Blogging with Buddy June 30th, 2021

Happy Canada Day from our home to yours!  Buddy Bacon is ready for some summer fun this Canada Day!  Maybe  a relaxing stroll, a tastey barbeque, a picnic or a refreshing swim in the bay.  Whatever goes down, the boys are ready for some real fun this holiday weekend!  In spite of sobering times in our country with the finding of so many unmarked graves of children at residential schools, Canada is a country with many questions to be answered and yet we must not overlook the greatness of our nation!   Although it is not perfect, Canada still affords the highest quality of life and we have much to be grateful for!  There truly is nowhere else I’d rather be.  Our hearts go out to the families of those lost with the hope that they’ll soon know have the answers.

It’s been an exciting week as offers fly in on our new Global Luxury listing at 746 Seeley’s Cove Road, our rare offering with 101 acres and one mile of oceanfront, Koehler House!  New Brunswicker’s really appreciate this property as well as those from far and wide.  MLS#NB059419  offered at $1,200,000.  Where do you go to relax, unwind and recharge?  Koehler House with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two storey living room, wood burning fireplace, sauna, hot tub, two huge decks and three beaches.  Lucky the new owner of this fabulous property with three beaches it’s right up Buddy Bacon’s alley!!!

Wishing you a great Canada Day Weekend!  Have lot’s of fun in the sun and stay safe!

You’re pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 18th, 2021

Mama always called New Brunswick “Canada’s Best Kept Secret”, but now the secret is out of the bag in a big way.   It’s important to note (and give ourselves a pat on the back) that just days ago it was announced that the Atlantic bubble has rated #2 safest place in the world to live second only to New Zealand!  Wow!  That’s quite an accomplishment!  And as I’ve said since the start of Covid “I’m sooooo happy that I live in New Brunswick”!

Is the local market starting to cool a wee bit?  Speaking with other Realtors they are not seeing the quantity of inquiries nor the flood of offers flying in from Ontario this past three weeks that they were bombarded with earlier in the year.  Why is this?  Possibly as the Covid vaccine rolls out it’s taking the panic off Ontario residents to get out of Dodge asap!  Our province has come into the forefront through the news media as a great place to live. Who knows?  Mama believes our house prices will stay strong and steady but the market will not be as insane as it’s been this past year.  Whew, I don’t know if I could take much more!

We always knew it was a beautiful province with its rivers, lakes, valleys and bold oceanfront (that’s why it’s called the picture province), we knew New Brunswickers are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, going out their way to help a neighbour or a stranger, the cost of living is affordable (except the property tax! ) even with the cost of homes rising this past year the price is still a fraction of the other provinces but who knew we’d bunker down as a community and beat this pandemic better than any place in North America and second best in the world.  To all New Brunswickers I take my hat off (if I had a hat)!  Job well done!

It’s nice to see things loosen up lately.  I notice on my walks that everyone is not wearing a mask outdoor.  TG we furry four-legged friends didn’t have to go that route!  I remember in the last year when Mama, Papa and everyone we met at Spy Glass Hill were wearing their mask and none of us furry friends could play together but had to keep our distance too.  It was a real drag, especially for Nicholas who is such a social animal!  Now we’re all back playing together and he’s running through the long grass racing with his besties with that big goofy smile on his face!  You go guy, I’ll just sit back here and watch.

No surprise our 311 Bay Crescent Drive property is sold MLS#NB059426, $249,000.  The selling features were the large private yard, water view and of course my personal favourite thing The Beach!  This home came with beach rights with new stairs down to a nice sandy beach on Grand Bay.  The fun I could have there!  In a community like this I could have a part time job as the summer life guard!  You know us Newfs were bred to rescue fishermen who fell off the fishing boats.  Well it doesn’t stop there, we recue anyone in trouble in the water.  When I go to the beach with Mama and she’s in swimming I keep a very diligent eye on her at all times.  I just keep circling her and looking deep into eyes to see if there’s any sign of panic because if there is I’m ready!  She often swims over and grabs me by the fur on my hips with both hands and I instantly head to shore with her floating out behind me.  I’m big and strong with huge webbed feet, everything about me is built for strong swimming and to help anyone who may need help in the water.

Mama is showing houses on Saturday but Nicholas and I are hoping that we get out to the beach for a swim on Sunday.  Whatever you’re planning I wish you another great weekend in New Brunswick!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy June 7th, 2021

Our new Coldwell Banker Global Luxury oceanfront listing in Seeley’s Cove is just about as rare a property as you’ll ever see in North America! What makes this place at 746 Seeley’s Cove Road so special is the extensive ocean frontage with one mile of bold oceanfront on 101 acres where eagles soar and the salt spray pounds the granite rock shooting high into the air. The year-round vacation home is designed by renowned award winning American architect Julia Snow, who came to the site and selected the explicit location of the minimalist-style glass and New York bluestone house. The home features bleachers to sit and watch the nature show, retractable glass walls in all rooms with unobscured views for 20 miles all the way to Nova Scotia There is a two-story ceiling and wood-burning fireplace in the living room, solid maple custom cabinetry throughout, guest bedroom with ensuite bath on the main floor with den, laundry and master suite with attached screened covered patio, walk-in closet and ensuite bath on the second floor. Two huge cantilevered decks, one on each level, overlook the vast blue Bay of Fundy on the Atlantic Ocean. The parts I like best are the two beaches, one with a sandy beach and one with gravel beach. How much fun could Nicholas, Sparky Turnbull and I have at this unique property??? I say plenty! And after a refreshing swim, a lay on the beach, catching a few rays as the gulls soar overhead and a relaxing rest in front of the fireplace after a succulent lobster dinner will be just what the doctor ordered for total relaxation and tranquillity! A big guy can dream can’t he! If it’s privacy you crave, look no further. This 101 acre peninsula affords privacy in every direction. No roads, cars or houses are visible from this property in any direction. Are you in Paradise? I say whether you’re a two-legged or four-legged friend, you’re getting pretty darn close!  This Exclusive listing is offered at $1,200,000.  Property is availabe for showings starting Thursday June 10th.  Call or text Mama or Charlie for a private viewing or email me at, I’m happy to show this property (I’ll even demonstrate my swimming skills)!

We welcome are new buyers and their young family from South Africa to 196 Model Farm Road closing later next month.  This hadsome 13.3 acre property fulfills everything they desire in a new home with acreage, pond, pool, water front and a large extremely comfortable home.  MLS #NB057415  was offered at $997,000 and was sold over asking price.

Lot 6 Yacht Haven Lane is gone as we welcome our buyers from Ontario who will be building a new stunning new home of this exclusive street.  MLS#NB 032597 Offered at $175,000.

166 Osborne Avenuen north will soon have new owners and we wish them will in their new townhouse overlooking the harbour at Fort Howe in Saint John.  MLS# NB057589 Offered at $299,900.

16 Watson Lane is alsosold in Willow Grove.  Offered at $249,900 MLS#NB057846.  Welcome Home!

Nicholas and I are staying close to the AC today as temperatures soar across the Maritimes and here in Rothesay where it’s hitting 43C with the humidex.  Way to hot for the Budster!!!  Mama says she’s taking us for a nice refreshing swim in the river after supper when it cools down a bit.  Can’t wait!

Talk soon,

Big Buddy Bacon