How can Katherine’s design background help me sell my house?

Twenty two years of design experience works in many ways towards selling your house. First and foremost is the extensive lists of personal contacts, all people with the financial means to purchase the property of their choice. Second is that “Finishing Touch” the designer brings into the mix to help prepare your house for sale. Katherine is the only REALTOR in Canada to provide this unique combination at this advanced level. Third is the important fact that specific details of your home’s construction and features can not only be pointed out, but approximations made to serious buyers as to replacement costs showing them the advantage of buying verses building!

Tell me a bit about Katherine.

Although she have traveled the globe, Russia to Egypt, Paris to Panama, she has called Saint John & the Kennebecasis Valley home all of her life. Since 1995 she has resided in Rothesay on the third hole of the Riverside Golf & Country Club, with her husband, Doug and two large dogs Nicholas and Buddy. Her family are avid animal lovers and her father always kept a stable of horses.  She started at the Rothesay Pony Club when she was 5 years old and for many years they competed province-wide in equestrian events. Her mother, Alice, a great music and theatre lover, introduced her to the arts at a young age. This exposure has served her well and prepared the way for my numerous charity concerts, which she has written and produced. She has many hobbies including gardening, boating, the arts & travel where she gets wonderful design ideas. Her interests are quite diverse as figure skating (active member of the Saint John Figure Skating Club for 10 years), motocross (competed across the Atlantic circuit with her brother, Tom, holding the position as the only female racer until 1998) and ice racing were at one time a big part of her life.  Her Scottish background gives her an easy smile and people feel comfortable and confident with me right from the start. She gives 100% to all her endeavors and believe, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Her father, (mentor and best friend) Tom Wiggins Sr, taught her as a young child, “Nothing can stop a women who will stop at nothing!” “Never be afraid to step out and try something new, you’ll never know what you are capable of unless you try!” She lives by his motto which keeps her life very fulfilled and interesting! As her husband attests, “Never a dull moment”!


How can you and Charles help me find my dream home?

The most important trait a REALTOR working as a buyers agent can bring to the table is the ability to listen very carefully and distinctly hear your specific needs. For Katherine working for many years as a designer and Realtor® and for Charles selling a multitude of homes over 30 years hones this quality to the foremost as we must learn to quickly and effectively annalyse your dream home in great detail. This expertise saves you valuable time when shopping for that new home as we will only show you homes that fulfill all of your preferences within your specified price range!