Blogging with Buddy, December 20th, 2019

Nicholas and I can hardly stand it!  The anticipation is killing us as we count down the days now and the sleeps until big old Santa Paws visits our house.  we are trying to very hard to be good!  (lets say as good as possible).  I got in a little trouble this week when I stole one of Papa’s leather gloves off a chair and had serious plans to rip it to sheads until I got caught.  Just in the nick of time too as there isn’t a mark on it!  Then the same day a Rogers Cable rep came to the house to repair our cable.  He had a nice pair of work gloves hanging out of his back pocket.  I was just reaching out to grab them when I heard Mama sharply say, “BUDDY”!  Needless to say I aborted that mission, looking around all innocent as if to say, “what?”.  Meanwhile the little guy is as hyper as h_ _ _.  He’s driving me nuts.  I’m so laid back and calm but he’s tearing around the house, tearing around the trails, the fields, the yard….   He can hardly contain himself!  I keep saying,  “Cool it little buddy, the big day is almost here!”  We’ve had some great fun this week with our friends at Allison and Spy Glass.  I do more watching then running but I’m having a good time too.

Special congratulations to our colleague at Coldwell Banker, Paul Dorian on his new puppy Whinney!  She is one adorable little girl from what we hear.  Mama came home from the office ranting and raving until Nicholas and I thought we’d be sick!  “Okay, enough all ready!”  We get jealous you know if she rants too much about other four-legged furry friends!!!  Here’s a pic of Paul and his new fur baby.  I love her colours,  matches me.  Nicholas and I are looking forward to meeting her asap!  She just loves Mama but it’s rare then any dog wouldn’t love our Mama!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, peaceful holiday season and every blessing in the New Year of good health, happiness and prosperity.  We thank all our loyal clients for putting their trust in our abilities to give you the very best real estate experience!  Talk with you in the New Year!

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon