May 9!

Happy Mother’s Day on May 11th from Big Buddy Bacon! To all of you mothers out there Nicholas and I say kudos to you and all that you do! The big things, the small things, the fun things, the boring; the rough things, the tough thing, the slow thing, the souring! You do it all because you love us so much and it’s our day to show you that we love you too! We agree with Mama when she says, “If your dog thinks you’re the greatest, don’t seek a second opinion!”

We’re happy to have our Mama home with us this Sunday. No open houses on Mother’s Day for Mama, her buyers and sellers are spending the day with their families and Mama says the ladies will all be Queen for a day! We’re just waiting to see what Daddy does to make Mama feel like a Queen. Does that mean we’ll be Princes for a day too? Prince Buddy & Prince Nicholas, kind of has a nice ring to it.

We know we’re the happiest just spending time with Mama & Daddy. Maybe they’ll take us to do something special! Paws crossed and hoping!

We know that Mama has a big day on Monday showing waterfront properties. She’d better eat her Wheaties cause she’ll be hitting the ground running! It’s an out of town buyer so she’ll be describing all the pluses of our beautiful Saint John River, Grand Bay, the Kennebecasis River Valley and the inland waterways. Nicholas and I could do that job pretty easily! We go swimming in the river in the summer and also the Bay of Fundy.

Who has more fun in the water than us and our furry friends? I do more of the swimming in the Bay than Nicholas, me being the big Newfoundland dog and all. Cold water doesn’t bother me any, I actually find it quite refreshing. If Mama holds onto me in the water I easily take her right back to shore! Not that she’s getting into the Bay of Fundy all that often but usually several times a summer with our lovely friends at New River (it has to be a hot day for Mama to get it). Daddy says “You’re crazy, the waters too cold!”

I hate to admit it but Nicholas is the faster swimmer (Border Collie mixed with something larger, we have no idea what). He may be fast (and he likes to dive) but he’s not built like me, he’s so slim he can’t take a lot of time in the cold water. I have to admit the guy is one fast runner too! When he’s flat out down that beach you don’t want to get in his way. Mama says if he was a human boy she’d put him in the Olympics! Sometimes I think he’s just showing off (that’s when I try to trip him or grab him by the tail)! “Who said that?”

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2 thoughts on “May 9!

  1. Dear Buddy,

    I just finished reading your first blog, it was very interesting and your picture is very cute. I will look forward to the next blog.

    lots of love,
    Kaitlyn . My gran Judi sends her love to you and Nicholas

  2. Buddy, My gran is happy to say that your friend Berry (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) is feeling better after her surgery. Gran is looking forward to seeing Berry and Bluebell in a couple of weeks.
    Love to you,Nicholas and your mum and daddy, and Heather too.
    Kaitlyn and my granny

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