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Recent studies show that when it comes to having faith in investments, investors believe real estate is the safest long-term investment ranking higher than stocks and bonds, cryptocurrency and pensions.

They believe real estate diversifies their portfolio, offers long term investment, provides financial gains and serves as an inheritance for their family, according to recent studies.

Let me help you find the perfect home or multi-unit and secure a lucrative investment for the future.

Thank You!

A testament of our appreciation….

Having transferred across the country we sold multiple properties before engaging the professional services of Katherine.

We choose to list with Katherine based on:

-her proven track record of successful representation over a lengthy period while establishing a number of “first amongst her peers” for the real estate market,

– she came highly recommended from clients several of which used her services on multiple occasions, and -the attention to detail during our initial meeting was noteworthy, not only did she have comparative intelligence she had the rationale behind the numbers and was direct and respectful in valuing the property and the estimated time to sell.

Since then we quickly found Katherine was very well connected locally and globally and the showcasing of our home received numerous compliments from friends and viewers on the collateral material and market approach.

During our interactions over the listing period what stood out most though was her character and values contributing to her professionalism. A leader who is trusted and respectful, a keen listener, is family and animal oriented, and is an expert in her field.

Our engagement with Katherine was very comfortable, her advice and counsel were very valuable and sincerely appreciated.  We highly recommend that you also experience the professional services of Katherine.

Francis and Paula Power, 71 Fox Point Drive, Saint John


Dear Katherine, we’re so proud and excited to celebrate your success and outstanding achievements in 2022.  Congratulations on receiving the International Diamond Society designation.  This remarkable accomplishment is in recognition of the exemplary market knowledge, community presence and dedication to clients that you’ve shown each and every day putting you in the top 12% of our network Worldwide representing 47 countries.  All your effort and hard work are very much appreciated, and your recognition is well deserved.

Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment and thank you for everything you do to make the Coldwell Banker brand the industry leader.  Best wishes for continued success in 2023!

M. Ryan Gorman, President & CEO Coldwell Banker                                                                                                                         Karim Kennedy CEO Coldwell Banker Canada

In This Business Reputation Is Everything!

Whether you’re downsizing or up-sizing, buying your first home, dream home, multi-unit, commercial property, condo or vacation cottage, “Your Home Is Your Castle” and you can count on Katherine for professional service & outstanding commitment to excellence without presumption throughout every transaction.  Her clients receive quality service, integrity, dedication and results. She gives good value, respect your privacy, knows your time is precious & promises not to waste it. With her business backgrounds, people feel confident with her right from the start and with her easy smile, down to earth approach and calming personality, they feel comfortable as well. As a Board of Trade award winner plus Chairman’s Circle Gold & Platinum awards and the industry’s most illustrious awards, The Legend and Double Legend, Katherine brings a highly respected business savvy to her real estate career as the industry leader & trendsetter!  With her extensive training Katherine has brought many firsts to the real estate industry in New Brunswick and Canada! While Prudential was across Canada, she was included among the top 1% of Prudential producers in North America from 2006 to 2017 and the trend continues as she leads the province as Coldwell Banker’s only Global Luxury Specialist upon joining the company!  Call on Katherine for solid advice for all your real estate needs!

Why Coldwell Banker?  Canadian Expertise/Global Reach!

Legacy.  Our story of leadership, innovation and success dates back to San Francisco in 1906. After a devastating earthquake, real estate agent, Colbert Coldwell saw the need for trusted, honest and knowledgeable real estate services to help the city rebuild. A few years later, Benjamin Arthur Banker came on board and then became a partner. The founding heritage of providing professionalism and superior customer service remains the core of the Coldwell Banker philosophy more than 110 years later with 88,000 agents in 49 countries, coming to Canada 74 years ago in 1943.  Recognized for their philanthropy, two of Coldwell Banker’s best known projects are “100 Homes for Humanity” and “Adopt-A- Pet”.  To mark their 100th Anniversary in 2006 they started an initiative to raise $5Million to support 100 Homes for Humanity.  To date they have raised $6.1Million and committed to more than 130 homes.  For over 100 years Coldwell Banker has helped people find homes and now our mission includes man’s best friend!  Out of the rubble of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake Coldwell Banker helped saved dogs along with people. They have joined forces with Adopt-A-Pet, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption web site to help 20,000 dogs find a home this year!
Innovation. An industry pioneer for more than a century, Coldwell Banker was the first full-service real estate brand to launch a national website, stream listing videos online, create an iPad application and listing video channel on YouTube, design mobile-friendly sites and be recognized for our best-in-class training.  The trend continues!

Global Luxury; List Locally-Market Globally!

 It’s no secret, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is #1 in luxury sales volume in the world with $161.8 million dollars in sales ever day!   They boast the #1 real estate portal in the world with over 1 million subscribers.  It’s important to expose your property to Asian buyers so Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has the leading platform in China with direct marketing to over 1 Billion Chinese! Upscale home require the benefit of extensive marketing across New Brunswick and around the world.  Our attractive ¼ page display ads in the business section of the Telegraph Journal are the talk of the town reaching every corner of the province!  With unique properties you never know where your buyer will come from and our buyers have purchased homes in New Brunswick from as far away as Europe, Hong Kong and Australia!  Katherine’s extensive training with Prudential Fine Homes International in Beverly Hills and now with Global Luxury gives her the inside scoop on the expectations of the affluent buyer when purchasing a property, in the home itself, in the negotiation process, in the background of the Realtor® and in their interaction with their Realtor®.  If your home will be in the $400,000 range and up you will benefit from the inclusion of international on-line marketing on http://www.luxuryhomes.com/ with extensive coverage across Canada and United States.  Homes over $500,000 enjoy inclusion in the extensive offerings of Global Luxury.  Katherine is the sole representative of this group in New Brunswick.  Homes priced over $1 Million attract attention from around the world with their international presence.   Katherine’s article on the lifestyle in New Brunswick was requested by and written for the DuPont Registry titled “Canada’s Best Kept Secret”.  Statistics consistently show that the affluent buyer prefers to hold a hard copy magazine in their hands and are not conducting their house search through social media so it is very important to know what demographic your buyer is from.  (The more affluent they are, the more this holds true). Our luxury magazines are available at international airports in 60 countries around the world, provided with first class seats on over 30 international airlines and supplied in the dressing rooms of all professional sports teams including hockey, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, polo, the list is long!  You need your home displayed on the coffee table of affluent readers!  We advertised in Homes and Estates, Wall Street Journal, Unique Homes, Fine Homes International, the Rob Report and more.  If your home will benefit from services beyond the norm, we invite you to call today for details with no obligation and accept no substitutes!  Unleash the power of Global Luxury marketing collaboration with marketing to 49 Countries in 32 languages!  “Who’s Selling Your House?”


Some people think that she only sells high end homes, but not so! Yes, she is specifically trained to sell high-end homes but has sold thousands of properties of every size and price range from the modest starter home to mid-range, multifamily and commercial properties. She is experienced in working with buyers and sellers in all price ranges!  Her high standards hold true through every price range with modest homes getting the same professional photographer as the million-dollar homes, no double standards here!  Use her experience, wisdom and extended service to benefit your property sale.  Her negotiating skills for buyers and sellers is well honed; it’s what she does best!  Click on the SOLD link to see what we’ve sold in your neighborhood!

#1 Real Estate Video in the World!

Coldwell Banker’s Home For Dogs Project is the winner of the Best Real Estate video of 2018 !  This heartwarming video highlights their project of finding homes for over 10,000 rescue dogs across Canada and the USA in the past two years!  Kudos to them!!!  If you love pets you’re going to love this video which is sure to bring you a big smile!

Another award winner, our video ‘Hoops’ showcases a child’s intimidating move to a new neighbourhood.    At Coldwell Banker we’re not just selling houses, we’re selling homes, and we understand what family is all about and that your pets are part of that family.       We understand what ‘Home’ is all about!


Your “Home is your Castle” and it deserves to be marketed by an expert!  Consistently setting the standard in Atlantic Canada for real estate marketing, Katherine appreciates your business and ensures the same high standard of service to all our buyers and sellers no matter what the price range, size or type of property.   She is pleased to have been the first Realtor in our area to provide professional photography to each and every property on her roaster.   It’s important for your home to look its very best as buyers search for just the right home.  Professional photos for all properties have been a standard with her for two decades!  Every listing receives the same high standard of service, the same attention to detail, that your property deserves! She’s Social!  Her marketing includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, Pinterest & more with regular updates and on-line ads!  In this day where social media rules, marketing here is most important especially if you feel your home will be of interest to first time home buyers who especially enjoy shopping on social media.  KatherineBacon.com receives thousands of hits per month and our sellers enjoy more hits here than they receive on Realtor.ca and MLS.  The property write-ups on her site are not limited like other sites to 300 words but describe in detail the quality of life that goes with each particular address.  Can your property be fully described in 300 words?  Probably not!  Buyers tell her they love reading the full descriptions in detail and when they read the one that describes their dream, that’s the one they book a showing for.  Her listings are connected to over a dozen other real estate web sites and search engines to ensure your property is front of mind online.  Her monthly display ad in the Telegraph Journal across the province and online ensures that your property is seen by potential buyers!  Her advertising at the Saint John Airport is seen daily by business travelers, frequent flyers, snowbirds, vacationers and those relocating!  Remember the first stop for those relocating is the Saint John Airport, and they are looking for homes like yours!

She’s Social!

Katherine’s social marketing includes a predominant presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, Pinterest & more with regular updates and on-line ads!  In this day where social media rules, marketing here is most important capturing those who enjoy browsing through social media. Through frequent posts my professional social media marketing specialist highlights my listings and the unique lifestyle that goes with each individual property showcasing to the world the benefits of your property.  Social media is just one more area where we can capture exposure to your property and all the fun that can be had there. So come on board and let’s get social!


A firm believer in keeping current, Katherine continually updates her training yearly travelling to seminars and courses given by the best in the industry showcasing the latest and greatest in sales techniques, strategy and marketing for the real estate industry. It’s expensive and timely but she feels it’s a very important integral part of getting your home sold.  Katherine’s sales techniques include both ‘old school and ‘modern methods’, a combination with a proven track record!  Old school methods can include lawn signage, open houses, MLS, airport signage and The Real Estate Guide.  Some of these are very costly, such as print advertising and airport signage but they all include important exposure to thousands of potential buyers who may drive by, drop in or enjoy reading about our local market (and your house) in their Saturday’s paper over their morning coffee.  Modern methods are more important than ever with technology changing at the speed of light!  Do you enjoy browsing the market on your iPad while you catch the first rays of morning with an herbal tea? Katherine is known for creative, strategic, web focused marketing.  Our web site, matching buyers to your property, specializing in lifestyle marketing and considered to be one of the best in the country, is browsed by many on a daily basis receiving several thousand hits per month. Properties are featured on our blog and through digital marketing, linking to more than a dozen affiliated popular real estate sites plus luxury links for her upscale clientele and inclusion in social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube showing what’s happening in real time.  As fast as you can Tweet, Message or Text Katherine is right there to respond to your request.  Her web designers and tech support are considered the best in the business.  It’s not enough today to simply have your property posted on Facebook.  Her professional social media marketing specialist takes her listings to a higher level, easily standing out in the crowd above other properties.  You want an agent who covers all the bases and demographics, with the knowledge to know where your home should be featured and is not afraid to spend what it takes to get it there.  It’s a modern approach to real estate mixed with the tried and true but you never know where your potential buyer may come from.  One thing you know for sure is that you don’t want to miss a beat!  You’ve heard of the popular expression in real estate, “Location, Location, Location” well with marketing its “Exposure, Exposure, Exposure”!  You can never have too much!


Buyers relocating to Southern New Brunswick find Katherine a joy to work with. She has traveled the globe but has called Saint John and the valley home since birth. She will be happy to answer all your questions on the area and introduce you to essential services available as well as valuable additional information available only from a true local!  Wondering who can paint that deck or who sells the tastiest pies?  She’ll help you immigrate smoothly into one of the friendliest communities in the country, well known for its welcoming Maritime spirit. For valuable web links on everything from Schools to Business Assistance, Golf to Sailing, click on “LOCAL LINKS” and let’s begin the search for your new home today!  Watch for the welcome sign centered over the luggage carousel at the Saint John Airport YSJ and let us be the first to say, “Welcome to New Brunswick”.


Be sure to check with Katherine concerning our Exclusive Listings, which are not on MLS or our web site and may cover a diverse price range and type of property ranging from waterfront, ocean front, water view, heritage, vacation home, multifamily, and commercial land.  These properties are Exclusive to Katherine, and you will need to contact her for viewing and purchase.  For various reasons some sellers require discretion with the sale of their property, and you never know what she may quietly pull out of her pocket! Don’t miss an opportunity to purchase one of these special properties, which may be just perfect for you!   Ask about her “Pocket Listings” which sellers insist be handled quietly. The details are only a phone call or email away!


If you are considering the purchase or sale of property in Southern New Brunswick, keep in mind that Katherine’s services, training and background are very unique in the industry giving you so much more added value for the same standard commission. Doesn’t your purchase and/or sale deserve to be handled by an experienced expert?


Did you know that besides self-contained homes that Katherine actively sell land, building lots, multifamily and commercial properties?  Commercial transactions include the Saint John Board of Trade/Uptown Saint John building & Reggie’s Restaurant? After all a salesman is a salesman, you either have the abilities or you don’t and the qualities you bring to the negotiating table are the same!  Thinking of selling your commercial property or multi-unit building?   If you are considering selling, call today for a no-obligation appointment to view your property and set the pricing.


Owning pets her entire life (dogs, cats, horses) and coming from a home of animal lovers, Katherine is proud to have sponsored the Saint John Animal Rescue League and provide “I Need A Home!” weekly in Saturday’s Telegraph Journal since 2004.  “Check for available pets at www.spcaanimalrescue.com and support those who cannot speak for themselves.” Katherine is the recipient of the 2006 Prudential CARES Volunteer Grant from Prudential Financial in recognition of her service and thanks them for their donation to the shelter on her behalf.  SPCA/ARL has announced a 100% adoption success rate of the animals advertised through this program which started in 2004! “THANK YOU, SAINT JOHN, TOGETHER WE’RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THESE HELPLESS ANIMALS”!