Nicholas News March 13, 2022

CREA, The Canadian Real Estate Association joined many countries around the world this week adding strict sanctions against Russia!  All Realtors in Canada received a list of 328 Russian names who are restricted against buying or selling property within Canada.  We personally have friends from Ukraine who have moved to our area years ago.  They are beautiful people inside and out and we are proud to stand with them as their homeland is bombarded.  Nicholas and I have visited their home, played with their children and enjoyed their homemade treats.  We all need to stand in solidarity with Ukraine asking important questions; is any of our crude oil or other products coming from Russia, are any of our Mama and Papa’s investments tied into any Russian companies, etc.  Our hearts break for the Ukraine people and Mama and Charlie pray to God that the madness ends soon!

On a happy note we’ve changed our clocks ahead which makes Nicholas and I jump for joy.  For the next six months we’ll be enjoying our daily walks after supper.  We look forward everyday to this quiet time with Mama and Papa, meeting up with all our furry friends on the trails.  We’ll really need to bundle up today as the temperature has dropped and the wind is howling!  As a treat Mama and Papa are taking us out for a drive in the country today to enjoy the sunshine even though it’s cold.  It’s okay we know warmer days are coming and before long the lakes and rivers will open up and I’ll be enjoying some nice refreshing swims again!!!  Can’t wait!  (Nicholas won’t swim before June).

This guy says it all!

The real estate market is turned upside down as there are fewer houses on the market than there has ever been in history!  Most current sellers are leaving the province heading to Halifax or Ontario.  It’s difficult for sellers who want to stay here in New Brunswick to find the house they’d want to move to.  Thus the prices are driven even higher as we see the theory of supply and demand at work.

We’re happy to announce we have an accepted offer on 11 Margaret Street in Nauwigewauk.  Nicholas and I personally love this place with it’s large fenced yard, in ground pool and huge covered deck, what a great place to spend the summer.  Mama says she’d never keep me out of the pool and I have to admit I’d be soaking wet most of the time. 🙂

Spirit enjoying the pool at 11 Margaret Street.

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine but bundle up, baby it’s cold outside!  Hope you have a good week and that I see you real soon!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon