Blogging with Buddy January 27th, 2017

Wow, what a winter!!!  Everyone is just over the moon with this beautiful mild winter with temperatures above freezing many days and no snow most of the time!  Mama and Papa are ecstatic.  Nicholas and I not so much.  It does make for easier walking so we do get out and about more but no one enjoys the snow more than Big Buddy Bacon.  I just love to roll in it,  run it in, lay in it, I even eat a bit the snow too.  What’s more fun than laying in a snow drift while the white stuff falls all around you?  With my big Newf coat I’m cozy and warm for sure.  Little Nicholas not so much.  That’s why Mama puts the cute little fur lined coats on him if it drops below freezing.  He looks pretty cute and he seems to enjoy wearing them.

The market is still very busy not just for this time of year but for any time of year with professionals relocating from Toronto, Halifax, BC, England and beyond for local projects.  Candace and Mama have been on the whirlwind tour showcasing our finest properties  to these people in a wide price range from $250,000 to over $1 Million.  We also notice that showings are up across the board with agents from all companies showing plenty of our listings to potential buyers.  So refreshing to have the market on the upswing after years of a soft economy.

We invite you to join us at our Fine Homes International(TM) Open House this Sunday featuring select properties on the “Golden Mile” of Rothesay Road.  Mama will be at 3105 Rothesay Road, $989,000, a stunning, very well-kept estate with a gourmet kitchen, butler’s pantry, spacious rooms, mature landscaping and character galore with not only a grand stair case but a back staircase as well.  Candace will be hosting 2374 Rothesay Road $650,000, which is beautifully updated with modern granite kitchen, hardwood flooring, sun room, modern bathrooms including the 5-piece ensuite master bath. This inviting home not only comes with a panoramic sunset water view of the Kennebecasis River but also beach rights!  Moor your boat right out front, go for a swim or enjoy a bon fire on the shore for tons of fun in the summer sun!  These are two of my favourite properties as Nicholas and I could have plenty of fun romping on the acreage of 3105 Rothesay Road and swimming in the river at 2374 Rothesay Road.

It was so nice to bump into Linda who came over to say hello to me yesterday at the Rothesay Post Office.  She said she recognized me from my picture in the Real Estate Guide!  I was hanging out the window of my SUV enjoying a bit of fresh air with Nicholas on the other side when I heard a voice say, “That’s Buddy Bacon” and over she comes right over to say hello and to give our ears a nice rub.  Nice seeing you Linda, hope to bump into you again soon!

Hope you all have a good week and we’ll talk soon,

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon




Blogging with Buddy

Although Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by many people it was our Grampy’s lucky day ! Everything good happened to Mama’s father Tom on  Friday the 13th and he rejoiced at It’s arrival. Nicholas and I think that it’s rubbed off on Mama as she has great luck on these days as well and picked up another day . Her, Candace and Amy have been busy bees all through the holidays and beyond with influx of out-of-town buyers and locals alike choosing homes in our area. Mama says this is this is the busiest she’s seen the market in at least five years.

I just don ‘t know what to make of the weather! I was enjoying the snow and then it dropped so cold that Nicholas couldn’t stay out to play with me for too long. Then it went mild and melted the snow which left a lot of ice. That really messed up everything especially our daily walks as where do you walk that isn’t super slippery. I’m very sure and steady on my feet and not the fastest guy around, just kind of plugging along  but Nicholas is like greased  lighting and we worry about him flying around on the ice. Then we get all that rain which got rid of most of the ice so I’m thinking this is great for walking but now it drops really cold again which means Nicholas is wearing his warm winter coat and Mama is bundled up like crazy. She says this is winter in New Brunswick and you just never know what you’ll get.

If you are out and about on Sunday drop into our open house at 21 Upper Deck in the Highlands of Drury Cove from 2pm-4pm

This extraordinary waterfront condominium with all the latest bells and whistles. It is so spacious with huge windows,fireplace, heat pump and A/C, one of the best finished walk-out  , daylight  basements you’ll ever see and a beautiful view of the water. I invite you to stop by to say hello and take a little tour. See you around.

Your Pal

Big Buddy Bacon 

Blogging with Buddy January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!  Nicholas and I had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve watching the apple drop on TV at Times Square.  So many people!  Mama and Papa got all dolled up and went out to a gala and we two dudes were at home.  It was good for us to have a quiet night after all the Christmas hoop la and company coming and going.  Papa went overboard this year and brought home a 12 foot tree (live of course) which was placed in the foyer.  It was the perfect shape and Mama said we’re going to let him pick them all from now on!  What fun it was to watch the family decorate it.  Papa carried in a big aluminum ladder and started first with the angel at the top, then many strings of multi-coloured lights and then lots of glass ornaments.  Some of our ornaments are very old belonging to Mama’s mother and also her grandmother (these ones are 100 years old, very delicate and handled with the upmost of care).  We were good boys just laying back admiring the beautiful tree and enjoying the fresh scent of balsam fir.  Mama kept adding water to be sure it didn’t dry out.  We all love our live tree.  We’ve been tempted to go artificial so we could leave it up longer but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it.  Our Uncle Tom has a gorgeous artificial tree that he leaves up for the month of December and each unique glass bulb is stunning.

Mama and Team Platinum were as busy as bees over the holidays with Candace, Mama and Amy showing houses to out of town clients here from Toronto.  This is the busiest winter we’ve seen in five years.  So nice to see relocators accepting jobs here in Saint John again and needing a new home ASAP!  It’s so important to our team to find them just the perfect house in the perfect location and show them the local sites, shops and conveniences.  The team was in their glory doing what they do best selling the city, the valley, and our inviting properties.  We’ll be taking a few weeks off from open houses over early January but will start up again later in the month.

Nicholas and I wish you good health, peace, joy and abundance throughout 2017!

Your pal,

Big Buddy Bacon