Blogging With Buddy February 5, 2021

It’s vitally important right now that the public pay strict attention to Covid protocol!  Good  measures are in place to protect the sellers, the buyers and their agents.  These are challanging times but as long as everyone follows the rules we’ll all be safe.   If you are concerned give Mama or Charlie a call and they can give you the details.  The market is still extremely hot as buyers and sellers move to more desirable homes as they spend more time at home then they have have in their lives!

Most people did not enjoy the big storm we had Tuesday but let me tell you I sure did!  I was out early in the morning before 7am, everything was white, fluffy and cold, just the way us big dogs like it!  Nicholas came out for about 15 to 20 minutes and then he was back in the house on his favourite couch.  At 8am I came in for a good breakfast and by 9 am I was back out enjoying the storm.  I stayed out for hours until my black coat was pretty well white and then Mama brought me in.  It was okay, it was getting milder and starting to turn to rain, I had gotten the best of it.  Then after a night of rain what a mess our driveway and walkways were!  TG we got that all cleaned up.  Nicholas is enjoying this milder weather.  Mama always says you never know what you’ll get in February!!!  So we’re bracing ourselves for whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

Since southern New Brunswick zone 2 is still in code orange, we don’t get out and about much except for the trails of Spy Glass Hill.  If Mama has to go to the store (which she’s doing as little as possible) we do go for the drive and wait in the parking lot with our windows down as we watch the shoppers come and go.  Stay safe and we’ll talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon