Blogging with Buddy April 17th, 2020

How blessed are we to live in New Brunswick during Covid-19?  When we see the news and look around the world at how cities and countries are suffering with huge outbreaks and death tolls.  It’s beyond scary.  New Brunswick and Canada as a whole have been following the regulations closely and doing our best to flatten the curve.  Nicholas and I have been practicing our self-isolation and social distancing just going out once a day for our daily walk.  We rarely see anyone on the trails these days and when we have come across anyone especially with a dog, Mama and Papa hold us by the collar at a distance until they pass because we can’t be chummy right now with our four-legged friends either.  We sure will be happy when this is all over!!!  Better days have to be coming.  We got some nice pictures yesterday.  Here’s one Mama took of me and of Nicholas.  She says we’re the prettiest boys in Rothesay but she could be prejudice!

I have to add that we are getting very sick of TV (especially CNN which Papa watches) and if we see one more movie we’re going to scream!  Mama and Papa have lots of good movies but enough is enough.  The only thing keeping us sane is our walks in the fresh air with the birds singing as we stroll though the woodland trails.

Mama and Charlie are both working from home.  TG for computers and smart phones.  They are shocked at the number of inquiries from out of town buyers!  I guess word is out that New Brunswick is THE place to live to be safe during the outbreak.  With our low case numbers, zero deaths and our population really paying close attention and following all the rules, we’re close to having this cracked!  We won’t be surprised if New Brunswick isn’t one of the first places to reopen safely.

Have a good weekend and be sure to Stay In and Stay Safe!  As I say to Nicholas we’ve come this far, it won’t be too much longer!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon