Nicholas News April 5th, 2024

Well, this week was a shocker, with 6″ of wet snow in our yard!  Where did that come from?  I thought winter was over, but Mama kept saying “we’re going to get one more storm”.  How does she know these things?   I went out to do my business and check my yard for squirrels (a favourite pastime) and low and behold everything was white and it was still coming down hard.  I love the snow!  I like to run in it, roll in it and even eat it.  Yum, yum.  Mama says it won’t last long and already this morning I could see that it’s melting quickly.  It won’t melt quick enough for my two-legged friends and family.

I’ve been busy lately finding a new home for George, a golden doodle moving to our area.  He’s a feisty fella, just four years old and full of spunk and vinegar!   And Mama says, “he’s really cute & friendly”.   George is looking for a large yard to play (most important), a quiet neighbourhood, and nice places close by to walk and to swim.  I told him, I don’t swim in the river until July, as my silky coat doesn’t work so well with the cold water.  But he tells me that his coat is thick and warm, and he has no problem jumping in in May!  You go for it George!  I’ll cheer you on from the shore.  His Mama and Papa would like a medium sized house with a fireplace or wood stove, hardwood floors, a ductless heat pump, good sized kitchen and three to four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.   They’re looking between Millidgeville and the Valley so if you know of a good place, let me know.  I’ll take George over for a look.

Our big wreath at the front door is up again for Spring and Summer.  What a job!  I was on squirrel patrol while Mama and Michelle got out the big ladder and started up and down with the flowers.  Takes them hours!!!  But I love it when it’s done.  Up for another season.

Have a great weekend.  If it rains, I hope you have Netflix, Crave, etc.! 🙂 better days are coming soon!

Your pal,