Blogging with Buddy, December 24th, 2015

It’s finally here!!!  The day we’ve been so patiently waiting for, Christmas Eve.  We’ve been good for so long now that we can hardly stand it and we’re sooo excited, can’t wait to open our gifts .  Mama keeps telling us that this is not what Christmas is all about but we can smell treats in the bags beneath our tree.  Mama snuck us one today from our pals Special & Spirit, sooo yummy.  Daddy says we’ve spoiled rotten and have way too many gifts from friends and family but our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton say he’s the spoiled one in the family and Mama agrees wholeheartedly!  Special thanks to our friends from Sussex, Tux, Rave & Daisy for finding the elusive elf who’s been spying on us and for sending us his picture!  Low and behold he was spying on them too but they’re so quick they caught him and threw him right in the tree!  Good going guys, keeps him to heck out of here!  Thanks for sending the pic.  We absolutely love it!

Elusive Elf
The elusive Elf

Let us not forget that it’s Nicholas’ Birthday on Christmas Day!  He’s named after Saint Nicholas and he’ll be four years old (although you’d never know it).  Mama got him a little mini birthday cake at Sobeys that says “Happy Birthday Nicholas”.  I saw the little size of it and I have to say by the time the Budster has a piece that will be the end of the cake, too bad for the rest of them, ha, ha.  So happy fourth birthday Nicholas!  He went for a visit to Shannex Parkland in the Valley in Quispamsis on the 23rd to visit our Auntie Rita and bring her a special Christmas gift.  Mama had gifts for her but Nicholas had a special one from himself.  Auntie Rita always had a special place in her heart for Nicholas as she used to baby sit him when he was only twelve weeks old and has fond memories of all his shenanigans as a baby! He brought her a framed picture of himself so she can place it in her living room and that way he’ll always be with her.  I didn’t go to Shannex as Mama says she can only handle one of us at a time but she promised Auntie Rita that I’ll be the one to visit next time.  There were several ladies in the reception area when Mama and Nicholas arrived and they just went crazy over Nicholas (just imagine what they’ll do when they see the Budster!).  He comes strutting in wearing his custom red plaid NB tartan coat he got last Christmas looking very debonair.   He sits right up so proud and well behaved as Mama signs them in.  The ladies are all saying, “What a beautiful dog (that’s all the little guy needed to hear), what’s his name?”  Then he has to greet everyone and he has this thing he does where he sits right up and puts the right paw up for a hand shake if you say to him, “How do you do?”  He was a hit, no doubt about it.  Then cool as a cucumber he goes up the elevator to our Auntie Rita’s apartment.  She was sooo happy to see him and the feeling was mutual.  She had special treats for him too!  I had to stay home with Daddy and we had our own fun but I can’t wait for my visit with Auntie Rita, hopefully coming soon.

Nicholas close up
Nicholas gift to Auntie Rita

Meanwhile down south our cousins Myra and Lucas were stars in the golf cart Christmas Parade in their park.  Those two little minx were all decked out for the holidays and proud as peacocks sitting up with our Auntie Blue with Uncle Clinton at the wheel for the Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade!  Mama would need some type of big caboose to take me and Nicholas in that parade as there is no way you’d fit the Budster in the cart!  Maybe Uncle Clinton would teach me how to drive and Nicholas and I could get our own cart!  Can you see it?  Mouths would drop if we two were travelling along in the parade, Budster at the wheel and Nicholas waving to the people as we pass by.  Oh well, a guy can dream can’t he?

Nicholas and I wish you all a very special Christmas filled with Peace, Joy and Love.  To all our four-legged friends a special wish for 2016;  May the wind be always at your back, your tail in the air, your ears flapping in the wind and a big smile on your face as if someone left the gate open!  Merry Christmas!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Blogging with Buddy, December 18th, 2015

Well our tree is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped and Nicholas and I are all ready for the big fella in the red suit to visit our house on Christmas Eve!  We’ve been trying sooo very hard to be good as Mama says there are Elves watching us at all times now.  Where the heck are they?  We’ve been snooping all around the house trying to pick up a scent and we can’t find any sign of an elf!  We’ve looked under the bed, behind the drapes, in the basement, under the sofas and everywhere but where is this elf?  Mama says he’s quick and hard to see but Nicholas and I say he must be one sneaky little snooping streak of lighting because he has us totally buffaloed!  I never thought anyone could be quicker than Nicholas and I’ve got the nose for scents in the family and  I’m picking up nothing.  I can pick up a squirrel scent from halfway across the golf course but I’ve got no reading on this elf!  I want to know what kind of a dude goes snooping around your house watching for a guy to slip up and then report back to Santa?  Who would take such a sneaky job?  Nicholas is about as impressed as I am but let me tell you we are being very, very good boys lately!  Oh ya!   Nicholas has been a bit calmer and not flying up and down the staircase like a banshee every morning.   We haven’t ripped apart Daddy’s socks with a tug of war in at least two weeks (this is usually a daily entertainment, ha).  Mama says he’s not going to have any socks left, guess he’d have to go bare foot like us.  Mama says I have four white natural socks with the white fur on all my feet.  I’m quite proud of it actually and keep them spotlessly clean.  I think a fella looks good with four gleaming white paws.  Nicholas doesn’t have white socks but Mama says he has a pretty face.  He may have a pretty face but I’ll tell you my bro is no sissy.  He’s as tough as nails, strong and wiry.  When we play tug of war he can even drag the Big Budster across the room and that’s not easy.

Mama says we may have a green Christmas!  What???  No snow for Buddy Bacon!  Give me strength!  It’s wintertime, I’ve been waiting all year for fun in the white stuff, where is it?  Mama tells me to stop this as she said we got enough snow last winter to last for years but I’m built for snow and I just love it.  It’s cold, wet, fluffy and a whole lot of fun to run, jump and roll in.  She says it will come at some point, just like last year and then it wouldn’t stop!

The Team are still busy showing houses to qualified buyers, even Christmas week!  When people need a house it can happen anytime, even this time of year.  The Team and our sellers are taking a break from open houses of course over the holidays to be with family and friends but they will start up again in the New Year and I’ll be announcing them as they go.  We have some fun things planned for the new year so stay posted.

I would like to say a special thank you to Thandi’s Restaurant (Mama’s favourite) for sending Nicholas and I home a doggy bag from the Prudential Christmas Party!  We both had our noses out of joint that we couldn’t attend.  We stayed home with long faces and then surprise, surprise Mama brings us home a yummy doggy bag, sooo good!  Then we had our own Christmas party here at our place this week and Pam, Steven, Stephanie and Jody gave us the nicest Christmas presents with lots of special treats.  We even each got the new long lasting Milk-Bone® large dog Chewlotta™.  Smile!

Nicholas and I wish a very Merry Christmas to you and to all your four legged friends and all the Best In 2016!  Happy New Year too!

Your pal

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Christmas 2015

Blogging with Buddy, Dec 11th 2015

What happened?  Last week I was frolicking in the snow and now I’m lying in my yard basking in the sun.  Mama thinks it’s great but you know Nicholas and I really enjoy the snow.  Last week was just like a little tease!  We were so excited last night when we went out about 10:30 pm for our last pee of the day and the white flakes were coming down like crazy but when we got up this morning, nothing!  Mama says it will come and she’s just hoping that it won’t be anything like last year cause she said she just couldn’t take another winter like last year!  We had so much snow against our windows it felt like we were living in an igloo.  Nicholas and I were very restricted with our play area in the yard because as it kept building it wasn’t long before all we had left was the driveway.  Nicolas was flying up and down the snow banks but Buddy flew into one early on in the winter and Daddy thought he was going to need a crane to heist me out!  I buried myself, trying to follow the little guy.  Daddy didn’t need to worry, once I realized I was bogged down I just rolled right down off that big drift (and didn’t go near them again!  Fast learner).

Daddy is all set for the worst winter can send us this year,  with his new-fangled, high powered snow blower.  He said we won’t have to worry because he’s going to blow us a nice big yard to play in on the side lawn.  We are so happy to hear that.  He says we’ll have to stay in the house while he’s using the monster as he said it’s a very dangerous machine but once he shuts it off we are going to have so much more room to play in this winter!  Nicholas will be able to play fetch and I’ll be rolling in it for sure.  Mama didn’t dare walk us on the road last winter as the banks were so high and the road got so narrow it would have been dangerous if we were to meet a car.  We have a great plan for this winter walking the trails of Spy Glass Hill and Allison Drive.  Mama says that so many people and dogs walk the trails that no matter how much it snows these trails will be beat down enough for us to travel on.  Oh boy, we can’t wait!

Pam ordered me new business cards, just waiting for them to arrive.  I seem to go through my cards like crazy!  Now Nicholas thinks he needs some.  I told him he really doesn’t as I’m the major mascot for the company and he is just the assistant mascot.  He can’t even use the computer for heaven sake!  He says that doesn’t matter, he’s here with me making suggestions as I’m writing the blog, putting his two cents worth in.  With that and his charming personality that makes him an important member of the team.  I told him I’d talk to Pam and see what I can do for him.  He said if I have any problems just let him know cause he’s the charmer of the two and he thinks he can wrap her around his finger just by batting those big brown eyes!

We are excited to welcome our newest member to Team Platinum, Jody McCairns.  Mama says he’s a real dog lover and has several of his own!  This is our kind of guy!  We want to find out more about Jody’s four legged friends and we’ll share with you as we know more.  Maybe we can set up a play date!  Mama says he’s friendly, super-efficient, business orientated and techy.  All over social media like crazy!  A great addition to the team and busy as a bee.

I want to personally invite you to our “Christmas In Rothesay” Open House where four of our Rothesay clients have prepared their stunning homes in their Christmas finest and are opening them to the public this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  Three of the homes are in Hastings Cove/Kennebecasis Park; 5 Valley Road, 14 Garrison Drive & 62 Park Drive and the fourth property is in the heart of Rothesay at 4 Crosswind Crescent off Highland Avenue.  Drop by to feel the warmth of the cozy fireplaces, enjoy a sugar cookie, cup of hot cider and view sparkling splendour of the Season!

Your pal,

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Blogging with Buddy Dec 4th, 2015

Oh joy oh bliss!  Just what the Big Budster ordered, snow!  Nicholas and I have been waiting and waiting and we thought it would never come.  Mama came home from a listing appointment in Hastings Cove last night about 9pm and when she came in the door with a big smile on her face and said, “Boys, it’s snowing, it’s snowing!”  I just could hardly contain myself.  She threw on what she calls her ‘old dog coat’ (guess that means it doesn’t matter if we jump up and get paw prints on it) and boots and we rallied Daddy around and out the four of us went for a good play in the snow.  I just started bouncing up and down in the yard like a bucking bronco!  Nicholas started tearing  around in a large circle, wide open, as fast as he could go, barley missing Mama, Daddy and me as he sped by, ears flapping in the wind.  He made a big loop across the driveway down the side lawn, along the berm and back around the driveway and away he’d go again.  This went on for a good twenty minutes while Mama and Daddy just stood there laughing.  I did a bug run down the lawn and then just threw myself down in the snow and started rolling in it making snow angels.  Once Nicholas slowed down he came down and started the same.  The flakes were huge and sticky, clinging to every branch.  Mama said it looked like a winter wonderland out of a Christmas card but Daddy just grunted.  We don’t think he likes the snow as much as the rest of the family do but we have to give him credit for being a good sport and sticking it out with us in the wet cold white stuff.  Mama threw a few snow balls at him and Nicholas and I tried to catch them before they hit the ground.  She’s a terrible aim, they didn’t go anywhere near Daddy (he says lucky for her).  We went in and got dried off, two very happy fellas!  Getting dried off is just like getting a massage!

Mama’s been decorating the house for Christmas bit by bit at night.  It’s looking pretty glitzy.  Everyone who comes to our door says it’s easy to tell she worked as a designer.  We like it too and Daddy seems to love the Christmas decorations as much as we do.  The two of them decorated the outside together in mid-November before it got cold.  Of course we were the helpers!  Daddy put up all the strung lights and the spot lights, he also helped Mama with the big gigantic wreath at our front door.  Mama took her garden clippers and went around the yard pruning the evergreen shrubs and using them in the big planters she filled outside.  She says she has as many as thirteen different types of greens in those planters.  It was a huge job but we say it’s worth it.  We need our place looking as snazzy as possible for Santa, we don’t want to be overlooked on the big night (if you know what I mean)!

This is a big weekend for the team with our Christmas Open Houses starting with our clients homes all done up to the nines for Christmas!  Steven is at 2 Jones Ave off Vincent Road on Saturday from 2-4pm and the place is all a glow with Christmas!  This home is in mint condition with the most beautiful private yard (very important for puppies)!  Sunday is our Victorian Christmas Open House uptown from 2-4pm at 212 Germain Street and 28 Mecklenburg Street.  These two gorgeous brick Victorian homes will be done up in their Christmas finest and the team will be there to welcome you to a world of pine cones and holly, velvet ribbons and simmering spices.  What better way to get in the holiday mood than a tour through our Victorian Christmas homes amid a white winter wonderland of snow!  See you there!

Your pal,


Big Buddy Bacon Paw Print

Buddy's 1st snow of the year Dec 4 2015
1st Snow of the season!!! Dec. 4th 2015
Victorian dog with sled
This Victorian card is giving me ideas! I could pull a tree home if I just had a sled! Santa, are you listening?