Blogging with Buddy May 22, 2020

It’s been a busy, busy week!  Now that the rules are slackening off a bit for Covid-19 more people are out and about and wanting to move!  Home is where the heart is and at no time in history has it been as important as it has this spring.  Now our home is our office, gym, school and playground!  Two months of shut-in has given us all new perspective on our needs in a home!  Some are upsizing, more space for family, downsizing or going to one level, larger yards for children to play at home, acreage for privacy, the list goes on.  Lots of people wanting to start their own vegetable gardens too which I think that would be really cool!

Mama and Charlie have been going right out straight seven days a week, weekends and nights to keep up and loving every minute of it!  They are negotiating deals like crazy as people decide to move to new locations.  We have a very interesting new waterfront listing too with a fine sandy beach at 92 Admiral Lane, Kingston Penninsula.  MLS#NB043442 offered at $425,000.  This home or year-round cottage has 1335 square feet of living space, open concept, cosy wood stove, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and huge deck overlooking the sunset waterview!  All on 1.5 private acres!  I can just see Nicholas and I now on that gorgeous beach with him ripping through the sand and me gliding through the water like only the Budster can do!  Sun shining, birds calling and me with no a cae in the world.  A guy can dream can’t he?  Maybe once things open up some more I could be a co-host at an open house.  That would be awesome!!!

                                       92 Admiral Lane, Kingston Penninsula

Nicholas and I had a great night last night!  Just before dusk we went to Hammond River for a swim.  It was awesome!  Nicholas only went in to his knees but that will change once the water warms up.  The Budster didn’t care if it was cold!  I just jumped right in and did I get a shock.  I knew it would be cold but I’m not used to such a strong current.  I headed into the current and was swimming like crazy but going nowhere!  I gave Mama a look that said “What to heck?” She was laughing at me and called me back to shore.  Then we walked further up the river and I got in and swam back down towards the truck.  I never went so fast in my life!  What a rush!!!  Hope to be back there really soon.

Bumped into our little friend Joey while walking at Drury Cove this week.  What a little sweatheart that Joey is.  He and Nicholas ran and ran and Joey even gave me a few kisses.  He loves big dogs and we love him too.

Supposed to be a really nice weekend so get out there and enjoy.  If you see me in my red truck please give me a wave and I’ll be waving right back.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon