Nicholas News November 19, 2022

The market is remaining slow but steady as we wind up the year.  Prices are holding fairly steady and there is still a strong shortage of listings.  If you were ever thinking of selling your house there couldn’t be a better time with no competition and strong prices!  Call Mama or Charlie today for details.

I’m trying to adjust to the cold temperatures which seem to hit us overnight!  I don’t remember such a warm start to November and then bam it’s below freezing every day.  I’m not staying out as long as I was and Mama puts my nice warm sweater on me.  We’ve been walking every day and a few days when the wind was blowing strong up from the river I could hear her grumbling under her breath.  I’ll tell you I felt it too and didn’t waste any time on the walk but hustled right along!

I was so excited this week when my new access ramp arrived from Amazon!  I’ve been finding it harder to jump in and out of the truck (I’ll be eleven on Christmas) so Mama was on the search for the perfect ramp.  She checked out all the local stores as she prefers to purchase locally but she wanted one that was longer with a more gentle rise, not too steep for me.  The one she found is six feet long, telescopic so it folds into the back of the truck, extra wide, non-skid and best of all its aluminium, light weight and easy for her to handle (with a handle no less).  So it arrives Tuesday morning and we start the training (it came with instructions).  First day we lay it on the floor in the foyer on the rug and I walk up and down while it’s still just flat.  Helped a lot that Mama had treats on it so I licked them up as I walk :-).  Mama says that I took to it like a duck to water!  Then over the next three days we raised it to the first step of the staircase.  No problem, then the second step and the third!  I’d say I’m onto it and Mama says this weekend we’re going to try it out on the truck!  Wish me luck.

I’m excited about the new listing Charlie and Sparky have in Sussex at 185 Pleasant Avenue, MLS# NB082113, offered at $850,000.  This is a beautiful property on 6.08 private acres at the end of a cul de sac.  This highend home is in mint condition and with 3600 sq ft of living space, two cosy fireplaces, huge wrap around veranda and lots of room to run and play, it’s my kind of home!

185 Pleasant Avenue, Sussex 

I’ll really be touring around with Mama and Papa now with my new easy access ramp so if you see me be sure to come over to say hi.  Keep in mind ladies, I’m going to sneek a kiss if I can!

Your pal,