Blogging with Buddy November 27th, 2020

As we proceed in New Brunswick through zone orange of the pandemic there has never been a time in history since the Spanish flu of 1918-20 for New Brunswickers to practice extreme caution.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, New Brunswickers have stood in the forefront, setting an example for the world of how strong and wise people, we stand together, united for the greater good following government guidelines for a healthier tomorrow.  As we start into winter we all know it’s not going to be easy, but as we wear our masks, social distance and stay home as much as possible now it will be all the quicker that we can come out of this and get on with our lives.  I’ve heard Mama talk about both her grandmother talking about living through the Spanish flu of 1918-1920.  They were both young women at the time aged 20 at the time.  They talked about the number of young men lost (mostly men affected aged 16-30), 1400 people lost in New Brunswick alone with 35,000 people affected.  It was a variety of H1N1 that came home with soldiers from the war and it acted very, very quickly!!!  A fellow might start to feel sick at 11 in the morning and was gone by 5pm!!!   Our hearts go out to all those affected; directly and indirectly.  We pray for the quick recovery of the sick and protection for the healthy!  Together we can overcome any adversity including Covid 19!

Nicholas and I had a wonderful visit in early fall to 49 Farrell Lane, North Lake, NB MLS   #NB 007075.  This one-owner ranch style home is on 4.5 acres with 250 foot frontage on spring-fed North Lake.  If you appreciate totally privacy, this is it!  First thing I did when I jumped out of my truck was run straight to the lake and jump in for a refreshing swim.  Nicholas was right behind me.  We had a fabulous time running, swimming and exploring the beautiful grounds.  It was like doggy heaven!!!  We couldn’t go inside as we were all wet from our swim but we were peeking in the windows (pic below) and it looked great!  This property is offered at $395,000 and I highly recommend it!

Special congratulations to our buyers some of whom have joined New Brunswick from Ontario purchasing in Millidgeville and Rothesay and one who just purchased their very first new home on the west side of the city!  We wish you many years of wonderful memories!

Have a great weekend and most importantly stay safe!

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon