Nicholas News September 8, 2023

Hate to see the end of summer, especially when we saw very few warm days of sunshine this year.  Hard on everyone even us four-legged furry friends!  Not many beach days, hikes, visits to the lake and even difficult to get our daily walks in.  I personally hate the rain!  Mama has a very hard time to get me to go out in it.  When I have to, I step about one foot off the concrete garage floor, do my thing and then run in the house!  The only thing worse than rain is high winds, thunder and the dreaded lighting!  Terrifies me.  I stick very close to Mama (right up against her leg as she walks, if she goes around the kitchen island, then so do I!  We’re supposed to get blasted tonight starting about 10pm.  We’ll turn our TV up extra loud so that I don’t hear it so much and get a good action-packed movie going.

We’re keeping a close eye on those bank rates for our clients.  Difficult for people to get used to the recent hikes without threats of another jump.  TD they’re holding off this time.  Mama recommends to lock-in for as long as you can!!!  No one knows what’s going to happen.

The flowers on the deck really took a beating this year with all the rain but our pots at the front entrance are hanging in there just fine.  The big roof over the entrance keeps them protected but also means that Mama and I have to water them by hand.  I’m always by her side when she works around the plants at the front door.  I’m on squirrel patrol as I don’t want any of those pesky critters near my Mama!


We had a lovely scenic drive yesterday across the Deer Island Ferry to Deer Island.  It was a bit foggy so we couldn’t see as far in the distance as we’d like but the water was very calm.  I love winding around the islands.

Our majestic heritage home at 3218 Rothesay Road has been reduced to $899,000.  MLS#NB091506. Awesome price for an awesome property with its new stylish kitchen, plenty of room for entertaining in-style and everyday creature comforts for your family!  I love the huge yard; wrap-around verandah, mature trees and the Invisible Fence system is already built-in for your furry friend!

So happy that the current hurricane is once again bypassing New Brunswick!  We really do live in God’s country.  TG we have Nova Scotia acting as a buffer between us and the Atlantic Ocean.

Hope you have a great weekend, talk soon.

Your pal,