Blogging with Buddy April 24, 2021

This gorgeous warm weather is making me think that summer is just around the corner and has me daydreaming of  lots of visits to the beach so that Nicholas and I can have some refreshing swims.  New River Beach, Carrying Cove and Haggerty’s Cove are my personal favourites.  I don’t care if it’s only spring, if I can talk Mama in to driving me down, I’ll jump right in that Bay of Fundy and the cold water won’t bother me a bit with my thick Newfie coat!!!  Now the little fella, that’s a different story (a bit of a whus if you ask me) but Mama says his fine silky coat doesn’t keep out the cold of the Bay like mine does.  He is a great swimmer and super-fast but we don’t see much of that before mid-June!!!  He dog paddles across the water like a bat out of h_ _ _ with those skinny little legs just a flying.  I’d put my money on Nicholas against any dog in a swim race!  Now the Budster does a more relaxed paddle with my big webbed feet steadily churning through the water.  The difference is that I can sustain my pace for a long time without tiring as I casually glide across the surface.  There is really nothing I enjoy more than a refreshing swim.  When we arrive at the beach and Mama opens the truck door I leap right out and Nicholas better not get in my way.  I run straight for the water and dive right in!  Mama says she can practically see me smile!  I’m built for the water with natural buoyancy in my thick chest so I don’t even get my back wet, I can practically float without much movement.  If any of you four-legged friends are interested I give free swimming lessons with Nicholas as my assistant offering vocal encouragement!  We’re hoping to give lessons to our new furry partner Sparky Turnbull.  He’s been going in his lake to his knees  (how spoiled is he with his own private lake) and just needs a bit of help getting over the hump to take that plunge!

Mama and Charlie are still as busy as bees as our market stays red hot!  It seems that every time an offer comes in on our listings or they write on someone else’s there’s a bidding war!  At least 50% of the bidders are now from Ontario, 20% from BC and the rest are local.  Don’t count our local bidders out as when they want a property they are winning many of the bids.  Yes they are paying more for the properties then they ever had to in history but they are also getting more for their own places than at any other time.  So if you’re local, it’s all coming out in the wash!

Me, Nicholas and Papa are going to be helping Mama with yard work this weekend as we take advantage of the gorgeous weather!  They do most of the work and we tend to supervise, encourage and provide all round good cheer!

Have a great weekend and watch for us as we’re out and about in my red truck.  Don’t forget to wear your mask, social distance and stay safe!  We’re in this together!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon