Nicholas News, June 25th, 2022

Summer is finally here!  Thoroughly enjoying this glorious weather and getting ready to celebrate Canada Day!  We’re both really scared of fireworks so we’ll enjoy the day but as the sun goes down Mama and Papa will make sure we’re safely in the house, windows closed and the TV loud enough that we can’t hear the pops and the booms from outdoors.  Every year the kids like to go up on Spyglass Hill and set off some fireworks.  Mama and Papa love the beautiful colours but Nicholas and I, not so much!!!

Happy Canada Day!

We have a beautiful new doggy dream listing on Belleisle Bay with 294 acres and five spring-fed ponds!  I would think I’m in Heaven if I had even one pond in my back yard.  One pond is only a minutes-walk from the house and it’s sixteen feet deep, really good for swimming with crystal clear water!  The current owner swims there every day (I would too if not five times a day).  Mama would never keep me out!  The circa 1870 restored farm house has been stripped right to the rafters and lovingly restored with the best of the best!  Mama is all gaga over the stylish sunny kitchen.  1428 Route 850, Kiersteadville, MLS #NB074374 Offered at $749,900.


Our listing at 119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay is Sold!  MLS# )71265, offered at $599,000.  Congratulations to our sellers and the buyers from Ontario who will be welcomed into the neighbourhood!  We live just around the corner from this one so I can tell them all the bennefits of the location for sure!

119 Birch Crescent, Rothesay is Sold!

Wishing you a Happy Canada Day!  Hope you enjoy a glorious weekend in the sun!  Get out there, don’t forget your sunscreen and I’ll talk with you soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon 


Nicholas News, June 6, 2022

Rain rain go away Buddy Bacon wants to play!  This rain may be good for green lawns and gardens coming into full bloom but it’s not making Nicholas and I very happy.  We are in most of the day when it rains.  Nicholas will barely step outside the door!  We’ve helped Mama and Papa put in their very first veggie garden in planter on our deck this past week.  We haven’t had to water them yet with the damp days and nights.  Mama says we need some hot sun to get our shoots up out of the dirt.  We planted potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, onions and different herbs.  We ordered them from Amazon and they came in very quickly.  Good quality,  sturdy and all cedar.  We’re very excited about our first garden. Mama says we’ll have fresh veggies right out of this box (gotta see that to believe it) and we’ll have barbeques with fresh herbs and salads.  (Barbeque sounds good to me).  I’ll keep you posted as I see anything green coming up out of these containers.

Our new veggie planters.

Our colliage Greg O’Brien hosted an open house yesterday at 119 Birch Crescent in Rothesay, MLS#NB071265, Offered at $599,000.  Low and behold we have an accepted offer!  Mama will be watching the condition dates closely as we move towards closing.

119 Birch Crescent,Rothesay has an accepted offer.  Not surprising with this great location!  Perfect for pet owners and outdoor enthusiasts with miles of gorgeous trails right next door!

Hope you have a great week and that we all see the sunshine soon.  June 21st is just around the corner, the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year.  Gotta love these long days.  Talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon