Nicholas News Nov 4th /22

I’m ready to turn the clock back this Saturday night.  Don’t forget.  I love having the extra hour (have never been an early bird) but I hate the fact that it will be dark by 5pm!!!  That makes it so much harder for Mama to take me on my walks as they’ll now have to be before supper.  I wish they’d stop this insane practice, Mama and Papa agree!

I had a great time Halloween!  I was dressed as a bumble bee (looked good with y black fur).  I didn’t mind the wings and the bubble skirt but I hate the head band with the antennae!  We had 35 treaters come to the house (gone are the days of 135 treaters).  I greeted them all with Mama and Papa.  They loved my costume and thought I looked cute.  I really enjoyed seeing all the kids.  Some of them I recognized and some I didn’t.  Mama said I was a very good boy with the treaters.  Papa gave out the treats, it’s his job every year.  The kids say he’s known for good treats!

Congratulations to our sellers and buyers with three houses closing within the week!  It’s been great working with these wonderful people.  Makes Mama’s job a real joy!

63 Maliseet Drive, Rothesay.  MLS NB077996,  Offered at $2,200,000.

63 Maliseet Drive is SOLD

19 Lobster Lane, Cambridge-Narrows.  MLS NB077684 Offered at $699,000.

  19 Lobster Lane is SOLD

16 McNamee Lane, Low Wood Rothesay, MLS NB077617 Offered at $625,000

16 McNamee Lane is SOLD

Loving this gorgeous weather.  My coat is fairly fine and I don’t deal with cold weather that well.  So I love the warmer weather and sunshine.  Mama says she can’t remember a November as warm and beautiful as this one is.  I’ll take it any day and hope it lasts a while longer.  I’ve been travelling in the truck, visiting clients homes, putting up sold signs, picking up groceries, etc.  Mama has been taking me with her a lot and I really like it.  People come over to say hello and my big fluffy tale is just a wagging.  I sneak a kiss whenever I can too!

Hope you have a good week and I’ll talk with you soon.

Your pal,