Blogging with Buddy November 8th, 2019

Who’s the happiest guy in Rothesay, me or Nicholas?  If there is one thing we love it’s snow!!!  Pristine, crystal clear white, cold, snow.  The happiest day of our year is the first snow day and here it is!  We were estatic when Mama opened the door this morning and there is was in all it’s glory.  I just blinked my eyes a few times and flew out the door bounding across the lawn while Nicholas went flying past me leaping in the air like a banshee.  We both got down and rolled and rolled with goofy smiles on our faces.  Man that feels good.  I’m sure Mama thinks were crazy!  She comes out all bundled up against the elements just laughing at the two of us who are having so much fun.  She goes back in and leaves us there because she knows on the first day of snow we won’t be rushing to get back in the house.  She rallys Papa around and they come back out to take us for a nice long walk where we explore every nook and cranny along the trail.  Oh joy, oh bliss.  Mama and Papa aren’t as excited as we are to say the least.  We hear them talking about slippery driving, wearing heavy coats and boots ; oveall not too enthusiastic!  We say, “Come on guys, get with the program!  This is it for the next five or six months so you might as well suck it up and look on the bright side!”  As I like to say, “Suck it up Buttercup!”

All conditions were met on two more sales yesterday!  First at 129 Gorham’s Bluff Road in Kingston, MLS#NB035330, $412,000, our new listing with 18 scenic acres on the water, sold the first day on the market (in that huge storm we had) with two backup offers waiting on the sidelines.  Second is our Exclusive listing at 75 Kingshurst Lane, Rothesay, $985,000 with 1 full acre of waterfront privacy overlooking Minister’s Face.

129 Gorhams Bluff Road, Kingston SOLD

75 Kingshurst Lane, Rothesay SOLD

The mortgage rates are insanely low as banks battle for your business making this the best  time in decades to lock in 5-year terms or even 10-year!  Coldwell Banker has invited several different bankers to our weekly meeting to fill in the agents on the latest bank offerings and let’s just say it’s very impressive to say the least!  Buying a house has never been soooooo affordable.  Don’t miss the boat, call Mama or Charlie today!  I love the weekly meetings as Kevin sneaks me have a piece of muffin.  He knows blueberry are my favourite and when I pour on the puppy dog eyes, he just can’t resist!

Well hopfully I’ll be doing lots of walking on the trails this long weekend.  I can tell you that Nicholas and I are up for it!  Monday is Remembrance Day and Mama has explained to us the gift of service from our heroic veterns so that we could stay a free country here in Canada.  It’s why we say “Lest we forget!”  Whenever you see a vertern don’t forget to say “Thank you for your service”.  They risked their lives so that we could live free!  And be sure to wear your poppy proudly!

Lest We Forget

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon