Blogging with Buddy June 12th, 2020

Interest rates for mortgages are crazy low with some banks offering as low as 1.99% locked in for 5 years!  Unheard of.  Never since 1929 have home buyers seen anything like this!!!  CMCH is planning some changes as of July 1st to include a higher credit score required rising from 600 to 680.  It will be a little more difficult to quality for a mortgage but those who do will have low rates that are off the charts!  Nicholas and I highly recommend you lock in for as long as you can and reap the benefits!

The market is certainly hot and we already have an accepted offer on our new listing at 92 Admiral Lane waterfront property in Kingston on the St John River.  MLS#NB043442 listed at $425,000.  Congratulations to our seller and to the buyers who I’m sure will enjoy this lovely cottage and gorgeous beach.  I could easily see myself loving life at this address!  This beach just makes us drool!

                              92 Admiral Lane is SOLD!

We have a brand new waterfront listing at Kingston Creek, St John River on Route 845 near the Old Reach Road.  PID# 3024845, MLS# NB044598.  This is a 1.47 acre waterfront building lot.  The building site is high and dry (no risk of freshet), all preparred, the driveway is flat (good for wintertime), and you can drive right down to the water’s edge to load your boat right on your own property (very rare)!  It has huge trees and the waterfront is very private.  Great place to boat, kayak, canoe, fish and for me swim, of course!  Priced at $150,000.  There is an additional land for sale at $30,000 right across the street if you require a larger parcel

St John River Building Lot for Sale.

We were about half way through our daily walk yesterday to Spyglass Hill when the skies opened and it started to rain so we headed for the hills.  Mama and Papa had their raincoats on so they were okay and it didn’t really bother Nicholas and I.  We ran for the truck and I jumped right into the back with Nicholas right behind me.  Then we headed to the Dairy Queen drive-through for an ice-cream.  I love the Dairy Queen!  It’s made with ice milk, not cream, so it’s better on my waistline.  Mama orders ice-creams in a cup for us two boys so that it’s easier for us to eat them.  (Papa says we’re spoiled but what to heck, we’re having a good time).  Mama says we may be a bit spoiled but we’re not spoiled rotten, we’re really nice boys.  Everywhere we go people say “Your dogs are so friendly and so well-behaved”.  We just sit back and smile to ourselves.

We’re hoping to head down to New River Beach tomorrow as it’s supposed to be sunny and nice.  We go to a private beach in the area so that we don’t have to worry about a leash while Mama and Papa look for beach glass.  They have some awesome colours of glass including turquoise, yellow, red, saphire blue and red.  They’ve been collecting for several years and it seems to be a very relaxing past time.  While they do that Nicholas pulls huge sticks along the beach while I glide along the water with a refreshing swim.  Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to load in the truck and enjoy a beach day.  Stay safe and have a great weekend!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon