Blogging with Buddy December 6th, 2019

We had a nice trip to Kingson yesterday where we helped Mama remove the lockbox from 129 Gorham’s Bluff Road which received an accepted offer the very first day on MLS with two back up offers!  MLS#NB035330, $425,000.  You just never know when the buyers will be all over a property!  This one has 15 scenic acres with a panoramic view up and down the St John River.  We had a ball in the snow checking everything out as Mama removed the lockbox.  Wow, what a yard, acres and acres!   I rolled and rolled in the snow while Nicholas ran and ran.  What fun!  Lucky are the new buyers of this gorgeous property!

We’ve been preparing our Christmas cards and will be putting up our own Christmas tree this weekend!  We’re busy as bees!  We just love it when Mama puts up our little 4 foot tree.  So many beautiful animal ornaments passed down over the years.  Each one is wrapped individually and are handled with care! Each year Santa brings us a new one and our Auntie Blue gives us one as well!

We know you’re all busy getting ready for the big day!  Hope to see you out an about this weekend.  Watch for me in my bright red truck!

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon