March 27th, 2020

Another week of social distancing and staying in!  It’s the right thing to do but Nicholas and I are getting a bit of cabin fever and I’m sure you are too!  Everyone is being very creative and doing their best to keep their minds occupied (you can only watch so much TV, right?).   There are a few shows that the two of us really enjoy and Mama makes sure we catch them on the right day and time.  My favourite is ‘Hudson & Rex’, the detective show about Detective Charlie Hudson (same first name as our colleague Charlie T) and his side kick, what he calls ‘his highly trained law enforcement animal”, German Shepherd, Rex.  Wow that Rex is sooooo smart and a real asset to the force.  Every week I don’t know what crime the guy will solve next!  Personally I think Detective Hudson would be lost without Rex but then I may be biased!!!  Now Nicholas is absolutely crazy about,  ‘America’s Top Dog’.  This fast paced action show brings together top K9 cops and civilian dogs alongside their handlers as they compete nose-to-nose on the ultimate K9 obstacle course.  Never a dull moment!  It’s amazing how well the mutts do against the purebreds.  Nicholas hangs his front paws over the edge of the couch, leaning in,  ears perked up, just staring, never taking his eyes off the action on the screen.  I think he wishes he could give it a try.  My money would be on Nicholas because he’s lean, super fast and smart, everything you need to be America’s Top Dog!  (Just between us I’m the smarter of the two but I’m not so lean or fast so I couldn’t jump and climb through the apparatus I see on the show but I do enjoy watching it too, cheering on my favourites.

Families are spending quality time, that’s for sure!!  We’re doing puzzles, games, nature walks, spring cleaning the house, shed, basement and garage, doing all the things we say we never have time for.  For the short term all we have is time and each other so let’s be kind and considerate and don’t horde, there’s plenty for everyone.  If we stay in and self distance we’ll overcome this pandemic.  I’m very grateful and proud that New Brunswickers are taking this seriously and doing all we can to flatten the curve as much as possible.  There’s no where else in the world I’d rather live!!!

  Stay at least 6′ or 2m apart!  It’s important!

Amazingly houses are still selling and Mama and Charlie are quite busy both working from home on their computers and smart phones through email, text, message, zoom and DocuSign.  Imagine if this happened twenty years ago, when we had no computers or PDAs, we’d all be shut right down!!!  Potential buyers are viewing properties on line, asking the important questions and writing offers via DocuSign.  Charlie wrote offers on two lots this morning.  Way to go!  Mama is working on new listings and several accepted offers she has with closings coming up in April.  Never in her career has she had so many buyers want to close specifically in April and for all different reasons!

With Covid-19 circling we won’t be seeing you out and about as we usually do in our red truck ‘the Budmobile’ but stay posted and I’ll keep you up to date on our latest happenings.  Being a social animal (no pun intended), I’m just trying to hold it together here and look forward to seeing you real soon!


You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon