Blogging With Buddy September 12, 2021

And the bidding wars continue!!!  Seems like every listing now is selling with a bidding war.  Great for the sellers but really hard on the buyers.  Buyers are now getting accustomed to losing war after war.  Take a look at our new listing at 170 Cosy Lake Road for example.  It came on the market hitting MLS about 10am Friday morning.  Then the calls, texts and emails started coming as Mama quickly booked showings for that day and the weekend.  Then a bully bid arrived and that’s when all H_ _ _ started breaking lose and Mama quickly started contacting everyone to let them know if they wanted to jump in the time was now.  Very hard on buyers who were booked for the weekend but hadn’t seen it yet.  Bids came in quickly and the seller had very limited time to choose his buyer.  All bids were high, way over asking price.  There were a lot of disappointed people.  The winner is a retired fireman from London, Ontario and his wife who dreamt of living here in the Maritimes.  They had checked out Nova Scotia,  northern and western New Brunswick but it was love at first sight when they walked into this magical property!  Nicholas and I welcome them and their German Shepard, Cooper to New Brunswick.   Cooper plans to swim in the lake at least three times a day and says Nicholas and I are welcome to join him anytime!   Don’t think that I’m not working hard and doing my part for the team.  I was out early yesterday and helped Mama post the SOLD sign and the owner gave me permission to have a nice swim in the lake while Nicholas had a run through the woods.  We can’t wait to meet Cooper and show him all our favourite trails and haunts around the area!

I can tell, Cooper loves the water!

I’m really enjoying the cool nights.  Mama and Papa have been doing a bit of bellyaching saying they know what’s just around the corner!  Being a heavy coated Newf I know what’s coming too and I can’t wait.  The little fella will be pulling out his sweater but I’ll be right in my glory.  Mama says I’m not allowed to mention “The Word” but you all know what I’m talking about!  Ha, ha.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Keep an eye out for me in my red truck and be sure to come over and say hello if you see me.  don’t forget, Election Day is coming up soon so be sure to get out there and execute your right!!!  I would if they allowed four-legged furry friends!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging With Buddy September 3rd, 2021

The luxury market is certainly alive and well in Southern New Brunswick!  With four sales over One Million since June Mama and Charlie have been very busy bees.

196 Model Farm Road is Sold!

MLS#NB057415  Offered at $1,025,000


 20 Yacht Haven is Sold!

Exclusive Offered at $1,490,000

746 Seeley’s Cove is Sold!

MLS#NB059419 Offered at $1,200,000

57 Maliseet Drive Sale Pending!

MLS#NB057777   Offered at $2,300,000

Today was a very exciting day for Mama as she concluded six days of negotiations including a bidding was on 57 Maliseet Drive, Rothesay.  The highest priced bidding war in the history of the province with never a dull moment right to the end with both bidders from Toronto.  Not a process for the weak at heart, Mama kept her cool and enjoyed every moment of this battle that ran on for days!  Congratulation to our sellers and ecstatic buyers of this stunning Global Luxury property!

I drove to Millidgeville in our truck along with Nicholas to help Mama put the sold sign on 40 Brigadoon Terrace.  MLS#NB061913 Offered at $899,000 which sold on the first showing.  We wish our lovely sellers every success in their new endeavours as they leave the province for professional pursuits and we wish the out of province buyers many years of happy memories in this beautiful home!

40 Brigadoon Terrace is Sold!

MLS#NB061913  Offered at $899,000

I hope you’re all set for the Labour Day Weekend!  Nicholas and I are looking forward to a little R&R as we’ve been spending very long hours in the office with Mama.  Hoping the rain goes away by Saturday so we can all get out there and enjoy what’s left of our summer.  I for one am happy that the heat wave is over because I can tell you it does not agree with this big Newf!  I stayed very, very close to the A/C for days and had refreshing dips in the river in the evenings.

Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful holiday weekend.  Hope to see you around really soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon