Nicholas News December 28th 2021

Looking forward with hope for a better, brighter year in 2022!  It has certainly been one for the record books as covid cases grew, business’ and schools closed, restrictions went on forever while social distancing and masks became the new normal.  I have to ask when will it end and what will that look like?  Will we go back to the way we were or will people always be wearing masks?  I don’t even recognise some two-legged friends at first until I hear their voice!  It’s so weird, as they walk towards me I’m thinking; Is that Martha, kind of looks like her?  “Hey Martha”.  “Sorry I thought you were Martha!”  Oh boy!  Soooooo happy that we four-legged friends don’t have to wear masks!!!

What happened to the snow???  You know how much I love it, to walk in it, roll in it, eat it!  It’s been super cold (not bothering me but Mama, Papa and Nicholas are feeling it) but dry and no snow.  How’s a big guy supposed to enjoy winter with no snow?  I do go out and lay on the cold ground for hours watching my street.  Mama doesn’t understand and she keeps calling me to come in but you know the Big Bud, I do what I want, when I want.

We had a very quiet Christmas, it was lovely.  Lisa flew down from Ottawa to be with us and we were all so happy to see her as she couldn’t come down last Christmas due to covid restrictions which affected so many families!  She was able to come visit for a few weeks in  the summer this year as restrictions lifted and it was great!  Our Uncle Tom was over during the holidays.  He’s one of our favourite people and he joined us a few times for a nice walk on the trails.  One thing about the lack of snow, it does make the walking easy!

Wishing you a wonderful 2022, full of hope, good health and prosperity!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon