Blogging with Buddy December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and a ho, ho, ho to you and yours!  Nicholas and I are sooo ready for Santa Paws tonight!  The little guy is wound up like a top and can hardly contain himself, running around sticking not just his nose but his entire head in every bag he finds!!!  I’m trying to stay more laid back and cool about it all but I’ve got the Christmas spirit make no mistake about it.  I was out early this morning rolling in the snow (one of my very favourite things to do) and throwing a ball in the air and catching it.  Nicholas hid his ball in the snow thinking he was hiding it on me but I saw where it went out of the corner of my eye, ha, ha, ha!  I’ll wonder out alone a bit later and check that out!  Hee, hee, hee.  Mama says I’d better be a good boy, especially today of all days.  We had family members arrive from Ottawa last Sunday to stay with us for the holidays and we have more family arriving tonight.  Tonight we have our annual seafood feast and then tomorrow we’ll wake up to the delicious aroma of roasting turkey which mama puts in the oven before we go to bed tonight!  Everyone in our family are all good cooks and each one will have their speciality to prepare!  Nicholas and I just sit back and wait for some leftovers with baited breath and paws crossed!  We’ll be home alone tonight for just a bit while our family go to church.  Mama reminds us that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of the Christ Child and that’s what we are actually celebrating at Christmas time.  While they are gone Nicholas and I will lay back quietly on the sofa just admiring the twinkling lights on our little tree in the family room but when our family burst through the back door we’ll be ready to celebrate in a big way.

Nicholas and I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love surrounded by family.  We wish you good health, happiness and lots of turkey and doggy treats!

Merry Christmas

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy, December 9, 2016

Tis the Season!  Nicholas and I are getting sooo very excited with Christmas just around the corner.  This wisp of snow really helps get us in the Spirit too!  Mama has been decorating like crazy inside and out.  Finally she is all done and the place looks very festive to say the least (Papa even helped a bit this year).  She seems to really enjoy it (brings back memories from her decorating days), the Christmas tunes are blasting and the eggnog is flowing.

We put our own wee tree up on the weekend (4 footer).  Started with the lights, then the garland (which is artificial candies) then the ornaments and a few bows.  We’ve got some awesome ornaments handed down to us from Theodore and Laddie the dogs and the original owner, William the cat!  The ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and everything is an animal!!!  Mostly they are dogs but also cats, horses, raccoons, mice, squirrels, rabbits, bears etc.  I love the tree but Nicholas is just gaga over it!  He just stares at it from the couch then walks over and checks it all out from top to bottom.  He keeps looking underneath like he can’t wait for Christmas morning to happen.  That’s when he really goes nuts!  A little more than two weeks away but who’s counting?

One of our favourite ornaments!

Special Christmas Open House with Steven hosting this Sunday from 2-4 pm at 28 Mecklenburg Street in uptown Saint John.  Come enjoy a Victorian Christmas and a cup of Christmas cheer at this stunning home within walking distance to all uptown amenities!

Mama will be at 21 Upper Deck in Drury Cove on Sunday from 2-4pm showcasing this modern condominium on the waterfront with huge finished daylight walkout basement and heat pump!

Hope you’re enjoying this festive season and all it entails!  Don’t overdo it and I hope to see you around over the holidays!  “Oh boy Nicholas, look out the window, it’s snowing again!!!”

Your Pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy, Dec. 1st, 2016

Wow, what happened? I woke up Wednesday morning to a winter wonderland and now it’s gone! Nicholas and I were over the moon we were both so excited. Mama had us out walking early that morning while it was still snowing. Nicholas went racing around and we both made snow angels rolling in the frosty flakes. I hate it when it rains like it has been the rest of the week as we have to stay indoors (boring) but Mama says rain is important this time of year to give the trees enough water to get them through the winter. We are all so hoping for a white Christmas. Just like the song, ” I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas”, Big Buddy Bacon is dreaming big! Dreaming that Santa is going to find our house too! I’ve tried to be a good boy all year. Mama, Papa, Auntie Blue, Dr Kelly and Bogdin all say I’m a very good boy so I say I should get something very special. Now Nicholas, I’m not so sure of. He has his moments but he does get himself into quite a bit of mischief! (not that I’m a tattletale).

We’ve been busy with our outdoor decorating and it’s all done! Nicholas and I were out with Mama for days getting it just so (she’s so fussy). Papa did the LED lights and helped with the big wreath at the front door while Mama did 12 big planters at the front entrance and the window box on the garden shed with boughs and different shrubs off our own property. We think it looks nice and it was a lot of fun too!wreath-2017

This weekend Steven is hosting another open house at Chapel Hill Estates at 16 Mapledawn Court $239,900, in a lovely easy care, affordable living, garden home in a very popular Rothesay area near all amenities!  His recent one was so popular that he’s hosting another! This home is perfect for young professionals, empty nester and retirees alike! Drop by and say hello, Steven is happy to give  you the grand tour!

I’m heading out out this weekend to get my Christmas tree, oh boy, oh joy! We always get a live tree! We love the fresh scent of the live greens in the house, makes it really smell like Christmas. Papa said we can go to 9 feet but that’s the limit. We had a 12 footer once but Papa said never again, he put his foot down, said it was too much work and took too long to trim. We tried to argue the point but it was no use. When Papa puts his foot down, it’s down! Hope you have a great weekend and get out there and enjoy this festive time of year. Hope to see you out and about!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Baconbuddy-paw-print