Nicholas News September 1st, 2023

Hello Weekend!  TGIF.  Are you all set for the long weekend?  This may be the first long weekend this year with sunshine!!!  Seems we’ve had rain for all the others.  We’re planning a barbeque, picnic on the beach, scenic drive across a few ferries, friends over for a drink on the deck as we sit around our new firepit, etc.  Just some real R & R as we enjoy the last lazy days of summer!  I love the new fire pit, but Mama says to be careful, don’t sit too close.  It is warm and cozy though.  We haven’t used our deck this year nearly as much as we usually would, seems it rained most weekends (many weekdays too).  I’ve never seen a thing like it!  We have had a few dinners on the deck, and they were lovely with a refreshing breeze blowing through my fur.  Mama, has it designed in what she calls, Bohemian-style with lots of bright colours on a beige and ivory background and colourful flowers everywhere.

We just today, received an accepted offer on one of Charlie’s building lots for sale.  Charlie is the listing agent and Mama is the selling agent.  Great teamwork, keep it up!

Everyone has different plans for the weekend!  Enjoy!  I’ll be thinking of ya.

PS- this paw print in the sand is my actual paw print.  Mama took this pic of it at New River Beach.

Your pal,