Blogging with Buddy May 8th, 2020

Wishing all you mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!  We hope to do something special with Mama and the sun is supposed to shine.!  Enjoy the sun on Sunday but get ready for a horrendous Saturday which is calling for everything from torrential rains to snow showers!!!  We can’t believe it.  Snow in May?  I’ll go out and roll around in it for sure if it amounts to anything but Mama is not going to be happy.  Saturday is her birthday and we were going to head down to Charlotte County to a private beach for the afternoon.  Since its private we don’t have to worry about social distancing because we wouldn’t be near anyone.  Now that won’t be happening.  I was soooooooo excited as it would be my first swim in the ocean this year.  You know as a Newfoundland dog I love the ocean year round.  Oh well, it will have to wait until another day when the weather warms up.  Experts are saying this coming week will be the coldest May in history.  Everything seems upside down since March was beautiful and we so enjoyed it.  This beautiful Mama below looks to me like she has her paws full with this rowdy brood!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Charlie has an exciting new listing at 22 Reynar Drive in Quispamsis.  MLS#NB043239, offered at $289,900.  This two-story, Cape Cod , custom-built home has a two-car garage, water view and is fantastic value, bordering a green belt.  We don’t expect this one to last long!  Call today for your viewing appointment.

  22 Reynar Drive, Quispamsis

Last Sunday Nicholas and I, Mama and Papa all had a wonderful visit to Charlie’s place in the country.  We hadn’t been there before and didn’t know what to expect.  It was a warm sunny day and Charlie has the best property ever for four-legged furry friends like us!  With hundreds of acres of land and a spring-fed lake what more could we ask for???  When we pulled into the driveway we were so excited, we were practically jumping up and down in the back of the truck.  I jumped out first and just starting running straight for the lake as fast as I could go.  Not very often that I leave Nicholas in the dust but while he was greeting Charlie I just made a beeline.  I jumped right in and just started swimming straight out to the middle.  Nicholas followed and ran in to his knees, felt the cold water hit him and just stopped dead for a few minutes, staring at me like I had screws loose.  Hey, with my big double Newfy coat, the cold water doesn’t bother me any.  I was practicing my doggy paddle with long sure strokes, totally in my glory.  Next thing I knew the little fella was in doing his paddle at lighting speed (he’s not as relaxed a swimmer as I am but he’s fast).  We got out about twenty minutes later, did a big shake and then had a great run around the hay fields.  Mama, Papa and Charlie sat out in the sun on the deck laughing at us, drinking tea and eating snacks that Mama had brought (Charlie sharred some of the cheese with us, it was so good).  Charlie through the ball for Nicholas several times who raced across the field wide open.  I rested with Mama and Papa on the deck and just let Nicholas put on a show.  We had the time of our lives.  Nicholas overdid it a bit and it took him a few days to recouperate (what else would be new?).  The little guy just can’t seem to accept that he’s eight years old now, not a two year old any more.  I hope Mama and Papa bring us back to Charlie’s really soon.  Best Sunday ever!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend as things start to open up from the Covid-19 lock down.  We’re hoping they don’t open too quickly as New Brunswicker’s have done so well to flatten the curve as quickly as possible.  We’re eager to get out and about for sure but most importantly we don’t want to lose ground and we don’t want our borders opened too quickly either!  Let’s not blow it now!  Mama looks forward to hosting her open houses again but I tell her not to fret, she’ll be welcoming people again into our beautiful listings.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon