Blogging with Buddy March 26, 2021

I’m heading out to put the SOLD sign up on 35 Perry Court today.  I posted the SOLD yesterday at 953 Route 850 and earlier in the week at 55 Shornecliff Drive as properties in New Brunswick continue to fly off the shelf.  We’re finally getting a taste of what real estate is like in the big cities but we’re not used to it here!  We’d better get used to it quickly as things aren’t letting up any time soon.  Mama has never worked so many hours in a lot of years and Nicholas and I are just trying to cope with a few late suppers, late walks and sometimes even a bit less lov’n!!!  But along with Papa we’re trying to understand and be patient.  As she says “you’ve got to beat the iron while it’s hot!”  I see sometimes after a fourteen or even sixteen hour day she gets quite tired but she always says being this busy sure beats the alternative and she’s always got time for a smile, kind words and a nice rub of our ears !  We’re helping all we can and being as supportive as possible.  Papa says it’s important for us to be good boys and not cause Mama any unnecessary grief.  What’s that supposed to mean???  Us Bacon Boys never cause grief!

Our clients are packing!

35 Perry Court is Sold!

953 Route 850 is SOLD! 

Will be nice to get out for a drive in the truck.  We were supposed to go with Mama to 953 Route 850 today to put up the SOLD sign but she had a showing at our Washademoak Lake property and swung by Belleisle Bay on the way home to install it.  (not happy we missed out on that drive)!  At least we get to visit Perry Court today and will probably stop off at friends along the way!

Charlie’s listing at 936 Main Street in Hampton just dropped their price from $218,000 to $209,000.  This is a great commercial space for offices in a fantastic location!

The temperatures are all over the map so you may want to bundle up again this weekend.  We’re hoping for some nice weather for Easter!!!  Mama had planned to start my spring trim this weekend but she’ll probably hold off on that puppy cut until we get over this cold spell.  I love getting my spring puppy cut with the big clippers.  First Mama and Papa brush and comb every bit of my fur and get any tangles out.  Then Mama gets out the big commercial clippers (a necessity for Newfoundland coats!) and away we go.  I lay there for hours and she zips along leaving about a two inch fluffy coat.  Nicholas doesn’t need it with his fine fur but I feel like a million bucks when I’m finished.  I’ll show you a pic when we’re all done.

Have a great weekend, stay safe, wear your mask and keep social distancing.  We’ve come a long way but we’re not out of the woods yet!  I stopped at the CIBC in Rothesay yesterday during lunch hour and as I was waiting in the truck Nicholas and I was not impressed with about 25% of the school kids cutting through the parking lot in groups with NO mask!!!  Another 25% were wearing their masks under their chin like a scarf!!!!  I’m sure their parents would be appalled!  We have to respect each other enough to keep our mask on at all times when out in public.  Maybe you won’t get sick but it could be your family or your friends!  Come on kids, get with the program!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon