Nicholas News February 27, 2022

The market remains strong across New Brunswick as buyers vie for a shortage of listings in an extremely tight market.  The tides have certainly turned as sellers suffered for a decade with a soft market which is now the strongest sellersmarket in the history of the province.  Mama and Charlie have buyers ready to purchase who are looking for just the right property up to $1.5 Million.  If you know of anyone thinking of selling give us a call as we’re happy to help.  Remember if your family includes four-legged friends you can always reach me directly at for the inside scoop!

We had a wonderful day yesterday with a family outing to visit our dear friend Gail in Sussex.  Gail and I have been emailing each other for some time now but we really wanted to meet in person.  She met Mama years ago but not me.  I was sooooo excited when Mama announced that we were all jumping in the truck and I was finally going to head to Gail’s house.  It was a beautiful blue sky day with dry pavement, just perfect for the trip.  Papa and Nicholas came along as well (I never get to go anywhere without Nicholas, truth be told) and they were excited about the visit too.  We pulled up in the driveway and I couldn’t wait to jump out of the truck and ran straight for the door.  I knew Gail loves Newfoundland dogs as she had a big one growing up.  She was right there at the door waiting for me and it was quite the reunion!  She rubbed my ears, gave me big hugs and told me how handsome I am and how happy she was to finally meet me.  I can tell you the feeling was mutual!  Wildman Nicholas gave her a big kiss and then took off around the house checking everything out (his manners aren’t as good as mine) and in two seconds flat his nose figured out that Gail has a cat who was hiding.  The search was on!  It didn’t take long for him to discover Rissie, a beautiful, huge Maine Coon cat was safely hidden in one of the bedrooms.  That kept Nicholas entertained while I got to have a nice visit with Gail.  I snuggled right in close and sat on her feet  which she said felt nice and cosy.  She surprised us each with new toy.  Gail was so good to us Nicholas and I each got a squeaky squirrel, mine is grey and Nicholas’ is brown along with a box of large size Milk Bone dog biscuits, our favourite!!!  Eventually we said our good byes and loaded into the car for the trip home promising to return for another nice visit.

Our listing at 41 Westmount Drive is sold.  MLS#NB068491 Offered at $695,0000.  This lovely large brick ranch offered 3000 sq feet on the main floor with  the basement bringing it to 6000 sq feet plus a 3-car garage and fenced tennis court.  It has a water view up the Kennebecasis River towards Rothesay and down the river to Grand Bay.  We welcome the Ontario buyers to Saint John and this attractive property in Millidgeville!

41 Westmount Dr is SOLD

Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend and I look forward to seeing you soon.  Watch for me in my black truck as I’m out and about in southern NB.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon