for having friends over for barbeques.  For those into golfing the course is a 5-minute walk away at Riverside Golf and Country, the nature trails of Spy Glass Hill are a 2-minute walk away and the fine sandy beach at Riverside Park is right at the foot of the hill (my stomping grounds).  oh ya, really nice neighbours too!  🙂

Our heritage listing at 3218 Rothesay Road now comes turnkey!  Totally furnished, rugs, paintings, electronics, etc.  Just bring your clothes and move right in!  This is a handsome property near the Rothesay Common and yacht club with close to 3 acres of mature century trees, manicured lawns and mature shrubs.  MLS#NB082345 Offered at $919,000.

Hope you enjoy a great weekend.  Keep an eye out for me and say hello as I’ll be on the move doing a little touring around St Andrews.  I’ll be wearing my red NB tarten scarf and will show you some pics next week!

Your pal,


Nicholas News May 5th 2023

I’m excited about several new listings coming on the scene this Monday.  Would you like to live in the heart of Rothesay, within walking distance of  Riverside Golf & Country Club, Riverside Park and Spy Glass Hill?  We have a wonderful listing coming Monday at 46 Birch Crescent off Renshaw Road priced at $750,000.  This lovely executive 4 bedroom/3.5 bath home is beautifully updated, in mint condition with a totally private back yard.  I can personally vouch for the neighbourhood as I live just around the corner.  It’s a neighbourhood of friendly people, great walking trails, gorgeous sunsets and a lovely sandy beach!

We also have a large track of land off Ellerdale Street in East Saint John.  Rare find as it is already zoned for 500 units!  The land is tiered so several apartment building would all have fantastic views including the harbour!  Priced at $2,200,000.  What a location!!!  This 7.1 acrew parcel is within walking distance to Walmart, Canadian Tire, Shoppers, Sobeys, Costco, Empire Theatres, McAllister Place, East Point and more!

We’ll be busy Saturday watching the 149th running of the most exciting two minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby!  (Mama never misses it!)  We’ll be getting up really early to wath the coronation of King Charles III in the morning.  Mama can’t wait to see all the magnificent horses!  (I’ll be there to keep her company as Papa says he’s not getting up that early!


Hope you enjoy the sun and blue sky this weekend and we’ll talk soon,

Your pal,



Nicholas News April 15th, 2023

Loving this warmer weather and longer days!!!  Puts some pep in my step. Our grass is getting green, the birds are singing and the flowers are poking their heads through the ground.  Our crocuses are in bloom!  I’ve been out and about more with Mama, longer walks, more touring around.   I love it!

Finally my new business cards arrived!  Mama ordered them for me and together we picked out my favourite pic.  Just gave out my first card to Spirit and Special Adams, owners of 133 Westmount Drive.  Mama explained that I’m their canine, looking after their specific real estate interests!  What do you think?


It was with a heavy heart that I learned of the passing of our dear friend Bonnie Weir, well known as the Blueberry Pie Lady of Pennfield!  Not only did she have the best pies & muffins you’d ever taste, but she was warm and friendly and she just loved dogs!  No matter how busy she was when we stopped b, she’d always say, “Just a minute I have to come out and say hello to the boys!”  Nicholas and I just loved her!  Rest in Peace dear Bonnie.

This coming Tuesday we’re hosting an agent open house at 133 Westmount Drive, home of my friends Special and Spirit Adams.  It’s a great house with heated floors, big fireplace, main floor master and a huge 2.69 acre fenced yard with an in-ground heated pool!  What more could a furry friend ask for???  People go gaga over the view but we don’t care about that!


Hope you have a great week.  Keep an eye out for me in my black truck!

Your pal,



Nicholas News April 5th, 2023

Getting all ready for the illusive  Easter Bunny!  I’ve been hearing about the guy for years and he does leave me treats but I’ve never seen him yet!  I’ve been a good boy so I’m hoping for my very favourite thing,  a new ball!  Especially one that squeaks!!!  Mama and Papa are looking forward to a relaxing weekend and a lovely Easter dinner.  Count me in on that as I love turkey and ham whichever one we have.

I’ve been scooting around town a lot in my truck and love people watching at the parking lots!  Just love it when people stop by and say hello.  Sometimes I even get an ear rub and I can tell you they always get a kiss from me!

I’m excited about our new Global Luxury listing at 133 Westmount Drive, in Milledgeville with a sunrise view (up river past Rothesay/sunset view (down river to Grand Bay).  This 2.69 private acre property has everything us furry friends desire and belongs to my friends Special and Spirit, two awesome Chesapeake girls.  Not only is there a huge yard to play but a beautiful in-ground fenced and heated pool (with easy access steps), a cosy fireplace in the kitchen and heated floors in the bathrooms.  The high traffic areas such as mud room, kitchen, laundry, etc has ceramic tile flooring so we don’t have to worry about scratching the gleaming hardwood.  It’s heated with two cosy ducted heatpumps so we’re warm and toasty in the winter and cool as cucumbers in the summer with built-in air conditioning.  The girls Mama has just finished an extensive 14 month restoration with a top area contractor and the place not only shows like new but the bones of the house are mint too!   MLS#085179, offered at $1,250,000.  Give Mama or Charlie a call for your private showing today.



Wishing you a very relaxing, peaceful Easter Weekend.

Your pal,


Nicholas News March 24th, 2023

So happy Spring is officially here! Warmer weather and longer days are always welcome!  Now I look forward to my walks after supper.  There is still a bit of snow in our yard but nice to see the grass peeking out around the edges of the lawn.  We’ve been watching diligently for the first sign of crocuses in the garden but nothing yet.

We’re watching for our first real sign of spring!

Monday, the 20th was the first official day of spring so I helped Mama take down my St Patrick’s Day flag and replace it with my “Sing a Song of Spring” version.  It’s so pretty with the bright spring colours, one of my favourites.  Just as soon as it warms up a bit more I’ll be out helping Mama change the big wreath to our spring/summer version.  A huge job for her with all red flowers being removed and each spring flower being individually wired in.  Up and down the high ladder she’ll go, it’s an all day job!  I stay super close as I figure my big job is making sure none of those pesky squirrels get close to Mama.  I can tell you if they do it will be their last.  I’ll be taking and sharing pics asa the wreath is done.

One of my favourites! 

Congratulations to our seller of 67 Merritt Hill Road Quispamsis and also to our out of town buyers.  We wish you many years of happy memories at your new home!  MLS#NB Offered at $550,000.

Congrats to our Irish seller.  Sold on St Paddy’s Day!

I was having some computer issues last week as I wrote my blog and unable to add pics so   I want to be sure you saw my new knife painting by Rene Collins that I spoke of in my blog. It’s hanging right outside Mama’s office and you can see if from the foyer.   We love it!


Hope you have a great weekend, until we speak again.

Your pal,




March 17th, 2023

All geared up for St Paddy’s Day with my emerald green shamrock scarf!  Mama says it looks great against my black fur!  Mama is Irish on both sides and Papa has none.  I say I’m honourary Irish as I like to celebrate the day.  She’s making is a special roast beef supper tonight with all the fixins and chocolate cupcakes with green frosting for Papa.  The vet says chocolate is not good for dogs (especially small ones) but that I can have a wee bit because of my big size!  Paws crossed and hoping on that one!


We’re so excited about our new painting by Mama’s cousin Rene Collins!  Rene is well known in New Brunswick and has sold her painting across Canada, USA and all the way to  Europe.  She started knife painting (which has a much thicker texture) late in life after retiring from work.  She thought it was just a hobby but her pieces were selling from day one!  She certainly is talented and we love her unique blending of colours and the imaginative names she gives each one!   Rene was Mama’s mother’s favourite niece and she spent a lot of time with our family over the years.  I love it when she and Stan come to visit.  They both love dogs but Stan especially.  He’s as happy to see me as I am him.  He rubs my ears and talks to me while I sneak in the odd kiss!  We hung it right outside Mama’s office door on the main level so she sees it several times a day.  It’s painted off a picture of us taken when we were about six years old and in great shape.  I didn’t have my white mussle then and Buddy was a bit thiner.  🙂   Rene calls our painting “Welcome To My World” as she can easily see that Mama’s world is  centred around her boys!

Welcome To My World              Rene Collins

Happy St Patrick’s Day.  See you soon.

Your pal,





Nicholas News March 10th, 2023

Are you ready to spring ahead this Saturday night for Daylight Savings.  Don’t forget March 12th!  Mama will adjust our clocks ahead one hour just before going to bed Saturday night so we’ll enjoy that extra hour of daylight on Sunday.  It’s always dreary loosing that first hour when we wake up Sunday morning but it sure is great to be able to have dogs walks after supper now.  After a days-work Mama enjoys winding down as we walk and I’m always excited to see a few old friends on the trails and possibly meet a few new ones.  I really wish they’d do away with this ridiculous rule and just leave things along.  Drives me crazy when we have to turn the clocks back in the fall and it’s dark so early.  I say, “leave it alone!”

Spring ahead Saturday night!

March 17th we’ll be celebrating St Patrick’s Day at my house and we’ll all be wearing our emerald green.  I already have my Paddy’s Day scarf on when I go out.  Mama says I look pretty spiffy!  Mama is Irish on both her mother’s (Delaney) and father’s side (O’Regan, later changed to Regan).  Is that where she gets the red hair?  She’s excited about visiting Ireland this summer with her best friend, who’s been there before, but it will be Mama’s first time.  Part of her bucket list.  She says one thing she will not be doing is kissing the Blarney Stone!  Too many germs, and Papa says she already has enough blarney in her!  He loves to tease!


We’ve had an exciting week with our deluxe garden home at 67 Merritt Hill Road with private showings, a public open house last Sunday which was well attended and an agents open house last Tuesday.  Everyone is blown away when they step into the great room and see that awesome view!  Stops them right in their tracks!  Mama is excited to be presenting offers to the seller tomorrow afternoon.  Paws crossed that it all goes as planned!

Have a great week and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,





Nicholas News March 5th, 2023

We’re excited to announce our first open house of the year hosted by Mama and Charlie.  They haven’t had an open house since 2019 after Covid took off in our province.  Looks like it’s going to be a good day weather wise with temps rising to 4C above.  A bright sunny clear day too which is so important for this property at 67 Merritt Hill Road, off Gondola Point Road with its 20 mile panoramic view up the Kennebecasis River!   It’s a huge garden home (largest we’ve seen) with big room and plenty of window with 2 huge sunny window walls.  The great room, kitchen, master bedroom, ensuite (with heated floor), powder room and laundry room are all on the main level so you never need to go downstairs.  But if you do, it’s splendid as well with large windows, patio access, bedrooms 2 and 3, a huge family/rec room, full bath with heated floor and a large storage room with custom built-ins.  I love the way this place backs onto a 71 acre green space and it’s pet friendly.  You’re even allowed the invisible fence so you can be out on your own, unsupervised.  I love my invisible fence as I roam our property every day checking for squirrels, crows, etc. letting all the critters know, this is my yard!  MLS#084113 NB  Offered at $550,000.  Hope to see you!

It breaks my heart that our beloved Spy Glass Hill is up for sale for development!  The property includes 85 acres with miles of walking trails.  Hundreds of people and four-legged friends walk this property daily and have for a hundred years.  So many walk here that if it snows all night and you go over at 8am the next morning there is already a good trail beat down like a sidewalk!  We always hoped it would never be developed.  I’ve been going here since I was a baby and have so many wonderful memories of walks here with my dear brother Buddy.  Mama has been walking here starting with Theodore and Laddie 28 years ago.  As a young girl she and her father rode there horses here a few times a week (over from Bridle Path Lane), always having a good gallop up Spy Glass Hill.  The Rothesay Horse Show Cross Country Event was held here yearly until it’s organizer the Mrs. Mary Oland passed.  It’s hard to understand why the town doesn’t buy it as a park (or even part of it).  The public doesn’t  have a walking park in Rothesay.  There is the Common and Riverside Park which are both lovely but very small.  The west side of Saint John has the beautiful Irving Nature Park but out here all we have is Spy Glass Hill and it’s days are numbered!  If I had the money I’d buy it myself and call it “Buddy Bacon’s Spy Glass Hill”, providing centuries of happy people and pets with the ultimate nature experience!

Hope you’re enjoying this better weather and slightly warmer days as much as I am.  Watch for me in my black truck around the neighbourhood parking lots while I wait for Mama.

Your pal,




Nicholas News Feb 2nd, 2023

Well the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday meaning six more weeks of winter!  I’m all set for the cold snap that’s hitting tomorrow with historic low temperatures.  Weather app says it may hit -44C with the wind-chill.  All you furry friends be sure to stay indoors and when you do need to go out, it’s five minutes and back in as quickly as possible!  It’s very important for everyone to remember that frostbite can happen very quickly in temperatures that low!  My fridge is stocked, I have lots of propane for the fireplace and I’ll be staying cosy on the couch.

Well Canada just reported its latest  study on home prices across the country covering 48 major cities and Saint John came in at #1 as the lowest prices in the country.  We may complain that prices have risen during Covid with the addition of many newcomers mostly from Ontario and British Columbia but…  this is still the very best place to live and low homes prices is just part of it as we locals know!  Fredericton came in at #2 and Moncton came in at #5 so out of 48 cities New Brunswick has three in the top 5!  Way to go New Brunswick, we always knew you were #1 and we know why!!!  Mama always called it Canada’s Best Kept Secret but it looks like the secret is out of the bag!

We’re hosting an open house this Sunday from 2pm – 4pm at 30 Maliseet Drive in Rothesay.  This nice-sized ranch is a one owner (engineer) and very well built.  It features 9′ ceilings, large eat-in quartz kitchen, 3 bedrooms up and 1 down in the fully finished basement plus huge flex room.  There are 3 full bathrooms including the master ensuite, oversized deck and flat 1/2 acre private lot.  The crème  de la crème is that it comes with beach rights on a nearby gorgeous beach (next to #45 Maliseet Drive) which has an awesome panoramic view sunset view!  I know where I’d be hanging out with friends all summer and you can to.  Drop by to have a look.  Your host is my friend and colleagueGreg O-Brien, 506-353-5123.

See you soon, have a great weekend and most importantly stay warm!

Your pal,


Nicholas News January 21/23

Well it’s white out there now and I’m loving it!  Love that the temp is not too cold too!  i Love running, rolling and jumping in the snow.  I’ve been out in the fields with some of my friends and we’re having a high old time.

Our first open house of the year and the first in a very long time is this Sunday the 22nd from 2-4pm.   What’s most important in my mind is the beach rights that comes with this property to a gorgeous beach just around the corner on the Kennebecasis River.  This place is like having your own beach but without the heavy price tag!  I could see myself swimming here every day in the summer if Mama would take me (she’d probably jump right in with me) and there’s not much I enjoy more than a good roll in the sand!  This is a one-owner, well-built home with 9′ ceilings, hardwood floors and cosy corner fireplace.  Three bedrooms on the main floor plus a finished basement with a huge rec room with wood stove (great if the power goes out for heat and cooking), huge 4th bedroom, storage room plus a big flex room for whatever you want!  Not that I care, but it seems important to the ladies that the kitchen is quartz with room for a big table and laundry is on the main floor too.  I love the big half acre private yard and oversized deck.  That’s where I’d be hanging out in the summer!  The host is my good friend and colleague Greg O’Brien who can be reached for additional information at 506-343-5123.  I offered to co-host with him to show any pets around but Greg said he could handle it himself!  🙂  Hope you can drop in.


I’ve been out and about in the truck a lot lately as Mama ‘s been taking me with her now that I have my new ramp to just walk right into the truck.  No more jumping in from ground level.  I love it.  It’s all light-weight aluminium, telescopic, non-skid and sized for big dogs.  Mama sets it up and says “Walk it, walk it” and away I go in and out, no problem.  I’ve even attended a few showing but I wait in the truck and wait for the clients to come out and give my ears a rub (I do sneak in the odd kiss if I get the chance).

Stay warm, enjoy the snow and have a great week.

Your pal,



Nicholas News Jan 8, 2023

Can’t believe we’re already into January 2023 with no snow!  Mama loves it with easy walking, easy driving and easy to show houses.  I’ve been going with her on the showings although I wait in the truck and watch out the window.  Our clients like to come over to say hello to me and give my ears a nice rub.  We have some super nice clients!  We were out showing properties today and it was so much colder than it’s been lately.  I’ve been enjoying nice long walks every day about 4pm then home for a nice supper and a lay by the fireplace.  It’s so cold the last few days that I had to get out my fur-lined lumberjack coat!  Mama says I look good in red!

Love my new Canadiana coat with leather pockets.

We’re on the lookout for a few specific properties.  The first is a bungalow in good condition with a finished basement in a quiet area with at least half an acre of privacy in the $250,000 to $350,000 range.  Looking in the Quispamsis, Hampton area.

The second is a luxury waterfront home in Rothesay.  Preferably two stories with 5000 to 6000 sq ft of finished space, three-car garage and a beach.  Age of the home is not important, it can be new or old with recent upgrades but must be in mint condition.  Price range is up to $3.5 Million.  If you have a home like either of these that you might consider selling or you know of someone who does please give Mama a call or text at 506-650-8575.

Our buyer is looking for their Dream Home!

I’m always out and about town so if you see me in my black truck come over to say hello.  I get lonely waiting for her to return.   I’m super friendly but be forewarned I’m know to sneak in the odd kiss if I can!

You pal,




Nicholas News December 14, 2022

I’m loving this snowy day!  What’s more fun than frolicking in the fresh, clean, fluffy snow?  I like to roll in it especially and Mama has caught me eating it too!  It reminds me that Santa Paws is coming soon and Christmas is just around the corner!  I’m trying so hard to be a good boy but it isn’t always easy.  Mama says I’m driving her crazy as every 5 minutes I want in, then I want out.  She says I need a door man.  If I hear any sound in my yard I want to check it out, could be that darn squirrel back.

This year I turn eleven years old on my birthday Christmas Day!  Mama says I’m getting something special for my birthday.  I’ve got my little tree all up with the little animal ornaments, lights, popcorn/cranberry roping and a Santa topper.  I love to lay on the couch and just stare at it.  I’m still very active for my age. I met up with a four-year-old golden retriever running out behind my house and we had a high old time while Mama chatted with his mother.  The two of us ran big wide circles and then it was time to go home for supper and a nice nap by the fireplace.

Congratulations to my dear friend Lori who had her house listed and sold by Mama this week.  Gone in three days at a bidding war!  Sold over asking!!!  The lot was only fifty feet wide but it was a gorgeous beach and glorious sunsets that attracted the crowd.  The showings were fast and furious for three days straight and poor Lori, her husband, two kids, plus two dogs (my friends Belvedere and Dollie) and the cat had to be out of the house all day to accommodate the showings.  So it’s all over quickly, they are peacefully back home getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to a new home in the new year!  9 Pickett Lane, Rothesay.  MLS#NB082480.  Offered at $399,000.

9 Pickett Lane, Rothesay is SOLD!

Mama and I are busy getting ready for Christmas.  We have the planters all done outside, the big wreath at the front door is finished with the help of our friends Michelle and Lynn, the lights are on and the giant nutcracker is at the front door!  Phew, makes me tired just thinking about it.  Mama says I’m a big help, I never leave her side while she’s outside decorating, just in case that miserable squirrel shows his ugly face!  Talk with you soon and have fun getting ready for the big day!

Your pal,



Nicholas News November 19, 2022

The market is remaining slow but steady as we wind up the year.  Prices are holding fairly steady and there is still a strong shortage of listings.  If you were ever thinking of selling your house there couldn’t be a better time with no competition and strong prices!  Call Mama or Charlie today for details.

I’m trying to adjust to the cold temperatures which seem to hit us overnight!  I don’t remember such a warm start to November and then bam it’s below freezing every day.  I’m not staying out as long as I was and Mama puts my nice warm sweater on me.  We’ve been walking every day and a few days when the wind was blowing strong up from the river I could hear her grumbling under her breath.  I’ll tell you I felt it too and didn’t waste any time on the walk but hustled right along!

I was so excited this week when my new access ramp arrived from Amazon!  I’ve been finding it harder to jump in and out of the truck (I’ll be eleven on Christmas) so Mama was on the search for the perfect ramp.  She checked out all the local stores as she prefers to purchase locally but she wanted one that was longer with a more gentle rise, not too steep for me.  The one she found is six feet long, telescopic so it folds into the back of the truck, extra wide, non-skid and best of all its aluminium, light weight and easy for her to handle (with a handle no less).  So it arrives Tuesday morning and we start the training (it came with instructions).  First day we lay it on the floor in the foyer on the rug and I walk up and down while it’s still just flat.  Helped a lot that Mama had treats on it so I licked them up as I walk :-).  Mama says that I took to it like a duck to water!  Then over the next three days we raised it to the first step of the staircase.  No problem, then the second step and the third!  I’d say I’m onto it and Mama says this weekend we’re going to try it out on the truck!  Wish me luck.

I’m excited about the new listing Charlie and Sparky have in Sussex at 185 Pleasant Avenue, MLS# NB082113, offered at $850,000.  This is a beautiful property on 6.08 private acres at the end of a cul de sac.  This highend home is in mint condition and with 3600 sq ft of living space, two cosy fireplaces, huge wrap around veranda and lots of room to run and play, it’s my kind of home!

185 Pleasant Avenue, Sussex 

I’ll really be touring around with Mama and Papa now with my new easy access ramp so if you see me be sure to come over to say hi.  Keep in mind ladies, I’m going to sneek a kiss if I can!

Your pal,



Nicholas News November 10th 2022

Remembrance Day is tomorrow and it’s so very important for us to take a moment to reflect on the brave souls that gave up their lives for us to retain our freedom!  Canadians my Mama’s age have never known war, but we see the horror through movies and documentaries on TV.  We see the devastation and suffering people went through and we know these brave souls gave us the ultimate scarifice.  May we and future generations never forget!

  Lest We Forget

I had a great time at dusk last night running on the golf course!  Mama’s brother, Uncle Tom came over at four o’clock to walk with us.  We crossed the little bridge behind our house and of course I did not have my invisible fence collar on.  I stopped before the line and wait for Mama to give me the signal that all is clear.  “Free dog” she smiles at me and away I go!  We are all alone on the course and have a nice walk across the beautiful green fields, around the large pond and back across the little stone bridge.  The sun is setting and Uncle Tom can’t believe how beautifully the sun is setting over the river.  He hasn’t been here with us before. He snaps lots of scenic pictures and takes a selfie with Mama while she takes pictures of me.  I’m not one to pose for a picture so she has to be quick to get my best angle, haha.

Then just as I was heading back to my house, low and behold I see this gorgeous blond running across the field behind my house!  It was Chewy, my golden retriever neighbour.  I’ve never seen her out here before.  Her family were throwing a ball for her and you know me with a ball, I take off wide open and snatch it!  Chewy was so busy saying hello to Mama that she didn’t notice at first.  Then I wouldn’t give the ball back (I hate giving up a ball, even if it’s not mine) but Mama said “drop it” so I did.  At five years old Chewy is faster than me but she gets distracted easily and I dive in for the catch!  I’ll be looking for her now that I know she goes out there!

Nicholas out for a run.

63 Maliseet Drive , Rothesay is sold and closed yesterday.  Congratulations to our sellers and the excited buyers (my favourite valley beach)!  I love this house and look forward to extensive renovations inside and out!  It was already a gorgeous home with great location.  Mama can’t wait to see the finished product.  MLS NB077996 Offered at $2,200,000.

Wishing you a relaxing long weekend and I hope to see you soon!

Your pal,



Nicholas News Nov 4th /22

I’m ready to turn the clock back this Saturday night.  Don’t forget.  I love having the extra hour (have never been an early bird) but I hate the fact that it will be dark by 5pm!!!  That makes it so much harder for Mama to take me on my walks as they’ll now have to be before supper.  I wish they’d stop this insane practice, Mama and Papa agree!

I had a great time Halloween!  I was dressed as a bumble bee (looked good with y black fur).  I didn’t mind the wings and the bubble skirt but I hate the head band with the antennae!  We had 35 treaters come to the house (gone are the days of 135 treaters).  I greeted them all with Mama and Papa.  They loved my costume and thought I looked cute.  I really enjoyed seeing all the kids.  Some of them I recognized and some I didn’t.  Mama said I was a very good boy with the treaters.  Papa gave out the treats, it’s his job every year.  The kids say he’s known for good treats!

Congratulations to our sellers and buyers with three houses closing within the week!  It’s been great working with these wonderful people.  Makes Mama’s job a real joy!

63 Maliseet Drive, Rothesay.  MLS NB077996,  Offered at $2,200,000.

63 Maliseet Drive is SOLD

19 Lobster Lane, Cambridge-Narrows.  MLS NB077684 Offered at $699,000.

  19 Lobster Lane is SOLD

16 McNamee Lane, Low Wood Rothesay, MLS NB077617 Offered at $625,000

16 McNamee Lane is SOLD

Loving this gorgeous weather.  My coat is fairly fine and I don’t deal with cold weather that well.  So I love the warmer weather and sunshine.  Mama says she can’t remember a November as warm and beautiful as this one is.  I’ll take it any day and hope it lasts a while longer.  I’ve been travelling in the truck, visiting clients homes, putting up sold signs, picking up groceries, etc.  Mama has been taking me with her a lot and I really like it.  People come over to say hello and my big fluffy tale is just a wagging.  I sneak a kiss whenever I can too!

Hope you have a good week and I’ll talk with you soon.

Your pal,


Nicholas News October 22, 2022

Congratulations to our sellers and the buyers of our beautiful condo listing in Low Wood Estates, Rothesay, 16 McNamee Lane.  MLS#NB077617 Offered at $625,000.  The highest quality renovation Mama has personally seen in these condo/bungalows with this one stripped right down to the 2 x 6, then redesigned and specified by architect Doug Kockel in the highest quality finishes.  There are a lot of furry friends living at Low Wood including dogs and cats.  My friends Special and Spirit Adams (Chesapeake Bay Retrievers) live just a few doors up on Troop Lane.  The girls seem to like it here and their Mama loves all the conveniences of condo living in the heart of Rothesay!

I’m really enjoying this warm weather and sunny skies with lots of nice walks.  I’ve been bumping into lots of furry friends and human too!  It’s great that I live close to Spy Glass Hill my favourite place!  I’ve had several drives in the truck this week too, not too far, just  up to Sobey’s, Cochrane’s Market & Guardian Drugs.  I do like getting out and about (I don’t like it when Mama drives out of the yard without me) and love it when people come to talk and pat me in the parking lot.  I wag my tail so hard it moves my whole body!  When Mama walks away from the truck into the store I look sad, I don’t know why I can’t go in???  I could do my own shopping in the doggy isle!  Hurry back Mama!  Bring me a treat!

Mama’s been hard at work negotiating on her Global Luxury listing at 63 Maliseet Drive.  MLS#NB077996, Offered at $2,200,000.   I personally love this place.  It has the best beach!  I could see myself here digging big holes, relaxing in the sun and the sunsets are amazing!  We now have an accepted offer, on to the inspection!

We had Lisa home for Thanksgiving and it was sooooo nice to see her.  Her flight from Ottawa was delayed getting in so she arrived at our front door at 2am.  Me and Mama and Papa were in the family room waiting for her and fell asleep watching TV (more than a little past our bedtime).  Mama had told her she’d leave the outdoor lights on and front door unlocked in case we fell asleep.  I was out like a light when I heard our front door open and someone walk in!  Well you never saw me move so fast!  I flew off the floor tearing for the foyer ready to attack any intruder who’d dare think to hurt my family.  Just as I flew around the corner of the kitchen I saw Lisa’s beautiful face and heard her calming voice.  I was so happy to see her!!!  What a surprise.  I turned from vicious to melting in her arms within a heartbeat!  She was with us for eight glorious days and will be back for a few weeks at Christmas.

Have a great week and I hope to see you around soon.  Let’s hope these warm sunny days keep coming!

Your pal,

Mister Nicholas

Nicholas News Oct 9, 2022

My name is Nicholas and here I am this this Thanksgiving Sunday 2022 with my first day on the job writting the blog which Buddy started May 1st 2014!  I’m not really new to it as I’ve had seven years experience as his side kick and assistant, so I’ve been well broken in.  I’ve got some very big paws to fill but I know he’s happy and healthy in Heaven looking down, cheering me on and putting little ideas in my head.  With your help Bud I can do it!  As you can imagine we’ve been going through a hard time but each day is getting easier.  So many people have been worried about me and come to visit me, friends and neighbours alike.  My uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley have been taking me for awesome walks to Spy Glass Hill where I can run and play with my furry friends and Michelle takes me around the block where I see all my neighbours.  Our house seems very quiet now and Mama talks about getting a couple of cats!  🙁   I don’t knowwhat to think about that!  Papa is not conveninced.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.  Watch for my smiling face on the home page of our site as I begin “Nicholas News”!  My full name is Nicholas Copernicus Bacon but most people call me Nick (except Mama who always calls me Nicholas (especially if I’m into something I shouldn’t be, then the “Nicholas” gets a different tone to it :-).  I have two speeds; full tilt or lazy.  It’s in the full tilt speed that I get just a littlemischievous! Chuckle, chuckle.  Mama’s friend Heather has always called me Dennis the Menace!



We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner today with all the fixings.  Nothing I enjoy more than a nice turkey dinner and our naturopath vet says it’s the number one healthiest thing we can eat (much better for us than chicken which inflames the joints, bad if you have arthritis)!  Lisa  flew in late last night from Ottawa for ten whole days!  Papa will be so excited to have his baby home!  She and Mama will have so much fun together!  He says it doesn’t matter how old they get your child is always your baby.  I just love Lisa, she’ll talk away to me, brush me and rub my ears.  I’ll curl up with her on the sofa as we’ll watch a movie together, (plus she’ll sneak me the odd extra treat).  Mama picked up the Butterball this week.  Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley will be helping with the cooking, they’re both great cooks but nobody can beat Mama’s turkey and Lisa will help with the preparation and cleanup.  Of course I’ll get a nice plate put together and Lisa and I will fight over the drumstick!  It’s okay Lisa, one for you and one for me!

I had a few scary days with the hurricane.  I never liked the wind and I won’t go out in the yard alone if it’s really windy.  So Mama gets bundled up and comes out with me.  She said my eyes were as big as saucers when she opened the door and I heard the wind howling and saw the leaves swiriling around.  But, we got through it and then had that gorgeous day immediately after with bright blue sky and not a cloud to be seen!

Our listing at 63 Malisee Drive, MLS #077996 was featured in the Telegraph Journal on line version.   Mama did the interview on Wednesday.  So nice to get the extra coverage.  Absolutely LOVE that beach!!!  I could play there all day, Mama would never get me to come in.  One of my favourite passtimes is to dig huge holes in the sand and then lay in them and also to roll and roll in the sand!  That never gets old!  Mama says you can see the smile on my face.

Keep an eye out for me in Buddy’s black SUV as I hang out in the parking lots waiting for Mama.  The truck will always be Buddy’s truck, I was blessed to have him as my brother for ten wonderful years.  Until we meet again my friend.

Your pal

Mister Nicholas


Nicholas News, September 1st, 2022

What are you doing for the Labour Day Weekend?  This weekend is always special to New Brunswicker’s as we all know that this is the last big hurrah of summer before fall sets in.  I’ve been loving these cool nights (12C last night) and look forward to cooler weather but then we’re not all wearing this big Newfie coat so most enjoy the warmer weather, like Nicholas does.  We’re looking forward to quality time with friends and family, firing up out new fire table on the deck, telling a few good stories, a barbeque, a drive in the country.  Nothing too exciting but relaxing times together.

I’m really excited about our new Global Luxury lisintg on the water in the heart of Rothesay at 63 Maliseet Drive.  What a spot!!!  195 Feet of beach, a panoramic view that reaches all the way to Grand Bay and sunsets to die for!   The house is 4500 square feet all on one level with a cosy fireplace in the great room, huge patio and great recent updates with new ducted heat pump, plus a ductless heat pump, newly paved driveway and more.  I could swim here morning, noon and night!  Mama would be saying “Is that Buddy Bacon in the river again?”  You can bet your boots I would be and Nicholas too!  MLS#NB077996 Offered at $2,200,000.

Our beautiful Washademoak Lake cottage at 19 Lobster Lane is sold!  No surprise here as buyers from Kennebecasis Valley, Moncton, Fredericton and of course Ontario were drooling over this year-round get away.  Congratulations to our sellers and the local buyer as their new vacation home.  MLS#NB077684  Offered at $699,000.

Hope you have a great long weekend.  Get out there and enjoy the rest of our beautiful NB summer!  Talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Nicholas News August 28th 2022

Mama is really excited about her first open house in a very long time as she and Charlie co-host a fabulous bungalow/condo at 16 McNamee Lane, Low Wood Estates in the heart of Rothesay.  I invite you to join them this Tuesday, August 30th from 3:30pm to 5pm at this one-level, easy living, bungalow.

Beautifully updated and designed by an architect with wonderful flow and precise details.  That’s right, everything you see is included with the exception of the wall pictures.  That’s furniture, rugs, glassware, crystal, dishes, flatware, accessories, etc.!   Two bedroom, two full bathrooms both with tiled showers and heated floors, open concept, solid wood custom kitchen with quartz counter tops & top of the line appliances included 5-burner gas stove, walk in pantry, walk-in linen closet, large master closet, oversized 2-car attached garage, stone patios front and back, sunset water view!

MLS#NB077617, Offered at $625,000 furnished. Drop in on your way home from work, after picking up groceries or visiting the kids!

We have an accepted offer on our stunning waterfront home/cottage on Washademoak Lake at 19 Lobster Lane, Cambridge-Narrows.  Not surprising with so very many great features!  MLS#NBNB077684  Offered at $699,000.

I’ve really been enjoying the cool nights here in Rothesay.  This morning at 10am it was only 17C on our deck.  My kind of weather!  Mama, Papa, Nicholas and I enjoy lunch on the deck under our big umbrella.  I laid close by just hoping a few scraps might hit the floor!  I can’t complain, you just need to look at me to know that I’m well fed!  Hahahahaha.  I enjoyed a nice refreshing bath this week.  My friend Michelle came by and helped Mama, it’s a big job.  Michelle says “this is really a 3-man job” but I think she was exagerating. Mama got out my Burt’s Bees dog shampoo and rub a dub-dub the fun began.  I absolutely  love it.  Then we got out my Bear Air Newfound dog blow dryer imported from Toronto.  Had me fluffy and dry in fifteen minutes.  My black coat is just shinning now!

Mama got out my Burt’s Bees dog shampoo and rub a dub dub the fun began.  I absolutel love it.  Then we got out my Bear Air Newfound dog blow dryer imported from Toronto.  Had me fluffly and dry in fifteen minutes.  My black coat is just shinning now!


See you around and talk soon.  Be sure to make the most of what we have left of summer as before we know it we’ll be into full blown autumn.  One of my favourite seasons!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Nicholas News Aug 6th, 2022

It’s been a great summer so far with comfortable days and cool nights!  When we look at heatwaves around the world I’m so happy I live in Rothesay, close to Saint John, the air-conditioned city!  This may be the last place on Earth lately with a comfortable summer.  Our hearts go out to the people, pets, farm animals and wild life facing 40+C.  I can’t even imagine it!!!  Mama and Papa experienced it in Egypt when they went to see the pyramids.  They were happy to see them (a life-long dream) but both said “never again”!  Once was enough.  Personally I’m sticking close to the air conditioning.

We have two exciting new luxury listings.  One is a large bungalow/condo in Low Wood Estates Rothesay.  Pets are allowed (I’ve checked) and many homeowners here have dogs and cats.  There is a huge common lawn (a few acres) which is perfect for walks and my favourite thing to do, roll on the grass.  This unit has a water view of the Kennebecasis and is beautifully updated with high-quality finishes.  I like the fact that it’s all one level as I’m finding stairs more challenging now that I’ve turned ten.  And… I like the beautiful hand-laid stone patio out the back.  I can see myself there under the shade of the umbrella watching the action on the river as Mama sips her morning tea.  Oh, and by the way, it comes turnkey, tastefully furnished with glassware, dishes, accessories & rugs, all that you see upon viewing!  Economical ductless heat pumps provide heat and cool for an average monthly bill of $290 and the condo fee is $484 which covers lawn care, snow removal, and replacement of roofing, windows, siding and exterior door when needed.  MLS#NB077617  Offered at $625,000.

I can tell you that this second luxury listing  is “Paw Approved” by Big Buddy Bacon!!!  It’s a 1.38 acre waterfront property on the Washademoak Lake with sandy beach, private dock with shore power and private paved boat launch.  The is a phenomenal place for boating connecting to the St John River and the one and a half storey year-round house or vacation cottage is stunning!  Three bedrooms and two full baths with the master on the main level with two huge bedrooms on the second floor.  What’s really turning my crank (and Nicholas too) is the sandy beach for lots of refreshing swims, the dock which Nicholas can dive off, the acreage with lots of space to run and play, the three-sided veranda/deck providing sun and shade and the main level master means that I’d never have to do the stairs and could stay close to Mama & Papa at all times.!    The fun we could have at this place!  I’m trying to talk Mama into it but she says she loves it so much she’d have to quit her job as she’d never leave!  Guess that rules this one out for the Bud!  🙁  MLS#NB077684  Offered at $699,000.

Hope you’re having a great summer and getting out there to enjoy all our beautiful province has to offer.  Stay cool and I’ll be talking with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News July 10th 2022

The weather has certainly been glorious, just the way I like it with bright sunny days with a bit of a breeze and cool nights good for sleeping!  This big Neuf coat needs those cool nights.  I have been dipping into Mama’s ornamental pond at the front door (Nicholas has too).  We just use it like our own private swimming pool.  Mama fills it from our well so it’s good drinking water for us too.

We’re exciting about our new listing at 1826 Route 124 in Norton.  It’s the Gillis Winery with 9.1 scenic acres.  We’re not interested in the wine (though we know many of you are) but we love the huge yard and the pond for swimming.  It would be an awesome place to build a house in the meadow.  I can tell you that Nicholas and I would certainly enjoy living there.  Mama says there are three nice black and chocolate labrador retrievers living next door and we’re really hoping that she’ll bring us up for a play date.  I hear they are good swimmers so I won’t need to give these three any lessons.  MLS#NB075440.  Offered at $1,970,000.

We’re looking forward to some more good weather and some visits to the beach!  Paws crossed and hoping!  Have a good week and we’ll see you soon.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News, June 25th, 2022

Summer is finally here!  Thoroughly enjoying this glorious weather and getting ready to celebrate Canada Day!  We’re both really scared of fireworks so we’ll enjoy the day but as the sun goes down Mama and Papa will make sure we’re safely in the house, windows closed and the TV loud enough that we can’t hear the pops and the booms from outdoors.  Every year the kids like to go up on Spyglass Hill and set off some fireworks.  Mama and Papa love the beautiful colours but Nicholas and I, not so much!!!

Happy Canada Day!

We have a beautiful new doggy dream listing on Belleisle Bay with 294 acres and five spring-fed ponds!  I would think I’m in Heaven if I had even one pond in my back yard.  One pond is only a minutes-walk from the house and it’s sixteen feet deep, really good for swimming with crystal clear water!  The current owner swims there every day (I would too if not five times a day).  Mama would never keep me out!  The circa 1870 restored farm house has been stripped right to the rafters and lovingly restored with the best of the best!  Mama is all gaga over the stylish sunny kitchen.  1428 Route 850, Kiersteadville, MLS #NB074374 Offered at $749,900.


Our listing at 119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay is Sold!  MLS# )71265, offered at $599,000.  Congratulations to our sellers and the buyers from Ontario who will be welcomed into the neighbourhood!  We live just around the corner from this one so I can tell them all the bennefits of the location for sure!

119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay is Sold!

Wishing you a Happy Canada Day!  Hope you enjoy a glorious weekend in the sun!  Get out there, don’t forget your sunscreen and I’ll talk with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Nicholas News, June 6, 2022

Rain rain go away Buddy Bacon wants to play!  This rain may be good for green lawns and gardens coming into full bloom but it’s not making Nicholas and I very happy.  We are in most of the day when it rains.  Nicholas will barely step outside the door!  We’ve helped Mama and Papa put in their very first veggie garden in planter on our deck this past week.  We haven’t had to water them yet with the damp days and nights.  Mama says we need some hot sun to get our shoots up out of the dirt.  We planted potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, onions and different herbs.  We ordered them from Amazon and they came in very quickly.  Good quality,  sturdy and all cedar.  We’re very excited about our first garden. Mama says we’ll have fresh veggies right out of this box (gotta see that to believe it) and we’ll have barbeques with fresh herbs and salads.  (Barbeque sounds good to me).  I’ll keep you posted as I see anything green coming up out of these containers.

Our new veggie planters.

Our colliage Greg O’Brien hosted an open house yesterday at 119 Birch Crescent in Rothesay, MLS#NB071265, Offered at $599,000.  Low and behold we have an accepted offer!  Mama will be watching the condition dates closely as we move towards closing.

119 Birch Crescent,Rothesay has an accepted offer.  Not surprising with this great location!  Perfect for pet owners and outdoor enthusiasts with miles of gorgeous trails right next door!

Hope you have a great week and that we all see the sunshine soon.  June 21st is just around the corner, the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year.  Gotta love these long days.  Talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Nicholas News May 27, 2022

The market is changing!  Prices are still holding strong with a 5% decrease but the quantity of buyers has declined.  Mama noticed at her recent bidding war at 113 Horsler Drive West that there were only three bidders, where last year they’re would probably been at least twenty two!  She believes this is due to covid restrictions relaxing in Ontario where so many of our buyers were coming from driving the market.  The market is still dry with not many homes available.  The banks want their once of flesh so they’ve raised the rates.  This means buyers are paying just as much for the homes but the bank is taking five percent of the proffit that would have gone to the home owner.  We all expect the interest rate to keep rising so if you’re thinking about buying or selling now is the time!  Don’t miss the boat!

Special thanks to my colleague Greg O’Brien for hosting a second open house at 119 Birch Crescent, not this Sunday but next, June 5th.  This is a lovely home on a quiet street in my neighbourhood borders my favourite stomping grounds at Spy Glass Hill.  Kids can cut cross country along the beautiful trails to RNS (a 10 min walk), Riverside Golf Course is nearby and so is Riverside Park with it’s sweet fine sandy beach.  Rothesay locations don’t get much better than this.  The home has a spacious attached in-family suite which could make for a great income boaster with an air B&B.

I’m having a few issues lately jumping into my truck so I haven’t been out and about as much.  I just turned ten on Tuesday and Mama did have my cheeseburger picnic which Nicholas and I throughly enjoyed.  It’s a once a year treat that I always look forward too.  Mama’s trying to figure out how to help me get in the truck.  She purchased a wide, non-skid ramp but I don’t trust it and won’t try it.  She bought a set of wide steps, just the right height with 2 steps into the truck and non-skid carpet on top but I’m having nothing to do with it!  She sent to the States for them as she couldn’t find any sized for a Newf in Canada.  She’s racking her brain to no avail!  Meanwhile I’m not happy when the truck leaves the yard without me.  If you have any good tips please send them along to  Paws crossed and hoping!

Hoping the weather is better this weekend than last with the rain and days of drizzle.  The  only good thing I can say is that is sure is helping the trees leaf out and green up the lawn.  Have a nice week and I’ll talk with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  

Nicholas News May 1st, 2022

Excited about our first open house today 2-4pm since the beginning of Covid!  Host Greg O’Brien, 119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay is off the top of Renshaw Road MLS#NB071265, Offered at $599,000.   This well-kept, one-owner family home has  great features, casual layout, an awesome in-family suite and a fantastic location.  This is my kind of place bordering miles of trails on Spy Glass Hill and five minutes from Riverside Park with sandy public beach.  Golf enthusiasts can walk to the course in five minutes and kids attending RNS can cut through the trails with a fifteen minute walk!  This is an area I know well, as I live just around the corner and these places are my stomping grounds!  I volunteered to co-host today but Greg didn’t take me up on it (I was hoping he was having snacks!).

119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay

Congratulations to our happy buyers and seller of 113 Horsler Drive West Saint John!  The awesome place has my dream feature, an in-door pool!  Can you just imagine, every single day of life, year round, Big Buddy Bacon could take a refreshing dip with his own personal in-door pool.  I tried to talk Mama into moving west over this one but no luck.  Nicholas thought it was great too because he only swims in warm water and the huge pool is heated.  (what a wus he is!)

113 Horsler Crescent is SOLD!

Mama, Papa, me and Nicholas packed up the truck, all loaded in and headed towards Sussex for a nice visit last Saturday to Charlie Turnbull’s place to visit little Sparky Turnbull.  What a little sweetheart he is, so full of fun and spunky!  I went in the house with Mama, Papa and Charlie while they enjoyed a hot tea and a snack (which they shared with me) while Sparky play the perfect host to Nicholas.  He showed him all around the huge property with hundreds of acres.  First they went down to the lake, then over to the barn and around the fields hunting for mice and anything else they might find!  Nicholas had a ball!  He’s quite a hunter, I’m not into it all, too much running involved! 🙂


I know the rainy days lately haven’t been fun but it’s making our lawns nice and green and we know better days are coming!!!  Have a great week and hope to see you soon.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News April 5th, 2022

So excited about our new listings hitting the market between today and the next two weeks.  We’ve got everything coming up from a gorgeous garden home with loads of privacy facing a green belt in Chapel Hill at $399,900 to a four-five unit in the city with no rent controls at $150,000, a wonderful family home in the heart of Rothesay with an in-family attachment at $599,000 to a historic estate near the Rothesay Common on close to three acres priced at $997,000.  We have a family home with indoor pool on the west side at $309,000 and an awesome quality restored farm house on Belleisle on close to 300 acres at $599,000.  Some are ready now and some are getting ready.  Some will be going on MLS and some will stay Exclusive so if you’re interested give Mama a call at 650-8575 or Charlie at 636-0748.  They’re only too happy to help you.

21 Windermere Crescent, Chapel Hill Estates, Rothesay MLS#NB070586 $399,900.

I’m soooo happy that its warming up a bit so that Mama will take us for longer walks.  She doesn’t appreciate the cold like I do and when the days are warmer she’s more apt to take us further than usual.  I still haven’t had my first swim on the year only because she’s been keeping me on a leash as we pass by (one of these days soon I’m going to jump right in!).

Stay posted as we give you more info on the new listingss.  Hope to see you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News March 13, 2022

CREA, The Canadian Real Estate Association joined many countries around the world this week adding strict sanctions against Russia!  All Realtors in Canada received a list of 328 Russian names who are restricted against buying or selling property within Canada.  We personally have friends from Ukraine who have moved to our area years ago.  They are beautiful people inside and out and we are proud to stand with them as their homeland is bombarded.  Nicholas and I have visited their home, played with their children and enjoyed their homemade treats.  We all need to stand in solidarity with Ukraine asking important questions; is any of our crude oil or other products coming from Russia, are any of our Mama and Papa’s investments tied into any Russian companies, etc.  Our hearts break for the Ukraine people and Mama and Charlie pray to God that the madness ends soon!

On a happy note we’ve changed our clocks ahead which makes Nicholas and I jump for joy.  For the next six months we’ll be enjoying our daily walks after supper.  We look forward everyday to this quiet time with Mama and Papa, meeting up with all our furry friends on the trails.  We’ll really need to bundle up today as the temperature has dropped and the wind is howling!  As a treat Mama and Papa are taking us out for a drive in the country today to enjoy the sunshine even though it’s cold.  It’s okay we know warmer days are coming and before long the lakes and rivers will open up and I’ll be enjoying some nice refreshing swims again!!!  Can’t wait!  (Nicholas won’t swim before June).

This guy says it all!

The real estate market is turned upside down as there are fewer houses on the market than there has ever been in history!  Most current sellers are leaving the province heading to Halifax or Ontario.  It’s difficult for sellers who want to stay here in New Brunswick to find the house they’d want to move to.  Thus the prices are driven even higher as we see the theory of supply and demand at work.

We’re happy to announce we have an accepted offer on 11 Margaret Street in Nauwigewauk.  Nicholas and I personally love this place with it’s large fenced yard, in ground pool and huge covered deck, what a great place to spend the summer.  Mama says she’d never keep me out of the pool and I have to admit I’d be soaking wet most of the time. 🙂

Spirit enjoying the pool at 11 Margaret Street.

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine but bundle up, baby it’s cold outside!  Hope you have a good week and that I see you real soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News March 5/2022

Just the thought of longer days in the near future has me soooo excited.  The birds will be singing, the weather will be warming up (which means Mama will stay out longer) and the days will be longer.  As you can tell I’m not a fan of Daylight Savings and think it’s absurd to turn our clocks back in the fall with darkness coming at suppertime!  Nicholas and I enjoy our leisurely walks with Mama and Papa after supper most of the year but then in the fall we hear Mama starting to complain that the clocks will be turning back soon (moaning like a dove) and then bam, it just seems to happen.  So now we hear a different conversation “and soon we’ll be turning the clocks ahead and it will be light an hour longer!!! (said with a smile).  Sunday March 13th won’t come a day too soon!!!

It’s been a tough week as our dear Auntie Blue passed in her sleep at home last Sunday.  Mama says it’s a blessing and we all should be so lucky to go in our sleep.  Mama was so close with her and our auntie never had children so Mama was like a daughter to her.  She was the one to look after auntie which was a huge responsibility with never a chore.  Mama has decades of beautiful memories of her aunt Mary Lou (Wiggins) Northrup who we affectionately called Auntie Blue.  Mama is planning a reception and celebration of her life on what would have been her 87th birthday this July 14th.  She says Nicholas and I won’t be allowed to attend but she will bring us home a doggy bag.  Auntie Blue loved her toy Pomeranians and owned several over the years, all from the Fox Kennels.  Goodbye Auntie Blue we loved you and knew you loved us with your bright smile and warm hugs.  Your dear little girl Viola is missing you too.  Until we meet again.

Mary Lou Northrup with Myra.

Buddy and Auntie Blue at the camp 2018.

The Bank of Canada raised the interest rate this week 25 basis points.  What does this mean for the home owners with mortgages or those thinking of buying?  About $12 per $100,000. For example, the increase to your mortgage payment per $100,000 is approximately $12-$13 per 0.25% increase in prime on a 25yr amortization.  If you have a fixed-rate, no worries,  you will see no change to your rates.   Remember always good to have a fixed rate locked in as long as you can so that you have no unexpected surprises.  If you’re thinking of buying now is the time as the banks talk of future hikes in the rates over summer!

Wishing you a beautiful relaxing weekend and as the Irish say “May the wind be always on your back”.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Nicholas News February 27, 2022

The market remains strong across New Brunswick as buyers vie for a shortage of listings in an extremely tight market.  The tides have certainly turned as sellers suffered for a decade with a soft market which is now the strongest sellersmarket in the history of the province.  Mama and Charlie have buyers ready to purchase who are looking for just the right property up to $1.5 Million.  If you know of anyone thinking of selling give us a call as we’re happy to help.  Remember if your family includes four-legged friends you can always reach me directly at for the inside scoop!

We had a wonderful day yesterday with a family outing to visit our dear friend Gail in Sussex.  Gail and I have been emailing each other for some time now but we really wanted to meet in person.  She met Mama years ago but not me.  I was sooooo excited when Mama announced that we were all jumping in the truck and I was finally going to head to Gail’s house.  It was a beautiful blue sky day with dry pavement, just perfect for the trip.  Papa and Nicholas came along as well (I never get to go anywhere without Nicholas, truth be told) and they were excited about the visit too.  We pulled up in the driveway and I couldn’t wait to jump out of the truck and ran straight for the door.  I knew Gail loves Newfoundland dogs as she had a big one growing up.  She was right there at the door waiting for me and it was quite the reunion!  She rubbed my ears, gave me big hugs and told me how handsome I am and how happy she was to finally meet me.  I can tell you the feeling was mutual!  Wildman Nicholas gave her a big kiss and then took off around the house checking everything out (his manners aren’t as good as mine) and in two seconds flat his nose figured out that Gail has a cat who was hiding.  The search was on!  It didn’t take long for him to discover Rissie, a beautiful, huge Maine Coon cat was safely hidden in one of the bedrooms.  That kept Nicholas entertained while I got to have a nice visit with Gail.  I snuggled right in close and sat on her feet  which she said felt nice and cosy.  She surprised us each with new toy.  Gail was so good to us Nicholas and I each got a squeaky squirrel, mine is grey and Nicholas’ is brown along with a box of large size Milk Bone dog biscuits, our favourite!!!  Eventually we said our good byes and loaded into the car for the trip home promising to return for another nice visit.

Our listing at 41 Westmount Drive is sold.  MLS#NB068491 Offered at $695,0000.  This lovely large brick ranch offered 3000 sq feet on the main floor with  the basement bringing it to 6000 sq feet plus a 3-car garage and fenced tennis court.  It has a water view up the Kennebecasis River towards Rothesay and down the river to Grand Bay.  We welcome the Ontario buyers to Saint John and this attractive property in Millidgeville!

41 Westmount Dr is SOLD

Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend and I look forward to seeing you soon.  Watch for me in my black truck as I’m out and about in southern NB.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News February 11th, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day!  That’s a big day coming up for Mama and Papa this year as they celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary!  Mama asks where did the time go?  Valentine’s Day was on Friday in 1992 and they got married by candlelight that night at the original Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church in Rothesay, surrounded by family and friends.  A full course dinner and reception followed at nearby Shadow Lawn where they stayed overnight and then headed out in the morning for their honeymoon.  Happy looking couple I say.  Mama always says when she sees this picture that Papa looks like the cat that caught the mouse!  Thirty years of wonderful memories!

February 14th, 1992

We all know how rare one level ranch style homes are in Southern New Brunswick and we’ve got not one but two new to the market right now! 41 Westmount Drive in Millidgeville has 3000 sq’ on the main level with a full basement bringing the total square footage to 4500 plus a huge 32 x 32 unfinished storage room.  The house is brick and was well-built by Glenhar Construction with a separate basement entrance and zoning for a professional home office.  It features main floor living, spacious rooms, fireplace, 3 ductless heat pumps, 3-car attached garage, view of the Kennebecasis River front and back and a fenced tennis court.  Nicholas and I think that tennis court is the perfect yard for furry friends to enjoy their outdoor time year round.  Mama says it’s also good for children and teens in the winter when it can be flooded for the perfect skating or hockey rink?  I wouldn’t have thought of that but I can just picture speedy little Nichols chasing a puck around the ice and driving the kids crazy!  MLS#NB068491    Offered at $695,000.

41 Westmount Drive, Millidgeville

Our second ranch style is at 11 Margaret Street in Nauwigewauk, located between Quispamsis and Hampton, just 10 minutes from each.  It features 3005 sq’ on one level, 10′ ceilings and heated floors throughout, oh so cosy (including the oversized 2-car garage), fireplace, spacious rooms, ductless heat pump for A/C in summer, huge covered deck 12 x 50, 1 acre of flat land, and panoramic view of Darlings Lake & distant mountains.  What Nicholas love best about this property is that half of it is fenced and the in-ground salt water pool with built-in staircase for ease of access!  I’m not much of a diver so I can see myself moseying down the steps (several times a day if I got my way) for a nice refreshing swim!  Now Nicholas, he’d just dive in!!!  In the picture below our friend Spirit shows off her excellent swimming skills!  She’s the first dog I’ve met that swims as good as me but she’s also an excellent diver too!  Now that’s my kind of girl!  MLS#NB067959 Offered at $695,000

Spirit is in the pool!

We’re happy to announce the sale of our Global Luxury Home at 71 Fox Point Drive in Drury Cove.  I went down myself to help put the Sold sign up!  MLS#NB053095 $1,175,000.

71 Fox Point Drive is SOLD

Charlie and Sparky are ecstatic that their new listing at 45 Marr Road Rothesay with over an acre of land and commercial zoning is sold!  MLS#NB066383 $399,000.

45 Marr Road is SOLD

And our 62 Wellesley Avenue in the North end of Saint John with large fenced yard sold at bidding war going $15,000 over asking!  Who says we only sell luxury homes!  I say big and small we sell them all.  The proof is in the pudding.  The showings and the bidding was fast and furious on this hot property!  I want to do a shout out to my colleague Greg O’Brien for all his help on this one!  Thank you so much Greg, we think you’re the best.            MLS#NB067863 $150,000.

62 Wellesley Avenue is SOLD

The weather today is gorgeous making it easier for buyers to get out and about viewing the properties.  I know I’m loving it!  Let’s hope it stays like this for a while.  As I like to say “Get out there”!  Watch for me in my new black truck (traded in the red one), matches my shiny black fur, so if you see me around the parking lots please come over to say hello.

Nicholas in the new truck and that’s me in the background.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Nicholas News January 18, 2022

Wow, what a storm!!!  That’s three in the past week and you know if Big Buddy Bacon won’t hang out in it, then it must be nasty!  For the most part I absolutely love the snow and the cold but when it hits minus 20 I’d rather hang out in the house with my family near the fireplace.  I love a good snow storm but the wind scares me so I go in and out very quickly in the wind.

Mama has been busy as a bee with a bidding war at 62 Wellesley Aven.  TG our colleague Greg O’Brien has been helping with this one because it was a feeding frenzy!  Greg is so smart and did a great job keeping track of all the showings and the bids.

Brand new listing at 11 Margaret Street in Nauwigewauk only 10 minutes from Quispamsis.  This well-built ranch has everything a furry friend dreams of such as heated floors throughout, one level (no stairs),  cosy fireplace, large fenced yard and best of all an in-groud heated pool with staircase for lots of summer fun.  Offered at $695,000, MLS#067959.

We’re hoping to get back out on the trails soon.  We’ve been staying close to home and respecting the covid shut down.  Papa says TG we have Netflix & Amazon!  I have to say that I’ve been hogging the couch.  Stay warm and stay safe!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News December 28th 2021

Looking forward with hope for a better, brighter year in 2022!  It has certainly been one for the record books as covid cases grew, business’ and schools closed, restrictions went on forever while social distancing and masks became the new normal.  I have to ask when will it end and what will that look like?  Will we go back to the way we were or will people always be wearing masks?  I don’t even recognise some two-legged friends at first until I hear their voice!  It’s so weird, as they walk towards me I’m thinking; Is that Martha, kind of looks like her?  “Hey Martha”.  “Sorry I thought you were Martha!”  Oh boy!  Soooooo happy that we four-legged friends don’t have to wear masks!!!

What happened to the snow???  You know how much I love it, to walk in it, roll in it, eat it!  It’s been super cold (not bothering me but Mama, Papa and Nicholas are feeling it) but dry and no snow.  How’s a big guy supposed to enjoy winter with no snow?  I do go out and lay on the cold ground for hours watching my street.  Mama doesn’t understand and she keeps calling me to come in but you know the Big Bud, I do what I want, when I want.

We had a very quiet Christmas, it was lovely.  Lisa flew down from Ottawa to be with us and we were all so happy to see her as she couldn’t come down last Christmas due to covid restrictions which affected so many families!  She was able to come visit for a few weeks in  the summer this year as restrictions lifted and it was great!  Our Uncle Tom was over during the holidays.  He’s one of our favourite people and he joined us a few times for a nice walk on the trails.  One thing about the lack of snow, it does make the walking easy!

Wishing you a wonderful 2022, full of hope, good health and prosperity!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Nicholas News December 19th 2021

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in New Brunswick as the soft fluffy flakes fall silently to the snow covered ground.  Nothing makes Buddy Bacon happier than a good snow storm!  I was out early this morning with Nicholas having a quick tear around the yard, rolling and rolling in the cold fluffy white stuff and enjoying a few cool licks.  All Mama has to say in the morning is “It snowed!” and we go tearing out the door, tails wagging.

We’re getting all ready for Santa Paws and we are trying to be on our best behaviour (really isn’t easy).  We’re sure hoping he finds our house again this year!  I’m hoping for some new toys and a few pigs ears.  All Nicholas wants is balls, balls, balls and more balls.  He usually gets treats too but usually doesn’t eat them so I just mosey on over and have his too!!!

  Loving the snow!

House prices are holding strong in the local market will no drops in sight in the near future.  What we do know is that bank interest rates are going up so if you’re thinking of a mortgage or refinancing do it soon and lock in for as long as you can so that you’ll know exactly what your monthly payments are for years to come.  Varitable rates are very attractive but change daily and could cause you unforeseen financial grief down the road if rates double!  The Christmas season is always a slower season in real estate as buyers take a break to enjoy the holiday and all it entails to the fullest.  Only the most serious buyers will be out looking at houses this week but once January rolls around things will go back to normal.  The new normal is a shortage of house listings on the market as New Brunswick proves to be THE place to live and the word is spreading.

From Nicholas and Buddy Bacon we wish you a very Merry Christmas and peace, good health and prosperity throughout 2022!

Merry Christmas, your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy November 12, 2021

There is a murmur of banks raising the interest rates on mortgages so now is the time to lock in before the hike!  Rates are still excellent at record lows and can be locked in for five to ten year terms so take advantage and act quickly.  If you currently have a mortgage with terms coming up soon, check to see if you can refinance now before the hike.  It could save you thousands of dollars in future interest.

Earlier in the week I picked up my new truck.  It was exciting (although I was sentimental about giving up my red truck, so many great memories there) as Nicholas and I headed out for our first drive.  As Mama says there is nothing like the smell of a new truck (haha I didn’t want to tell her that wouldn’t last long with us guys)!  It has the same features for us as our old truck with leather seats that are easy to clean and separate heat and air conditioning in the back just for us.  We like it colder in the summer and less warm in the winter than what Mama prefers in the front seat.  She came home and picked us up along with Papa and we went driving around our area.  We sat right up with our windows down checking out the ride and enjoying the fresh air.  It’s a bit roomier and we put our stamp of approval on it.  It’s black metallic which I don’t feel is as pretty as my red truck but it still shows off nicely my black and white shiny coat.

We’re exciting about our new listing coming on the market December 2nd at 61 Berkshire Crescent in Woodleigh Park.  Offered at $747,000.  We have furry friends who live here and they’ve been filling us in on all the best features.  Mama says it has great curb appeal with stone facade, impressive entrance, nine to sixteen foot ceilings and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.  It is 3000 square feet plus the finished walkout basement bringing it to 4700 but that means nothing to us.  What excites us is the large 20 x 40 heated in-ground swimming pool, big fenced private yard,  cosy fireplace in the family room and especially the gazebo with outdoor fireplace!!!  Nicholas and I can just picture the lifestyle we’d have here!  Go in for a refreshing swim, then come up to the gazebo to dry off before the fireplace while our family sits around the patio table laughing and telling funny stories.  It would be shear Heaven!  My furry friends who live here don’t swim but I can tell you that Mama would have a hard time keeping Buddy Bacon out of that pool.  “Where’s Buddy, oh no he’s in the pool again!”  Hahahahaha.  I have offered my services with swimming lessons but the friends haven’t taken me up on it yet!  This property will be ready for immediate occupancy which means you could be into this fantastic place for Christmas!!!  Lucky the furry friends who will move in here!  I can tell you this place is Paw Approved!

Hope you have a nice weekend.  Watch for me as I tool around town in my shiny black truck (I’m the big guy wearing black and white hanging out the right back window) and be sure to come over and say hello if you see me in the parking lots.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy November 5th, 2021

Loving these cold mornings as we cruise into autumn in a still strong real estate market!  We’re out early every morning and lately have had the supreme joy of rolling on the frost covered lawn!!!  Oh joy, oh bliss!  Being a Newf I just dream of what I know is just around the corner but Mama and Papa don’t want to hear about it!

Nicholas and I want to congratulate the Morris family (and their five four-legged pouches) on the purchase of their new home at 11 Margaret Street, Nauwigewauk.  Exclusive $695,000.  You furry friends just won the lotto with a huge fenced yard, an in ground heated pool and one level ranch with  cosy fireplace and heated floors!!!  Way to go!  You’re getting everything most  furry friends can only dream of!  Not to mention your stunning view of Darlings Lake and the distant mountains of Picwauket!  Please keep in mind if any of you need swimming lessons with that new pool Buddy Bacon is always more than happy to oblige with free lessons and my side kick Nicholas will come along to assist!

11 Margaret Street is SOLD!

Our dear friends Spirit and Special, the Chesapeake Bay Adams girls are the proud owners of their new paradise found at 133 Westmount Drive.  Exclusive $799,000.   Nicholas and I are so happy for the girls who love a huge fenced yard (3 acres) and are great swimmers who really enjoy a nice refreshing pool!  No need for swimming lessons with these two beauties.  Spirit could give Nicholas a run for his money as she not only swims but is a great diver!!!  She’ll run wide open towards the pool and jump out as far as she can, so athletic (and I have to say I’ve always been a sucker for blonds!).

133 Westmount Drive is SOLD!

Heads up Buddy Bacon is selling his pretty red truck, Cadillac SRX and venturing into a new model.  It’s totally loaded with beautiful chrome wheels and ultra-view sunroof.  I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about the sale as Nicholas and I have had so many great road trips to the beach, trails, friend’s homes, etc. since we were only babies.  It’s in mint condition (Mama is so fussy) and has every imaginable feature available!  If you’re interested call Mama at 650-8575 or email me at  I can tell you it’s roomy, comfy, has a super smooth ride and separate heat and AC in the back for us furry friends!


Buddy’s truck is For Sale!

Nicholas 1st ride in the SRX as a baby!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back this Saturday night before you go to bed!!!  Daylight savings is a real pain in my a_ _!!!  By Sunday it will be dark by 5:30pm, wayyyy to early, drives everyone I know crazy!  Let’s petition to do away with it!  Can’t you see a herd of four-legged friends picketing in front of the legislature building in Fredericton?  “Away with Daylight Savings-Puppies need their walks”! 🙂

Have a great weekend (we’ll be preparing our yard for winter with the help of Uncle Tom) and we’ll be talking really soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy October 6, 2021

I’m loving these warm days and cool nights!  Autumn is one of my favourite times of year.  The water is too cold for a swim for Nicholas but it doesn’t bother Big Buddy Bacon one little bit!  The days are so pleasant (not too hot) and when I go for my daily walk at Spy Glass Hill just before dusk it’s lovely and cool, just the way I like it.  Mama and Papa are invited out for Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday with family and I’m really hoping that they bring me back a doggy bag with some yummy turkey (and a few fixings) in it!  Nothing I enjoy more than a good turkey and my vet says it’s the very best thing I can eat, soooo healthy!  So gobble, gobble, bring on the turkey!

Nicholas has been busy with Mama decorating for fall inside and out!  He stays very close to her when she’s in the yard watching carefully for squirrels that may get too close.  I have no idea what he thinks the squirrels will do to Mama but he is on high alert!  The great squirrel hunter!  You know me, I just lay back and take it all in (let the little fellow have his fun).

Luxury home sales are alive and well in New Brunswick!  Mama has three sold this summer over One Million and one over Two Million plus she has negotiated on two more!  Seems like New Brunswick is the place to live in Canada and the secret is out of the bag.  If you know of anyone thinking of selling their home in any price range give Mama and Charlie a call today.  They’re happy to help and have buyers ready in all price ranges!

Please keep in mind if you’re walking anywhere in Rothesay and Quspamsis that bow hunting started again this week on Monday October 4th!  Those bows are very powerful and deadly so be sure if you’re in the woods, fields or trails that you and your family wear your hunter orange!  We don’t want any accidents in our town.  My family wish they never had bow hunting in the town so close to homes and nature trails.  It’s oh so dangerous and we really don’t care if we don’t have hostos growing in our garden any more.  We like the deer and Nicholas and I never chase them, bark at them or even acknowledge them!  They’re just another one of Gods creatures!  Since they are only shooting the females we see fawns roaming the streets lost, with no Mama to educate them to stay away from traffic or show them how to get through the winter!  Breaks our hearts!

Hope you have a fantastic and peaceful Thanksgiving Weekend.  We plan to be out an about on our walks, probably a nice autumn drive and with any luck a refreshing swim!  Talk soon, keep wearing your mask and social distancing!  We’re all in this together!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging With Buddy September 12, 2021

And the bidding wars continue!!!  Seems like every listing now is selling with a bidding war.  Great for the sellers but really hard on the buyers.  Buyers are now getting accustomed to losing war after war.  Take a look at our new listing at 170 Cosy Lake Road for example.  It came on the market hitting MLS about 10am Friday morning.  Then the calls, texts and emails started coming as Mama quickly booked showings for that day and the weekend.  Then a bully bid arrived and that’s when all H_ _ _ started breaking lose and Mama quickly started contacting everyone to let them know if they wanted to jump in the time was now.  Very hard on buyers who were booked for the weekend but hadn’t seen it yet.  Bids came in quickly and the seller had very limited time to choose his buyer.  All bids were high, way over asking price.  There were a lot of disappointed people.  The winner is a retired fireman from London, Ontario and his wife who dreamt of living here in the Maritimes.  They had checked out Nova Scotia,  northern and western New Brunswick but it was love at first sight when they walked into this magical property!  Nicholas and I welcome them and their German Shepard, Cooper to New Brunswick.   Cooper plans to swim in the lake at least three times a day and says Nicholas and I are welcome to join him anytime!   Don’t think that I’m not working hard and doing my part for the team.  I was out early yesterday and helped Mama post the SOLD sign and the owner gave me permission to have a nice swim in the lake while Nicholas had a run through the woods.  We can’t wait to meet Cooper and show him all our favourite trails and haunts around the area!

I can tell, Cooper loves the water!

I’m really enjoying the cool nights.  Mama and Papa have been doing a bit of bellyaching saying they know what’s just around the corner!  Being a heavy coated Newf I know what’s coming too and I can’t wait.  The little fella will be pulling out his sweater but I’ll be right in my glory.  Mama says I’m not allowed to mention “The Word” but you all know what I’m talking about!  Ha, ha.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Keep an eye out for me in my red truck and be sure to come over and say hello if you see me.  don’t forget, Election Day is coming up soon so be sure to get out there and execute your right!!!  I would if they allowed four-legged furry friends!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy September 3rd, 2021

The luxury market is certainly alive and well in Southern New Brunswick!  With four sales over One Million since June Mama and Charlie have been very busy bees.

196 Model Farm Road is Sold!

MLS#NB057415  Offered at $1,025,000


 20 Yacht Haven is Sold!

Exclusive Offered at $1,490,000

746 Seeley’s Cove is Sold!

MLS#NB059419 Offered at $1,200,000

57 Maliseet Drive Sale Pending!

MLS#NB057777   Offered at $2,300,000

Today was a very exciting day for Mama as she concluded six days of negotiations including a bidding was on 57 Maliseet Drive, Rothesay.  The highest priced bidding war in the history of the province with never a dull moment right to the end with both bidders from Toronto.  Not a process for the weak at heart, Mama kept her cool and enjoyed every moment of this battle that ran on for days!  Congratulation to our sellers and ecstatic buyers of this stunning Global Luxury property!

I drove to Millidgeville in our truck along with Nicholas to help Mama put the sold sign on 40 Brigadoon Terrace.  MLS#NB061913 Offered at $899,000 which sold on the first showing.  We wish our lovely sellers every success in their new endeavours as they leave the province for professional pursuits and we wish the out of province buyers many years of happy memories in this beautiful home!

40 Brigadoon Terrace is Sold!

MLS#NB061913  Offered at $899,000

I hope you’re all set for the Labour Day Weekend!  Nicholas and I are looking forward to a little R&R as we’ve been spending very long hours in the office with Mama.  Hoping the rain goes away by Saturday so we can all get out there and enjoy what’s left of our summer.  I for one am happy that the heat wave is over because I can tell you it does not agree with this big Newf!  I stayed very, very close to the A/C for days and had refreshing dips in the river in the evenings.

Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful holiday weekend.  Hope to see you around really soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy August 19, 2021

The market is staying stable with prices continuing to hold strong!  Not as many offers coming from Ontario as the vaccine continues to roll out taking the panic off leaving that province but still a very comfortable sellers market here!

NB is on the Move!

Everyone is asking where did the summer go???  With rain, rain, rain and more rain I’m asking the same question.  Nicholas and I didn’t get to the beach as often as usual becasue when Mama got a day off on the weekend it was usually raining or about to start raining.  Then we had to listen to her bellyaching about how her flowers were wilting right in the pots out on our deck.  Just not enough sun to keep them healthy.  The good news for me was that it was not hot like last year and with this big Newfie coat is quite enjoyed the cooler weather especially at night!

Our new Global Luxury listing at 40 Brigadoon Terrace was negotiated to an accepted offer on the very first showing!  This is a gorgeous home, very high quality, extensive detail and panoramic water view!  MLS#NB061913    Offered at $899,000.

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine as it comes!  If you blink you may miss our summer this year.  Nicholas and I are hoping to get some more beach visits and swimming in!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy July 24th, 2021

Happy New Brunswick Day!  Hope you get out there and enjoy our beautiful province!  They don’t call it the picture province for nothing!  Rather you’re biking, hiking, swimming,  kayaking, boating, whale watching, camping or sitting back taking in the rays, there is not better place to enjoy a beautiful day than New Brunswick!  You can bet Nicholas and I will be at the beach for a nice swim!  Hope to see you around this weekend.

Buddy Bacon has a few furry friends that he’s looking for highend homes for with really nice yards.  They are all looking for well-built, good quality homes, nice size and a flat lot.  His friend Molly will be coming from overseas and she needs at least a double lot or larger, a fenced yard is nice but Molly can always add a fence.  She would really enjoy a view of the river and prefers the Saint John area of Millidgeville but may look in Rothesay as well.  Molly wants a large home and it can be one storey or two.  His friends Spirit and Special prefer more land so eight acres or more is perferrable and will accept anything up to two hundred acres!  Must have main floor master bedroom suite for their Mama and a ranch style is preferred.  They are great swimmers so waterfront is great but if it’s not on the water they will get a large pond built deep enough for good swimming and diving off a dock.  They prefer to be in Quispamsis, Hampton and as far out as Bloomfield.  Within twenty minutes of Rothesay would be ideal.  The girls are starting to fret as they moved from their gorgeous home last Friday and are in temporary digs for the time being which are okay but the pressure is on.  “Find us a home Buddy!”  All these furry friends are on comfortable budgets, the challange is to find just the right place that they will call home.  “I’m on it girls and Nicholas is helping me.  We’re looking for something that’s Paw Approved”!  If you hear of anything please email me at

We are excited to have sold our luxury listing on Yacht Haven Lane listed Exclusively at $1,490,000.  This is one gorgeous home with outstanding quality of construction!  The inspectors were blown away at the condition and quality with very precise detail inside and out.  Nicholas and I welcome our lovely buyers from Vancouver BC, who are so down to earth and friendly, coming back home to retire near family!  “Welcome back to Saint John, we’re so happy to welcome you home!”

Mama and Charlie are as busy as bees, keeping up a strong steady pace.  Mama had lots of fun this week winning a bidding war on the west side of Saint John off Manawagonish Road.  Never a dull moment when a bidding war is going on in this office.  Congrats Mama!

We are certainly enjoying the sunshine this weekend and are planning a few good refreshing swims.  If you see us at the beach, please come over and say hello.  We might be big but we are very friendly and love meeting new people.  We hoping to get to Riverside Beach on Saturday and New River Beach on Sunday (Carrying Cove Beach for us puppies- Paw Approved).  Talk soon and have a great New Brunswick Day Weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Bloggine with Buddy July 10, 2021

As the real estate market continues to boom in New Brunswick, listing are getting more rare and prices continue to soar!  When will it end?  I don’t think it will end any time soon.  With only approximately 600 listings on the MLS from Sussex to St Stephen including residential, muiltifamily, commercial, building lots and land, the inventory has never been so low with bidding wars so frequent! Even as things calm down and sales stop happening in an hour or a day, I believe the prices will stay stable as the new norm, although the timeline will calm down.  Sellers suffered for decades in this province with home prices far below the national average.  Buyers from other provinces thought we were giving houses away and we practically were!  This is the first time in Mama’s career that she has experienced a seller’s market and it’s as if everything is turned upside down.  Nicholas and I have been practically pulling our hair out as we try to find our good furry friends Special and Spirit their new home.  The girls have to be out in two weeks!!!  We score the MLS system with Mama, looking and looking, then we head out in our red truck to showings with their mother to view properties that meet all the requirements but no luck yet!   If you hear of anyone wanting to sell, we’re looking for something with three acres or more (100 would be great), with or without a house, master and laundry on the main level, waterfront would be nice but not necessary as would a pond but that can always be added, within twenty minutes of Rothesay in any direction.  Can have a nice house, or no house, fixer upper, tear down, need renos or need an addition, or mint condition; we’re wide open.  What’s most important is a nice pice of flat land large enough to afford privacy.  Cash sale, no financing!  Email me at or call Mama unless you speak dog.

Special & Spirit 

We weathered the storm and what a storm is was!!!  Thursday night in the wee hours about 4am Nicholas and I caught the first strikes of lightning out of the corner of our eye and heard the booms of thunder.  We ran full tilt to Mama and Papa’s room.  Nicholas jumped on the bed near the pillows and wrapped himself around Mama and I propelled myself up on the bench to launch myself into the center of the king bed.  Thank God it’s a king because I can tell you it was a bit crowed.  Papa wasn’t impressed but Mama understood that we were scared and did her best to sooth us.  Then the rain poured and poured as it did last night too.  This morning the air was so nice and fresh as we went out and helped Papa feed the birds.  Whew, glad that storm is behind us.

We’re hoping this weekend to get down the New River Beach for a nice refreshing swim!!!  Can’t wait.  Stay safe, continue to wear your mask and have a good weekend.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 30th, 2021

Happy Canada Day from our home to yours!  Buddy Bacon is ready for some summer fun this Canada Day!  Maybe  a relaxing stroll, a tastey barbeque, a picnic or a refreshing swim in the bay.  Whatever goes down, the boys are ready for some real fun this holiday weekend!  In spite of sobering times in our country with the finding of so many unmarked graves of children at residential schools, Canada is a country with many questions to be answered and yet we must not overlook the greatness of our nation!   Although it is not perfect, Canada still affords the highest quality of life and we have much to be grateful for!  There truly is nowhere else I’d rather be.  Our hearts go out to the families of those lost with the hope that they’ll soon know have the answers.

It’s been an exciting week as offers fly in on our new Global Luxury listing at 746 Seeley’s Cove Road, our rare offering with 101 acres and one mile of oceanfront, Koehler House!  New Brunswicker’s really appreciate this property as well as those from far and wide.  MLS#NB059419  offered at $1,200,000.  Where do you go to relax, unwind and recharge?  Koehler House with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two storey living room, wood burning fireplace, sauna, hot tub, two huge decks and three beaches.  Lucky the new owner of this fabulous property with three beaches it’s right up Buddy Bacon’s alley!!!

Wishing you a great Canada Day Weekend!  Have lot’s of fun in the sun and stay safe!

You’re pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 18th, 2021

Mama always called New Brunswick “Canada’s Best Kept Secret”, but now the secret is out of the bag in a big way.   It’s important to note (and give ourselves a pat on the back) that just days ago it was announced that the Atlantic bubble has rated #2 safest place in the world to live second only to New Zealand!  Wow!  That’s quite an accomplishment!  And as I’ve said since the start of Covid “I’m sooooo happy that I live in New Brunswick”!

Is the local market starting to cool a wee bit?  Speaking with other Realtors they are not seeing the quantity of inquiries nor the flood of offers flying in from Ontario this past three weeks that they were bombarded with earlier in the year.  Why is this?  Possibly as the Covid vaccine rolls out it’s taking the panic off Ontario residents to get out of Dodge asap!  Our province has come into the forefront through the news media as a great place to live. Who knows?  Mama believes our house prices will stay strong and steady but the market will not be as insane as it’s been this past year.  Whew, I don’t know if I could take much more!

We always knew it was a beautiful province with its rivers, lakes, valleys and bold oceanfront (that’s why it’s called the picture province), we knew New Brunswickers are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, going out their way to help a neighbour or a stranger, the cost of living is affordable (except the property tax! ) even with the cost of homes rising this past year the price is still a fraction of the other provinces but who knew we’d bunker down as a community and beat this pandemic better than any place in North America and second best in the world.  To all New Brunswickers I take my hat off (if I had a hat)!  Job well done!

It’s nice to see things loosen up lately.  I notice on my walks that everyone is not wearing a mask outdoor.  TG we furry four-legged friends didn’t have to go that route!  I remember in the last year when Mama, Papa and everyone we met at Spy Glass Hill were wearing their mask and none of us furry friends could play together but had to keep our distance too.  It was a real drag, especially for Nicholas who is such a social animal!  Now we’re all back playing together and he’s running through the long grass racing with his besties with that big goofy smile on his face!  You go guy, I’ll just sit back here and watch.

No surprise our 311 Bay Crescent Drive property is sold MLS#NB059426, $249,000.  The selling features were the large private yard, water view and of course my personal favourite thing The Beach!  This home came with beach rights with new stairs down to a nice sandy beach on Grand Bay.  The fun I could have there!  In a community like this I could have a part time job as the summer life guard!  You know us Newfs were bred to rescue fishermen who fell off the fishing boats.  Well it doesn’t stop there, we recue anyone in trouble in the water.  When I go to the beach with Mama and she’s in swimming I keep a very diligent eye on her at all times.  I just keep circling her and looking deep into eyes to see if there’s any sign of panic because if there is I’m ready!  She often swims over and grabs me by the fur on my hips with both hands and I instantly head to shore with her floating out behind me.  I’m big and strong with huge webbed feet, everything about me is built for strong swimming and to help anyone who may need help in the water.

Mama is showing houses on Saturday but Nicholas and I are hoping that we get out to the beach for a swim on Sunday.  Whatever you’re planning I wish you another great weekend in New Brunswick!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 7th, 2021

Our new Coldwell Banker Global Luxury oceanfront listing in Seeley’s Cove is just about as rare a property as you’ll ever see in North America! What makes this place at 746 Seeley’s Cove Road so special is the extensive ocean frontage with one mile of bold oceanfront on 101 acres where eagles soar and the salt spray pounds the granite rock shooting high into the air. The year-round vacation home is designed by renowned award winning American architect Julia Snow, who came to the site and selected the explicit location of the minimalist-style glass and New York bluestone house. The home features bleachers to sit and watch the nature show, retractable glass walls in all rooms with unobscured views for 20 miles all the way to Nova Scotia There is a two-story ceiling and wood-burning fireplace in the living room, solid maple custom cabinetry throughout, guest bedroom with ensuite bath on the main floor with den, laundry and master suite with attached screened covered patio, walk-in closet and ensuite bath on the second floor. Two huge cantilevered decks, one on each level, overlook the vast blue Bay of Fundy on the Atlantic Ocean. The parts I like best are the two beaches, one with a sandy beach and one with gravel beach. How much fun could Nicholas, Sparky Turnbull and I have at this unique property??? I say plenty! And after a refreshing swim, a lay on the beach, catching a few rays as the gulls soar overhead and a relaxing rest in front of the fireplace after a succulent lobster dinner will be just what the doctor ordered for total relaxation and tranquillity! A big guy can dream can’t he! If it’s privacy you crave, look no further. This 101 acre peninsula affords privacy in every direction. No roads, cars or houses are visible from this property in any direction. Are you in Paradise? I say whether you’re a two-legged or four-legged friend, you’re getting pretty darn close!  This Exclusive listing is offered at $1,200,000.  Property is availabe for showings starting Thursday June 10th.  Call or text Mama or Charlie for a private viewing or email me at, I’m happy to show this property (I’ll even demonstrate my swimming skills)!

We welcome are new buyers and their young family from South Africa to 196 Model Farm Road closing later next month.  This hadsome 13.3 acre property fulfills everything they desire in a new home with acreage, pond, pool, water front and a large extremely comfortable home.  MLS #NB057415  was offered at $997,000 and was sold over asking price.

Lot 6 Yacht Haven Lane is gone as we welcome our buyers from Ontario who will be building a new stunning new home of this exclusive street.  MLS#NB 032597 Offered at $175,000.

166 Osborne Avenuen north will soon have new owners and we wish them will in their new townhouse overlooking the harbour at Fort Howe in Saint John.  MLS# NB057589 Offered at $299,900.

16 Watson Lane is alsosold in Willow Grove.  Offered at $249,900 MLS#NB057846.  Welcome Home!

Nicholas and I are staying close to the AC today as temperatures soar across the Maritimes and here in Rothesay where it’s hitting 43C with the humidex.  Way to hot for the Budster!!!  Mama says she’s taking us for a nice refreshing swim in the river after supper when it cools down a bit.  Can’t wait!

Talk soon,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 21, 2021

The real estate market in New Brunswick continues to demand the highest prices in history with a few more listings hitting the market but certainly no abundance.  It’s a seller’s market that’s for sure for the first time in many decades.  It’s a welcome experience for sellers here who are not used to bidding wars and higher prices but it also comes with the reality that when you move you’re going to be paying more as well and probably in a competive situation.  It’s all fine and dandy if you staying in New Brunswick as you’ll get more than ever for your property even though you’ll pay more than ever.  It all comes out as a wash!  Many home owners are happy to stay put which is creating a shortage of available listings on the market.  When will the bubble burst???  Who knows, that’s what keeps it interesting.  Many say the market can’t continue to support these inflated prices but… they said that about Vancouver twenty years ago and they haven’t slowed down yet.  Some think when we get a handle on the pandemic and everyone is vaccinated things will calm down.  No one know for sure what’s around the next corner as we experience this unexpected soar in our local market!  I can tell you that all the Realtors are earning their keep and Mama and Charlie are going right out straight!

I can hardly stand the excitment!!!  Victoria Day Weekend plus Big Buddy Bacon’s 9th Birthday is on Monday the 24th!  I’m so looking forward to my annual cheeze burger picnic with Nicholas and a few furry friends.  Papa fires up the barbeque and Mama dishes it out.  We’ll wear our Snoopy Birthday hats (Nicholas hates wearing his).  Mama says we look super cute.  I say what to heck, if wearing the hat gets me a cheeze burger, then I’m in! Everyone say I’m looking great for my age including the most important person, my vet!  I’m loving the spring weather, getting out for some nice refreshing swims and nature walks with my family.  Hope you have a great Victoria Day weekend.  If you see my cruises through town in my red SUV with my head hanging out the window, give me a little birthday toot on the horn!

Our new listing at 196 Model Farm Road, Quispamsis, MLS#NB057415 is a good example.  Priced at $975,000 and offered with approximately six acres, it hit the MLS Wednesday May 5th, first viewing Thursday the 6th and accepted offer by Friday the 7th going over asking with additional acreage.  The overseas buyer is exciting to own acreage in the valley on such a scenic property with such extensive privacy.  Several potential buyers have been disapointed to inquire on the property only to learn that it already has an accepted offer.  Personally I named the place “Doggy Heaven” as it was perfect for Nichola and I with a pond to swim in (or the pool), acres of nature trails, a nice big one level house with a fireplace and builtin dog bath.  What more could a big dog ask for?   The baby ducks had their very first swim this week, too cute for words!

Baby ducks very first swim, this week!

The stunning star magnolia is in bloom.

Nicholas and I had our very first ocean swim of the year at New River Beach last Saturday and what a treat it was.  Blue sky, warm day but oh that water is cool!!!  I jumped right in and was shocked that the little guy was right behind me.  He usually waiting until close to July before he tackles the cold water of the Bay of Fundy!  He didn’t stay in long but he had a good refreshing swim before taking off on a run down the beach chasing sea gulls.  I wonder if he really thinks he’ll ever catch one???  I enjoy sitting back and watching him.  It’s as good as a three-ring circus!

Hope you have a relaxing Victoria Day Weekend.  Paws crossed and hoping for nice sunny weather and a few good barbeques with Papa at the helm!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 1st, 2021

I’m excited about our new Global Luxury waterfront listing in Quispamsis which will be hitting MLS on Monday.  We’ve had a bit of a delay as we were waiting for the pictures and video to be done as we waited for a wonderful blue sky day and it’s been overcast and raining quite a bit lately.  Blue skies look so great in the photos!  196 Model Farm Road is being offered at $975,000 to include a minimum of six waterfront acres (possibly more, just waiting on the surveyor) and 1000 feet of waterfront on Meenans Cove, Kennebecasis River in Quispamsis.  The seller has done a lot of quality updates to the home and the property!  Of course there’s a 5000 square foot ranch-style house with granite fireplace, four bedrooms, two full and two half baths, walkout basement, massive deck with built-in gazebo, heat pumps with A/C, 4-car garage and automatic propane generator but my favourite features as a swimmer are the spring-fed pond with aerator to keep the weeds away and the salt-water heated pool.  Makes for lots of refreshing swimming for a big dog in the pond or in the pool!  Then there’s the abundance of trails through the woods along the shore for nature walks.  If you appreciate wildlife, waterfowl and birds then you’ll love it here.  Then let’s not forget the necessary bath;  commercial quality stainless steel dog bath included!  I may just have to name this place “Doggy Heaven”!  And let me tell you the two-legged friends won’t be rough’n it either!  Nicholas and I are going to take a closer look at the trails (and we may sneak a swim) so we’ll keep you posted.  There are a couple of cute girls living here, Spirit and Special, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, that we’re excited to meet.  Stay tuned!

196 Model Farm Road, Quispamsis, Meenans Cove offered at $975,000.




We’re enjoying the warmer weather and continuing to work in our garden when we get the chance.  We love hanging around with Mama as she preps for summer.  Have a great week and keep up the good work with your social distancing and mask wearing.

Enjoying this warmer weather!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy April 24, 2021

This gorgeous warm weather is making me think that summer is just around the corner and has me daydreaming of  lots of visits to the beach so that Nicholas and I can have some refreshing swims.  New River Beach, Carrying Cove and Haggerty’s Cove are my personal favourites.  I don’t care if it’s only spring, if I can talk Mama in to driving me down, I’ll jump right in that Bay of Fundy and the cold water won’t bother me a bit with my thick Newfie coat!!!  Now the little fella, that’s a different story (a bit of a whus if you ask me) but Mama says his fine silky coat doesn’t keep out the cold of the Bay like mine does.  He is a great swimmer and super-fast but we don’t see much of that before mid-June!!!  He dog paddles across the water like a bat out of h_ _ _ with those skinny little legs just a flying.  I’d put my money on Nicholas against any dog in a swim race!  Now the Budster does a more relaxed paddle with my big webbed feet steadily churning through the water.  The difference is that I can sustain my pace for a long time without tiring as I casually glide across the surface.  There is really nothing I enjoy more than a refreshing swim.  When we arrive at the beach and Mama opens the truck door I leap right out and Nicholas better not get in my way.  I run straight for the water and dive right in!  Mama says she can practically see me smile!  I’m built for the water with natural buoyancy in my thick chest so I don’t even get my back wet, I can practically float without much movement.  If any of you four-legged friends are interested I give free swimming lessons with Nicholas as my assistant offering vocal encouragement!  We’re hoping to give lessons to our new furry partner Sparky Turnbull.  He’s been going in his lake to his knees  (how spoiled is he with his own private lake) and just needs a bit of help getting over the hump to take that plunge!

Mama and Charlie are still as busy as bees as our market stays red hot!  It seems that every time an offer comes in on our listings or they write on someone else’s there’s a bidding war!  At least 50% of the bidders are now from Ontario, 20% from BC and the rest are local.  Don’t count our local bidders out as when they want a property they are winning many of the bids.  Yes they are paying more for the properties then they ever had to in history but they are also getting more for their own places than at any other time.  So if you’re local, it’s all coming out in the wash!

Me, Nicholas and Papa are going to be helping Mama with yard work this weekend as we take advantage of the gorgeous weather!  They do most of the work and we tend to supervise, encourage and provide all round good cheer!

Have a great weekend and watch for us as we’re out and about in my red truck.  Don’t forget to wear your mask, social distance and stay safe!  We’re in this together!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy April 14th

With buyers flooding in from across the country, prices at an all-time high and interest rates at historic lows, now is the opportune time to sell your house.  We’re not kidding when we say that the market is on fire!  Never in the history of our province have we seen home prices as high as they are now.  Everyone is asking “When will the bubble burst?”.  No one knows the answer to this all important question, so get on board and don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime.  If you’ve ever thought of selling, the time is now!

Nicholas and I got to meet one of our new buyers this week who is here from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates .  Like so many people who grew up in our city and have lived away, but have family in Southern New Brunswick, they are looking to move back to our beautiful province.  And this lady is a dog lover!!!  We came along for the drive for the showing of homes and were in the driveway hanging our heads out the window when she spotted us.  It was love at first site as she came over and rubbed our ears as we gave a warm hello and lots of kisses.  This was one of our happiest home showings ever!  What a nice lady.  We enjoyed meeting her as much as she enjoyed meeting us.  She has a beautiful golden lab named Molly who Mama got to meet through video tour while showing the houses remotely to Molly’s Papa who is back home babysitting.  Mama says that Molly is as friendly as us and Molly got to have a visit with her Mama on the video tour!  Oh happy day!  For Nicholas and I it was the first time that we could bring an owner together for a live video meeting with their special four legged furry friend.  You can’t say Buddy Bacon isn’t on the leading edge of technology for his clients!  When Molly heard her Mama’s voice and saw her face on the screen she even kissed the phone!

We have a gorgeous new waterfront property coming up this week in Quispamsis with eight acres on the water and over 1000 feet frontage.  This property is a nature lover’s or four-legged friend’s dream with complete privacy, tons of groomed trails, a spring-fed pond, one -level ranch-style home, salt-water pool and even a built-in commercial quality stainless steel dog bath!  Wouldn’t Nicholas and I love to have that bath here at home!  Watch this site for more details.


Hope to see you soon!  Remember to keep social distancing & wear your mask!  We’ll get through this together.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy April 2, 2021

We’re all set for the Easter Bunny!  The guy is as sneaky as Santa Paws as he quietly sneaks in somehow in the night and leaves us goodies!  As hard as we try we just can’t seem to catch him!  Nicholas is hoping for a nice squeeky ball and I’ve got paws crossed and hoping for a big knuckle bone!!!  Mama is looking for some new spring clothes and Papa always enjoys a nice chocolate bunny!  We were busy outside last weekend putting up our Easter wreath on the front door, our big wall wreath for spring and Nicholas changed his little flag at the front walk from St Paddy’s Day to Spring!  If the weather stays nice this weekend we’ll be doing some well-needed yard work.  Mama says we make an awful mess in the yard over the winter and I suppose we’ll have to listen to her bellyache about that a bit while she cleans it up.  What’s a guy supposed to do?

We were so happy to have a nice visit with Lisa and Jamie Guidry last weekend as I assisted in helping Mama put the SOLD sign up on their house at 35 Perry Court MLS#NB 054378!  They are two of Mama’s very favourite clients and this was the fifth house she sold for them.  Jamie was super excited that his house went for $65,000 over the asking price and he came out to help us put up the SOLD sign!  Congratulations Jamie & Lisa!!!  Lisa is a fantastic cook and during our visit she gave me one of her homemade oatmeal cookies fresh out of the oven as a special treat for my part in the sale, promoting the place on my blog, etc.!  Man, this lady can cook, she could have her own bake shop and guess who’d be first in line at the door?  You bet your boots, it would be Big Buddy Bacon (and Nicholas close behind)!!!

Katherine, Nicholas & Buddy Bacon with Jamie Guidry

We also have accepted offers now with sales pending on 104 Tilley Road , Gagetown MLS#NB046731 , 8 Main Street, St George MLS#020023, 99 Moonlight Drive, Grande Digue MLS#052641,  condo 302 York Point MLS#051324, 6543 Route 105 Grand Lake MLS#NB003833, 20 Almon Lane, Rothesay MLS#NB055387.  Congrats to all our sellers and buyers.  If you need help selling your home or finding your dream home, we’re here to help!  Call Mama or Charlie today or email me at  I’m always happy to help!

Hope you have a nice relaxing long weekend and a wonderful Easter!  If you’re out and about this weekend I hope to see you!

Your Pal

Big Buddy Bacon 



Blogging with Buddy March 26, 2021

I’m heading out to put the SOLD sign up on 35 Perry Court today.  I posted the SOLD yesterday at 953 Route 850 and earlier in the week at 55 Shornecliff Drive as properties in New Brunswick continue to fly off the shelf.  We’re finally getting a taste of what real estate is like in the big cities but we’re not used to it here!  We’d better get used to it quickly as things aren’t letting up any time soon.  Mama has never worked so many hours in a lot of years and Nicholas and I are just trying to cope with a few late suppers, late walks and sometimes even a bit less lov’n!!!  But along with Papa we’re trying to understand and be patient.  As she says “you’ve got to beat the iron while it’s hot!”  I see sometimes after a fourteen or even sixteen hour day she gets quite tired but she always says being this busy sure beats the alternative and she’s always got time for a smile, kind words and a nice rub of our ears !  We’re helping all we can and being as supportive as possible.  Papa says it’s important for us to be good boys and not cause Mama any unnecessary grief.  What’s that supposed to mean???  Us Bacon Boys never cause grief!

Our clients are packing!

35 Perry Court is Sold!

953 Route 850 is SOLD! 

Will be nice to get out for a drive in the truck.  We were supposed to go with Mama to 953 Route 850 today to put up the SOLD sign but she had a showing at our Washademoak Lake property and swung by Belleisle Bay on the way home to install it.  (not happy we missed out on that drive)!  At least we get to visit Perry Court today and will probably stop off at friends along the way!

Charlie’s listing at 936 Main Street in Hampton just dropped their price from $218,000 to $209,000.  This is a great commercial space for offices in a fantastic location!

The temperatures are all over the map so you may want to bundle up again this weekend.  We’re hoping for some nice weather for Easter!!!  Mama had planned to start my spring trim this weekend but she’ll probably hold off on that puppy cut until we get over this cold spell.  I love getting my spring puppy cut with the big clippers.  First Mama and Papa brush and comb every bit of my fur and get any tangles out.  Then Mama gets out the big commercial clippers (a necessity for Newfoundland coats!) and away we go.  I lay there for hours and she zips along leaving about a two inch fluffy coat.  Nicholas doesn’t need it with his fine fur but I feel like a million bucks when I’m finished.  I’ll show you a pic when we’re all done.

Have a great weekend, stay safe, wear your mask and keep social distancing.  We’ve come a long way but we’re not out of the woods yet!  I stopped at the CIBC in Rothesay yesterday during lunch hour and as I was waiting in the truck Nicholas and I was not impressed with about 25% of the school kids cutting through the parking lot in groups with NO mask!!!  Another 25% were wearing their masks under their chin like a scarf!!!!  I’m sure their parents would be appalled!  We have to respect each other enough to keep our mask on at all times when out in public.  Maybe you won’t get sick but it could be your family or your friends!  Come on kids, get with the program!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy March 20th, 2021

Today may be the first day of spring and the sun is shining with bright blue sky but it sure doesn’t feel like it with cold northern winds whistling through my fur.  You know I love the cold but this cutting wind lately has been keeping me indoors more than usual.  I’m usually out in the mornings for at least two hours with Mama calling and calling me to come in but she doesn’t need to coax me lately.  Twenty minutes tops and I’m back in the door!

We had our entrance all decked up for St. Patrick’s Day this past week with extra bright green roping through the wreath, big green bow and a huge shamrock in the center.  Mama has Irish on both sides with Delaney on her mother’s side and Regan on her fathers. Nicholas and I donned our green scarves and he hung his shamrock flag at the end of the walkway.  “May your kilt be short enough to dance a jig and long enough to cover your lucky charms!”.   If it warms up this weekend we’ll help Mama get the ladder out and start transforming the big wreath for spring but we know she won’t tempt it in this cold.  Papa always chips in as well, passing up the flowers as Mama wires them in, placing them just so.

Congratulation to our sweet little friend Winnie Luck on the sale of her gorgeous home at 55 Shornecliff Drive, Quispamsis.  I was looking forward to trying out that great swimming pool this summer, promising to throw Winnie a few swimming lessons but that wouldn’t happen now with the sale pending.  Lucky Winnie Luck is moving on to a waterfront home!  Nicholas and I will be stopping by to visit your new beach Winnie and have a dip in the river.  We supervised Mama as she posted your SOLD sign earlier this week.

    55 Shornecliff Drive is Sold!

  Nicholas and I supervise the SOLD sign installation!

Congratulations as well to Mama and Papa’s dear friends, Ed and Becky Betts whose lovely ranch-style home at 49 Farrell Lane closed this past Monday at North Lake, NB to out of province buyers.  Nicholas and I had a great visit to this property this past summer and a refreshing swim in the crystal clear lake.  Becky and Ed are on to their new home in Fredericton and we wish them well.

49 Farrell Lane, North Lake is SOLD!

Newer homes in subdivisions, one to three years old are hotter than hot lately with the market nothing short of a feeding frenzy!  Mamas had three bidding wars in the last week working through offers until the wee hours.  Very exciting with the adrenaline running high!  Nothing Mama enjoys more than a challanging bidding war!

Tip of the week;  Have you seen the new Hartz Dura Play Balls in no other than BACON scented?  Nicholas got a bright pink one and I got the blue.  They are recommended for smaller dogs than us but we just love them.  They are not only extra squishy but they also squeak!!!  I highly recommend them for hours of fun!!!

Hope you’re adjusting to the time change by now and that you have a good week.  TG we’re back in the yellow phase!!!  Remember to stay vigilant, wear your mask and continue to social distance!  Together we’re going to beat this thing!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy March 5th, 2021

Are we busy?  You bet we are as Realtors across the province accommodate out of province buyers mostly from Ontario and British Columbia.  Virtual showings are now the new norm as buyers from away walk through the homes with their agents using Zoom, Facetime, Duo, etc.  The lucky ones have a local friend or relative who can be there in person to comment on what they like and don’t like but many don’t have this option and are relying heavily on their Realtor to be honest with them and show them every angle of the property, the good, the bad and the ugly!  It’s never been more important to have a Realtor you can trust with loads of experience who know what to look for and how to protect your interests.  Mama and Charlie have been swamped and quickly adapted to this new style of showing.  Me, not so much.  Because of the pandemic I can’t host open houses or have a meet and greet right now but with talk of going back to Yellow tomorrow night better days are on the horizon.  Oh to get back to the days of open houses on the waterfront where I would show off my swimming skills and even offer swimming lessons to young pups just learning the ropes.  Seems like so long ago now!!!  Maybe this summer?  Paws crossed and hoping!

On my last blog I mentioned a beautiful new listing coming up in Quispamsis.  Well it came and it went.  35 Perry Court hit the MLS Wednesday and by Thursday showings were booked every half hour from 10am right through to 9pm.  Fifty percent of the viewers were local and fifty percent were from out of province.  Let the bidding begin!  We’re in the middle of a bidding war which will commence today at 5pm.  What an exciting week, I’ve never seen Mama work so hard, ever!

What’s all the excitement about on this house anyway?  Mama says it’s not only modern and stylish but had nice-sized rooms at 2400 sq ft on the main level and another 1150 finishes in the walkout basement bringing the total to 3550!  That leaves 1250 sq ft of storage space.  The biggest fuss is over the huge .71 acre lot at the end of a cul de sac!!!  So rare to find a home in a subdivision with this kind of acreage and privacy.  MLS#NB054378 offered at $574,500.

The sun is shining hope you have a great weekend.  Nicholas and I look forward to some nice walks at Spy Glass Hill.  Talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy February 24th, 2021

Never a dull moment at our house as Mama negotiates another bidding war from her home office!  What used to be rare in New Brunswick is now common place as all eyes focus on the Maritimes and people flee from the big cities for a safer more relaxed lifestyle!  I always knew that NB was the place to be with it’s beautiful beaches, miles of nature trails and the friendliest people and four-legged friends you’ll every meet but it took a pandemic for others to catch on.  There’s nowhere else Nicholas and I would rather be.  Mama always called New Brunswick “Canada’s Best Kept Secret” and actually wrote an article with this title for the DuPont Registry.  Seems like the secret is out!!!

Nicholas enjoys the snow.

We have an exciting new listing coming up next week in Quispamsis.  New house with all the latest finishes and a finsihed basement.  Check back for an update.

We’ve been enjoying our daily walks to Spyglass Hill especially since this last snowfall has  covered the ice and it’s very good walking.  So many people walk the trails here that the snow is patted down just like a sidewalk (makes Mama happy).  We love running into our friends, having a good romp in the snow (this is more Nicholas) and just saying hello with a good swish of our tails.  All the dogs and owners are so friendly here.  If we’re lucky we may get to go for a drive in my truck to Cosco this week.  I love watching the parking lot to see who’s coming and going.  Nicholas and I don’t take our eyes off the big front door as we watch for Mama and Papa to come back out.  We love it when people come over to say hello!

Have a good week and we’ll see you soon.  Be safe, wear your mask and social distance!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy, February 12, 2021

Happy Valentines Day!  This is a very special day in our house as it’s also Mama and Papa’s wedding anniversary!  29 Years this year!  They usually have a holiday to the warm south (Hilton Head Island) to celebrate but with Covid they need to stay close to home this year (we’re super happy about that!).  They just arrived home in time last year on March 4th before Covid opened up and the world was turned upside down.  The only good thing Nicholas and I can say about it is that we’re happy to have Mama and Papa around every single day.  We never did like them going away anyway.

The real estate market has been insane in New Brunswick, Realtors have never seen a thing like it!  Interests rates are super low too but the challange is finding a house!  Mama has listed several in the past few weeks ranging in price from $419,000 to $1,175,000 and she has another coming up soon at $195,000.  It has four bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, finished walkout basement, on just over an acre in Martinon.  It’s in good shape but in need of updating.  I’ll be sharing more on that later.

Monday is Family Day which now gives us one long weekend a month!  How sweet is that.  Sparky Turnbull will be enjoying the day with his Papa, Charlie, out for a long walk and probably a nice warm stew.  We’re hoping it warms up a bit so that we can get out for a nice long walk.  I don’t mind the cold at all but Mama and Nicholas seem to have a problem.  I love it!!!  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in my front yard just watching the street and enjoying the chill.  I thoroughly enjoyed the storm last week!!!!  My kind of day.

We’re not out and about as much as usually while we stay in zone Orange but this can’t last forever.  Have a great long weekend and stay safe!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy February 5, 2021

It’s vitally important right now that the public pay strict attention to Covid protocol!  Good  measures are in place to protect the sellers, the buyers and their agents.  These are challanging times but as long as everyone follows the rules we’ll all be safe.   If you are concerned give Mama or Charlie a call and they can give you the details.  The market is still extremely hot as buyers and sellers move to more desirable homes as they spend more time at home then they have have in their lives!

Most people did not enjoy the big storm we had Tuesday but let me tell you I sure did!  I was out early in the morning before 7am, everything was white, fluffy and cold, just the way us big dogs like it!  Nicholas came out for about 15 to 20 minutes and then he was back in the house on his favourite couch.  At 8am I came in for a good breakfast and by 9 am I was back out enjoying the storm.  I stayed out for hours until my black coat was pretty well white and then Mama brought me in.  It was okay, it was getting milder and starting to turn to rain, I had gotten the best of it.  Then after a night of rain what a mess our driveway and walkways were!  TG we got that all cleaned up.  Nicholas is enjoying this milder weather.  Mama always says you never know what you’ll get in February!!!  So we’re bracing ourselves for whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

Since southern New Brunswick zone 2 is still in code orange, we don’t get out and about much except for the trails of Spy Glass Hill.  If Mama has to go to the store (which she’s doing as little as possible) we do go for the drive and wait in the parking lot with our windows down as we watch the shoppers come and go.  Stay safe and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy January 22, 2021

Impressive Global Luxury stone and Fraser wood property, new on the market today.  Impressive from the moment you walk in the door!  71 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove has all the bells and whistles!  Nine foot ceilings on both first and second floors, panel accent walls inevery room, spacious rooms, huge sunny windows, heated floors in the master suite and lower level ensuite (love those heated floors), two cosy propane fireplaces, hot tub and rec room with a quartz snack bar!  You know that Buddy Bacon always enjoys a snack (I’m thinking popcorn on movie night).  MLS#053095, Offered at $1,175,000.  Give Mama or Charlie a call to have a closer look with careful specific protocal in place for Covid 19 of course.

We’re not happy to have gone back into the red zone with Covid!!!  Scary stuff.  I am still taking my daily walks with Mama and Nicholas but we being more cautious, Mama always wears her mask and now keeps Nicholas and I away from other dogs and people (no fun there).   Paw crossed and hoping that we soon go at least back into orange zone!

I won’t be seeing you out and about just now as we stay safely close to home but someday everyone will have their vaccines and this will be over and just be a bad memory!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy January 15, 2021

Brand new waterfront listing today at 79 Drury Cove Road with the addtion of our 1700 sq ft condo in the Highlands of Drury Cove!  This inviting home features a covered entrance, huge foyer, open concept living, dining, kitchen, large pantry, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and ductless heat pump!  Nothing Buddy Bacon likes more on a hot summer day than a ductless heat pump pouring in the cool refreshing A/C!  I usually find the coolest spot in the house and claim it as my own!!!  Needless to say Nicholas will be curled up not to far away.  This condo has many of the most sought after features with a crisp white kitchen, quartz countertops, central island with breakfast bar, main floor master bedroom full bathroom with tub/shower, powder room, e-space, cosy propane fireplace and huge window wall facing the water.  A garden door opens onto the oversized deck running the full length of the home with covered space for shade (that’s for me) and open space for full sun!  There is plenty of closet/storage space and a large full two-car finished and heated garage with storage space and man-door direct to the deck.  This one is certainly worth a closer look!  MLS#052757 offered at $418,000.

We’re getting out with Mama and Papa walking the trails at Spyglass Hill and Rockwood Park before the rain starts Saturday at supper time!  Little Sparky Turnbull’s getting lots of walks in every morning too!  We’ll probably stay in and watch a good moview Sunday during the storm.  Hope we don’t get too much rain but I have to tell you that I love a big snow storm.  Paws crossed and hoping that the weather man is wrong and that it’s cold enough for snow!!!  Have a good weekend, stay safe, wear your mask and don’t forget to social distance.  Nicholas and I are very aware and keeping our distance!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Bloggin with Buddy January 10, 2021

It’s a new day and a new year as we traverse into 2021.  Fellow New Brunswicker’s hold their breath as we recently move into zone Orange after the Christmas/New Year holiday and students home from university.  Our province has done so very well throughout the pandemic and we’re asked by our leaders to continue to practice extreme caution to keep our numbers low so that we can once again roll back into the yellow zone.  The great news of the new year is the rolling out of the Covid vaccine which has started being administered here in our home province.  Everyone is anxiously asking, “When will we get vaccinated?”.  I belive Papa will be on a short list as a senior but the answer is up in the air for Mama.  Let’s hope the entire province gets their vaccines soon!!!  Then we’ll be home free and things will get back to normal.  Some days it’s hard to remember what normal was.  We have learned so much this past year and some of the things we’ve learned should stay with us even when the pandemic is over.  For examble, washing our hands, many times a day will keep the common cold at bay as well as the basic flu.  I think we’ll all looking forward to the days when we no longer have to wear a mask.  Our Lisa gave Mama and Papa special masks for Christmas that are made in Europe.  They’re super comfortable, very easy to breathe in and super safe with 5 layers of carbon in interchangeable filters.  They absolutely love them.

Mama wears her’s as she shows houses as her and Charlie are still busy with real estate which is considered an essential service (everyone needs a place to live).  They are both super careful for their buyers, sellers and themselves following the CREA and NBREA rules and regulations.

We have a beautiful new listing which I personally love located on the ocean in Grande Digue, just 10 mintues from Shediac at 99 Moonlight Drive MLS#NB052641 at the end of a quiet cul de sac.  Mama is really excited about this one as it’s right up her ally and mine too.  There’s nothing I love more than a home with acreage (2.7 acres) a beach for relaxing, ocean for swimming, fireplace to cosy up to and huge wrap-around deck to watch the sun rise over the water.  This home has a chef’s dream kitchen with highend JennAir appliances (6-burner gas stove & 300 bottle wine fridge for example), 3 bedrooms all with ensuite baths including fabulous ensuite, finished basement with home theatre & more.  Two of the bedrooms are on the main level, perfect if there are any mobility issues.  The package is completed with the 3-car attached garage.  Only minutes from famous fine sand beaches, town amenities (think lobster festival!) and miles of trails for hiking, skiing, etc.  All in all, my kind of place!  Offered at $850,000.




I have to tell you that Nicholas had a great nineth birthday on Christmas Day getting his very favourite present, a ball that not only bounces high but squeeks when he bites it as well.  They little guy has been driving me nut with his squeek, squeek, squeek!  He’s soooo happy and takes it everywhere with him, even to bed at night!

Watch for more very interesting listings coming this way this coming week!  Have a great weekend and we’ll talk soon.  Stay safe!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy December 28th 2020

As we ring in the New Year for 2021 the whole world unites with the wish of a safer place, rid of Covid 19 and an end to the pandemic!  It’s hard to imagine how innocently we came into  March 2020 and were all hit unexpectedly by the Covid pandemic.  As we played through January and February and went about our lives, no one knew what was coming, then bam, in March it hit!  In late February, early March we heard a bit of talk of it on the news but didn’t pay much attention.  Then after the first week of March we were literally hit in the face as our leaders started telling us to get home immediately if we were out of Canada and chaos started in the airports.  In February Mama and Papa were at Hilton Head Island where they’ve gone for the past eight years for a winter break and to celebrate their anniversary.  They arrived home March the 4th as scheduled with no issues at all as everything was still operating as usual.  God was looking after them because by March 7th airport chasos was in full swing.  We have friends who flew home from Florida the second week and barely made it, flying from airport to airport as they zig zagged across the country heading to New Brunswick.  Other friends waited too long until May and couldn’t fly so they had to drive home for the first time every but made it safely back to Saint John.  Mama explained that it is a deadly disease that could affect people but us fur babies had nothing to worry about.  Then Premier Higgs put us all in lockdown and Mama and Papa were home with us every day for months.  Mama was designated for grocery shopping and went to Sobey’s once a week.  She said there wasn’t a car on the road and driving through Rothesay made her feel like she was in the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ where they’re the only ones driving along the deserted roads.  She was always wearing a mask when she went out which she said was difficult to breath in.  Things were different for us when we had our daily walk at Spyglass Hill.  Mama, Papa and the other parents would hold us all by the collars to keep us apart and none of us were allowed to sniff each other or play together.  Mama explained that this terrible disease could be caught through touching so if someone patted us they could leave the disease on our fur to spread through the next touch.  No one stopped to chat anymore and everyone stayed far apart as we passed on the trails.  Nicholas and I were happy to have Mama home all day and after a few months she started going out to show houses with new precautions in place for her and her clients as set out by the real estate board.  By June the market burst wide open as it seemed everybody here wanted to move into something different than what they had, larger with more space for everyone including extended family, larger yards for pets and children to play, more privacy, a home office or two, finished basements, school rooms etc.  Mama and Charlie hadn’t been so busy in years and it just kept going seven days a week throughout the summer.  Then fall hit and people from other provinces, especially Ontario, all wanted to live in New Brunswick, considered to be one of the safest places to live in the world!  Premier Higgs saved us when he put us all in lockdown in the spring and prevented the spread of the disease.  The Maritime provinces all did exceptionally well as other provinces stayed open and then things started to get out of control for them.  There were very strict regulations for them coming here and Mama and Charlie started showing homes through Facetime with live virtual tours.  Homes for sale are at a shortage here and demand is high, raising the prices to the highest we’ve ever had with more bidding wars than we’ve seen in history!

We all wonder as we go into New Year’s Eve of 2020,  what 2021 will bring.  Seems everything has changed.  We now have hope for a better tomorrow with the new vaccine recently arriving in our province as residents wait patiently for their turn.  2020 was a year no one will ever forget, so many lost family and friends and our hearts go out to them.  Papa lost his dear Uncle John and as the same with others there was no hospital visitation allowed and no funeral.  So very hard for the family.

Nicolas and I had a great thing happen this year with the addition of our new friend and colleague Sparky Turnbull.  He is so smart and so much fun, great companion for our Charlie who takes him everywhere!  Happy selling Sparky!

  Sparky Turnbull

So let’s hope for a future that is free of Covid 19, a future that is better, brighter and safer for 2021!!!  One where we can run and play with our furry friends, our parents can stop and chat and our world goes back to normal.  The new normal Mama calls it with a few changes that may stay with us forever.

Happy New Year!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy December 24, 2020

Twas the night before Christmas and all the house not a creature was stirring not even Buddy Bacon!  We’re all set for Santa Paws to visit our house tonight.  Nicholas says we’ve been good boys all year but Mama says the elves have been watching and know the score!  Where are these sneaky elves, we’ve searched high and low and we don’t see any elves!!!  They mustn’t have a scent because we can’t sniff them out either.  Mama says they’re magical, we’ll never find them but they know everything we’re doing and if that’s the case we may be in a bit of trouble tonight.  Paws crossed and hoping that Santa Paws turns a deaf ear to the elves!!!

We have our little tree up in the family room right in the window.  The lights are multicoloured and the ornaments are all types of animals cats, mice, raccoons, rabbits, horses and of course lots of dogs.  We love it and just lay and stare at it waiting for the big night (just one more sleep).

Our own little tree in the family room.

We have our big tree up in the foyer as well.  Mama and Papa always get a real tree at Cochran’s Country Market.  This is the smallest one we’ve ever had at nine feet (sometimes they’re twelve feet).  We had a great time timming it with old nostalgic ornatments from Mama’s family, each one a treasure.  Papa loves Christmas as much as Mama does and gets right into the action with the tree trimming.  He’s very fussy that all the ornaments are hung just so and spends time going around the tree making sure each one is straight.


Nicholas and I have been love, love, loving the snow.  We roll in it, run in it, eat it and make snow angels.  We just can’t get enough.  All Mama has to say is “Boys, it snowed!” and we just fly out the door.


My sweet little brother Nicholas turns nine on Christmas Day!  He’ll be so excited and Mama will give him extra turkey for his birthday feast (I’ll get extra too of course).   We put our turkey in at midnight and let it slow cook all night.  Nothing beats the smell of a slow roasted Butterball when we come down the stairs Christmas morning.  Join me in wishing Nicholas a very Happy Birthday!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward with hope to a better, brighter and most importantly safer year in 2020!

Blogging with Buddy December 14, 2020

Well with Christmas just around the corner it’s beginning to look very festive around our house!  Yours too?  We’ve been helping Mama inside and out, first with the big wreath and planters outside the front door and by the pond and then placing our nostalgic decorations around the rooms inside.  Both Mama and Papa love Christmas and been collecting special pieces on the travels for years.  Mama has her mothers, aunts and grandmothers old items from as far back as 1918.  Nicholas and I have our own little animal tree up in the family room.  We love it and just stare at it by the hour waiting for old Santa Paws to drop off our presents.  We’ve tried to be good boys all year but I have to say it hasn’t been easy!  I stole Papa’s glove a few time and even stole one right off the hand of one the workers in our yard.  Don’t know what is going on with Nicholas but this year he just doesn’t want to listen at all, just ignoring Mama and Papa when they call him.  Guess he thinks he’s his own boss!  We have a special stocking for him hanging on the mantle that reads “The Boss”.  Mine say “Dear Santa Paws, I’ve been a dog dawg all year, please leave lots of treats”!

On the real estate front, serious buyers are still out viewing our listings looking for that special place that they will call home in the new year.  Many buyers right now from Ontario looking to move to our beautiful province who are doing virtual Facetime and Duo showings with Mama and Charlie.  They love the fun new tech stuff, always something new to make the business more efficient for buyer, sellers and their Realtors!



We are soooooo very happy to be back in zone yellow in New Brunswick!!!  It’s was so hard on everyone going through the orange stage again, causing a lot of stress in an already very stressful season.  Our hearts go out to all those who cannot be together this Christmas due to Covid.  Keep in mind that it’s very important that we stay cautious and there is light in sight as we start receiving the vaccine this week!  This will be our very first Christmas ever without dear Lisa who lives in Ottawa.  Mama and Papa will miss her but it’s just not safe for her to come home right now.  We have been having some nice talks on Facetime (she likes to see our smiling faces and vice versa) and this summer she’s going to come home for an extended stay to make up for this time missed!  I guess we’ll have Christmas in July!  Then I can take her down to New River Beach and show off my improved swimming skills.

We have an accepted offer on the lake front property I featured in my last blog, 49 Farrell Lane.  An Ontario buyer who is just over the moon they are so excited about their purchase.  It’s everything they ever dreamed of and more!

Hope you have a good week, it’s going to be busy, busy, busy with last minute shopping, decorating, picking up our live Christmas tree and a wee bit of our favourite baking!  Talk with you soon an stay safe!

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy November 27th, 2020

As we proceed in New Brunswick through zone orange of the pandemic there has never been a time in history since the Spanish flu of 1918-20 for New Brunswickers to practice extreme caution.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, New Brunswickers have stood in the forefront, setting an example for the world of how strong and wise people, we stand together, united for the greater good following government guidelines for a healthier tomorrow.  As we start into winter we all know it’s not going to be easy, but as we wear our masks, social distance and stay home as much as possible now it will be all the quicker that we can come out of this and get on with our lives.  I’ve heard Mama talk about both her grandmother talking about living through the Spanish flu of 1918-1920.  They were both young women at the time aged 20 at the time.  They talked about the number of young men lost (mostly men affected aged 16-30), 1400 people lost in New Brunswick alone with 35,000 people affected.  It was a variety of H1N1 that came home with soldiers from the war and it acted very, very quickly!!!  A fellow might start to feel sick at 11 in the morning and was gone by 5pm!!!   Our hearts go out to all those affected; directly and indirectly.  We pray for the quick recovery of the sick and protection for the healthy!  Together we can overcome any adversity including Covid 19!

Nicholas and I had a wonderful visit in early fall to 49 Farrell Lane, North Lake, NB MLS   #NB 007075.  This one-owner ranch style home is on 4.5 acres with 250 foot frontage on spring-fed North Lake.  If you appreciate totally privacy, this is it!  First thing I did when I jumped out of my truck was run straight to the lake and jump in for a refreshing swim.  Nicholas was right behind me.  We had a fabulous time running, swimming and exploring the beautiful grounds.  It was like doggy heaven!!!  We couldn’t go inside as we were all wet from our swim but we were peeking in the windows (pic below) and it looked great!  This property is offered at $395,000 and I highly recommend it!

Special congratulations to our buyers some of whom have joined New Brunswick from Ontario purchasing in Millidgeville and Rothesay and one who just purchased their very first new home on the west side of the city!  We wish you many years of wonderful memories!

Have a great weekend and most importantly stay safe!

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy November 6, 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect family home in the heart of Quispamsis, this well-kept property in Woodleigh Park is just the ticket at $399,700, MLS#NB051342.  I just listed this home at 8 Charleston Court (off Princeton) for my big friend Apollo Roos (Bernese Mountain Dog, Mama says we could almost be twins!) and he can attest to the joys of living here with his family.  Children can walk to both English and French elementary and middle schools, big yard for playing, sloped back lawn for tobogganing in winter and a fire pit with built-in seats for summer weiner roasts.  Inside there’s a nice mud room with built-in bench, large rooms, a cosy wood stove in the rec room and one in the family room keeps him toasty in winter months and Apollo says the big plus (especially for us big dogs) is the ductless heat pump blowing in cool refreshing air conditioning in the summer!!!  His Mama and Papa are excited about how economical it is to run too.  Apollo says one of the most important features of his home is the very quiet cul de sac where children can learn to ride their bikes and he can lay in the front yard and watch all his nice neighbours!  Apollo is moving to waterfront and I’m not sure if he’s a swimmer but if he needs help I’m famous for swimming lessons with my four-legged furry friends and Nicholas does a great job at assisting me!  Email me today to book a showing at this great family home at

  8 Charleston Court, Offered at $399,700

  My pal Apollo resting in his  front yard.


My second exciting new listing is at York Point, on the harbour front in the heart of the city.  2 Union Street, condo unit 302 MLS#NB051324 Offered at $375,000.  Lots of great memories for Mama here at this building as not only was this her first project as an interior designer but it’s where she met Papa as the electrical contractor for the project.  Seems like yesterday!  This stunning condo is so beautiful, it looks like something right out of a magazine (the owner has fabulous taste)!  It’s been all updated, bathrooms gutted, all new plumbing, new light fixtures, new porcelain flooring, crown mouldings, chandelier, etc.  With open concept, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and great room with 14 foot domed ceiling and wood-burning fireplace this is a must see!  It’s located on the garden side, a great place to watch birds if you’re into that (the quiet side of the building as it can get quite noisy on the boardwalk in the summer).

We have the most important day in Canada coming up the Wednesday, November 11th, Remembrance Day!  All Canadians agree that we owe so very much to those in our military, navy, air force, medics, nurses and more, who gave up their lives in World War I and II so that we can live freely!  Let’s all take a moment at 11am this Wednesday to stop what we’re doing, bow our heads in silence, as we reflect on this historic moment in history!  Canada; Strong and Free!

  Lest We Forget!

I hope you all have a good weekend.  It’s so lovely and mild that Nicholas and I will be out helping Mama and Papa with yard workbefore the deep cold hits.  Remember to keep your hunter’s orange scarfs on if you’re out and about our local trails, forests and fields!  Talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy November 1st, 2020

Looking for the perfect family home in Quispamsis or a luxurious executive condo uptown in the heart of it all?  We have both coming up within the next week!  The family home is spacious with larger than average rooms with a prime location on a quiet cul de sac within walking distance to the elementary, middle and french schools.  There are two and a half baths and four bedrooms up plus a fifth in the finished basement.  If your family likes to entertain there is a beautiful dining room and modern kitchen for the cook in the family.  You’ll be warm and toasty  in the winter with two wood stoves plus two ductless heat pumps with the added comfort of air conditioning in the summer.  The yard is private with large trees and nice lawns to run and play.  Watch for details as we hit the market  this coming Friday.

Inviting family home in the heart of Quispamsis.

This luxurious executive condo is almost 1200 square feet!  It features open concept, stunning great room with fireplace, dining room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms including the ensuite, granite kitchen, hardwood and porcelain flooring, custom lighting, storage and plenty of closet space.  Walking distance to all uptown amenities.  Hitting the market this Tuesday!

Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour?  Nicholas and I always love the first morning after the clocks turn back.  The sun rises at an earlier hour, all is quiet in the house as Papa gets some well appreciated extra rest and Mama gets up early with us and enjoys a hot cup of tea before starting her day.  Charlie is the early bird of the two so he’s loving having the earlier daylight as he and Sparky take off on their early morning jaunt an hour earlier today.  Sparky has fit into Charlies lifestyle so perfectly.  He’s a wonderful furry friend and he worships the ground Charlie walks on.  You can be sure the feeling is mutual.  The little guy is super smart and very fast to learn.  He’s really enjoying his new life in the country surrounded by acres and of lush fields which he flies across wide open as Charlies throws him the ball with his new Chuck-It!

Halloween was quiet this year as we expected it would be in the middle of Covid.  Nicholas and I had a beautiful sunny walk in the afternoon and were excited to see if any treaters would show up, eagerly listening for a quiet knock on the front door or a few giggles as the little goblins trickled up the walkway.  We have quite a few neighbours with young families on our street and sure enough about 6:30 the first knock came followed through the evening with others until about 9pm.  In recent years we usually get close to 40 children but this year we only had about 15.  Papa was excited to give out the treats at the door and we assisted.  He loves Halloween and prepares the goodie bags for the kids always making sure they are stuffed to capacitywith treats galore accompanied by a bag of chips.  It was a cool night for the kiddies to be out, we saw some awesome costumes and they were all bundled up warmly.

Have a great week and we’ll be talking soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy October 16, 2020

Middle range homes in Southern New Brunswick continue to fly off the shelf within days if not hours as the real estate market continues to soar!  Never have the Realtors here seen anything like it.  Our Charlie has been in real estate for over thirty years (straight out of university) and he can tell you it’s a wild ride!  He and Mama are working seven days and nights a week trying to keep up as are many of their colleagues!  Here’s one we need some help with;  Mama is working with a sweet young couple looking for their first home in the north of the city, Millidgeville, Rothesay or Quispamsis areas.  These young professionals want to be fairly close to their offices in the uptown area.  They’d like a nice yard and three bedrooms, two bathrooms would be nice but one is acceptable.  They are preapproved up to $250,000.  If you hear of anything like this, shoot me an email at and I’ll pass it on to her.

Autumn is that time of year where us furry friends can get a bit (haha) dirty with the seasonal rain with mud on the trails.  I’ve been doing a bit of research into dog baths and well-planned laundry rooms with built-in dog showers.  It’s amazing what’s out there.  Here are a few tips of great ideas I’ve seen.  Mama helped me as she had an interior design business for twenty years, The Finishing Touch, so her help was invaluable!  Thanks Mama.

Great for medium-sized dogs like this Collie.

Built in steps perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.

Great for big dogs with a low step.

This guy has it all shower, bed & laundry facilities!

How about this outdoor doggy shower?

My fav!  Perfect for us big dogs!

Hope some of these samples give you ideas to share with your Mamas and Papas.  It’s important to be a clean dog and especially have clean paws this time of year.  Don’t make a fuss like Nicholas when he’s going to have his bath or shower.  Mama has to practically drag him into our doggy shower.  Me, I love it!  I strut right in, you don’t have to ask The Bud twice!

Just a word of caution.  Be careful of tics as they come out in droves with these warmer days.  If your joints, especially front shoulders, are stiff and it pains a bit to walk, please get right over to your vet asap to be checked for lyme disease.  Its a simple blood test and your vet can give you basic results (yes or no) right there on the spot.  Most owners don’t realize that lyme disease in it’s early stages looks much like arthritis but it’s so much more dangerous and can kill you.  I hate tics!!!  Our vet says they start on slugs and then proceed to any and all mammals.  Not all carry the lyme disease and they must be on you for 24 hours before they can ingest the lyme.  So ask your Mama or Papa to check you every day to get any off as quickly as possible!

Have a great weekend enjoying this beautiful weather and colourful scenery and we’ll talk soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy October 9th, 2020

This is one of our favourite weekends coming up, Thanksgiving!  The air is crisp and cool just the way I like it, the leaves are turning beautiful colours, Mama will spend some quality time with us, we’ll have some nice walks with her and Papa and we’ll have a big turkey feast on Sunday!  There’s not much Nicholas and I enjoy more than a good bit of turkey.  Our vet says it’s very good for us (yeah).  Then on Monday Mama and Papa are heading to our Auntie Blue’s for a ham and scallop dinner.  Nicholas and I can’t go but we’ll be waiting for the left overs Auntie Blue will send home with Mama.  We’ve been walking every day around twilight.  Some days are very warm and it almost feels like some but then other days like today are really cold.  Sure does put some spring in our step!  This is Sparky Turnbull’s first Thanksgiving with his Papa Charlie!  We wish you a great day Sparky and be sure your Papa shares the turkey with you!


                            Happy Thanksgiving!

Mama and Charlie are looking forward to the long weekend.  They both will be working a bit showing homes but are looking forward to some much appreciated downtime.  They’ve been working crazy hours, burning the candle at both ends.  The market is still hot, hot, hot!  Which means lots of showing and lots of sales.  In the medium price rance around $250,000 you’d better be there for a viewing the day the house hits the market because later the same day, it’s gone!  A new twist for our area with homes gone in hours with a half a dozen back up offers and lots of bidding wars with homes going far over the asking price.  It makes Mama and Charlie feel like they’re selling in Toronto!

We have an awesome family home coming up in Woodleigh Park.  It belongs to a good friend of mine.  He’s helping his family get it all ready for the market and then we’ll be ready to roll.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving as we all give thanks to God for everything we have, every single day!  Talk soon and have a wonderful holiday.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy October 2nd, 2020

I’m very excited about our new Global Luxury Listing in Winfield Hills, Quispamsis!  This extraordinary, high quality ranch-style home located at 55 Shornecliff Dr MLS#NB049747 has it all and then some!  2900 Square feet of living space on the main level means spacious rooms for everyone.  There’s a special feature for each member of your family such as home chef’s dream quartz kitchen with gas stove, double ovens, full fridge, full freezer, island and huge pantry, salt water fiberglass pool with one-touch electronic cover, fenced yard, hot tub, spacious gym with mirrored wall, huge rec room with wet bar, basketball court, skating rink, automatic propane generator (no worries about power failures here), oversized 3-car heated garage with epoxy floor, stamped concrete driveway and more!  My personal favourite is the pool because you know I’m quite a swimmer!  I’d be in there every day if I could and being heated Nicholas would be right in with me.

Nicholas and I wish to congratulation our recent sellers and buyers who are looking forward to their new homes from Quispamsis to Rothesay, Millidgeville to Washademoak Lake!

Hope you enjoyed that gorgeous day we had yesterday!  Nicholas and I had a great walk at Spy Glass Hill.  It was so warm that Mama and Papa couldn’t even wear a sweater or jacket!  Not sure how many more of those days we’ll have.

Hope to see you around really soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy Sept 13, 2020

Nicholas and I are sooooo excited!  Charlie got a new dog today!  After a two-year search for just the right pooch, our friend Charlie picked up his new rescue dog.  He’s one of the rescues from Texas where so many poor fur babies have been stranded on the streets after this last hurricane.  He seems to be part miniature schnauzer, part Jack Russel and weighs 30 pounds.  He’s super smart, friendly and cute!  We’re so very proud of Charlie that he would reach out and rescue this beautiful boy.  We’re anxiously waiting to see what Charlie will name him as he didn’t come with a name but at $500 he does have all his shots, is neutered and microchipped.  Charlie was out shopping for the little guy yesterday picking up a new bed, retractable leash, liver treats (my personal favourite, I’m jealous) and a healthy variety of food.  As a lifelong dog lover Charlie will take excellent care of his new fur baby starting with a long walk each morning, drives in the car and accompanying him almost everywhere!  He’ll be part of our team and Nicholas and I are anxious to show him the ropes.  This little guy may not know it yet but he just won the lotto!  We’ve got a special welcome surprise all ready for him.   Nicholas and I just can’t wait to meet him (hopefully this week) and be the first to say “Welcome to New Brunswick, we’re so happy you’re here and welcome to the team!”

  Charlie’s adorable new fur baby!!!

We have an attractive new listing at 60 Maliseet Drive in Rothesay, MLS#NB049150 Offered at $449,000.  This one and a half storey home is on a half-acre+ private lot and comes with beach right just a five minute walk down the street!  It has a large great room with fireplace, spacious eat-in custom kitchen and three bedrooms main floor including the master bedroom suite.  The second floor is a large fourth bedroom guest suite with sitting area, bedroom area, four-piece bath, storage room and balcony.  I’m excited about two things; first the in-floor hot water heating, really great if your four-legged furry friend has any arthritis and the ductless heat pump suppling air conditioning in the warm summer months!  And second, the beach rights for great swimming, boating and relaxing twilight evening as you watch the sun set over the river.  All the benefits of waterfront living without the high cost attached!

We hit the beach yesterday for what could be one of our last trips to the Bay of Fundy this year!  All depends on the weather as our nights cool down but our days have stayed warm.  We went to Carrying Cove Beach at New River where four-legged friends can have a good run and a refreshing swim.  I jumped out of the truck and just ran for the water.  There’s nothing that calls to me stronger then the fresh sea air.  I jumped right in with powerful stokes gliding up and down the shore.  Nicholas came in to his belly as he enjoys warmer water more.  He did grab a huge stick and carried it to the beach edge which we both had a good chew on.  Mama and Papa caught up with several old friends that happened along.  It was warm but windy and we all enjoy a beautiful New Brunswick day.  Nicholas and I slept all the way home in the truck, had a good supper and then another snooze.  All that swimming was tiring but we love it.

You’ve never heard us talk about it before but did you know that Mama loves cats too?  Nicholas and I have never had a cat as part of our family but she had many cats her entire life before we arrived.  She’s been talking to Papa about getting another but he says two big dogs are enough for now.  From what we can gather a guy named William was her favourite!  He was a big long haired tabby that she rescued as a 6 week old kitten from a barn near Bloomfield.  William’s mother had four kittens but only enough milk for three so Mama brought him home and they were enseparable  for 21 years!  Yes you are reading this right, William lived a long and healthy life for 21 years and was never sick a day and never looked old.  Mama loved him to pieces and we wish we could have met him.  See his handsome pic below.  He’s sixteen in this picture!


Have a great week and we’ll be talking with you soon.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy September 4th, 2020

Can you believe it’s Labour Day Weekend already?  Where did the summer go?  They say when you’re busy time flies and the summer has just flown past Nicholas and I.  Mama and Charlie have had a crazy busy summer with real estate sales of their own listings and those on the MLS and of course I’m here along with Nicholas as their cheering squad and a nice quiet nuzzle with Mama after a long hard day.  We especially enjoy our long walks at twilight with Papa in tow as we enjoy the last of the warm weather and reflect on the events of the day as she winds down.  The days seem to be getting short so quickly that it’s pitch dark by 8:30!  Every day we’ll be going out earlier and earlier until we end up going at supper time!

We’re happy to announce the sale of one our Global Luxury properties at 2 Pleasant Avenue in Quispamsis.  MLS#NB045216, Offered at $845,000.  Congratulations to our sellers as they move on to their new home and to the buyers who will enjoy this handsome home with it’s beautiful yard.  Personally this was one of my favourites with the big yard! 

2 Pleasant Avenue is SOLD!


We’re just working through conditions with an offer pending at 1288 Scenic Narrows on Washademoak Lake.  MLS# NB018216, offered at $474,900.  This is another handsome property with a year-round cottage with handsome modern interior and an oversized garage with inviting loft!  Nicholas and I had a great visit to this property and enjoyed a nice swim in the lake!  Congratulations to our sellers and to the lucky buyers!

Hope you enjoy this long weekend relaxing with friends and family.  If you see me out and about don’t forget to say hi but I must warn you, if you’re close enough Nicholas is going to lay on the kisses,  the little guy just can’t seem to control himself!

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy September 1st, 2020

You can feel the fall in the air and it’s put a spring in our step!  Loving these cooler autumn days and nights when the foliage starts to turn colour and I feel so much better with this big Newfie coat on.  This has been a wild summer for real estate with Mama and Charlie run right off their feet, seven days a week as they extend their exceptional service to our buyers and sellers.  Who would ever think that a pandemic would make our estate market soooo hot!!!  Nicholas and I have been a little sad as we haven’t seen as much of Mama as we like to but we understand that when a client’s needs service, they need it now.  Almost every day she is flying out the door, calling over her shoulder, “See you later boys, Mama’s got a showing.”  We know that means she’ll be gone for a few hours but not gone overnight.  When her and Papa go away they always say, “Bye boys, see you soon and be good boys.”  Those are the words we dread as we know they’ll be gone for at least a few days.  They never ever put us in a kennel though, we have the most lovely lady who moves into our house and loves us to death while they are gone.  Her name is Judi and we just adore her, whatever she says, we hop to it.  She pats us and brushes us, talks to us a lot, watches TV with us and best of all she plays ball several times a day with Nicholas and cooks us home cooked meals!  That’s my favourite part.  Can she ever cook!!!  Our naturopathic vet has had us eating brown rice, cooked vegetables and different types of meat now for six years.  We’ve stayed very healthy, are very active for eight years old and our black coats just shine!

We’ve had a few nice swims in the last week making sure we get our last swims of summer in.

We’ve also had some beautiful walks at Allison and Spyglass Hill at twilight.  Mama loves that time of day and so do we!  The wild flowers are all in bloom and are so pretty with their deep rich golds and vibrant purples!  They are so tall this year that when I wander into the midst of them Mama and Papa can even find me!  I’m so tall that that’s a rarity!

Looking forward to a nice relaxing Labour Day Weekend.  Hope you’re getting out and about tour our beautiful province and have some special things planned.  Talk with you soon and be sure to wave if you see me out in my red SUV.



Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy August 21, 2020

Talk about an endless summer!!!  This summer just seems to be non-stop this year with gorgeous weather great for boating, fishing, camping, kayaking, barbeques, bon fires and especially swimming, my very favourite thing!  I missed at least six weeks of swimming this summer as I had a cist on my back that had to be removed and my vets just gave me the okay this past week for swimming in the Bay of Fundy.  They say the salt water will be good to help my incision heal.  Salt water swimming is the best because I love the cold water, it’s what I’m built for!  Hoping to head out this weekend for a quick dip!  Bring it on!  Now that it’s August and the water has had the summer to warm up a bit Nicholas will jump in too (he doesn’t have my big Newfie double coat).

Happy days at the beach!

It sure has been an exciting summer for real estate!!!  The market has gone crazy to say the least busiest Mama and Charlie have been in over ten years.  They are two busy bees, listing and selling like crazy, seven days a week.  The two of them are looking to get a day or two off Labour Day weekend but I told them, “don’t count on it!”.  Everyone is asking why is it so busy now and with Covid going on too?  Mama says people were locked up in their homes during the shutdown in New Brunswick for two or three months and it gave them time to reflect on their lifestyle situation at home.  Many people were not satisfied.  Some need a larger yard for children and pets to play, some want a smaller yard with less upkeep.  Some need home offices (sometimes two), gyms, playrooms and school rooms.  They realized that if a second shut down comes they want to be comfortably isolated at home and the time is now.  It also brought home quickly the treasure of life and how precious it is, that we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow so we’d better make the most of it today.  So New Brunswicker’s are on the move and many of those from other provinces and around the world want to live in New Brunswick with our rare safe open environment.  Nicholas and I went into lockdown just like everyone else.  Even our daily walks were different as we practiced social distancing from our four-legged friends and just hung out with each other in our own furry bubble.  We’re really, really hoping that we don’t have this second wave everyone keeps talking about!

Our 42 Secoudon Drive in Millidgeville has closed with Charlie listing and Mama selling.  This was a very quick closing, on and off the market, which seems par for the course this year.  MLS#NB045473 Offered at $399,000.

  42 Secoudon Drive is SOLD!

142 Dunedin Road, Rothesay is sold as well.  This family home has a gorgeous large lot and many updates inside but was in need of TLC on the exterior.  Congratulations to the sellers and to the buyers who are all set to spiff things up and make it picture perfect.  MLS#NB011019 Offered at $349,900.

  142 Dunedin Road, Rothesay is SOLD!

Mama and Charlie has been selling lots of other residential listings off MLS and participated in several exciting bidding wars!  Charlie sold a commercial property in Saint John West and a farm is Sussex as well!  Congrats to you both and keep up the good work!

Take a few moments and enjoy what’s left of this gorgeous summer.  I know our beach days are numbered so we’ve got to try to wring out every last once of summer fun.  Enjoy exploring New Brunswick and most importantly Stay Safe!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy August 3, 2020

I’m excited about our stunning new Global Luxury listing with sunset view over the Kennebecasis River in Rothesay.  This .94 acre private property comes complete with salt water pool, luxurious modern home with every creature comfort, 3-car garage, deep water mooring and my very favourite thing in the world a beach!!!  My little furry friends  Lula Belle and Betty Boop Spicer were the perfect hosts for our tour and all Nicholas and I could say was ‘Wow”.  My question each day would be “Will I swim in the river first or the pool?”  This one gets my Paw Approved Certification, paws down!  Children and pets alike will think they’re in Heaven and Mama says the adults will think they are there too!

Lula Bell & Betty Boop

96 Prince of Wales Street has closed and we wish the new buyers all the best with their extraordinary new home in the heart of St. Andrews.  This sale sets a new record high for the province as the highest sale of Non-Waterfront.  MLS#NB035098 Offered at $1, 680,000.

96 Prince of Wales St has Closed

Who says we only sell big houses?  Not true!  We appreciate all our clients!  Our listing at 120 Neck Road has an accepted offer!  Congratulations to our sellers and the new buyers.   Wishing you many years of great memories here!   MLS#NB030248, offered at $244,500.

  120 Neck Road is SOLD.

Our new listing at 42 Secoudon Drive MLS #NB045473, offered at $399,000 has an accepted offer with conditions pending.  The market is red hot, and the tides have once again turned to a sellers market.  With a shortage of homes on the market there has never been so many bidding wars.  Low to medium priced homes are flying off the shelf and the larger homes are moving too.  New Brunswickers are on the move!

42 Secoudon Dr Offer Pending

Hope you had a great New Brunswick Day long weekend, hope to see you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy July 24th, 2020

Exciting new heritage listing with 4.6 acres on the St. John River with 500 feet frontage and deep water, perfect for boating!  Tooted as one of the finest examples of Victorian architecture in Canada this gorgeous home graces several books including a cover!  This stunning 5,000 sq ft, 6 bedroom heritage home is 158 years old and and features modern amenities such as a heat pump but retains all of it’s Victorian era charm with brickbrack, steep pitch roof, covered porches,  12′ ceilings and numerous fireplaces including the keeping room kitchen!  It’s currently Exclusive but comincoming on the MLS soon.

The heat is upon us.  Nicholas and I are enjoying the air conditioning!!!  It’s going to be a hot weekend so we’re hoping to get to the beach, maybe even tonight!  I can’t wait to jump into the cool water.

Enjoy a great weekend and hopefully I’ll see you really soon.

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy July 18th, 2020

I’ve been searching for the sun and it’s finally come out!  Good thing because our flowers and hanging baskets were starting to mildew.  Nicholas and I spent a lot of time with Mama in late spring as she planted all these gorgeous planters and we were starting to get worried that they would wilt away in the fog.

Once the sun comes out you know where we like to head, especially on the weekends!  The BEACH!  New Brunswick has the best beaches and we really don’t care which one we go to as long as I can swim.  Nicholas loves to swim in the fresh water as it’s so much warmer, especially this year!

Mama and Charlie have been busy showing properties this week (Mama with residential and Charlie with both residential and commercial).  They are both in the middle of negotiating offers this weekend.  The market is super hot but they can handle it!

We have a fabulous new Global Luxury listing coming up in the next two weeks with a gorgeous one-piece, salt-water pool.  How much would I love to show off my swimming skills there.  This property is a spacious ranch-style with finished walkout basement within walking distance to both French and English middle schools and a bike ride to elementary.  Features include impressive main level master with 5-piece spa-like ensuite, open concept great room, dining & quartz kitchen, absolutely awesome pantry, oversized bedrooms with Jack & Jill bath, home theatre, wine cellar, gym, family room/rec room with wet bar, heat pump, oversized 3-car garage, etc. etc. etc.  I’ll keep you posted as we get ready to go live on the market!

Hope you have a great week.  Keep an eye out for me in my red truck as business’ & shops open Nicholas and I are out and about more!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy July 12, 2020

Well we are excited about a few things!  First the sale of 96 Prince of Wales Street, St Andrews MLS#NB035098 offered at $1,680,000.  This handsome property, a Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Listing with Mama, breaks a new record for New Brunswick as the highest sale in history of a non-waterfront property.  Congratulations to the buyers and sellers!  So much to enjoy right across the street from the gorgeous Algonquin Resort. on 6.89 acres Nicholas and I could have had all kinds of fun on this large property.

Second Nicholas and I had a great visit to Mama’s new listing at 2 Pleasant Avenue, Quispamsis.  MLS #NB045216 offered at $845,000.  On 1.09 acres this property is totally fenced with rolling lawn, mature perennial garden and a wooded area complete with trails.  We had a ball exploring the woods.  We both had a good roll on the lawn, checked out the walkways and had a sniff at the beautifully fragrant flowers.  The wrought iron fencing means your children or four-legged furry friends won’t be able to leave the property so no worry about accidents here.  And we can tell them, “If you’re going to be locked in a yard, this is THE one you want to be locked up in!!!  It’s fantastic, just this side of Heaven and paw approved!”

Let me tell you the house isn’t too shabby either and built to extremely high standards !!!  You should have heard Mama oohing and awing over the green house and what she calls the home-chef’s dream kitchen complete with heated floor, high-end appliances and a wood-burning fireplace!  Then Papa chipped in about the library, main floor bedroom, 3-car garage and the work shop.  Great location just 5 minutes to the shops and markets of Main Street in Quispamsis or the Rothesay Common.  From all I’m seeing and hearing this is one you should probably take a closer look at.


Charlie listed a beautiful house this week in mint condition in Millidgeville at 42 Secoudon Drive near the ferry.  MLS# NB045473 offered at $399,000.  It has four bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, huge sunny windows, fireplace, huge deck and an awesome kitchen!  We expect this beauty will fly off the shelf!

It’s been a weird weekend staying inside with the rain pouring down but the lawns and gardens really need it so it was a welcome sight even though it interfered with our daily walks.  We just worked around it going earlier than usual when a break came in the weather.  Have a great week and we hope to see you really soon.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon




Blogging with Buddy June 30th, 2020

It’s going to be a Canada Day for the history books with no fireworks or concerts but that won’t stop us from fun times with family and friends.  The first six months of this year have certainly been a challenge for us all but Wednesday is a day to kick back and celebrate our great nation the best way you can.  Whether it’s a day at the beach, a hike through the trails or a picnic at the park we’ll all celebrate the country we love with family, friends and don’t forget your four-legged friends.

Mama and Charlie have been busy and we’re excited about the sale of three of Charlie’s listings!  92 Admiral Lane, Kingston MLS#NB043422 offered at $425,000, 22 Reynar Drive, Quispamsis, MLS#NB043239 offered at $289,900 and 1330 Main Street in Hampton, MLS#NB040770 offered at $249,900.  Mama has a Global Luxury sale pending which shows that this team covers all price ranges and locations across Southern New Brunswick.  If you’re thinking of selling or buying your dream home give Mama and Charlie a call, text, message or email today.  If you appreciate experience, honesty and dedication you’ll love working with us!

92 Admiral Lane is SOLD!

22 Reynar Drive is SOLD

1330 Main Street is SOLD

I haven’t been enjoying the warm weather, too hot for the Budster with my big Newfie coat even though Mama keeps me shaved in a puppy cut for the summer.  To beat the heat Nicholas and I have been doing our walks with Mama and Papa between 8:30 and 9:30pm when the air cools down a bit.  We’ve also taken a few swims which is my favourite thing in the Hammond River, Kennebecasis River and the St. John River.   If you’re looking for a building lot on the water we have a new listing on Route 845 at Kingston Creek, MLS#NB044598  that is all ready for your new waterfront dream home!  The land is 1.47 acres and all prepared for new construction that can include a walkout basement and the area for the house is high and dry off the water so no fear of spring freshet.  With 246 feet of shorefront and a deep channel through the creek this is the perfect place to moor or dock your boat right out in front of your house for loads of summer fun!

1.47 Acres on Kingston Creek for sale!

Hope you have a great week and Happy Canada Day!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 19, 2020

It’s going to be a hot one as we could possibly break the record as the hottest day in history on this date.  I hear that it’s pretty toasty inland and that Fredericton may hit 39C!!!  Way, way to hot for the Budster!  Nicholas and I were out early this morning checking our yard for squirrels, crows, etc and checking out the golfers on the third tee.  Wow those people are dedicated.  Sometimes I hear them about 4:30 am in the pitch dark and also in the pouring rain, whacking that little ball.  Must be a lot of fun is all I know.  We’re really hoping that Mama finishes her work early enought today to take us for a refreshing swim.  She’s talking about taking us to Long Reach on the St John River later today.  That would be awesome.  Nicholas will probably get in there as he likes the warmer river water (not big on the cold Bay of Fundy before August).  Nicholas and I have been enjoying our deck with Mama and Papa after dinner when the air cools down.  This way we can stay close to them and keep an eye on the squirrels at the same time! 🙂

  Buddy enjoys the deck.

The market continues to be hot too with numerous bidding wars and homes selling in a day.  Hottest market since 2008!  Be careful not to underprice your house in this hot market.  Be sure you know the real market value of your property.  If you’re thinking of selling give Mama or Charlie a call and they’d be happy to put their heads together and tell you what your house is worth on today’s market.

Watch for us as I’m we’re out and about walking the trails or hanging out the windows as I drive through town.    One thing’s for sure, we won’t be sitting in the parking lots in this hot weather and please be sure to keep your children and pets out of the car when the AC is turned off.  Experts say that the temperature can rise to 40C very quickly in an enclosed vehicle.  Have a great weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 12th, 2020

Interest rates for mortgages are crazy low with some banks offering as low as 1.99% locked in for 5 years!  Unheard of.  Never since 1929 have home buyers seen anything like this!!!  CMCH is planning some changes as of July 1st to include a higher credit score required rising from 600 to 680.  It will be a little more difficult to quality for a mortgage but those who do will have low rates that are off the charts!  Nicholas and I highly recommend you lock in for as long as you can and reap the benefits!

The market is certainly hot and we already have an accepted offer on our new listing at 92 Admiral Lane waterfront property in Kingston on the St John River.  MLS#NB043442 listed at $425,000.  Congratulations to our seller and to the buyers who I’m sure will enjoy this lovely cottage and gorgeous beach.  I could easily see myself loving life at this address!  This beach just makes us drool!

                              92 Admiral Lane is SOLD!

We have a brand new waterfront listing at Kingston Creek, St John River on Route 845 near the Old Reach Road.  PID# 3024845, MLS# NB044598.  This is a 1.47 acre waterfront building lot.  The building site is high and dry (no risk of freshet), all preparred, the driveway is flat (good for wintertime), and you can drive right down to the water’s edge to load your boat right on your own property (very rare)!  It has huge trees and the waterfront is very private.  Great place to boat, kayak, canoe, fish and for me swim, of course!  Priced at $150,000.  There is an additional land for sale at $30,000 right across the street if you require a larger parcel

St John River Building Lot for Sale.

We were about half way through our daily walk yesterday to Spyglass Hill when the skies opened and it started to rain so we headed for the hills.  Mama and Papa had their raincoats on so they were okay and it didn’t really bother Nicholas and I.  We ran for the truck and I jumped right into the back with Nicholas right behind me.  Then we headed to the Dairy Queen drive-through for an ice-cream.  I love the Dairy Queen!  It’s made with ice milk, not cream, so it’s better on my waistline.  Mama orders ice-creams in a cup for us two boys so that it’s easier for us to eat them.  (Papa says we’re spoiled but what to heck, we’re having a good time).  Mama says we may be a bit spoiled but we’re not spoiled rotten, we’re really nice boys.  Everywhere we go people say “Your dogs are so friendly and so well-behaved”.  We just sit back and smile to ourselves.

We’re hoping to head down to New River Beach tomorrow as it’s supposed to be sunny and nice.  We go to a private beach in the area so that we don’t have to worry about a leash while Mama and Papa look for beach glass.  They have some awesome colours of glass including turquoise, yellow, red, saphire blue and red.  They’ve been collecting for several years and it seems to be a very relaxing past time.  While they do that Nicholas pulls huge sticks along the beach while I glide along the water with a refreshing swim.  Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to load in the truck and enjoy a beach day.  Stay safe and have a great weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon




Blogging with Buddy June 1st, 2020

It’s hard to imagine that the Year To Date sales are still up 3% over 2019 when we take into consideration our Covid-19 lock down since mid-March!  There are strict rules (as there should be) to follow while showing/viewing homes during the pandemic in place to keep everyone safe but the market is hotter than we’ve seen in many years (at least 10) with several bidding wars going on.  Mama and I try to figure out why and we think it’s because with people shut in their homes for months they have come to realize life can be short and their current house is not exactly everything they want in a home.  Some want a larger yard, privacy, more bedrooms for close family to come visit or smaller homes now that they are empty nesters.  Some want waterfront, cottages or vacation homes as they don’t plan on travelling now but staying put and enjoying our beautiful province of New Brunswick.  Whatever the reason it’s now a seller’s market!

Nicholas and I went with Mama and Papa to assist in putting the sold sign on our 14 acre listing of land on Mellinger Cres.  We were so excited because the owner gave her permission for us to tag along and have a refreshing swim in the meandering brook.  What a time we had.  It started with a nice walk along a trail through the woods and as soon as I saw the brook I ran and jumped right in.  It was cold but refreshing.  Papa said, “There will be fish in this brook” and there is.  Nicholas stayed more away from the deep section running up and down, splashing on his way.  After our swim we went up and installed the sold sticker.  Here are some pics of our adventurer that day.  Congratulations to our seller and our buyer who plans to build a new house in this pretty section of woodland. MLS#NB038062 Listed at $130,000

Thank you to all for the nice birthday wishes on May 24th on Facebook as I turned 8 years old.  I wasn’t crazy about wearing the Snoopy birthday hat but I enjoyed a yummy cheeseburger picnic with Nicholas and a nice swim.  What more could a big boy wish for on his birthday.  My friend, Oliver Mortimer, who lives out west, turned 9 on the 28th.  I wish that Oliver, as a Bernese mountain dog lived closer.  Us big boys couldn’t have thrown a heck of a joint party!

The weather was freezing last weekend so we didn’t get to the beach as planned but we’re hoping to go this weekend.  Surly now that it’s June it will start to warm up a bit.  Nicholas needs it warmer to start swimming.  I wouldn’t care if it were January I’d swim right in the Bay of Fundy anyway!  Talk soon.

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy May 22, 2020

It’s been a busy, busy week!  Now that the rules are slackening off a bit for Covid-19 more people are out and about and wanting to move!  Home is where the heart is and at no time in history has it been as important as it has this spring.  Now our home is our office, gym, school and playground!  Two months of shut-in has given us all new perspective on our needs in a home!  Some are upsizing, more space for family, downsizing or going to one level, larger yards for children to play at home, acreage for privacy, the list goes on.  Lots of people wanting to start their own vegetable gardens too which I think that would be really cool!

Mama and Charlie have been going right out straight seven days a week, weekends and nights to keep up and loving every minute of it!  They are negotiating deals like crazy as people decide to move to new locations.  We have a very interesting new waterfront listing too with a fine sandy beach at 92 Admiral Lane, Kingston Penninsula.  MLS#NB043442 offered at $425,000.  This home or year-round cottage has 1335 square feet of living space, open concept, cosy wood stove, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and huge deck overlooking the sunset waterview!  All on 1.5 private acres!  I can just see Nicholas and I now on that gorgeous beach with him ripping through the sand and me gliding through the water like only the Budster can do!  Sun shining, birds calling and me with no a cae in the world.  A guy can dream can’t he?  Maybe once things open up some more I could be a co-host at an open house.  That would be awesome!!!

                                       92 Admiral Lane, Kingston Penninsula

Nicholas and I had a great night last night!  Just before dusk we went to Hammond River for a swim.  It was awesome!  Nicholas only went in to his knees but that will change once the water warms up.  The Budster didn’t care if it was cold!  I just jumped right in and did I get a shock.  I knew it would be cold but I’m not used to such a strong current.  I headed into the current and was swimming like crazy but going nowhere!  I gave Mama a look that said “What to heck?” She was laughing at me and called me back to shore.  Then we walked further up the river and I got in and swam back down towards the truck.  I never went so fast in my life!  What a rush!!!  Hope to be back there really soon.

Bumped into our little friend Joey while walking at Drury Cove this week.  What a little sweatheart that Joey is.  He and Nicholas ran and ran and Joey even gave me a few kisses.  He loves big dogs and we love him too.

Supposed to be a really nice weekend so get out there and enjoy.  If you see me in my red truck please give me a wave and I’ll be waving right back.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 8th, 2020

Wishing all you mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!  We hope to do something special with Mama and the sun is supposed to shine.!  Enjoy the sun on Sunday but get ready for a horrendous Saturday which is calling for everything from torrential rains to snow showers!!!  We can’t believe it.  Snow in May?  I’ll go out and roll around in it for sure if it amounts to anything but Mama is not going to be happy.  Saturday is her birthday and we were going to head down to Charlotte County to a private beach for the afternoon.  Since its private we don’t have to worry about social distancing because we wouldn’t be near anyone.  Now that won’t be happening.  I was soooooooo excited as it would be my first swim in the ocean this year.  You know as a Newfoundland dog I love the ocean year round.  Oh well, it will have to wait until another day when the weather warms up.  Experts are saying this coming week will be the coldest May in history.  Everything seems upside down since March was beautiful and we so enjoyed it.  This beautiful Mama below looks to me like she has her paws full with this rowdy brood!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Charlie has an exciting new listing at 22 Reynar Drive in Quispamsis.  MLS#NB043239, offered at $289,900.  This two-story, Cape Cod , custom-built home has a two-car garage, water view and is fantastic value, bordering a green belt.  We don’t expect this one to last long!  Call today for your viewing appointment.

  22 Reynar Drive, Quispamsis

Last Sunday Nicholas and I, Mama and Papa all had a wonderful visit to Charlie’s place in the country.  We hadn’t been there before and didn’t know what to expect.  It was a warm sunny day and Charlie has the best property ever for four-legged furry friends like us!  With hundreds of acres of land and a spring-fed lake what more could we ask for???  When we pulled into the driveway we were so excited, we were practically jumping up and down in the back of the truck.  I jumped out first and just starting running straight for the lake as fast as I could go.  Not very often that I leave Nicholas in the dust but while he was greeting Charlie I just made a beeline.  I jumped right in and just started swimming straight out to the middle.  Nicholas followed and ran in to his knees, felt the cold water hit him and just stopped dead for a few minutes, staring at me like I had screws loose.  Hey, with my big double Newfy coat, the cold water doesn’t bother me any.  I was practicing my doggy paddle with long sure strokes, totally in my glory.  Next thing I knew the little fella was in doing his paddle at lighting speed (he’s not as relaxed a swimmer as I am but he’s fast).  We got out about twenty minutes later, did a big shake and then had a great run around the hay fields.  Mama, Papa and Charlie sat out in the sun on the deck laughing at us, drinking tea and eating snacks that Mama had brought (Charlie sharred some of the cheese with us, it was so good).  Charlie through the ball for Nicholas several times who raced across the field wide open.  I rested with Mama and Papa on the deck and just let Nicholas put on a show.  We had the time of our lives.  Nicholas overdid it a bit and it took him a few days to recouperate (what else would be new?).  The little guy just can’t seem to accept that he’s eight years old now, not a two year old any more.  I hope Mama and Papa bring us back to Charlie’s really soon.  Best Sunday ever!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend as things start to open up from the Covid-19 lock down.  We’re hoping they don’t open too quickly as New Brunswicker’s have done so well to flatten the curve as quickly as possible.  We’re eager to get out and about for sure but most importantly we don’t want to lose ground and we don’t want our borders opened too quickly either!  Let’s not blow it now!  Mama looks forward to hosting her open houses again but I tell her not to fret, she’ll be welcoming people again into our beautiful listings.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy, May 1st, 2020

Here’s some good news to brighten your day!  We saw prime rates drop weeks ago and now the mortgage rates are dropping to an all-time low!!!  National is now pushing a  5-year fixed rate for a CMHC/Genworth insured mortgage at 2.25%!  Yes, you’re reading this correctly.   It’s unprecedented since the 1920’s.  Just imagine five years locked in at 2.25.  All Nicholas and I can say is “Wow”!  With so much bad news this last few months I thought it’s the perfect time to share some good news to brighten your spirits.

So if you’re like the rest of us and have been climbing the walls with ‘self-isolation’ and spending so much time at home, maybe you’ve found that you need something different.  With these low rates, this is the time!  So do you need a larger house for your busy  family or a smaller house since you’re now empty nesters with a lot of empty space and want to cut down on monthly carrying costs.? Maybe you’ve realized in the last few months that you really need a bigger yard for the kids and your four-legged fur babies to play in?  Since it looks like travel is going to be either non-existent for a while or at least very challenging maybe a vacation cottage/weekend get-away is looking very appealing right now.? It’s amazing how this last few months has really brought what is truly important in our lives to the forefront and many of us want to make changes for the better as we come out of isolation, spending more quality time with our friends and family.  If changes in your life include a different property for any reason, call Mama and Charlie.  They know the market and are both experienced negotiators who’ll put your needs first to help you find that perfect place that you’ll call home!  If you have pet be assured that Mama and Charlie consult with me as the company mascot to be sure that the four-legged criteria is included in their search!  If you wish to sell, they should be your first call.  Call, text or message, they’re here to help and they’re the most discrete Realtors you’ll ever meet.  Mums the word here.

I had my first swim of the year on Sunday in a private lake and let me tell you it felt sooo good!!!  Mama thought it would be too cold but with my double Newfoundland coat, I didn’t feel a thing.  Nicholas thought I was crazy.  The little guy with his soft silky coat needs the warmer water of summer to enjoy a good swim.  Papa said I should join the polar bear club.  I could very easily!

  Buddy’s first swim of the year!

Congratulations to our sellers of 75 Kingshurst Lane,  Rothesay whose house closed yesterday.  This gorgeous waterfront property is right up my alley with an acre of private land, on the end of a cul de sac, a nice riverfront beach and awesome water view.  Mama would never get me out of the water if I had a place like this!!!  MLS#NB036981, offered at  $985,000.  To the buyers I also say “congrats”, you’ve got your self, one beautiful property!  You’ll soon discover that nothing is nicer than waterfront in New Brunswick in the summer.  Enjoy!

75 Kingshurst is sold!  Right in the heart of Rothesay!

Wishing you all a great weekend, stay home and stay safe!  I know it’s getting tedious but we’ve done a great job New Brunswick so hang in there.  We’ll take some walks and fresh air (doctors say it’s important for our physical and mental health!)

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon




April 24th, 2020

Finally our spring/summer wreath at our front door is finished!  Nicholas and I kept Mama company over a four day stretch as she hand-wired each bloom in place!  What a tedious job!!!  Nicholas wasn’t much of a help as he kept bugging her to play ball and kept running through the flowers she had set out on the patio in colour-coordinated groups.  That’s our Nicholas, we didn’t nick-name him Dennis the Menace for nothing!  Even though decorating the wreath is painstakingly slow, it sure is pretty when it’s done!  All who visit our house just love it!  At eight feet in diameter it really makes a statement.  Mama says, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well” and I say, “Go big or go home!”

  Our summer wreath is done!!!

Even though it’s a challenge selling real estate amid Covid-19 Mama, Charlie, Nicholas and I are still working hard!  Our listing at 1 Malabeam Lane, Rothesay closed yesterday.  Offered at $548,000 MLS#NB028280.  Nicholas and I stopped by to check out this waterfront dream.  Here you see us sitting on the new sea wall/berm which is working well!

1Malabeam Lane, Rothesay is SOLD!

We are also excited to bring the buyer to 138 Anchorage Ave MLS#NB032655 offered at $524,900.  Congratulations to our buyers, wishing you many years of happy memories in your new home!  So nice to work with you!

We brought the buyers to 138 Anchorage Ave.

So it’s been a busy week and now we’re hoping to catch some rays as the weather warms and we can see we’re heading towards summer.  The Covid-19 restrictions are starting to get slacker but please keep vigilant and take it a step at a time.  New Brunswick has done so very well and we do want to back-slide!!!  Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy April 17th, 2020

How blessed are we to live in New Brunswick during Covid-19?  When we see the news and look around the world at how cities and countries are suffering with huge outbreaks and death tolls.  It’s beyond scary.  New Brunswick and Canada as a whole have been following the regulations closely and doing our best to flatten the curve.  Nicholas and I have been practicing our self-isolation and social distancing just going out once a day for our daily walk.  We rarely see anyone on the trails these days and when we have come across anyone especially with a dog, Mama and Papa hold us by the collar at a distance until they pass because we can’t be chummy right now with our four-legged friends either.  We sure will be happy when this is all over!!!  Better days have to be coming.  We got some nice pictures yesterday.  Here’s one Mama took of me and of Nicholas.  She says we’re the prettiest boys in Rothesay but she could be prejudice!

I have to add that we are getting very sick of TV (especially CNN which Papa watches) and if we see one more movie we’re going to scream!  Mama and Papa have lots of good movies but enough is enough.  The only thing keeping us sane is our walks in the fresh air with the birds singing as we stroll though the woodland trails.

Mama and Charlie are both working from home.  TG for computers and smart phones.  They are shocked at the number of inquiries from out of town buyers!  I guess word is out that New Brunswick is THE place to live to be safe during the outbreak.  With our low case numbers, zero deaths and our population really paying close attention and following all the rules, we’re close to having this cracked!  We won’t be surprised if New Brunswick isn’t one of the first places to reopen safely.

Have a good weekend and be sure to Stay In and Stay Safe!  As I say to Nicholas we’ve come this far, it won’t be too much longer!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, April 10th, 2020

As we continue on with social distancing and self-isolation it proves to be an Easter for the history books.  Easter is such a special time of year when we’re all used to being with family celebrating over a beautiful Easter feast.  (let me tell you as a Newfoundland dog I really look forward to the feast!).  It’s when Spring is in the air, days are getting warmer with the promise of summer is just around the corner and its puts some extra spring in our steps.  But not this year.   We all have to stay focused with our social distancing even during Easter.  Nicholas and I have been very careful through this Covid-19 to not only keep away from other people but other furry friends as well.  Mama says that if someone pets us they can leave germs on our fur that could rub off with the next rub.  So as we’re out walking and meet up with furry friends we cross the street to keep at least a 2m 6 ft distance or more.  Mama and Papa, speak, smile, wave and keep moving.  It’s soooo important right now as we push through to flatten the curve.  Even when we’re at the grocery store we can’t let people come over to the truck to rub us and say hello as they use to.  I keep explaining to Nicholas who is so very social that this won’t last forever and he’s got to stay strong and stick to the rules.  The good news is that CBC News says the Easter Bunny is immune to the virus!!!  We saw it on the TV ourselves and are so happy about it.  We’ve tried to be good boys all year (for the most part) and hope to find and Easter basket Easter morning.  Nicholas wants to hope he gets up early because if he doesn’t I can’t promise what will be left!  Mama says I need to learn better to share with my brother.  Bend an ear Easter Bunny, I’m working on it.

Remember social distancing, 6 ft apart!

It’s a challenge for Mama and Charlie right now selling real estate.  They have several closings in April they are dealing with and have had plenty of interest from buyers from out of province who feel that New Brunswick is a very desirable place to live now more than ever.  These people plan to visit our province to view homes just as soon as the travel ban and border closures are lifted.  No one knows when that will be but one thing we know for sure; when it comes to a world-wide crisis, New Brunswick is THE place to live!  We are very proud of how our premier and prime minister have been looking after the best interests of the people during these unprecedented times.  We’re also proud of fellow New Brunswicker’s who are respecting the safety procedures in place which is keeping us ahead of the curve.  Special thanks to all the front line workers from medical personal, to delivery, groceries, police, firemen, paramedics, etc.  God bless you all and all that you do every day to help us keep some semblance of normal life and keep us safe.  To those across Canada and around the world who have lost loved ones we send our sincere condolences for your loss.  Our hearts are with you.

We wish you a peaceful Easter weekend during these challenging times and remember stay in and stay safe!  It’s your life, it’s the life of your family and friends, it’s important!

Talk soon,

Big Buddy Bacon 

March 27th, 2020

Another week of social distancing and staying in!  It’s the right thing to do but Nicholas and I are getting a bit of cabin fever and I’m sure you are too!  Everyone is being very creative and doing their best to keep their minds occupied (you can only watch so much TV, right?).   There are a few shows that the two of us really enjoy and Mama makes sure we catch them on the right day and time.  My favourite is ‘Hudson & Rex’, the detective show about Detective Charlie Hudson (same first name as our colleague Charlie T) and his side kick, what he calls ‘his highly trained law enforcement animal”, German Shepherd, Rex.  Wow that Rex is sooooo smart and a real asset to the force.  Every week I don’t know what crime the guy will solve next!  Personally I think Detective Hudson would be lost without Rex but then I may be biased!!!  Now Nicholas is absolutely crazy about,  ‘America’s Top Dog’.  This fast paced action show brings together top K9 cops and civilian dogs alongside their handlers as they compete nose-to-nose on the ultimate K9 obstacle course.  Never a dull moment!  It’s amazing how well the mutts do against the purebreds.  Nicholas hangs his front paws over the edge of the couch, leaning in,  ears perked up, just staring, never taking his eyes off the action on the screen.  I think he wishes he could give it a try.  My money would be on Nicholas because he’s lean, super fast and smart, everything you need to be America’s Top Dog!  (Just between us I’m the smarter of the two but I’m not so lean or fast so I couldn’t jump and climb through the apparatus I see on the show but I do enjoy watching it too, cheering on my favourites.

Families are spending quality time, that’s for sure!!  We’re doing puzzles, games, nature walks, spring cleaning the house, shed, basement and garage, doing all the things we say we never have time for.  For the short term all we have is time and each other so let’s be kind and considerate and don’t horde, there’s plenty for everyone.  If we stay in and self distance we’ll overcome this pandemic.  I’m very grateful and proud that New Brunswickers are taking this seriously and doing all we can to flatten the curve as much as possible.  There’s no where else in the world I’d rather live!!!

  Stay at least 6′ or 2m apart!  It’s important!

Amazingly houses are still selling and Mama and Charlie are quite busy both working from home on their computers and smart phones through email, text, message, zoom and DocuSign.  Imagine if this happened twenty years ago, when we had no computers or PDAs, we’d all be shut right down!!!  Potential buyers are viewing properties on line, asking the important questions and writing offers via DocuSign.  Charlie wrote offers on two lots this morning.  Way to go!  Mama is working on new listings and several accepted offers she has with closings coming up in April.  Never in her career has she had so many buyers want to close specifically in April and for all different reasons!

With Covid-19 circling we won’t be seeing you out and about as we usually do in our red truck ‘the Budmobile’ but stay posted and I’ll keep you up to date on our latest happenings.  Being a social animal (no pun intended), I’m just trying to hold it together here and look forward to seeing you real soon!


You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging With Buddy March 20, 2020

Are you practicing social distancing?  Keeping your hands away from your face?  Washing your hands constantly?  These are remarkable times we’re in.  As the experts and doctors keep telling us, it’s of outmost importance to follow these simple rules not only for your own health but of those you know and love.  Nicholas and I have been spending a lot of time in our yard just getting fresh air and having some fun playing in what’s left of a bit of snow.  Mama and Papa have been staying so close to home, only venturing out for essentials and taking us on our daily walks.  It’s kind of eerie out as when we walk we’re not seeing any neighbours, or other people, no cars go by, we haven’t seen other four legged furry friends in over a week (that was our sweet little neighbour, Duff Black).  Mama says the experts are saying it’s important to get out there and walk, breathing deeply the fresh air for your mental health as well as your physical health.  Nothing feels better than a good walk and we agree!  She read that back during the Spanish flu in 1918 doctors found that patients got better much quicker who enjoyed some fresh air each day.  Since Mama has worked from home for many years her routine has not been affected much through the day,  with computers and smart phones business continues on line, by text, email, messenger, etc.  TV has been rather boring at night so she’s pulled out a few good movies, we’ve enjoyed.  We understand that it’s hard to keep yourself isolated, after all, we’re social creatures but it’s vitally important right now and this won’t last forever.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our clients who are out of the country at this time and not able to get back to New Brunswick.  Some are in the USA and some are overseas.  Please know that we’re thinking of you and praying for your safe return.

Due to Covid-19 we have suspended all open houses until further notice from the government to inform us that it’s safe.  The safety of our clients is of outmost importance to us in these unusual times we’re living.  You won’t be seeing Nicholas and I out and about in our red truck as we’re following the rules and staying home.  Mama wipes our paws too when we come in from outdoors.  As they say, “This too will pass”.  So relax, enjoy some down time as much as you can and as the English say, “Stay calm and carry on”.  In this case ‘carry on’ means staying close to home.  Stay safe!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy March 13th, 2020

Are you ready for a new home?  The selection is more limited than we’ve seen in many years but there are still some great properties out there for sale.  If there is anything of interest to you or you simply have some questions, give Mama or Charlie a call and they’ll be happy to help.

Not this Sunday but next Sunday, March 22nd our colleague, David Nicholson is  hosting an open house at 120 Neck Road in Quispamsis from 2-4 pm.  MLS#NB030248 priced at $249,900.  This charming bungalow features an open concept, cherry cabinetry in the custom kitchen with adjoining deck, propane fireplace, hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms including the master suite with walk-in closet & full ensuite bath plus the home features a full basement with 9 foot ceilings.  The lot is totally flat with some nice mature trees and the storage shed is included.  Please take note of the date!


Nicholas and I have been enjoying the nice weather this past week.  It has been getting muddy with the milder temperatures which means we must wipe our paws before entering the house!!!  There is still some slippery ice out there so be very careful.  Hope to see you around this weekend.

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy March 6, 2020

Doesn’t this weather just put some spring in your step?  With the warmer weather melting a lot of the ice and snow it just gives us the anticipation of what’s to come knowing spring is just around the corner.  Nicholas and I are enjoying longer walks across the snow crust covered fields (most trails are ice covered now).  You have to be so careful on the ice rather you are two legged or four!!!  We’re counting down the days until spring, we can almost smell it!

We’re excited about our recent Coldwell Banker Global Luxury sales at 1 Malabeam Lane, Rothesay MLS#NB028280, priced at $548,000 and 70 Dunedin Road, Rothesay MLS#NB036677 priced at $549,000.  Malabeam is a waterfront property and Dunedin is a water view.  Congratulations to the happy sellers and buyers of these fine homes!

70 Dunedin Road in Rothesay is SOLD!

1 Malabeam Lane in Rothesay is SOLD!

We have two open houses planned for this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  Mama is at 31 Fox Point Drive in Drury Cove MLS#025863, offered at $449,000.  This sunny home features a partial stone facade, covered entrance, two-story foyer with huge palladian window, cherry kitchen, propane fireplace, huge deck, private yard and very nice layout.  Replacement cost on this home is $650,000 making it an excellent value!!!

31 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove, Open House Sunday 2-4pm.

David Nicholas is ready to welcome you to 12 Bitterroot Lane in Quispamsis near Q-Plex MLS#NB036871 offered at $399,900.  This home is new construction with many features including huge foyer, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, open concept, finished loft, fireplace and finsihed daylight basement bringing the total square footage to 3100 sq ft.

12 Bitterroot Lane, Quispamsis, near Q-Plex, Open House Sunday 2-4pm.

Hope to see you out and about this weekend.  Get out there and enjoy the sunshine as the weatherman is talking about possible snow and freezing rain from Monday until Thursday next week!  If you see us, please come over to say hi!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy, February 14th 2020

Baby it’s cold outside! No wonder they call us tough Canucks as Atlantic Canadians roll right along through snow, sleet, wind & rain!!! Yes homes do sell in the winter time too. There are not as many on the market so the selection is limited for buyers but the sellers don’t have as much competition which is a huge advantage. Buyer’s still get the urge in winter that they’d like to make a move and those relocating here for work have no say on the timing, they have to buy a home now and usually have 30 days to close on their new purchase. In the springtime, usually March, thousands of homes come on the market for sell. It’s great for buyers to have so many to consider but tough competition for the sellers all hoping for that one buyer who chooses their home over all the others! The weather is a key factor in the winter for viewing homes as we go from lovely sunny days with above freezing temperatures to vicious storms blowing through. It really brings front of mind how important it is to buy a quality-built home with good windows, great insulation and economic heating system to help keep the heating costs down. Mama and Charlie have sold homes in the middle of some of our worse winter storms so they know first-hand that when a buyer is ready they want that home now!

It’s a difficult time of year to plan for public open houses this time of year as the weather forecast changes by the minute so who will know what the next Sunday weather will bring. Advertisements need to go in the paper five days ahead to catch deadlines and the weatherman just can’t tell us for sure what’s going to happen in the next five days. So we play it by ear and cross our fingers and paws!

Wishing you all a very nice Valentine’s Day. Nicholas and I don’t have girlfriends at the time, so we don’t have sweethearts to spoil with special treats. Mama and Papa will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day so it’s a big day for them! They’ll share cards and a special dinner out and be all smiley and goo goo over each other. Nicholas and I just roll our eyes. On Feb 14th, 1992 Mama’s father, Tom, waltzed her down the candlelit isle at the original little ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Help’ amongst family and friends. It was a Friday night, not too cold but there was snow on the ground. It was followed by a reception and dinner at Shadow Lawn Inn. Mama says it seems like yesterday. Papa says, “Where did the time go?”. No one knew on this happy occasion what was to come. On the day Mama returned from her honeymoon her father was diagnosed with brain cancer at the young age of 62. Always a healthy, robust man, he passed later the same year. Mama is forever grateful to have had her father at her wedding. They were very close and he was the one who taught her to love and care for animals the way she does growing up surrounded with the love of furry friends.

  Happy Valentines Day!

If you’re out and about this weekend, stay warm and stay safe on the ice!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy January 31st, 2020

We’re excited about our stunning new Global Luxury listing at 40 Brigadoon Terrace in Millidgeville.  This one has it all, panoramic sunset water view, Bose sound system in every room, hardwood and heated slate floors, massive windows, heat pump with AC, hot water in-floor heating, oversized two-way fireplace, huge private deck with hot tub, the feature list here is long!  MLS#NB039359.  Offered at $899,000.  Book your private viewing today and be preparred to be wowed the moment you walk in the door!


We been walking the trails and the parks and it’s getting icy again.  The snow is so hardpacked that it’s turning to ice.  We’re being really careful but we worry about Mama and Papa as they just don’t have these big claws to grip the ice like we do!  I’m keeping a close eye on them.  They both have kleets now that fasten onto their boots, good thing.  We found the walking so good when we had the fresh packed snow, just like a side walk but those days are gone and now the ice is here.  We had a nice stroll down at Riverside Park this week just before dusk with a beautiful sunset shinning down over the ice.  Nice end to a perfect day.

  Enjoying the view from Riverside Park!

We had a great turn out at our four open houses last weekend!  Even though it was a dirty, wet, rainy day, folks were out to view our homes.  Special thanks to our sellers for allowing us to host these open houses and special thanks to our colleagues Doug Craft and Jonathon Rasenberg who helped Mama and Charlie open four homes!

Have a good weekend, stay warm and we’ll see you really soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy January 17th, 2020

Baby it’s cold outside!  Be sure your furry friends are indoors, ears freeze quickly in these low temperatures.  Sure glad I’ve got this big thick double Newfoundland coat to keep me toasty no matter how much the temperature drops.  I love winter and especially the cold.  When Mama let me out early this morning I started jumping up and down like a little pony I was so happy!  Nicholas looks at me like I have two heads.  He’s not so happy about the cold and is wearing his fur-lined lumber jack coat and needs it.  His fine fur doesn’t keep him very warm so Mama is sure to keep his coat on him when he’s out.  When it’s closer to 0 he wears a nice thick sweater but the sweater won’t cut it in this weather.  I do have a nice fur lined blue plaid coat that I inherited from Theodore.  It’s made exactly like a horse blanket and fastens with buckles.  Mama bought it years ago at the Royal Winter Fair.  By the sounds of things I’ll be sporting it this weekend but I have to tell you, I feel like a Geek wearing a coat!  We shouldn’t complain too much about the cold as our friends in Toronto tell us it’s -32 there and has been for awhile!  When you’re looking for a new home you want one that is well-built and well insulated, keeping you not only warm and cosy in these cold months but also keeping your heating costs down as low as possible.  An inspector or trusted contractor friend will be able to tell you if the house you’re thinking of purchasing is well insulated. A fireplace or airtight stove is another welcome comfort in the cold temperatures.  Nicholas will be curled up by ours this weekend.

  Nicholas in his fur-lined coat.

Please Note;  Charlie’s Open House is Cancelled for today; Due to the weather.  Please watch for it next Sunday Jan 26th.

Charlie is having another open house this coming Sunday at 12 Bitterroot Lane in Quispamsis, MLS# NB036871 from 1-3 pm.  This is a brand new 3100 square foot spec home located within walking distance of Q-Plex and the dog park!  What’s better than living near the dog park?  Nicholas and I would be over there every day.  This home has hardwood floors, open concept, fireplace, huge foyer, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, finished loft, finished daylight basement and 2-car garage!  Move-in ready!

Mama will be hosting a Global Luxury Waterfront open house not this Sunday but next Sunday January 26th from 2 – 4.  Stay tuned, the location to be announced.

Have a great weekend.  If you go out dress warm and if you’re staying in I hope you enjoy a nice fireplace!  Nicholas and I will be walking the trails of Spy Glass and RNS no matter what the weather.  We’ll see all you tough Cunucks on the trails!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon  

Blogging with Buddy, January 10th 2020

Seems so strange now to say 2020!  Sounds so futuristic, don’t you think?  We’re looking forward to another stellar year in real estate and all the excitement and challenges this business can bring!  2019 was fantastic and we’ve hit the ground running in 2020!  Rather you are upsizing or downsizing, looking for waterfront or waterview, condo or townhouse, buying or selling, Mama, Charlie and I are here to help.  I’m personally hoping to be allowed to attend more showings and open houses.  With my good looks and personality plus I feel I’m an asset and with my excellent swimming skills I can certainly point out the many features of waterfront properties at open houses!  Mama is always concerned that someone may be afraid of a big black dog but look at this face, do I look scary to you?

I’m going to ask my furry colleagues Teddy Baskin and Whinny Dorian if their Papas let them attend.  Maybe they can help me convince Mama that Nicholas and I are good support at these events.  I can understand her saying no to Nicholas as the little guy gets a bit excited at times, running around acting the fool but I’m always laid-back and relaxed with perfect manners!  I just like hanging out with people and chilling, showing off the features of the properties.  I’ll keep working on her and if you bump into Mama mention that you’d like to see me and thanks for the support!

First open house of the year is hosted by Charlie at 12 Bitterroot Lane in Quispamsis, MLS# NB036871 this Sunday from 1-3 pm.  This is a brand new 3100 square foot spec home located within walking distance of Q-Plex and the dog park!  I’d love to be within walking distance to the dog park, Nicholas and I would be over there every day.  This home has hardwood floors, open concept, fireplace, huge foyer, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, finished loft, finished daylight basement and 2-car garage!  Move-in ready!

Watch out for freezing rain this weekend and drive safely.  Mama has showings with out of town buyers this weekend so we hope the weather is not too bad!  We’ll be out and about walking the trails of RNS when a break comes in the weather and picking up some groceries.  If you see up in our red truck please come over to say hello.  We have strict orders from Mama to stay in the vehicle when we’re in parking lots but we’d love to see you!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, December 20th, 2019

Nicholas and I can hardly stand it!  The anticipation is killing us as we count down the days now and the sleeps until big old Santa Paws visits our house.  we are trying to very hard to be good!  (lets say as good as possible).  I got in a little trouble this week when I stole one of Papa’s leather gloves off a chair and had serious plans to rip it to sheads until I got caught.  Just in the nick of time too as there isn’t a mark on it!  Then the same day a Rogers Cable rep came to the house to repair our cable.  He had a nice pair of work gloves hanging out of his back pocket.  I was just reaching out to grab them when I heard Mama sharply say, “BUDDY”!  Needless to say I aborted that mission, looking around all innocent as if to say, “what?”.  Meanwhile the little guy is as hyper as h_ _ _.  He’s driving me nuts.  I’m so laid back and calm but he’s tearing around the house, tearing around the trails, the fields, the yard….   He can hardly contain himself!  I keep saying,  “Cool it little buddy, the big day is almost here!”  We’ve had some great fun this week with our friends at Allison and Spy Glass.  I do more watching then running but I’m having a good time too.

Special congratulations to our colleague at Coldwell Banker, Paul Dorian on his new puppy Whinney!  She is one adorable little girl from what we hear.  Mama came home from the office ranting and raving until Nicholas and I thought we’d be sick!  “Okay, enough all ready!”  We get jealous you know if she rants too much about other four-legged furry friends!!!  Here’s a pic of Paul and his new fur baby.  I love her colours,  matches me.  Nicholas and I are looking forward to meeting her asap!  She just loves Mama but it’s rare then any dog wouldn’t love our Mama!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, peaceful holiday season and every blessing in the New Year of good health, happiness and prosperity.  We thank all our loyal clients for putting their trust in our abilities to give you the very best real estate experience!  Talk with you in the New Year!

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy December 14th, 2019

Well not too long now until old Santa Paws swings his famous sled in our direction!  We’ve been really good boys all year (don’t ask Papa, he may not agree).  But Mama always calls us angels so that really says it all!  We got our little tree up this week in the family room, all decorated and ready for any gifts that may be tossed our way.  We love gifts especially the ones wrapped in lots of tissue we can tear!  Our big family tree will go in the foyer, it will be a real live tree so we’ll get that up this week.  Our stockings are hanging on the family room fireplace mantle, we’re being as good as gold and we’re ready!

We were out walking the trails of Spy Glass Hill by 7am this morning, getting out there before the storm hit!  We really enjoy an early morning walk.  Mama was up and Adam but it took a little wee bit of coaxing to get Papa on board this morning.  He throughly enjoyed it asa we were out the door, marching along with the wind on our backs and breathing deeply the fresh breeze.  We bumped into one of Nicholas best buddies, little Duffy Black, the border collie.  Duff is 7 months old now, runs like the wind and oh so handsome!!!  I like Duff but I can’t run like he and Nicholas do.  They had a high old time.  Nicholas went right back to bed after eating his breakfast, he was pooped!

Mama and Charlie had two closings yesterday, one at 11 Kingsley Avenue in Woodleigh Park and another one in Quispamsis that was not their listing but listed on MLS.  These buyers will be all set up and in for Christmas.  Hope Santa Paws finds their house too, we’re leaving a note with directions!  Charlie and Mama have a big closing coming up the first week of January in Low Wood, I think this sale of theirs is breaking another record for the area!  Go team go!

  11 Kingsley is SOLD!

Stay high and dry this weekend as they say we are in for a rough one with fifteen hours straight of torrential rains, calling for 60 mm Saturday!  Nicholas and I are in for the day, warm and cosy with a nice breakfast in our tummys and our daily wallk all done!  Stay dry keep your fur babies in out of the storm and we’ll talk with you soon.

Your Pal

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy December 6th, 2019

We had a nice trip to Kingson yesterday where we helped Mama remove the lockbox from 129 Gorham’s Bluff Road which received an accepted offer the very first day on MLS with two back up offers!  MLS#NB035330, $425,000.  You just never know when the buyers will be all over a property!  This one has 15 scenic acres with a panoramic view up and down the St John River.  We had a ball in the snow checking everything out as Mama removed the lockbox.  Wow, what a yard, acres and acres!   I rolled and rolled in the snow while Nicholas ran and ran.  What fun!  Lucky are the new buyers of this gorgeous property!

We’ve been preparing our Christmas cards and will be putting up our own Christmas tree this weekend!  We’re busy as bees!  We just love it when Mama puts up our little 4 foot tree.  So many beautiful animal ornaments passed down over the years.  Each one is wrapped individually and are handled with care! Each year Santa brings us a new one and our Auntie Blue gives us one as well!

We know you’re all busy getting ready for the big day!  Hope to see you out an about this weekend.  Watch for me in my bright red truck!

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy November 22, 2019

Have you ever thought about being in a new home for Christmas?  Have you walk into a showing and visulized where you would stand the Christmas tree in that home.  Can you imagine serving Christmas Dinner by candlelight in your new dining room or baking Christmas cookies with children or grandchildren in an awesome kitchen with sparkling new appliances and possibly double ovens?  There’s still time with many properties available for quick closing!  If a property is empty, and on land titles (which 99% are these days) lawyers can now actually close them in three days!  Gone are the days where closings took a minimum of thirty days.  Mama has tested this, selling and closing a property within 3 days here in Rothesay.  Keep in mind that both the buyers laywer and the sellers lawyer need to be on board to make this happen so you’ll want to check with them first!

We’ve been as busy as bees getting our house ready for Santa.  A week ago we got the outside all done (it was a big job) and we’ve been puttering away in the evenings inside, after Mama is finished work.  Mama and Papa always put up a real fir tree for Christmas in the foyer Christmas week but Nicholas and I have our own little artificial tree.  We don’t have it up yet of course, it’s too early for that but we’ll be pulling it out in a couple of weeks along with all our beloved animal ornaments.  Nicholas just loves it and I do too.  Most of the ornaments are dogs and cats but we also have some squirels, raccoons, bears, deer, mice, ect.  Mama has been collecting them for a long time and they’ve been passed down to us from William and Buffy (the cats) Freckles, Theodore andLaddie (the dogs).  We treasure each one, ohhing and aweing,  as they are unwrapped and placed on the tree.  We have little mini coloured lights and a small santa sits on the top of the tree.  When it’s all done we just lay and stare at it, mesmerized!  We’ll show you some pictures when it’s all up and decorated this year.   Here are some pics of what we did outside.


This is the wreath Nicholas and I had chosen for the front door!  We think it’s totally appropriate as you know asa anyone knocks on the door or a squirel even scampers across the yard we let Mama and Papa know that somethings going on!

No open houses this weekend but we will have one next Sunday December 1st at 70 Dunedin Road in Rothesay from 2-4pm.  Please note the date!  MLS#NB036677  Offered at $549,000.  This stone character home has a lovely view of the Kennebecasis River, large foyer, huge living room with 10′ ceiling and wood burning fireplace, spacious dining room and modern granite kitchen!

Don’t you think this little guy all done up with his cosy hat and scarf looks like our new neighbour little Duff Black?  The picture on the left is Duff’s baby picture when he arrived here.  We think they could be twins!!!  Duff is about 6 months old now and he sure is a little sweetheart!  Runs like the wind!!!  Mama has already preparred Nicholas to the fact that he won’t be able to keep up with Duff once Duff’s full grown.  Nicholas wasn’t impressed, he thinks he’s a speed demon and he is but he’ll be 8 on Christmas Day so not quite as quick as he used to be.

Hope you have a good weekend and if you’re out and about dress warm!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy November 15th, 2019

Is your home all winterized and ready for some nasty winter weather over the months to come?  The experts have been saying we may be in for some severer winter weather this year and we’ve been busy getting our ducks in a row here.  First we raked all our autumn leaves, bagged them and put them out for composte pick up.  Actually we had a blast brazing through the piles of leaves while Mama and Papa tried to rake them!  Then we drove the markers in the driveway (actually Papa did it) so the snowblower will know exactly where to navigate around the yard.  Then Mama had our furnace fine tuned and filters changed so we’d get maximum performace out of it this winter and we had our fireplaces cleaned and checked as well as all our windows washed.  When you live in the northern hemisphere you just can’t be too careful when preparing your property for the snowy weather.  Now Mama says we’re getting the outside ready for Christmas this weekend.  It’s a huge job with a dozen24″ planters to fill with greens and decorations as well as the window box on the shed plus the hanging baskets.  Then it’s on to the big task!!!  Mama’s humungous  6 foot wreath at the front entrance needs to be converted to winter and what a job that is.  Up and down the ladder many times with Mama and Papa doing the big conversion.  They work together well and have it down to a science now but it still takes about two days before it’s tweaked to perfection!  They have been waiting for some milder weather to get at it (need big coats like the Budster) and it’s sounding good for this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted and show you some pictures when it’s finished.

New listing on 156.5 acres in Kingston with well-built 3 bed/2bath home, oversized 2-car garage and view of the St. John River.  Mature trees and miles of trails for hiking, biking, 4-wheeling and cross country skiing!  All right on your own property. 3574 Route 845, MLS#NB036882, priced at $425,000.

12 Bitterroot Lane , Quispamsis MLS#NB036871 is on the market for $399,900!  This brand new home has 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, open concept, fireplace, stunning quartz kitchen, hardwood floors, loft, finished basement, generator hookup, economical ductless heat pump and insulated 2-car garage!  It’s withing walking distance of the ever popular Q-Plex, walking trails and one of mine and Nicholas’ favourite places ‘The Dog Park’!!!  This is the perfect family home for children and pets alike!  Give Charlie or Mama a call and check it out!

If you’re hitting the stores this weekend, brace yourselves.  Nicholas and I stopped at a few this week in the back of our red SUV and we can tell you it was a total zoo!!!  Have a good week and we’ll talk soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy November 8th, 2019

Who’s the happiest guy in Rothesay, me or Nicholas?  If there is one thing we love it’s snow!!!  Pristine, crystal clear white, cold, snow.  The happiest day of our year is the first snow day and here it is!  We were estatic when Mama opened the door this morning and there is was in all it’s glory.  I just blinked my eyes a few times and flew out the door bounding across the lawn while Nicholas went flying past me leaping in the air like a banshee.  We both got down and rolled and rolled with goofy smiles on our faces.  Man that feels good.  I’m sure Mama thinks were crazy!  She comes out all bundled up against the elements just laughing at the two of us who are having so much fun.  She goes back in and leaves us there because she knows on the first day of snow we won’t be rushing to get back in the house.  She rallys Papa around and they come back out to take us for a nice long walk where we explore every nook and cranny along the trail.  Oh joy, oh bliss.  Mama and Papa aren’t as excited as we are to say the least.  We hear them talking about slippery driving, wearing heavy coats and boots ; oveall not too enthusiastic!  We say, “Come on guys, get with the program!  This is it for the next five or six months so you might as well suck it up and look on the bright side!”  As I like to say, “Suck it up Buttercup!”

All conditions were met on two more sales yesterday!  First at 129 Gorham’s Bluff Road in Kingston, MLS#NB035330, $412,000, our new listing with 18 scenic acres on the water, sold the first day on the market (in that huge storm we had) with two backup offers waiting on the sidelines.  Second is our Exclusive listing at 75 Kingshurst Lane, Rothesay, $985,000 with 1 full acre of waterfront privacy overlooking Minister’s Face.

129 Gorhams Bluff Road, Kingston SOLD

75 Kingshurst Lane, Rothesay SOLD

The mortgage rates are insanely low as banks battle for your business making this the best  time in decades to lock in 5-year terms or even 10-year!  Coldwell Banker has invited several different bankers to our weekly meeting to fill in the agents on the latest bank offerings and let’s just say it’s very impressive to say the least!  Buying a house has never been soooooo affordable.  Don’t miss the boat, call Mama or Charlie today!  I love the weekly meetings as Kevin sneaks me have a piece of muffin.  He knows blueberry are my favourite and when I pour on the puppy dog eyes, he just can’t resist!

Well hopfully I’ll be doing lots of walking on the trails this long weekend.  I can tell you that Nicholas and I are up for it!  Monday is Remembrance Day and Mama has explained to us the gift of service from our heroic veterns so that we could stay a free country here in Canada.  It’s why we say “Lest we forget!”  Whenever you see a vertern don’t forget to say “Thank you for your service”.  They risked their lives so that we could live free!  And be sure to wear your poppy proudly!

Lest We Forget

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy Nov 1st, 2019

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night!  Not sure why we do this as it certainly messes up everyone’s schedules.  Mama says we’ll have to be off the trails Sunday by 5:30pm because it will be dark so early!  Nicholas and I don’t like it.  We enjoy having our big walk of the day at dusk and now this will be cutting into supper time.  We’re now going to have to switch things up and walk first and then supper later.  Why do we do it?  Everyone is complaining and no one seems to want it!  Experts say there are more car accidents the Monday morning after the time change than any day of the year and strokes are actually up 8.2% that day!!!  Mama says it has something to do with 100 years ago or so and the farmers needing daylight in the morning to milk the cows.  I say they now have LED lights so give the rest of us a break!  The experts are saying that you should try to sleep in the extra hour to give your body a chance to readjust your body clock.  Nicholas and I like that idea, we’ll sleep in with Papa but knowing Mama she’ll now be up an hour earlier trying to rally us around for an early morning walk!

  Set your clock back 1 hour Sat night!

We’re excited about our waterfront open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 1 Malabeam Lane, Sagamore Point, Rothesay  MLS#NB028280 offered at $548,000.  The charming raised ranch comes with wonderful kitchen with gas stove, 3 fireplaces, finished daylight walkout basement, 2 full acres of privacy and beach rights to a neighbouring fine sandy beach!  We’ve been anxiously waiting for the completion of a 6 foot seawall/berm and it’s all finished and looking good, alleviating any concern of flooding in springtime.  Mama welcomes you to drop by for a look!

So happy to see a clear sunny weekend ahead after all that rain and high winds!!!  Poor little Nicholas was nervous in the wind and tried to hide under Mama’s desk.  Nothing much bothers the big Budster!  Have a good weekend and we’ll see ya real soon.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy October 25th

Happy Howloween!  Not sure how many treaters we’ll get this year with the torrential rains predicted but Nicholas and I will be ready to greet little ghosts, goblins, princesses and pirates at the door in our own scary costumes!  The number of treaters has dropped considerable in our neighbourhood.  Two decades ago (well before my time) Mama says we used to run out of treats at 150 treaters and last year the number was down to 37.  Papa has a blast preparing the bags and giving out the treats in his own super scary costume.  Our pumpkin has been ready for two weeks.  Nicholas and I are hoping for a few of our favourite dog bones.  Paws crossed and hoping!

Above is Nicholas in past costumes as Super Dog and Court Jester and me as the Easter Bunny.  He doesn’t think anyone will recognize him!  Hahaha!  He wouldn’t let me post the pic of him in the blond wig the year he was an angel.  This year I’m going as a Bumble Bee and he’s a Lady Bug.  Stay posted for pics.

We’re excited about our waterfront open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 1 Malabeam Lane, Sagamore Point, Rothesay  MLS#NB028280 offered at $548,000.  The charming raised ranch comes with wonderful kitchen with gas stove, 3 fireplaces, finished daylight walkout basement, 2 full acres of privacy and beach rights to a neighbouring fine sandy beach!  We’ve been anxiously waiting for the completion of a 6 foot seawall/berm and it’s all finished and looking good, alleviating any concern of flooding in springtime.

The high winds last week may have taken most of our beautiful autumn leaves but our Japanese maple is still holding on with a blaze of vibrant red colour.  The European copper beech at the front door holds on to the bitter end and won’t lose its last leaves until February.  It’s leaves don’t turn colour this time of year but it will be beautiful in the spring when the new growth looks like a shiny copper penny.  We noticed two weeks ago that most of the leaves were gone in the countryside and surrounding areas but the Rothesay Road is still a blaze of colour with the majestic old maples holding on tight til the end, so beautiful.

Our Japanese maple Oct 25th, 2019

  This was a month ago in Sept when it was burgundy.

Well Mr Nicholas is a dog with a  job.  Every morning while Mama fills the bird feeder he sits close by, sitting right up, on guard, watching intently for any squirrels who may venture near the feeder (and especially near Mama), how dare they!  The only thing Nicholas hates more than squirrels in the yard is crows in his trees!  He’s so funny, he gets totally wound up if he sees a crow in our trees, I personally couldn’t care less.  But then again I’m a pretty laid back sort of guy.

Nicholas on squirrel duty.

Lots of activity this week on our new listing at 129 Gorhams Bluff Road, MLS# NB035330, $419,000 for this waterfront home on 18.03 scenic acres.  The showings started within hours of hitting the market with the first offer arriving and accepted within 24 hours with additional backups waiting.   This home with huge windows is on one of the most scenic properties Mama has seen in many years with a panoramic view up and down the St John river and a beautiful sandy beach.

We headed over to Deer Island last weekend for a showing at our listing there.  Mama let’s us tag along for the scenic drive and ferry ride through the islands.  We were hoping that it wouldn’t be windy as Mama gets a little nervous on the ferry if the wind is high, but it was gorgeous!  Sunny and calm as can be.  Have a great week and we hope to be seeing you soon.  Don’t eat too many of those treats and I promise I won’t either!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy October 18, 2019

Hope you had your hatches buttoned down yesterday as we weathered through another nor’easter!  Nicholas and I stayed indoors until mid afternoon when things suddenly calmed right down to the point there wasn’t even a slight breeze  through our trees by mid afternoon.  We lost our power by 10:30 am and didn’t get it back until 5:20 pm.  What a weird day with the wind howling, no power and Mama with no internet. Papa was out of town and was gone about 15 minutes when the power went.  Business’ today are pretty well shut down when the internet goes out, reminds us of how dependent  we are on it now.  Nicholas and I had a big sleep while Mama worked the old fashioned way with pen and paper utilizing the light from the window and her smart phone of course.  TG for the smart phone!

Exciting new Coldwell Banker Global Luxury listing at 96 Prince of Wales Street, Saint Andrews by the Sea!  Located right next door to the newer wing of the iconic Algonquin Resort this inviting home has it all.  Located on 6.89 majestic private acres it is built on the site of the Lord Shaughnessy estate of 1902.  Newly built in 2005 to duplicate the exterior of this previous home, it now boasts all the creature comforts of today in the interior and building standards above and beyond anything you’ll see for sale in NB.  Features 6400 square feet, 6 bedrooms (all with walk-in closets & ensuites, five fireplaces, main floor guest suite, ten foot ceilings, open concept kitchen-family room, spacious great room and dining room for entertaining, 2000 square foot wrap around covered veranda, very impressive master suite with huge bedroom, fireplace, balcony and spa-like ensuite bath with European-style WC.  The sprawling grounds with rolling lawns and century trees are the perfect place for pets to run and play while children climb up to the tree house or have fun on the swing!  Take advantage of the proximity to the resort with a relaxing spa, indoor and outdoor pools, casual meals, bar and fine dining, all right across the street.  MLS#NB035098 offered for sale at $1,680,000.

Two new waterfront listings on Kingston Peninsula both with fine sandy beaches! 129 Gorhams Bluff Road has been in the family for actually centuries and is new on the market with 18+ scenic acres of rolling meadows, forests, beach and panoramic view up and down the St John River!  The Viceroy cedar home has four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, main floor family room, 2 story great room ceiling with fireplace and wall of glass, huge deck & 3-car garage.  This new listing will appear on the MLS Monday with an asking price of $419,000.

  View from 129 Gorham’s Bluff Road.

71 Shampers Bluff Road, MLS#NB033272 is newly listed at $399,000.  This 1300 sq ft, two bedroom, two bathroom log home has an open concept, large deck, detached 2-car garage and wonderful sandy beach.  Located in a quiet cove it’s great for boating!

71 Shampers Bluff Road, Kingston

The following properties have sold this week!  The market is still hot this fall, call for a free market analysis of your property today!  Yes we sell houses in of all sizes & price ranges!

11 Kingsley Ave, Woodleigh Park, MLS# NB034524, $325,000

24 Hibbard Lane, Rothesay, MLS#NB031073, $245,000

95 Lighthouse Road, St. Martins, MLS#NB019208, $144,900

11 Alexscot Court, Chapel Hill, MLS#NB025240, $399,000