Blogging with Buddy, February 26th, 2016

Is it really February or are my eyes playing tricks on me?  Nicholas and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and all the snow is gone from our yard!  Our brook is running really fast and it seems more like late April or May than February!  Mama and Daddy are sooooo happy about it as are everyone we meet!  They say after what we went through last winter we all deserve a break.  We actually have a few green shoots coming up in the garden already.  This is crazy but we love it.  At this rate we’ll be seeing the raccoons soon.  Nicholas doesn’t like the raccoons sneaking into our yard at night when he’s in bed trying to sleep.  Sometimes he growls at them out the window (much to Daddy’s annoyance)!

Won’t be too long now til the Easter Bunny comes and then we should be through the worst of winter.  Mammy says she doesn’t ever remember a winter this mild.  She doesn’t even have to wear her dreaded boots!  Maybe if we had some boots we wouldn’t be tracking in so much dirt on the floor but then I don’t think they’d be very comfortable and Buddy Bacon is all about comfort and easy living!

This weather is great for buyers, sellers and Team Platinum alike!  For the buyers to be viewing homes, so easy to get around and they can actually see the yards and gardens not like last year with a mystery under all that snow!  For the sellers who do not have to continually shovel out their walkways for showings and open houses.  And for Team Platinum who are not getting stuck in snow banks and constantly shovelling out their cars and scrapping windshields.

Steven is busy this weekend with not one but two open houses!  Saturday he welcomes you to 28 John Street in Nauwigewauk off Route 100 all afternoon from 12pm to 4pm.  If you enjoy a water view this picturesque view of Darlings Lake and the distant mountains of Pickwauket is about as beautiful as it gets in New Brunswick!  Straight out of a post card.  This is a very nice home with spacious rooms, wonderful kitchen and a huge yard.  On Sunday he’s at 2 Jones Ave off the Vincent yard from 2pm-4pm.  This two-storey home with finished basement is beautifully renovated from top to bottom and move in ready!  Also with an attractive yard with mature trees both these properties are Paw Approved by Buddy Bacon.  I hope you are enjoying my new spread in the Real Estate Guide of the Telegraph Journal with Buddy’s Best Paw Approved Properties.  Showcasing all the features most important to furry friends and children alike!

Please keep our cousin Lucas in your thoughts and prayers as he is not out of the woods yet.  Our Auntie Blue and Lucas have been meeting with vets in Central Florida for consultations and scans but just after Easter Lucas will come home to see his own vet here in the Valley who know him so well.  Nicholas and I hope you get well soon, dear little Lucas!

Your pal

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Blogging with Buddy, February 12th, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day from Big Buddy Bacon and his little side kick, Nicholas!  We really enjoy Valentine’s Day, everyone is so happy, smiley and mushy.  Mama keeps telling us how beautiful we are and what good dogs we are!  She and Papa are all mushy and the Valentine’s cards are flying around.  Hallmark must have a field day on the 14th of February!  They must be expensive because I hear Mama grumbling about the price of cards these days.  This is a big day for them as they were actually married on Valentine’s Day!  So this one is also their 24th Wedding Anniversary!  Wow, 24 years is a big deal in this day and age!  Mama says that next year is the biggy, 25 years!  She says she wants the Purple Heart (whatever that means) but she always laughs when she says it.  Daddy says he should get it.  I don’t know what they are talking about; it’s over the Budster’s head.

Our dear little cousin Lucas has been very sick in Florida and we’re very worried about him.  Our Auntie Blue and Uncle Clinton took him to a special clinic there and he had a scan which shows some fluid on the brain.  Very, very serious condition!  The vet doesn’t recommend operating but has Lucas on a new prescription that may help him with the problem.  We certainly hope so.  The Florida vet has been in consultation by phone with Lucas’ vet from the PEI Veterinary College and they are in agreement that this should be given a try. Auntie Blue is doing everything she can for the little man.  He is so small and so very sweet.  Mama is praying up a storm for his recovery.  She says that God loves the little animals too.  If you could say a prayer for our little cousin Lucas it would be greatly appreciated.  Nicholas and I send our love to the dear little boy.

February 13th is the big Rothesay Winter Celebration, “Winterfest” and it’s being held right on the Rothesay Common where our office is located.  The Common is so pretty with its sweeping lawns, mature trees and now we have the pretty new skating rink.  We can see the skaters right out our office windows!  Everyone seems to be having such a good time.  On Saturday the 13th the town has lots planned for the Winterfest with a public skate from 3:30 to 5:30, live music and the KV Walkers will be walking the Common.

On Sunday, February 14th Steven is hosting a Valentine’s Day Open House at 110 Auburn Way.   This is one of the most special properties in Woodleigh Park, quality built with features galore and a huge private lot at the end of a quiet cul de sac.  You’ll be hearing lots more about this stunning property in my real estate guide ad,  “Buddy’s Best, Paw Approved” in the TJ on Saturdays.  He’s the host with the most and will have beautiful red roses for the ladies and delicious chocolates!  Come one, come all!  (Steven can you save a few chocolates for me?)

Your pal,

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Clinton, Myra & Lucus Easter 2015 at Curtis'
Lucas (on the right) with his twin sister Myra & our Uncle Clinton.

Blogging with Buddy, February 5th, 2016

Well I asked for it and I got it. More snow last Wednesday!  I’m sure Nicholas and I are the only two who were excited about it in this family.  All our furry friends on the trails really like it just fine too.

We had a new adventure on Saturday.  It was a beautiful winter’s day and Mama and Daddy loaded us in the back of the SUV and we headed for Kingston Peninsula.  We loved crossing the Gondola Point Ferry.  There was no line up or wait time, we just drove right on.  Mama put our back windows down; we put our heads out and breathed deeply the fresh air off the river.  The ferry was actually pushing through big chunks of ice on the river, really neat to see.  Then our windows went up as we departed the ferry as Mama knows that dogs get ear infections from hanging their heads out the windows as you travel down the road with the speed of the wind.  We then drove along some lovely tree lined country lanes enjoying the scenery.  Then we pulled into a stunning property overlooking the St. John River.  We’d never been here before.  Surprise, surprise, out the front door comes our Uncle Tony and Aunt Margie!  Nicholas and I see Uncle Tony at the office sometimes but we’d never been to his home before.  What a fantastic place, doggy heaven for sure and I think the humans are pretty comfortable here too!  Acres and acres of fields along the St. John River and a beautiful vineyard too, as Uncle Tony owns Dunhams Run Estate Winery.  If you look closely at the logo you will see that it’s actually a running dog as the winery is named after Uncle Tony’s favourite dog, Dunham.  Dunham was a beautiful dog who used to play with our brothers, Theodore and Laddie who passed in 2010.  They were all great pals who used to run the fields together when the winery was just beginning construction, the vines were newly planted and an estate winery was the thought of an estate winery was still just a vision.   They had great fun swimming together in the river off the sandy beach and chasing sticks.  Dunham was a very special boy for sure.

What a place this is!  And it gets even better.  Uncle Tony has two beautiful dogs, Bricks and low and behold another Buddy who follow him out the front door!  They are Portuguese Water Spaniels, about a bit smaller than Nicholas (a whole lot smaller than the Big Bud).  Bricks is black and white and runs like a deer.  He and Nicholas ran up and down the driveway wide open as Mama threw the ball with the Fetch-It.  (Mama throws like a baseball player with the Fetch-It but take that away from her and the funs over!) This guy is wired and super smart (more about that later).  Buddy is all black, quiet and very shy (not much like Big Buddy Bacon).  He’s a really nice dog.  He was a bit intimidated by my size at first but once he saw that I’m a friendly fellow, he was fine.  He and I chilled out at a slower pace while Bricks and Nicholas ran like banshees.  Mama and Daddy went in the house for a visit and all four of us four-legged friends stayed out running around the yard and having a high old time.  Then we got to wondering what the humans were doing in the house so we all went to the front door.  Nicholas and I were just staring at it and then low and behold, Bricks goes over, stands on his hind legs and flicks the door latch with his paw.  POW!  The door goes flying open and we all go flying into the house.  “Shut the front door!”  Whoa is that guy smart!  We’re getting pointers from him!  Uncle Tony and Aunt Margie were laughing at us, their home is totally dog friendly with huge rooms and ceramic tile flooring so no worries about us scratching them.  We like it here!  Things were going well and then Nicholas and I got in a bit of trouble.  Aunt Margie was just home from the city with new dog toys for her boys and I found a new blue rubber bone.  It was nice, really nice!  I had it in my mouth before I even know what happened.  Then I saw their Buddy staring at me and he wasn’t happy.  It was his.  Mama came right over and took it away from me, so much for that bit of fun.  Uncle Tony saved the day and gave us all a nice treat.  Then Nicholas found Bricks new orange ball.  Well that was it, when he gets a ball there’s no giving it back.  Mama tried, Daddy tried and Uncle Tony tried to no avail.  Nicholas has those to huge eye teeth in the front and when he wraps them around a ball there’s no getting it out.  Then he started sneaking around the house, hiding behind furniture so that we couldn’t see him.  Everyone got a great laugh out of that.  When it was time to go, he brought it home with him.  Aunt Margie said he can have it.  Good thing, as he absolutely loves it, carried it all that night and even took it to bed with him!  What a guy, he’s obsessed with it.

Uncle Tony is sponsoring Dates Nights at the winery and Mama and Daddy plan on going this summer.  They have live music, singers, bands, art lessons, you name it!  What will Uncle Tony think of next?  On February 13th he is hosting “Paint & Pour with Manami Fukuda Stokes-Rees where you can create your own distinctive work of art. Sounds like a fun night out!

Hope we get to visit again real soon!

Does our Team never sleep?  Winter open houses this weekend are happening from 2-4 pm on Saturday with Steven at 13 Raymond Road in Rothesay near the French Village Petro Canada. This impeccable property has an extra-large lot and a very handsome large kitchen.  On Sunday he’s at a stunning executive waterfront home at 59 Anchorage Avenue near the Anglophone School District South and École Samuel-De-Champlain.  This is a property I would enjoy with spacious rooms, panoramic water view and the only beach in Cedar Point Anchorage!  On Sunday Jody is at 36 Yacht Haven Lane which is within walking distance of RKYC and M. Gerald Teed Elementary School.  Perfect location for the active outdoor enthusiasts with ice fishing skating, hockey, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing right at your door step in winter time!  If you’re out for a drive, we invite you to drop over.

I don’t know what to make of the weather!  One day there is snow and the next everything is melting.  Snow, rain, snow, rain!  I have to admit it’s a lot better than last year where we had so much snow that Nicholas and I had nowhere to play but in our driveway!  Now we’ve got the whole yard plus our big walks every day.  Yahoo!  Let’s go see what Chipper (the squirrel) is doing in our back yard now.  Darn squirrels they’re driving us crazy!

Your pal,

Buddy Bacon Paw Print