Blogging with Buddy Nov 1st, 2019

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night!  Not sure why we do this as it certainly messes up everyone’s schedules.  Mama says we’ll have to be off the trails Sunday by 5:30pm because it will be dark so early!  Nicholas and I don’t like it.  We enjoy having our big walk of the day at dusk and now this will be cutting into supper time.  We’re now going to have to switch things up and walk first and then supper later.  Why do we do it?  Everyone is complaining and no one seems to want it!  Experts say there are more car accidents the Monday morning after the time change than any day of the year and strokes are actually up 8.2% that day!!!  Mama says it has something to do with 100 years ago or so and the farmers needing daylight in the morning to milk the cows.  I say they now have LED lights so give the rest of us a break!  The experts are saying that you should try to sleep in the extra hour to give your body a chance to readjust your body clock.  Nicholas and I like that idea, we’ll sleep in with Papa but knowing Mama she’ll now be up an hour earlier trying to rally us around for an early morning walk!

  Set your clock back 1 hour Sat night!

We’re excited about our waterfront open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 1 Malabeam Lane, Sagamore Point, Rothesay  MLS#NB028280 offered at $548,000.  The charming raised ranch comes with wonderful kitchen with gas stove, 3 fireplaces, finished daylight walkout basement, 2 full acres of privacy and beach rights to a neighbouring fine sandy beach!  We’ve been anxiously waiting for the completion of a 6 foot seawall/berm and it’s all finished and looking good, alleviating any concern of flooding in springtime.  Mama welcomes you to drop by for a look!

So happy to see a clear sunny weekend ahead after all that rain and high winds!!!  Poor little Nicholas was nervous in the wind and tried to hide under Mama’s desk.  Nothing much bothers the big Budster!  Have a good weekend and we’ll see ya real soon.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon