Blogging with Buddy November 5th, 2021

Loving these cold mornings as we cruise into autumn in a still strong real estate market!  We’re out early every morning and lately have had the supreme joy of rolling on the frost covered lawn!!!  Oh joy, oh bliss!  Being a Newf I just dream of what I know is just around the corner but Mama and Papa don’t want to hear about it!

Nicholas and I want to congratulate the Morris family (and their five four-legged pouches) on the purchase of their new home at 11 Margaret Street, Nauwigewauk.  Exclusive $695,000.  You furry friends just won the lotto with a huge fenced yard, an in ground heated pool and one level ranch with  cosy fireplace and heated floors!!!  Way to go!  You’re getting everything most  furry friends can only dream of!  Not to mention your stunning view of Darlings Lake and the distant mountains of Picwauket!  Please keep in mind if any of you need swimming lessons with that new pool Buddy Bacon is always more than happy to oblige with free lessons and my side kick Nicholas will come along to assist!

11 Margaret Street is SOLD!

Our dear friends Spirit and Special, the Chesapeake Bay Adams girls are the proud owners of their new paradise found at 133 Westmount Drive.  Exclusive $799,000.   Nicholas and I are so happy for the girls who love a huge fenced yard (3 acres) and are great swimmers who really enjoy a nice refreshing pool!  No need for swimming lessons with these two beauties.  Spirit could give Nicholas a run for his money as she not only swims but is a great diver!!!  She’ll run wide open towards the pool and jump out as far as she can, so athletic (and I have to say I’ve always been a sucker for blonds!).

133 Westmount Drive is SOLD!

Heads up Buddy Bacon is selling his pretty red truck, Cadillac SRX and venturing into a new model.  It’s totally loaded with beautiful chrome wheels and ultra-view sunroof.  I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about the sale as Nicholas and I have had so many great road trips to the beach, trails, friend’s homes, etc. since we were only babies.  It’s in mint condition (Mama is so fussy) and has every imaginable feature available!  If you’re interested call Mama at 650-8575 or email me at  I can tell you it’s roomy, comfy, has a super smooth ride and separate heat and AC in the back for us furry friends!


Buddy’s truck is For Sale!

Nicholas 1st ride in the SRX as a baby!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back this Saturday night before you go to bed!!!  Daylight savings is a real pain in my a_ _!!!  By Sunday it will be dark by 5:30pm, wayyyy to early, drives everyone I know crazy!  Let’s petition to do away with it!  Can’t you see a herd of four-legged friends picketing in front of the legislature building in Fredericton?  “Away with Daylight Savings-Puppies need their walks”! 🙂

Have a great weekend (we’ll be preparing our yard for winter with the help of Uncle Tom) and we’ll be talking really soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon