Nicholas News April 15th, 2023

Loving this warmer weather and longer days!!!  Puts some pep in my step. Our grass is getting green, the birds are singing and the flowers are poking their heads through the ground.  Our crocuses are in bloom!  I’ve been out and about more with Mama, longer walks, more touring around.   I love it!

Finally my new business cards arrived!  Mama ordered them for me and together we picked out my favourite pic.  Just gave out my first card to Spirit and Special Adams, owners of 133 Westmount Drive.  Mama explained that I’m their canine, looking after their specific real estate interests!  What do you think?


It was with a heavy heart that I learned of the passing of our dear friend Bonnie Weir, well known as the Blueberry Pie Lady of Pennfield!  Not only did she have the best pies & muffins you’d ever taste, but she was warm and friendly and she just loved dogs!  No matter how busy she was when we stopped b, she’d always say, “Just a minute I have to come out and say hello to the boys!”  Nicholas and I just loved her!  Rest in Peace dear Bonnie.

This coming Tuesday we’re hosting an agent open house at 133 Westmount Drive, home of my friends Special and Spirit Adams.  It’s a great house with heated floors, big fireplace, main floor master and a huge 2.69 acre fenced yard with an in-ground heated pool!  What more could a furry friend ask for???  People go gaga over the view but we don’t care about that!


Hope you have a great week.  Keep an eye out for me in my black truck!

Your pal,