Nicholas News October 22, 2022

Congratulations to our sellers and the buyers of our beautiful condo listing in Low Wood Estates, Rothesay, 16 McNamee Lane.  MLS#NB077617 Offered at $625,000.  The highest quality renovation Mama has personally seen in these condo/bungalows with this one stripped right down to the 2 x 6, then redesigned and specified by architect Doug Kockel in the highest quality finishes.  There are a lot of furry friends living at Low Wood including dogs and cats.  My friends Special and Spirit Adams (Chesapeake Bay Retrievers) live just a few doors up on Troop Lane.  The girls seem to like it here and their Mama loves all the conveniences of condo living in the heart of Rothesay!

I’m really enjoying this warm weather and sunny skies with lots of nice walks.  I’ve been bumping into lots of furry friends and human too!  It’s great that I live close to Spy Glass Hill my favourite place!  I’ve had several drives in the truck this week too, not too far, just  up to Sobey’s, Cochrane’s Market & Guardian Drugs.  I do like getting out and about (I don’t like it when Mama drives out of the yard without me) and love it when people come to talk and pat me in the parking lot.  I wag my tail so hard it moves my whole body!  When Mama walks away from the truck into the store I look sad, I don’t know why I can’t go in???  I could do my own shopping in the doggy isle!  Hurry back Mama!  Bring me a treat!

Mama’s been hard at work negotiating on her Global Luxury listing at 63 Maliseet Drive.  MLS#NB077996, Offered at $2,200,000.   I personally love this place.  It has the best beach!  I could see myself here digging big holes, relaxing in the sun and the sunsets are amazing!  We now have an accepted offer, on to the inspection!

We had Lisa home for Thanksgiving and it was sooooo nice to see her.  Her flight from Ottawa was delayed getting in so she arrived at our front door at 2am.  Me and Mama and Papa were in the family room waiting for her and fell asleep watching TV (more than a little past our bedtime).  Mama had told her she’d leave the outdoor lights on and front door unlocked in case we fell asleep.  I was out like a light when I heard our front door open and someone walk in!  Well you never saw me move so fast!  I flew off the floor tearing for the foyer ready to attack any intruder who’d dare think to hurt my family.  Just as I flew around the corner of the kitchen I saw Lisa’s beautiful face and heard her calming voice.  I was so happy to see her!!!  What a surprise.  I turned from vicious to melting in her arms within a heartbeat!  She was with us for eight glorious days and will be back for a few weeks at Christmas.

Have a great week and I hope to see you around soon.  Let’s hope these warm sunny days keep coming!

Your pal,

Mister Nicholas