Blogging with Buddy, April 10th, 2020

As we continue on with social distancing and self-isolation it proves to be an Easter for the history books.  Easter is such a special time of year when we’re all used to being with family celebrating over a beautiful Easter feast.  (let me tell you as a Newfoundland dog I really look forward to the feast!).  It’s when Spring is in the air, days are getting warmer with the promise of summer is just around the corner and its puts some extra spring in our steps.  But not this year.   We all have to stay focused with our social distancing even during Easter.  Nicholas and I have been very careful through this Covid-19 to not only keep away from other people but other furry friends as well.  Mama says that if someone pets us they can leave germs on our fur that could rub off with the next rub.  So as we’re out walking and meet up with furry friends we cross the street to keep at least a 2m 6 ft distance or more.  Mama and Papa, speak, smile, wave and keep moving.  It’s soooo important right now as we push through to flatten the curve.  Even when we’re at the grocery store we can’t let people come over to the truck to rub us and say hello as they use to.  I keep explaining to Nicholas who is so very social that this won’t last forever and he’s got to stay strong and stick to the rules.  The good news is that CBC News says the Easter Bunny is immune to the virus!!!  We saw it on the TV ourselves and are so happy about it.  We’ve tried to be good boys all year (for the most part) and hope to find and Easter basket Easter morning.  Nicholas wants to hope he gets up early because if he doesn’t I can’t promise what will be left!  Mama says I need to learn better to share with my brother.  Bend an ear Easter Bunny, I’m working on it.

Remember social distancing, 6 ft apart!

It’s a challenge for Mama and Charlie right now selling real estate.  They have several closings in April they are dealing with and have had plenty of interest from buyers from out of province who feel that New Brunswick is a very desirable place to live now more than ever.  These people plan to visit our province to view homes just as soon as the travel ban and border closures are lifted.  No one knows when that will be but one thing we know for sure; when it comes to a world-wide crisis, New Brunswick is THE place to live!  We are very proud of how our premier and prime minister have been looking after the best interests of the people during these unprecedented times.  We’re also proud of fellow New Brunswicker’s who are respecting the safety procedures in place which is keeping us ahead of the curve.  Special thanks to all the front line workers from medical personal, to delivery, groceries, police, firemen, paramedics, etc.  God bless you all and all that you do every day to help us keep some semblance of normal life and keep us safe.  To those across Canada and around the world who have lost loved ones we send our sincere condolences for your loss.  Our hearts are with you.

We wish you a peaceful Easter weekend during these challenging times and remember stay in and stay safe!  It’s your life, it’s the life of your family and friends, it’s important!

Talk soon,

Big Buddy Bacon