Blogging with Buddy April 2, 2021

We’re all set for the Easter Bunny!  The guy is as sneaky as Santa Paws as he quietly sneaks in somehow in the night and leaves us goodies!  As hard as we try we just can’t seem to catch him!  Nicholas is hoping for a nice squeeky ball and I’ve got paws crossed and hoping for a big knuckle bone!!!  Mama is looking for some new spring clothes and Papa always enjoys a nice chocolate bunny!  We were busy outside last weekend putting up our Easter wreath on the front door, our big wall wreath for spring and Nicholas changed his little flag at the front walk from St Paddy’s Day to Spring!  If the weather stays nice this weekend we’ll be doing some well-needed yard work.  Mama says we make an awful mess in the yard over the winter and I suppose we’ll have to listen to her bellyache about that a bit while she cleans it up.  What’s a guy supposed to do?

We were so happy to have a nice visit with Lisa and Jamie Guidry last weekend as I assisted in helping Mama put the SOLD sign up on their house at 35 Perry Court MLS#NB 054378!  They are two of Mama’s very favourite clients and this was the fifth house she sold for them.  Jamie was super excited that his house went for $65,000 over the asking price and he came out to help us put up the SOLD sign!  Congratulations Jamie & Lisa!!!  Lisa is a fantastic cook and during our visit she gave me one of her homemade oatmeal cookies fresh out of the oven as a special treat for my part in the sale, promoting the place on my blog, etc.!  Man, this lady can cook, she could have her own bake shop and guess who’d be first in line at the door?  You bet your boots, it would be Big Buddy Bacon (and Nicholas close behind)!!!

Katherine, Nicholas & Buddy Bacon with Jamie Guidry

We also have accepted offers now with sales pending on 104 Tilley Road , Gagetown MLS#NB046731 , 8 Main Street, St George MLS#020023, 99 Moonlight Drive, Grande Digue MLS#052641,  condo 302 York Point MLS#051324, 6543 Route 105 Grand Lake MLS#NB003833, 20 Almon Lane, Rothesay MLS#NB055387.  Congrats to all our sellers and buyers.  If you need help selling your home or finding your dream home, we’re here to help!  Call Mama or Charlie today or email me at  I’m always happy to help!

Hope you have a nice relaxing long weekend and a wonderful Easter!  If you’re out and about this weekend I hope to see you!

Your Pal

Big Buddy Bacon