Blogging with Buddy November 27th, 2020

As we proceed in New Brunswick through zone orange of the pandemic there has never been a time in history since the Spanish flu of 1918-20 for New Brunswickers to practice extreme caution.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, New Brunswickers have stood in the forefront, setting an example for the world of how strong and wise people, we stand together, united for the greater good following government guidelines for a healthier tomorrow.  As we start into winter we all know it’s not going to be easy, but as we wear our masks, social distance and stay home as much as possible now it will be all the quicker that we can come out of this and get on with our lives.  I’ve heard Mama talk about both her grandmother talking about living through the Spanish flu of 1918-1920.  They were both young women at the time aged 20 at the time.  They talked about the number of young men lost (mostly men affected aged 16-30), 1400 people lost in New Brunswick alone with 35,000 people affected.  It was a variety of H1N1 that came home with soldiers from the war and it acted very, very quickly!!!  A fellow might start to feel sick at 11 in the morning and was gone by 5pm!!!   Our hearts go out to all those affected; directly and indirectly.  We pray for the quick recovery of the sick and protection for the healthy!  Together we can overcome any adversity including Covid 19!

Nicholas and I had a wonderful visit in early fall to 49 Farrell Lane, North Lake, NB MLS   #NB 007075.  This one-owner ranch style home is on 4.5 acres with 250 foot frontage on spring-fed North Lake.  If you appreciate totally privacy, this is it!  First thing I did when I jumped out of my truck was run straight to the lake and jump in for a refreshing swim.  Nicholas was right behind me.  We had a fabulous time running, swimming and exploring the beautiful grounds.  It was like doggy heaven!!!  We couldn’t go inside as we were all wet from our swim but we were peeking in the windows (pic below) and it looked great!  This property is offered at $395,000 and I highly recommend it!

Special congratulations to our buyers some of whom have joined New Brunswick from Ontario purchasing in Millidgeville and Rothesay and one who just purchased their very first new home on the west side of the city!  We wish you many years of wonderful memories!

Have a great weekend and most importantly stay safe!

Your pal

Big Buddy Bacon


Blogging with Buddy November 6, 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect family home in the heart of Quispamsis, this well-kept property in Woodleigh Park is just the ticket at $399,700, MLS#NB051342.  I just listed this home at 8 Charleston Court (off Princeton) for my big friend Apollo Roos (Bernese Mountain Dog, Mama says we could almost be twins!) and he can attest to the joys of living here with his family.  Children can walk to both English and French elementary and middle schools, big yard for playing, sloped back lawn for tobogganing in winter and a fire pit with built-in seats for summer weiner roasts.  Inside there’s a nice mud room with built-in bench, large rooms, a cosy wood stove in the rec room and one in the family room keeps him toasty in winter months and Apollo says the big plus (especially for us big dogs) is the ductless heat pump blowing in cool refreshing air conditioning in the summer!!!  His Mama and Papa are excited about how economical it is to run too.  Apollo says one of the most important features of his home is the very quiet cul de sac where children can learn to ride their bikes and he can lay in the front yard and watch all his nice neighbours!  Apollo is moving to waterfront and I’m not sure if he’s a swimmer but if he needs help I’m famous for swimming lessons with my four-legged furry friends and Nicholas does a great job at assisting me!  Email me today to book a showing at this great family home at

  8 Charleston Court, Offered at $399,700

  My pal Apollo resting in his  front yard.


My second exciting new listing is at York Point, on the harbour front in the heart of the city.  2 Union Street, condo unit 302 MLS#NB051324 Offered at $375,000.  Lots of great memories for Mama here at this building as not only was this her first project as an interior designer but it’s where she met Papa as the electrical contractor for the project.  Seems like yesterday!  This stunning condo is so beautiful, it looks like something right out of a magazine (the owner has fabulous taste)!  It’s been all updated, bathrooms gutted, all new plumbing, new light fixtures, new porcelain flooring, crown mouldings, chandelier, etc.  With open concept, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and great room with 14 foot domed ceiling and wood-burning fireplace this is a must see!  It’s located on the garden side, a great place to watch birds if you’re into that (the quiet side of the building as it can get quite noisy on the boardwalk in the summer).

We have the most important day in Canada coming up the Wednesday, November 11th, Remembrance Day!  All Canadians agree that we owe so very much to those in our military, navy, air force, medics, nurses and more, who gave up their lives in World War I and II so that we can live freely!  Let’s all take a moment at 11am this Wednesday to stop what we’re doing, bow our heads in silence, as we reflect on this historic moment in history!  Canada; Strong and Free!

  Lest We Forget!

I hope you all have a good weekend.  It’s so lovely and mild that Nicholas and I will be out helping Mama and Papa with yard workbefore the deep cold hits.  Remember to keep your hunter’s orange scarfs on if you’re out and about our local trails, forests and fields!  Talk soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon



Blogging with Buddy November 1st, 2020

Looking for the perfect family home in Quispamsis or a luxurious executive condo uptown in the heart of it all?  We have both coming up within the next week!  The family home is spacious with larger than average rooms with a prime location on a quiet cul de sac within walking distance to the elementary, middle and french schools.  There are two and a half baths and four bedrooms up plus a fifth in the finished basement.  If your family likes to entertain there is a beautiful dining room and modern kitchen for the cook in the family.  You’ll be warm and toasty  in the winter with two wood stoves plus two ductless heat pumps with the added comfort of air conditioning in the summer.  The yard is private with large trees and nice lawns to run and play.  Watch for details as we hit the market  this coming Friday.

Inviting family home in the heart of Quispamsis.

This luxurious executive condo is almost 1200 square feet!  It features open concept, stunning great room with fireplace, dining room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms including the ensuite, granite kitchen, hardwood and porcelain flooring, custom lighting, storage and plenty of closet space.  Walking distance to all uptown amenities.  Hitting the market this Tuesday!

Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour?  Nicholas and I always love the first morning after the clocks turn back.  The sun rises at an earlier hour, all is quiet in the house as Papa gets some well appreciated extra rest and Mama gets up early with us and enjoys a hot cup of tea before starting her day.  Charlie is the early bird of the two so he’s loving having the earlier daylight as he and Sparky take off on their early morning jaunt an hour earlier today.  Sparky has fit into Charlies lifestyle so perfectly.  He’s a wonderful furry friend and he worships the ground Charlie walks on.  You can be sure the feeling is mutual.  The little guy is super smart and very fast to learn.  He’s really enjoying his new life in the country surrounded by acres and of lush fields which he flies across wide open as Charlies throws him the ball with his new Chuck-It!

Halloween was quiet this year as we expected it would be in the middle of Covid.  Nicholas and I had a beautiful sunny walk in the afternoon and were excited to see if any treaters would show up, eagerly listening for a quiet knock on the front door or a few giggles as the little goblins trickled up the walkway.  We have quite a few neighbours with young families on our street and sure enough about 6:30 the first knock came followed through the evening with others until about 9pm.  In recent years we usually get close to 40 children but this year we only had about 15.  Papa was excited to give out the treats at the door and we assisted.  He loves Halloween and prepares the goodie bags for the kids always making sure they are stuffed to capacitywith treats galore accompanied by a bag of chips.  It was a cool night for the kiddies to be out, we saw some awesome costumes and they were all bundled up warmly.

Have a great week and we’ll be talking soon.

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon