Nicholas News Oct 9, 2022

My name is Nicholas and here I am this this Thanksgiving Sunday 2022 with my first day on the job writting the blog which Buddy started May 1st 2014!  I’m not really new to it as I’ve had seven years experience as his side kick and assistant, so I’ve been well broken in.  I’ve got some very big paws to fill but I know he’s happy and healthy in Heaven looking down, cheering me on and putting little ideas in my head.  With your help Bud I can do it!  As you can imagine we’ve been going through a hard time but each day is getting easier.  So many people have been worried about me and come to visit me, friends and neighbours alike.  My uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley have been taking me for awesome walks to Spy Glass Hill where I can run and play with my furry friends and Michelle takes me around the block where I see all my neighbours.  Our house seems very quiet now and Mama talks about getting a couple of cats!  🙁   I don’t knowwhat to think about that!  Papa is not conveninced.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.  Watch for my smiling face on the home page of our site as I begin “Nicholas News”!  My full name is Nicholas Copernicus Bacon but most people call me Nick (except Mama who always calls me Nicholas (especially if I’m into something I shouldn’t be, then the “Nicholas” gets a different tone to it :-).  I have two speeds; full tilt or lazy.  It’s in the full tilt speed that I get just a littlemischievous! Chuckle, chuckle.  Mama’s friend Heather has always called me Dennis the Menace!



We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner today with all the fixings.  Nothing I enjoy more than a nice turkey dinner and our naturopath vet says it’s the number one healthiest thing we can eat (much better for us than chicken which inflames the joints, bad if you have arthritis)!  Lisa  flew in late last night from Ottawa for ten whole days!  Papa will be so excited to have his baby home!  She and Mama will have so much fun together!  He says it doesn’t matter how old they get your child is always your baby.  I just love Lisa, she’ll talk away to me, brush me and rub my ears.  I’ll curl up with her on the sofa as we’ll watch a movie together, (plus she’ll sneak me the odd extra treat).  Mama picked up the Butterball this week.  Uncle Tom and Aunt Shelley will be helping with the cooking, they’re both great cooks but nobody can beat Mama’s turkey and Lisa will help with the preparation and cleanup.  Of course I’ll get a nice plate put together and Lisa and I will fight over the drumstick!  It’s okay Lisa, one for you and one for me!

I had a few scary days with the hurricane.  I never liked the wind and I won’t go out in the yard alone if it’s really windy.  So Mama gets bundled up and comes out with me.  She said my eyes were as big as saucers when she opened the door and I heard the wind howling and saw the leaves swiriling around.  But, we got through it and then had that gorgeous day immediately after with bright blue sky and not a cloud to be seen!

Our listing at 63 Malisee Drive, MLS #077996 was featured in the Telegraph Journal on line version.   Mama did the interview on Wednesday.  So nice to get the extra coverage.  Absolutely LOVE that beach!!!  I could play there all day, Mama would never get me to come in.  One of my favourite passtimes is to dig huge holes in the sand and then lay in them and also to roll and roll in the sand!  That never gets old!  Mama says you can see the smile on my face.

Keep an eye out for me in Buddy’s black SUV as I hang out in the parking lots waiting for Mama.  The truck will always be Buddy’s truck, I was blessed to have him as my brother for ten wonderful years.  Until we meet again my friend.

Your pal

Mister Nicholas


Nicholas News, September 1st, 2022

What are you doing for the Labour Day Weekend?  This weekend is always special to New Brunswicker’s as we all know that this is the last big hurrah of summer before fall sets in.  I’ve been loving these cool nights (12C last night) and look forward to cooler weather but then we’re not all wearing this big Newfie coat so most enjoy the warmer weather, like Nicholas does.  We’re looking forward to quality time with friends and family, firing up out new fire table on the deck, telling a few good stories, a barbeque, a drive in the country.  Nothing too exciting but relaxing times together.

I’m really excited about our new Global Luxury lisintg on the water in the heart of Rothesay at 63 Maliseet Drive.  What a spot!!!  195 Feet of beach, a panoramic view that reaches all the way to Grand Bay and sunsets to die for!   The house is 4500 square feet all on one level with a cosy fireplace in the great room, huge patio and great recent updates with new ducted heat pump, plus a ductless heat pump, newly paved driveway and more.  I could swim here morning, noon and night!  Mama would be saying “Is that Buddy Bacon in the river again?”  You can bet your boots I would be and Nicholas too!  MLS#NB077996 Offered at $2,200,000.

Our beautiful Washademoak Lake cottage at 19 Lobster Lane is sold!  No surprise here as buyers from Kennebecasis Valley, Moncton, Fredericton and of course Ontario were drooling over this year-round get away.  Congratulations to our sellers and the local buyer as their new vacation home.  MLS#NB077684  Offered at $699,000.

Hope you have a great long weekend.  Get out there and enjoy the rest of our beautiful NB summer!  Talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon