Blogging with Buddy, February 14th 2020

Baby it’s cold outside! No wonder they call us tough Canucks as Atlantic Canadians roll right along through snow, sleet, wind & rain!!! Yes homes do sell in the winter time too. There are not as many on the market so the selection is limited for buyers but the sellers don’t have as much competition which is a huge advantage. Buyer’s still get the urge in winter that they’d like to make a move and those relocating here for work have no say on the timing, they have to buy a home now and usually have 30 days to close on their new purchase. In the springtime, usually March, thousands of homes come on the market for sell. It’s great for buyers to have so many to consider but tough competition for the sellers all hoping for that one buyer who chooses their home over all the others! The weather is a key factor in the winter for viewing homes as we go from lovely sunny days with above freezing temperatures to vicious storms blowing through. It really brings front of mind how important it is to buy a quality-built home with good windows, great insulation and economic heating system to help keep the heating costs down. Mama and Charlie have sold homes in the middle of some of our worse winter storms so they know first-hand that when a buyer is ready they want that home now!

It’s a difficult time of year to plan for public open houses this time of year as the weather forecast changes by the minute so who will know what the next Sunday weather will bring. Advertisements need to go in the paper five days ahead to catch deadlines and the weatherman just can’t tell us for sure what’s going to happen in the next five days. So we play it by ear and cross our fingers and paws!

Wishing you all a very nice Valentine’s Day. Nicholas and I don’t have girlfriends at the time, so we don’t have sweethearts to spoil with special treats. Mama and Papa will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day so it’s a big day for them! They’ll share cards and a special dinner out and be all smiley and goo goo over each other. Nicholas and I just roll our eyes. On Feb 14th, 1992 Mama’s father, Tom, waltzed her down the candlelit isle at the original little ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Help’ amongst family and friends. It was a Friday night, not too cold but there was snow on the ground. It was followed by a reception and dinner at Shadow Lawn Inn. Mama says it seems like yesterday. Papa says, “Where did the time go?”. No one knew on this happy occasion what was to come. On the day Mama returned from her honeymoon her father was diagnosed with brain cancer at the young age of 62. Always a healthy, robust man, he passed later the same year. Mama is forever grateful to have had her father at her wedding. They were very close and he was the one who taught her to love and care for animals the way she does growing up surrounded with the love of furry friends.

  Happy Valentines Day!

If you’re out and about this weekend, stay warm and stay safe on the ice!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon