March 17th, 2023

All geared up for St Paddy’s Day with my emerald green shamrock scarf!  Mama says it looks great against my black fur!  Mama is Irish on both sides and Papa has none.  I say I’m honourary Irish as I like to celebrate the day.  She’s making is a special roast beef supper tonight with all the fixins and chocolate cupcakes with green frosting for Papa.  The vet says chocolate is not good for dogs (especially small ones) but that I can have a wee bit because of my big size!  Paws crossed and hoping on that one!


We’re so excited about our new painting by Mama’s cousin Rene Collins!  Rene is well known in New Brunswick and has sold her painting across Canada, USA and all the way to  Europe.  She started knife painting (which has a much thicker texture) late in life after retiring from work.  She thought it was just a hobby but her pieces were selling from day one!  She certainly is talented and we love her unique blending of colours and the imaginative names she gives each one!   Rene was Mama’s mother’s favourite niece and she spent a lot of time with our family over the years.  I love it when she and Stan come to visit.  They both love dogs but Stan especially.  He’s as happy to see me as I am him.  He rubs my ears and talks to me while I sneak in the odd kiss!  We hung it right outside Mama’s office door on the main level so she sees it several times a day.  It’s painted off a picture of us taken when we were about six years old and in great shape.  I didn’t have my white mussle then and Buddy was a bit thiner.  🙂   Rene calls our painting “Welcome To My World” as she can easily see that Mama’s world is  centred around her boys!

Welcome To My World              Rene Collins

Happy St Patrick’s Day.  See you soon.

Your pal,