Blogging With Buddy October 6, 2021

I’m loving these warm days and cool nights!  Autumn is one of my favourite times of year.  The water is too cold for a swim for Nicholas but it doesn’t bother Big Buddy Bacon one little bit!  The days are so pleasant (not too hot) and when I go for my daily walk at Spy Glass Hill just before dusk it’s lovely and cool, just the way I like it.  Mama and Papa are invited out for Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday with family and I’m really hoping that they bring me back a doggy bag with some yummy turkey (and a few fixings) in it!  Nothing I enjoy more than a good turkey and my vet says it’s the very best thing I can eat, soooo healthy!  So gobble, gobble, bring on the turkey!

Nicholas has been busy with Mama decorating for fall inside and out!  He stays very close to her when she’s in the yard watching carefully for squirrels that may get too close.  I have no idea what he thinks the squirrels will do to Mama but he is on high alert!  The great squirrel hunter!  You know me, I just lay back and take it all in (let the little fellow have his fun).

Luxury home sales are alive and well in New Brunswick!  Mama has three sold this summer over One Million and one over Two Million plus she has negotiated on two more!  Seems like New Brunswick is the place to live in Canada and the secret is out of the bag.  If you know of anyone thinking of selling their home in any price range give Mama and Charlie a call today.  They’re happy to help and have buyers ready in all price ranges!

Please keep in mind if you’re walking anywhere in Rothesay and Quspamsis that bow hunting started again this week on Monday October 4th!  Those bows are very powerful and deadly so be sure if you’re in the woods, fields or trails that you and your family wear your hunter orange!  We don’t want any accidents in our town.  My family wish they never had bow hunting in the town so close to homes and nature trails.  It’s oh so dangerous and we really don’t care if we don’t have hostos growing in our garden any more.  We like the deer and Nicholas and I never chase them, bark at them or even acknowledge them!  They’re just another one of Gods creatures!  Since they are only shooting the females we see fawns roaming the streets lost, with no Mama to educate them to stay away from traffic or show them how to get through the winter!  Breaks our hearts!

Hope you have a fantastic and peaceful Thanksgiving Weekend.  We plan to be out an about on our walks, probably a nice autumn drive and with any luck a refreshing swim!  Talk soon, keep wearing your mask and social distancing!  We’re all in this together!!!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon