Nicholas News March 5/2022

Just the thought of longer days in the near future has me soooo excited.  The birds will be singing, the weather will be warming up (which means Mama will stay out longer) and the days will be longer.  As you can tell I’m not a fan of Daylight Savings and think it’s absurd to turn our clocks back in the fall with darkness coming at suppertime!  Nicholas and I enjoy our leisurely walks with Mama and Papa after supper most of the year but then in the fall we hear Mama starting to complain that the clocks will be turning back soon (moaning like a dove) and then bam, it just seems to happen.  So now we hear a different conversation “and soon we’ll be turning the clocks ahead and it will be light an hour longer!!! (said with a smile).  Sunday March 13th won’t come a day too soon!!!

It’s been a tough week as our dear Auntie Blue passed in her sleep at home last Sunday.  Mama says it’s a blessing and we all should be so lucky to go in our sleep.  Mama was so close with her and our auntie never had children so Mama was like a daughter to her.  She was the one to look after auntie which was a huge responsibility with never a chore.  Mama has decades of beautiful memories of her aunt Mary Lou (Wiggins) Northrup who we affectionately called Auntie Blue.  Mama is planning a reception and celebration of her life on what would have been her 87th birthday this July 14th.  She says Nicholas and I won’t be allowed to attend but she will bring us home a doggy bag.  Auntie Blue loved her toy Pomeranians and owned several over the years, all from the Fox Kennels.  Goodbye Auntie Blue we loved you and knew you loved us with your bright smile and warm hugs.  Your dear little girl Viola is missing you too.  Until we meet again.

Mary Lou Northrup with Myra.

Buddy and Auntie Blue at the camp 2018.

The Bank of Canada raised the interest rate this week 25 basis points.  What does this mean for the home owners with mortgages or those thinking of buying?  About $12 per $100,000. For example, the increase to your mortgage payment per $100,000 is approximately $12-$13 per 0.25% increase in prime on a 25yr amortization.  If you have a fixed-rate, no worries,  you will see no change to your rates.   Remember always good to have a fixed rate locked in as long as you can so that you have no unexpected surprises.  If you’re thinking of buying now is the time as the banks talk of future hikes in the rates over summer!

Wishing you a beautiful relaxing weekend and as the Irish say “May the wind be always on your back”.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon