Blogging with Buddy August 21, 2020

Talk about an endless summer!!!  This summer just seems to be non-stop this year with gorgeous weather great for boating, fishing, camping, kayaking, barbeques, bon fires and especially swimming, my very favourite thing!  I missed at least six weeks of swimming this summer as I had a cist on my back that had to be removed and my vets just gave me the okay this past week for swimming in the Bay of Fundy.  They say the salt water will be good to help my incision heal.  Salt water swimming is the best because I love the cold water, it’s what I’m built for!  Hoping to head out this weekend for a quick dip!  Bring it on!  Now that it’s August and the water has had the summer to warm up a bit Nicholas will jump in too (he doesn’t have my big Newfie double coat).

Happy days at the beach!

It sure has been an exciting summer for real estate!!!  The market has gone crazy to say the least busiest Mama and Charlie have been in over ten years.  They are two busy bees, listing and selling like crazy, seven days a week.  The two of them are looking to get a day or two off Labour Day weekend but I told them, “don’t count on it!”.  Everyone is asking why is it so busy now and with Covid going on too?  Mama says people were locked up in their homes during the shutdown in New Brunswick for two or three months and it gave them time to reflect on their lifestyle situation at home.  Many people were not satisfied.  Some need a larger yard for children and pets to play, some want a smaller yard with less upkeep.  Some need home offices (sometimes two), gyms, playrooms and school rooms.  They realized that if a second shut down comes they want to be comfortably isolated at home and the time is now.  It also brought home quickly the treasure of life and how precious it is, that we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow so we’d better make the most of it today.  So New Brunswicker’s are on the move and many of those from other provinces and around the world want to live in New Brunswick with our rare safe open environment.  Nicholas and I went into lockdown just like everyone else.  Even our daily walks were different as we practiced social distancing from our four-legged friends and just hung out with each other in our own furry bubble.  We’re really, really hoping that we don’t have this second wave everyone keeps talking about!

Our 42 Secoudon Drive in Millidgeville has closed with Charlie listing and Mama selling.  This was a very quick closing, on and off the market, which seems par for the course this year.  MLS#NB045473 Offered at $399,000.

  42 Secoudon Drive is SOLD!

142 Dunedin Road, Rothesay is sold as well.  This family home has a gorgeous large lot and many updates inside but was in need of TLC on the exterior.  Congratulations to the sellers and to the buyers who are all set to spiff things up and make it picture perfect.  MLS#NB011019 Offered at $349,900.

  142 Dunedin Road, Rothesay is SOLD!

Mama and Charlie has been selling lots of other residential listings off MLS and participated in several exciting bidding wars!  Charlie sold a commercial property in Saint John West and a farm is Sussex as well!  Congrats to you both and keep up the good work!

Take a few moments and enjoy what’s left of this gorgeous summer.  I know our beach days are numbered so we’ve got to try to wring out every last once of summer fun.  Enjoy exploring New Brunswick and most importantly Stay Safe!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon