Blogging with Buddy Feb 18thth

Baby it’s cold outside!!!  What a winter!  Are me and my big dog friends the only ones enjoying these freezing temperatures?  Even Nicholas is complaining!  Personally unloving it. I lie on the ice, roll in the snow and when it storms I’m really ecstatic as the big white fluffy flakes pour down. The other day I layed out in the storm until I looked like a white dog, instead of black .

Difficult for the buyers to be out and about in this weather but the serious ones have no choice .  Some are relocating and some have just decided that they want to move and can’t wait to start looking .

I won’t be going too far from home in this weather and if you are out and about be sure to wear your icers!  Nicholas will be curled up in front of the fire while I’m in and out keeping a close eye on my neighborhood and those darn squirrels that have been hanging around our yard.

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon