Blogging with Buddy May 25th, 2018

Big Buddy Bacon had lots of fun yesterday celebrating his 6th birthday.  He and Nicholas started with a cheeseburger picnic enjoying A&W Buddy burgers!  Then he had an extra long walk through the trails of Spyglass Hill and RNS where he met with the cutest Bernese Mountain Dog he’d ever seen!  She was the same size as him with the prettiest black, brown and white coat, slick and shinny, dreamy big brown eyes and a perfect smile showing gleaming white teeth.  “I think I’m in love”!  She was there with her parents and we just started to walk and talk together and then they headed down a different trail calling her and I didn’t even get her name.  Nicholas says, “Way to go, big guy!”  So I’m really hoping to bump into her again really soon!  Nicholas had a blast on the RNS soccer field where he met up with a year and a half old golden retriever who was quite happy to run like a banshee around the field with him!  I can tell you that the little fella slept well last night!


Mama and Charlie have been busy with local, out of province and out of country buyers purchasing upscale homes.  Mama sold a big one in Drury Cove and Charlie is close to completing all his conditions on another.  Together they closed one last week on Ricketts Lane!  Good work guys!

It’s been cold at night but the daytime has been really lovely.  Nicholas and I are hoping to get out and about so if you see us please come over to say hello!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy, May 18, 2018

Markle Sparkles!!!  Mama is driving us crazy with excitement for the upcoming Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry!  Every female Mama knows is beyond themselves wondering; what will THE dress look like, will she wear Diana’s, Spencer tiara, who will perform at the ceremony, who will attend, what will they wear???  The questions go on and on.  She’ll be up at 4:30 to catch the very first glimpse on TV of every details which starts at 5am and the wedding airs at 8am AST.  Papa is ready to commit her and Nicholas and I don’t know what to think of it all.  I’ll get up with Mama as I never like her out of my sight but lazy little Nicholas will stay in bed until Papa gets up.  Congratulations Meghan & Harry on your wedding day!  We wish you every blessing in your lives together!  Be assured we’ll be plastered to our sets as you enter St. George’s Chapel!


Gorgeous weather for the Victoria Day Weekend!  What’s more beautiful than a New Brunswick summer?  Not too much, with a warm gentle breeze off the water and our super low humidity, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Time to open up the cottage, shine up the convertible, check out your camping gear, prep the boat to hit the water and fire up that BBQ for loads of great summer fun!  We’ll be checking our cottage this weekend and taking down our first few loads of seasonal items.  Mama has promised me my first swim of the year in the Bay of Fundy!!!  Yes, sir!!!  I can’t wait!  Nicholas will put his toes in and then take off down the beach like some wild banshee as it will be way to cold for him until later in June but you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t be too cold for the Budster!   I’ll be doing everything but the back stroke, gliding silently through the cool fresh salt water with a big smile on my face!  I better remind Mama to pack my B-Air,  Bear Power, the hair dryer for big dogs.  4hp and in five minutes I’m not only dry but all the sand is blown off me as well.  Blows room temperature air and I love it, feels like a massage.  Mama keeps saying how easy it is to keep the cottage clean once we had the BearAir! shipped from Toronto.


Nice to see the forsythia in full bloom again!  Mama’s been waiting all spring for it and it’s been so cold that it couldn’t bloom.  It’s so beautiful with the abundance of bright yellow blossoms.  We’ve got them all around the property as they seem to be a favourite for Mama.

Mama and Charlie sold two prestigious homes in Drury Cove today!  Way to go you two, keep up the good work!

Hope you have a great Victoria Day Weekend, hope to see you around!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon




Blogging with Buddy May 11th, 2018

Hope to see you at the 30th Annual RNS Art Show this weekend!  Mama’s cousin, Rene Collins is showcasing her latest work and we can’t wait to see it!  Rene’s father, Ernie and Mama mother Alice, were siblings so her and Mama go way….. back!  Mama says Rene is an award winning, outstanding artist.  Self taught with a beautiful gift which she discovered later in life but let me tell you, she’s making up for lost time.  Check out her outstanding knife paintings at the show.  See you there!

Outstanding knife painting by Rene Collins!

We’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday with our Mama!  Nicholas and I will probably take her for a walk on a beach along the Bay of Fundy if it’s a nice day!  Paws crossed and hoping!!!  It’s the nicest thing we can think of to do with our Mama.  We love our Mama and she loves us to pieces so it’s great to have a chance to show our gratitude!  Sunday  morning  Mama will be taking our Auntie Blue to Shadow Lawn for the Mother’s Day Brunch!  She says the food there is soooooo good and the ambiance is second to none (whatever ambiance means!).  Guess Nicholas and I are not allowed to go to that fancy do but that’s okay we’ll be here when she gets home to spend a nice afternoon with her and Papa.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep your eye out for Nicholas and I out and about, love to say ‘hello’!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 4th, 2018

We are appalled along with our entire community at the extent of devastation this freshet with record breaking levels is doing to our beautiful waterfront communities as we drive along the streets bordering the St John and Kennebecasis Rivers!  We first noticed it a week ago when we went to go to our beloved little Riverside Park and the water was up to the new structure.  Now most of the park is underwater right up to the tracks and the levels are over the top of the handrail on the same structure.  Our hearts go out to all those struggling against the rising tides and we pray that the water will recede very quickly.

Big shout-out to my friend Apollo’s mother, Jennifer Roos, for the excellent job she does as editor of the Heads Letter for RNS!!!  With beautiful photos, layout, write ups and more highlighting exciting activities and upcoming events at the school, she puts it all together so beautifully and professionally.  Mama and Papa look forward to getting each issue.  Apollo, you must be very proud of your Mama!  Well done Jennifer!

Apollo with his mama, Jennifer.

Special thanks to my friend Tux Nelson for sending me his handsome photo this week!  You’re one sharp looking dude Tux.  Is your pretty coat a lot of work to upkeep.  Good thing you have such a loving mother who takes such good care of you.  Nicholas says the girls must be all falling all over you with that fancy hair do and all that bling around your neck, sparkle, sparkle!  We love it!   Within the next month I’m going to get my summer hair cut (if the weather ever warms up).  Mama will get the big clippers out and give me what we call my ‘puppy cut’.  I don’t like it too short (don’t want to look like a geek), just something easier to manage for the summer with all my swimming and especially important, a do that’s cool in the warm summer months!!!  Can’t take too much heat with my big Newfie coat.

Tux Nelson, one handsome dude!

Mama and Charlie have four open houses planned for the weekend, one Saturday at 12 Gorman Ave, North,  and three in Drury Cove Sunday.  All are 2-4pm.  Charlie is hosting Gorman Ave $119,900 which has 4 bedroom, 2 full baths, huge sun deck and storage shed, priced far below assessment value of $160, what a deal!

Sunday Mama is at 41 Fox Point Drive an absolutely stunning, mint condition home with a water view of the Kennebecasis River, main floor master suite & laundry facilities. Open concept, cream quartz kitchen, vaulted ceilings, open concept, custom millwork, wood burning airtight fireplace, stone patio, in-floor hot water heat plus heat pump and air-conditioning!

Charlie is right around the corner at 21 Upper Deck Lane a fabulous 1450 sq ft waterfront condo w/open concept, 9-11′ tray ceilings, propane FP, huge windows, 2 decks, heat pump and  Air Conditioning. Well- planned finished walkout basement with huge windows overlooking the water brings the total square footage to 2450 sq. ft. finished plus huge storage area! Deep water mooring, enjoy the waterfront lifestyle for boating, fishing, kayaking & more! 

Our colleague Kendell Thomas is right next door at 19 Upper Deck Lane another beautiful waterfront condo featuring 2414 sq. ft.of high end living space with panoramic view , impressive layout , 2 master bedroom suites both with ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets, main floor laundry, 2 fireplaces, family room, impressive and rare 4 car garage! Deep water mooring for your boat, right out front!


41 Fox Point Drive, Drury Cove.


21 Upper Deck, Drury Cove.


19 Upper Deck Lane, Drury Cove

Hope to see you over the weekend!  If the weather was warmer I could demonstrate my swimming skills at Drury Cove and Nicholas his diving abilities.  Mama says maybe later in the year.  Have a wonderful weekend and we’re all praying that the water doesn’t rise any higher in the river!  Please note that our waterfront condos on tour this Sunday are located high and dry above the freshet line, no concerns here with the rising tides!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon