Blogging with Buddy May 21, 2021

The real estate market in New Brunswick continues to demand the highest prices in history with a few more listings hitting the market but certainly no abundance.  It’s a seller’s market that’s for sure for the first time in many decades.  It’s a welcome experience for sellers here who are not used to bidding wars and higher prices but it also comes with the reality that when you move you’re going to be paying more as well and probably in a competive situation.  It’s all fine and dandy if you staying in New Brunswick as you’ll get more than ever for your property even though you’ll pay more than ever.  It all comes out as a wash!  Many home owners are happy to stay put which is creating a shortage of available listings on the market.  When will the bubble burst???  Who knows, that’s what keeps it interesting.  Many say the market can’t continue to support these inflated prices but… they said that about Vancouver twenty years ago and they haven’t slowed down yet.  Some think when we get a handle on the pandemic and everyone is vaccinated things will calm down.  No one know for sure what’s around the next corner as we experience this unexpected soar in our local market!  I can tell you that all the Realtors are earning their keep and Mama and Charlie are going right out straight!

I can hardly stand the excitment!!!  Victoria Day Weekend plus Big Buddy Bacon’s 9th Birthday is on Monday the 24th!  I’m so looking forward to my annual cheeze burger picnic with Nicholas and a few furry friends.  Papa fires up the barbeque and Mama dishes it out.  We’ll wear our Snoopy Birthday hats (Nicholas hates wearing his).  Mama says we look super cute.  I say what to heck, if wearing the hat gets me a cheeze burger, then I’m in! Everyone say I’m looking great for my age including the most important person, my vet!  I’m loving the spring weather, getting out for some nice refreshing swims and nature walks with my family.  Hope you have a great Victoria Day weekend.  If you see my cruises through town in my red SUV with my head hanging out the window, give me a little birthday toot on the horn!

Our new listing at 196 Model Farm Road, Quispamsis, MLS#NB057415 is a good example.  Priced at $975,000 and offered with approximately six acres, it hit the MLS Wednesday May 5th, first viewing Thursday the 6th and accepted offer by Friday the 7th going over asking with additional acreage.  The overseas buyer is exciting to own acreage in the valley on such a scenic property with such extensive privacy.  Several potential buyers have been disapointed to inquire on the property only to learn that it already has an accepted offer.  Personally I named the place “Doggy Heaven” as it was perfect for Nichola and I with a pond to swim in (or the pool), acres of nature trails, a nice big one level house with a fireplace and builtin dog bath.  What more could a big dog ask for?   The baby ducks had their very first swim this week, too cute for words!

Baby ducks very first swim, this week!

The stunning star magnolia is in bloom.

Nicholas and I had our very first ocean swim of the year at New River Beach last Saturday and what a treat it was.  Blue sky, warm day but oh that water is cool!!!  I jumped right in and was shocked that the little guy was right behind me.  He usually waiting until close to July before he tackles the cold water of the Bay of Fundy!  He didn’t stay in long but he had a good refreshing swim before taking off on a run down the beach chasing sea gulls.  I wonder if he really thinks he’ll ever catch one???  I enjoy sitting back and watching him.  It’s as good as a three-ring circus!

Hope you have a relaxing Victoria Day Weekend.  Paws crossed and hoping for nice sunny weather and a few good barbeques with Papa at the helm!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon

Blogging with Buddy May 1st, 2021

I’m excited about our new Global Luxury waterfront listing in Quispamsis which will be hitting MLS on Monday.  We’ve had a bit of a delay as we were waiting for the pictures and video to be done as we waited for a wonderful blue sky day and it’s been overcast and raining quite a bit lately.  Blue skies look so great in the photos!  196 Model Farm Road is being offered at $975,000 to include a minimum of six waterfront acres (possibly more, just waiting on the surveyor) and 1000 feet of waterfront on Meenans Cove, Kennebecasis River in Quispamsis.  The seller has done a lot of quality updates to the home and the property!  Of course there’s a 5000 square foot ranch-style house with granite fireplace, four bedrooms, two full and two half baths, walkout basement, massive deck with built-in gazebo, heat pumps with A/C, 4-car garage and automatic propane generator but my favourite features as a swimmer are the spring-fed pond with aerator to keep the weeds away and the salt-water heated pool.  Makes for lots of refreshing swimming for a big dog in the pond or in the pool!  Then there’s the abundance of trails through the woods along the shore for nature walks.  If you appreciate wildlife, waterfowl and birds then you’ll love it here.  Then let’s not forget the necessary bath;  commercial quality stainless steel dog bath included!  I may just have to name this place “Doggy Heaven”!  And let me tell you the two-legged friends won’t be rough’n it either!  Nicholas and I are going to take a closer look at the trails (and we may sneak a swim) so we’ll keep you posted.  There are a couple of cute girls living here, Spirit and Special, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, that we’re excited to meet.  Stay tuned!

196 Model Farm Road, Quispamsis, Meenans Cove offered at $975,000.




We’re enjoying the warmer weather and continuing to work in our garden when we get the chance.  We love hanging around with Mama as she preps for summer.  Have a great week and keep up the good work with your social distancing and mask wearing.

Enjoying this warmer weather!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon