Blogging With Buddy, April 27th, 2018

Spring is sprung!    Buyers are out in full force especially on the sunny days looking at homes with Mama and Charlie as well as others with their agents through the MLS.  This MLS is a wonderful system allowing all Realtors from all agencies to gather information for their perspective buyers and show them their favourite properties.  You can only choose one agent to list with but every agent can show your house and write an offer on it.  It’s important to choose your Realtor carefully; someone with plenty of experience in your price range, who has your best interest at heart, will do their upmost to sell your home for the best possible price in a timely manner, who will honour your privacy keeping your personal information to themselves and most importantly someone you trust!  After all this is the largest personal transaction of your life!  That’s why Mama and Charlie chose their new slogan, Experience-Integrity-Discretion.  Did you know in some countries such as England and Australia they do not have the MLS?  Only one agent can list a house there and that same agent is the only one who can show it and write an offer on it!  Very different from our system here.  Also, the home owners do not leave but are present during the showings.  Britts and Ausies are always shocked when they find out that they can see any house listed on our MLS with the same agent and have a private showing with the house all to themselves to freely discuss their likes and dislikes.

I got into a wee bit of trouble last week.  Mama had Nicholas and I down to Riverside Park for a walk.  We were strolling along and when we got near the new structure I saw my chance and made a run for the beach!!!  I took off all I could go with Mama running after me, calling, “Buddy, Buddy”  I couldn’t help myself I ran as fast as I could right down the beach and jumped right in the river!!!  It felt soooo good, my first swim of the year.  Mama stopped at the edge of the water and started laughing at me.  She couldn’t even scold me for running away as I was leisurely gliding through the water with a big smile on my face.  Nicholas went in to his ankles and jumped back out.  Mind you it was a bit nippy so I didn’t stay in long but let me tell you I felt like a million bucks when I got out.  I was soaking wet, walking back to my truck with water running off me.  Good think Mama keeps a towel in the back for just such circumstances!!!

If I can get back down there again, I’ll probably try the same trick!  Hope to see you around over the weekend.  I’ll be out in my yard helping Papa with the spring cleaning and Mama will be popping in and out as she shows houses.  Have a good one.

You pal,

Big Buddy Bacon