Nicholas News March 10th, 2023

Are you ready to spring ahead this Saturday night for Daylight Savings.  Don’t forget March 12th!  Mama will adjust our clocks ahead one hour just before going to bed Saturday night so we’ll enjoy that extra hour of daylight on Sunday.  It’s always dreary loosing that first hour when we wake up Sunday morning but it sure is great to be able to have dogs walks after supper now.  After a days-work Mama enjoys winding down as we walk and I’m always excited to see a few old friends on the trails and possibly meet a few new ones.  I really wish they’d do away with this ridiculous rule and just leave things along.  Drives me crazy when we have to turn the clocks back in the fall and it’s dark so early.  I say, “leave it alone!”

Spring ahead Saturday night!

March 17th we’ll be celebrating St Patrick’s Day at my house and we’ll all be wearing our emerald green.  I already have my Paddy’s Day scarf on when I go out.  Mama says I look pretty spiffy!  Mama is Irish on both her mother’s (Delaney) and father’s side (O’Regan, later changed to Regan).  Is that where she gets the red hair?  She’s excited about visiting Ireland this summer with her best friend, who’s been there before, but it will be Mama’s first time.  Part of her bucket list.  She says one thing she will not be doing is kissing the Blarney Stone!  Too many germs, and Papa says she already has enough blarney in her!  He loves to tease!


We’ve had an exciting week with our deluxe garden home at 67 Merritt Hill Road with private showings, a public open house last Sunday which was well attended and an agents open house last Tuesday.  Everyone is blown away when they step into the great room and see that awesome view!  Stops them right in their tracks!  Mama is excited to be presenting offers to the seller tomorrow afternoon.  Paws crossed that it all goes as planned!

Have a great week and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,