Blogging with Buddy December 24, 2020

Twas the night before Christmas and all the house not a creature was stirring not even Buddy Bacon!  We’re all set for Santa Paws to visit our house tonight.  Nicholas says we’ve been good boys all year but Mama says the elves have been watching and know the score!  Where are these sneaky elves, we’ve searched high and low and we don’t see any elves!!!  They mustn’t have a scent because we can’t sniff them out either.  Mama says they’re magical, we’ll never find them but they know everything we’re doing and if that’s the case we may be in a bit of trouble tonight.  Paws crossed and hoping that Santa Paws turns a deaf ear to the elves!!!

We have our little tree up in the family room right in the window.  The lights are multicoloured and the ornaments are all types of animals cats, mice, raccoons, rabbits, horses and of course lots of dogs.  We love it and just lay and stare at it waiting for the big night (just one more sleep).

Our own little tree in the family room.

We have our big tree up in the foyer as well.  Mama and Papa always get a real tree at Cochran’s Country Market.  This is the smallest one we’ve ever had at nine feet (sometimes they’re twelve feet).  We had a great time timming it with old nostalgic ornatments from Mama’s family, each one a treasure.  Papa loves Christmas as much as Mama does and gets right into the action with the tree trimming.  He’s very fussy that all the ornaments are hung just so and spends time going around the tree making sure each one is straight.


Nicholas and I have been love, love, loving the snow.  We roll in it, run in it, eat it and make snow angels.  We just can’t get enough.  All Mama has to say is “Boys, it snowed!” and we just fly out the door.


My sweet little brother Nicholas turns nine on Christmas Day!  He’ll be so excited and Mama will give him extra turkey for his birthday feast (I’ll get extra too of course).   We put our turkey in at midnight and let it slow cook all night.  Nothing beats the smell of a slow roasted Butterball when we come down the stairs Christmas morning.  Join me in wishing Nicholas a very Happy Birthday!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward with hope to a better, brighter and most importantly safer year in 2020!